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  1. Re: [USA] Blackbird/Hard Leather/Amouage/Armani Privé/Tom Ford Private Blend/+

    Hi Remik! Can I get Tauerville's Vetiver & Petigrain, Rose Flash and 25ml of Mayfair. Thanks. Much!
  2. Re: [INTL] Creed WINDSOR/Dior FEVE DELICIEUSE/Acqua di Parma/Roja Dove/Armani Prive/+++

    Hi! Could I get in on the Chanel Sycomore? 25ml please and thank you!
  3. Re: [INTL] CREED WINDSOR/Slumberhouse/Roja Dove/Armani Prive/Dior Privee/Frapin/+++

    Got my first split on Basenotes ever. It came so fast with tracking in a box. The sprayer is simple and pretty with a label that matches the original, the nozzle wrapped in tape, in a ziplock, in a...
  4. Re: Roja Dove/Armani Privé/Dior Privée/Creed/Xerjoff/Amouage/Acqua di Parma/Heeley/+++

    I'll take 25ml of Cologne Royal please. Thanks!
  5. Re: Roja Dove/Creed/Dior Privee/Tom Ford Private Blend/Amouage/Armani Prive/Chanel Les Exclusifs

    Hello Remik! May I be put down for 30ml of Heeley Sel Marin? I'll take 20ml if you want to keep your portions even. Thank you!
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    Questions about Sample Passes

    I'm a relatively new poster, but I've been stalking these boards for awhile. I just saw a thread about a sample pass that piqued my interest. I believe you get a small group each member uses a...
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    Diptyque Santal dupe

    Hi! This is my first post though I've been stalking for at least a year. Last July I bought Diptyque's Santal candle and now it's done. I love the scent so much. I love and wear wood scents, andI...
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