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  1. [CONUS] Re: Clearance: designer, niche, discontinued

  2. [CONUS] Clearance: designer, niche, discontinued

    Accept paypal or venmo. Can go lower with the prices if you buy more than one. Ship using UPS Ground. Message me for any other details or questions.


    $110 - Amouage Reflection Man...
  3. Are these prior to the reformulations?

    This one goes out to the reformulation experts, need some help. Are the below fragrances before the major reformulations were done, in other words vintage juice? Or are they the reformulated...
  4. I want Dior Homme Sport (the vintage version the 2008 version with the ginger)

    PM me if you have it and is interested in selling it or swaping it (my wardrobe here isn't updated but i can offer some cool stuff). Preferably the 3.4 oz bottle.
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    Re: M7 vs. ENVY vs. GUCCI PH 1

    1. Envy
    2. M7
    3. Gucci Pour Homme
  6. Re: Do you find it hard to appreciate your cheap aquatics once you have smelled Bleu de Chanel?

    Bleu de Chanel lays waste to any other aquatic (even Millesime Imperial). Incredible stuff.
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    Re: About Buying Ambre Narguile

    Hmmm i will def have to check it out in that case
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    Re: About Buying Ambre Narguile

    Its the shipping that bugs me though, never seen seen such high prices for shipping. I will have to inspect and see if Hermes actually would carry these in store and try to buy from the store instead...
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    About Buying Ambre Narguile

    So I want to purchase the fragrance knowing that the Hermes website sells it. $240 is expensive but I'd go for it....but when you go to check out they slap you with at least $20 shipping (ground...
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed vs Cool Water

    I can see differences and obvs GIT smells "better" as Cool Water is rather synthetic, but I've been told by others around me there's not any difference at all
  11. Re: Your Designer Collection Disappears: How would you rebuild it?

    All of these are incredibly sexy and alluring, so that's an instant requirement (lasting longevity is another), but in terms of categories for how I feel they would be useful for me, here goes:

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    Re: Summer Creeds Question

    MI and VIW dont last at all so just fyi
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    Re: I think something's wrong with me

    Nothing wrong with you, vetiver is a tough note to work your nose around, to this day I still like only a few vetiver fragrances...vast majority I can't stand
  14. Re: My new discovery. Please keep it a secret.

    All kidding aside, when people ask you what you are wearing shhhh lets keep the Aventus thing on the Down Low. Fragrance community only!
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    Re: problem with aventus

    The only problem with Aventus is that it tires your nose out. It's one of my fave smells, regardless of the batch (have tried even the "strongest" batches in the community after a few hours I simply...
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    Re: Sweetness for the "Mature Man"

    The Mugler house will do for you, Pure Malt is sweet and very mature
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    Re: A little story about Bleu de Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel is a total boss, most underrated fragrance in this entire forum by far
  18. Re: It's not Aventus, DHI, or Chanel but I like this one a lot ....

    It's ok imo, doesn't blow me away.
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    Re: buying allure homme sport from ebay

    Personally I'd never buy Chanels from ebay especially at drastically reduced prices. Always from Macys or Chanel stores directly.
  20. Re: Looking for the Perfect Summer 2013 Fragrance

    Bleu de Chanel and you can thank me later
  21. Poll: Re: What to wear for my upcoming wedding?

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    Re: Creed Aventus Is A Waste Of Money

    I think it's quite great, from the fresher scents the only one I would rate higher is the flawless Bleu de Chanel
  23. Re: Men, what's the worst FEMALE fragrance you have ever smelt?

    Thierry Mugler Womanity & Chanel no 5 (along with all the other masculine old chanels)....Shalimar too
  24. Re: Thoughts on Burberry Brit Summer for Men

    Ok got burned by blind buys again (sigh). Got it from fragrancenet and this is abysmal. Actually disturbing to the nose, especially the opening. Baby powder is accurate. But it doesn't smell good at...
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    Re: Millesime imperial perfect batch

    Just received the above mentioned A3312J02 batch from Fragrancenet and that thing is going back! Probably the worst batch of a big Creed fragrance I've smelled. Wet dog and zero fruitiness I get from...
  26. Re: Should we expect another Thierry Mugler Pure this year?

