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  1. Sticky: Re: For Beginners: Your Complete and Versatile EIGHT Bottle Wardrobe for $200 Or Less

    I need to try Gardenia. I own the other 3 - can totes recommend! I asked for Tocade for Christmas from hubby. He breathed a sigh of relief based on the price tag alone!
  2. Re: Sacrifices You've Made To Support Your Fragrance Passion

    I gave up hair salon visits for a year. Considering I used to get a cut and color every 2-3 months that was substantial. Helps I took 7 inches off last summer and just letting it grow. Plus I...
  3. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    A bunch of the Resurrection perfumes from Sixteen92. I'm told via email perhaps they will arrive in March:

    Hydromancy Parfum
    I'm Not Finished
    Mein Herr Marquis
    Baker Street
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    Re: Most worn in January 2019

    Lots of sampling this month

    Tocade by Rochas
    2 wears
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    ^^^This a thousand times over! Even if the only place you have in your area is an Ulta or Sephora or Boots, etc...I spray those little papers, write the name on it and take 'em home.
  6. Re: Which brands are Hardcore Players of this niche perfume game?

    I recall years ago when I was in Moscow that one could buy Jo Malone at the now gone Arbat Prestige. I remember one friend of mine bought 3 bottles for what amounted (after currency conversion) to...
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    Re: What Did Your Grandmother Wear?

    I remember she smelled of Noxema face cleanser. It's the smell of her bathroom I remember most though.
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    Re: Chanel add 1957 to Les Exclusifs

    I need to find a tester off eBay. $350 is a bit high of a price point for me at this time.
  9. Re: List of NICHE Sampler Sets 4 or more (pls contribute to this list)

    Imaginary Authors
    Choose 8 samples of 2 ml each

    5 samples starting at $20. Build your own or one already chosen
  10. Re: Can someone name a women's perfume with a noticeable cherry or sweet almond note? Please?

    Una Tira l'Altra by Hilde Soliani - cherry
  11. Re: Can someone name a women's perfume with a noticeable cherry or sweet almond note? Please?

    Orgasmo by Hilde Soliani - almond, amaretto liqueur accord
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    Re: Popular Fragrances I HATE!

    I too can't stand La Vie Eat Belle, Spicebomb nor Flowerbomb, Angel, Alien. I really really cannot take Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire and flankers.
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    Re: Ugliest bottle/Presentation

    Personally I thought the Alien and Aura designs by Mugler looked a bit too similar to female anatomy.....just me though.
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    Re: Lets Talk About Imaginary Authors

    Bringing an older thread back around. Imaginary Authors offered a discount code for their sample set. I chose the following:
    1. Soft Lawn
    2. O, Unknown
    3. Memories of a Trespasser
    4. St....
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    Re: *NEW* Guerlain Bois Mystérieux (2019)

    Based on the plastic packaging with their makeup, I had a chuckle. For those that who don't wear makeup, Guerlain lipstick and compacts used to be made from sturdy and gorgeous materials. You paid...
  16. Re: Has The Perfume Industry Reached Saturation Point ?

    Heartily agree.

    I'm on a Facebook perfume group which I'm close to leaving, because everything is about Tom Ford and people trying to figure out how to afford Tom Ford. It's like the Coach, MK...
  17. Re: What fragrance do you dislike but wear because your significant other loves it?

    Black Orchid and Pleasures by EL.
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    Re: How many fragrances have you tried?

    I didn't take perfumes seriously as a hobby and passion until about 4-ish years ago. I know I've sampled, bought, and tried many more perfumes than have been listed on my profile.
  19. Thread: Cannabis

    by Kitty2Shoes

    Re: Cannabis

    Some of us are allergic to cannabis and hemp ya know! I don't enjoy breaking out in blisters on my skin for touching it (the fibre that is).

    4160 Tuesdays uses it as a note and I believe one or...
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    Re: Fragrances With A Light Touch Of Cedar.

    Cedre Sambac by Hermes

    It's very light, you'd be surprised.
  21. Re: The Best Perfumes of 2018, according to our contributors

    Queen Street intrigues me, but not at a blind buy cost.
  22. Re: Best Of 2018 Sample Pack Offer from Luckyscent!

    Is it sad that only two intrigue me?
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    Re: Budget Fragrances.

