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    Re: Kuala Lumpur … Malaysian oud capital…

    After stumbling upon this thread, I dropped by Oud Line today (thanks!). I tried a few of their oil and end-up liking their (cheapest?) Cambodi Qadeem the most. I got 6ml for like $22 (USD -- special...
  2. Re: Perfumes you own that go AGAINST your usual sensibilities or scruples.

    Thank you for posting this, I have the exact same feeling. I've tried their more expensive Oud, but the one I purchased and enjoyed the most is their cheapie Elite Oud. It's baffling that we don't...
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    Re: Which zegna to buy out of these 3 ?

    I own the entire Zegna Essenze collection. If you like citrus, I'd go for Mediterranean Neroli. It's more potent than Sicilian Mandarin, and darker/heavier. From your list, I'd go for Javanaese...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2015

    I bought the entire Zegna Essenze collection :)
  5. Re: Latest from Zegna Essence Collection: Mediterranean Neroli!

    Yup, I love it. I end up getting the entire collection. :)

    Mediterranean Neroli is my least favorite. Indonesian Oud is top favorite from the entire collection.
  6. Re: Latest from Zegna Essence Collection: Mediterranean Neroli!

    I love Zegna Essenze generally, I own Indonesian Oud which I adore and make a blind purchase of Mediterranean Neroli today! Unfortunately, it reminds me of my car air-freshener! Sure don't get me...
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