    I want to see a powdery release by the company frankly, like a DHI alternative
  27. Re: Should we expect another Thierry Mugler Pure this year?

    That's the promised land right there!
  28. Re: Should we expect another Thierry Mugler Pure this year?

    I want something unique though. I went from loving the Muglers to meh on most of them to even disliking a few now.
  29. Should we expect another Thierry Mugler Pure this year?

    Does anybody know or have any info?
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    Re: Creed Help!

    Fragrancenet rocks plain and simple, can't go wrong with them
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Halloween Man by Jesus del Pozo
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille or Back to Black?

    Tobacco Vanille...because it's the best vanilla scent out there. Its performance is simply unrivaled. Its smell is divine, I mean really this is a God tier fragrance.

    - - - Updated - - -

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    Re: Most desired discontinued fragrance?

    Only two come to mind: Dior Homme Intense vintage and Rochas Man Intense
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    Re: Dior Homme Intense or Chergui

    Dior Homme Intense of course
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    Re: Fake Creed Aventus

    For that price? No wonder. Take photos it could be legit.
  36. Thoughts on Burberry Brit Summer for Men

    Haven't smelled that one. Those that have it or have tried it, how does it perform in hot weather? Well complimented?
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    Re: The drydown of La Nuit De L'Homme

    Godly opening, great mid, drydown should have been better imo
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    Re: What happend to fragrance community.

    Niche happened and it all went downhill...
  39. Millesime Imperial, Ambre Narguile, Rochas Man Intense, Dior Homme Intense (vintage), By Kilians

    I'm interested in acquiring the following:

    Dior Homme Intense (silver collar bottle, in other words vintage)
    Hermessence Ambre Narguile
    Rochas Man Intense (yes, the intense version, not the...
  40. Re: If you're a Mafia boss, what would you were?

    Acqua di Parma Colonia
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    My Swap Thread (USA only)

    Hi all.

    What I have available for trade.
    Bond no 9 New Haarlem 1.7oz
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (vintage) 4.2 oz
    Thierry Mugler Pure Malt 3.4 oz
    Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (vintage) 2.5 oz...
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport

    I ended up selling my AHS bottle due to bad longevity (2012 bottle). Smells nice I guess, but the lack of potency killed it for me.
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    Poll: Re: Poll for best fragrance from Amouage!

    Only Lyric Man I can tolerate, Jubilation was too old manish to me
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    Halloween Man Smells Awesome

    If you guys get a chance to smell this one do it. Very sexy, very comforting smell. Usually amber is a hit or miss note for me, but in this one it's just gorgeous. Some compare it to 1 Million...
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    Re: DHI new formula

    MIP EDP in no way smells like DHI. You can say they are both powderry and a bit "metro sexual or feminine" but they differ in smell. It's like saying Le Male and Tobacco Vanille smell similar, yeah...
  46. Re: Lacoste - Eau De Lacoste L.12.12 Noir

    Bump this thread....this juice has watermelon apparently. We gots to find info on it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Mods can you move this thread to appropriate location, no one is going to answer it in...
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    Poll: Re: Pure Havane vs. Dior Homme Intense

    Ok so in this battle we have Roger Federer (DHI) vs Boris Becker (PH) in terms of ranking....Federer for the win!
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    Re: I think I oversprayed today

    ...only on basenotes....
  49. Re: Doesn't Bleu de Chanel smell so ordinary?

    Unwarranted hate for this one due to typical snob mentality by so many posters...Invasion Barbare is garbage imo
  50. Re: Doesn't Bleu de Chanel smell so ordinary?

    Beyond unique smell for me...nothing else like it on the market. Incensy grapefruit
  51. Re: Bleu De Chanel Longevity and Projection

    12+ hours especially now that it's getting hot...projects quite good
  52. Re: Looking for Rochas Man Intense Sample

    yeah there is for like $89...hence why I want to smell and see if this is distinct enough and good enough
  53. Looking for Rochas Man Intense Sample

    Does anyone know where I can get a sample of this? Rarest fragrance ever it seems. If anyone has this and is willing to ship out a sample (I'll pay for shipping) let me know
  54. Poll: Re: Which Acqua di Parma is your favorite?

    I like Assoluta the most. Used to own it. Very pleasant citrus scent, a bit on the soapy side.
  55. Re: Any gamechangers expected this year?

    If Creed is to be releasing something they better do it soon...especially if it's a "light" scent...summer is around the corner.
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    Re: Abercrombie and fitch clothing

    Love their stuff (22 years old). They have some of the best fits around (slim fit muscular). Get a lot of bad rap, and are pissed on since they are "expensive" but the quality of the material is...
  57. Re: Frags you get poor longevity from that are considered good>excellent

    It's not their longevity is bad, but not nearly as as powerful as advertised: 1 Million, A*Men, Fahrenheit
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    Poll: Rochas Man vs Chanel Allure Homme

    Let's see which one the community prefers.
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    Re: The longevity beast that is...

    Really, Rochas?

    For me it's Tobacco Vanillle....Dior Homme Intense
  60. Re: What fragrance do you connect with what song?!?

    Opium Pour Homme - Purple Haze
    Fahrenheit - Kashmir
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    Re: Musc Ravageur and Meharees

    Very similar vibe, only less dirty and disgusting
  62. Re: Which famous designer brand sucks in fragrances the most?

    From the really big boys Gucci and Bulgari
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    Poll: Re: Dior Homme Sport or Bleu de Chanel

    Between the two, Bleu de Chanel, though Dior Homme Sport is magnificent.
  64. Re: Musc Ravageur: Whats the hype about?

    1. An hour or so...still it doesn't smell pleasant even in the drydown
    2. Mehaares smells similar a bit less disgusting
    3. In my experience, a big Hell No!!
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    Re: Best oud for summer??

    Aoud 1 cause it gives off fruity vibes
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    Re: New Bond No.9 - Take on Aventus?

    I don't even know what to say, I never thought they'd venture in that territory
  67. I have a question about buying a possible backup bottle...Bleu de Chanel

    Ok, so the Bleu de Chanel I bought from Macys like a few months ago is absolute money for me, it's doing work big time. Lasting power, great smell, my mind is blown, didn't think a "fresh" scent...
  68. Re: anyone notice that Amouage Epic Man has been reformulated

    Yeah that would suck, you'd think upper echelon niche would be safe from reforms but oh well
  69. Re: Based on smell alone… what would be your 10/10 fragrance?

    Dior Homme Intense....
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    Re: Montale watered down??

    I think it depends on each person's nose. I am young but love stronger stuff (Tobacco Vanille, LIDGE). Montale always was in this category, though to me not nearly as nuclear as some posters swear...
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    Poll: Re: Who makes best male perfumes?

    How the **** does Guerlain get more votes than Dior?
  72. Re: If you had to be a one-cologne guy, which one? In other words;what is your most versatile fragra

    Dior Homme Intense, absolutely no hesitation whatsoever. It's the most etherial, gorgeous scent I've ever smelled, male or female.
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    Re: Hunting Tobacco Vanille

    Easy there mentioning the word discontinued lol. They discontinue this, niche is dead to me.

    U could get this from a split here on base notes, that's how I got mine, about 100 cheaper than retail...
  74. Re: Looking for a new, tropical, signature fragrance!

    Ok so lasting power rules Dolce & Gabbana The One out of it.

    Hmmmm 212 VIP maybe make or female, they got that tropical fruit vibe to it.

    From niche side, I'd recommend Bond no 9 Coney Island...
  75. Poll: Re: Allure Homme Sport vs Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme

    AHS has garbage longevity for me. Literary its only use is refreshment after or during sports. Like 3-4 hours max.

    The Extreme version is tonka heavy, more of an actual fragrance. Lasts longer....
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    Re: Pure Havane - Should I?

    Dont do it...only buy expensive things after sampling. I've been screwed by blind recommendations and hype far too often, and there's a definitive hole in my wallet to show for it. It's a good...
  77. Re: Do you think Rochas Man smells feminine?

    Nope, it doesn't evoke female scents to me. A soft, warm male fragrance.
  78. Poll: Re: Which would you choose? Prada Amber Intense V. Dior Homme

    Dior Homme is all kinds of jailbait
  79. Replies

    Re: musc ravaguer

    Is obsolete fragrance to me in terms of finding nice sweet scent. Too medicinal, too crude (no one i know even remotely likes or finds this appealing). TV dances circles around it in battle for sweet...
  80. Poll: Re: What is the most overrated out of these

    Egoiste and Pure Malt
  81. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    My frag journey and nose development below:

    Amateur nose (Armani Code is king)
    More refined nose (DHI is God, pure malt opening is best thin ever omg omg omg must spend crazy amount of money to...
  82. Re: Viktor and Rolf Antidote officially discontinued

    I'd sell mine so fast, if it wasn't leaking
  83. Re: TF - tobacco vanille ---> am i crazy?

    3 parts: power tobacco, power vanilla, power combo of what smells like cinnamon/honey
  84. Re: Seeking masculine Fruity, but not too sweet

    Wow this is tough, especially if you find Chanel Allure Homme too candy sweet

    Aoud 1? Though I find that sweeter
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    Re: Fragrance Madness - FINALS!!!

    Voting for LIDGE, sigh DHI should have been in the finals but oh well
  86. Re: Dior - J'Adore. Pear-based fragrances for men

    No idea, I also have only sprayed it on strips, smell it, take a mental picture while enjoying it (sooooo goood) and move on. The pear note was definitely there but in such a good idea, it instantly...
  87. Re: How many truly 'Great' Designer scents do you think there are?

    Idk how many, but I've smelled more great designer scents than niche, and i am talking with experience having tried most of the big names mentioned from designer and niche
  88. Re: Dior - J'Adore. Pear-based fragrances for men

    Op i am in the same boat as you. Love that smell, want it in a man's frag
  89. Re: What is the ultimate most macho alpha male scent ever created?

    From the ones I smelled Yatagan...although I find no redeeming qualities in it at all
  90. Replies

    Re: Creed - Quality or Con

    They are not as good as some designer houses like Dior and Yves Saint Laurent imo. Luckily there is grey market, otherwise I'd never buy them especially considering u get uncertain level of quality...
  91. Replies

    Re: Jaques Evard Thallium Black

    How bout making a page fir Diesel Fuel for Life's been a while come on now.
  92. Re: Not in Front of Other People: Spraying Perfumes is an Intimate Matter

    Wow....after basketball game and sweating, me and a friend have to go straight away to dinner apparently, just change clothes and spray some Allure Homme Sport...hell even do it on the court ghetto...
  93. Replies

    Re: Help me out

    bleu de chanel brother
  94. Re: Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer 2013

    kiwi and pineapple...not gonna lie, i got a boner when i read the notes
  95. Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Summer 2013

    Anyone tried this one? How does it compare to previous releases?
  96. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    Mmmmm very nice. Allure Homme.
  97. Re: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver - your thoughts ?

    Smells nice, but not convinced on longevity and its price is too damn high
  98. Re: A*men - How long till that TAR F's off?

    Great thread title lol. On me it wears off in a few minutes
  99. Re: YSL Pour Homme, a metrosexual fragance?

    Idk bout was, but is it metrosexual now? Hell nooooooo
  100. Re: Millesime Imperial vs. Allure Homme Sport & Bleu de Chanel

    Bleu de Chanel
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