    Under $50 is in my 'budget' range. I call under $50-100 for a bottle 'affordable'. Between $100-170 I would call 'special occasion' purchase such as for a birthday or Christmas. Over $200 I make...
  24. Re: Allergic to certain colognes, help me figure out what notes!

    I'm speaking here for someone currently going through allergy testing. Right now I'm awaiting the results of the blood test for nuts, shellfish, fish, and red meat. On the skin prick test I came up...
  25. Re: Bar soap regaining in popularity according to Treehugger

    Due to eczema issues I use Vanicream or unscented Dove or the like. I do admit using Dial antibacterial about once or twice a week. Many times bar soaps contain essential oils either I'm allergic to...
  26. Re: Persil Bio Liquid Laundry Detergent (Green bottle) Reformulation

    From the Persil website:
    Biological detergents contain enzymes that help break down the fatty, greasy, and starchy compounds that are found in some of the most common clothing stains such as pasta...
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    I didn't. One of the few blind buys I've done recently. I've been going back into a violet phase again and the notes intrigued me. Montmarte sounds similar to HdP's Moulin Rouge, so I'll be...
  28. Re: Persil Bio Liquid Laundry Detergent (Green bottle) Reformulation

    I miss the smell of Fairy Non-Bio (blue bottle) for my laundry. Nothing comes close to that smell here in the States.
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    Re: SIXTEEN92 Discussion Thread

    I ordered a few of the 'reincarnations':
    - I'm Not Finished
    - Mein Herr Marquis
    - Montmarte
    - Baker Street

    And a regular one - Hydromancy.

    I got an email saying they will ship in either...
  30. Re: Post your first fragrance purchase of 2019.

    Still waiting for it to arrive:

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    Re: Chanel fragrances

    I too went and obtained samples of each Eaux. Here's my conclusion - these are light and meant to be. They are like a whisper of scent instead of a heavy onslaught that some perfumes bring on. I...
  32. Re: Which Chanel Exclusifs do you recommend? (current formulation only, no Sycomore)

    Gardenia really surprised me, in fact it floored me. I enjoy Boy very much as well. I recommend both these. In fact I enjoy much of the range, there are only about 3 or 4 I'm 'meh' on.
  33. Re: Recently your fragrance tastes have changed how?

    During my pregnancy and after giving birth I found my sense of scent changed and a lot of my old favorites I didn't enjoy anymore. I could also smell notes I wasn't able to previously. Have no way...
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    Re: Budget Fragrances.

    The Yardley range at Boots. You can actually layer the body sprays if you want.
  35. Re: Experiment: Take 10 your favourite fragrances and...

    How come the guys forum only has to do 5 and we're tasked with 10? I'd keep it equal.
  36. Re: Is anyone’s resolution to cut down on purchases

    Yeah, I kinda did the same. Sigh.
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    Re: Today I bought January 2019

    Total blind buys and won't get them until 2-3 months from now from Sixteen92:

    I'm Not Finished
    Mein Herr Marquis
    Baker Street
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    Re: In 2019, I expect to finish...

    I'd like to finish up all my samples. But part of me want to keep the vial about 1/4 full so I can use them as references for later on. Other than that I have a bottle of Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de...
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    Budgeting for the hobby

    Little back story: having made an international move and living back in the States and a new job, I don't feel as inclined to wear makeup anymore. Almost all the female managers and co-workers in my...
  40. Re: Which Chanel Exclusifs do you recommend? (current formulation only, no Sycomore)

    Having owned the sample set for a while, Beige is strangely coming out on top for me and I plan to eventually buy a full bottle of this. Some of them, like CdR and Sycomore smell great on paper but...
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    Re: Resolutions 2019

    Move outside my comfort zone and try perfumes that I shouldn't necessarily like based on the notes. I've been surprised more than once this year from random sample purchases. .
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    Re: A different kind of "Top 5" (maybe?)

    Madame Jolie - Balmain
    Nahema - Guerlain
    68 - Guerlain
    Beaufort London 1805 - Tonnerre
    Violaceum - L'Artisan Parfumeur
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    Re: Need recommendations for a gift

    Yes! This is my favorite of the bunch. +1
  44. Re: Do you care how a fragrance is advertised and promoted?

    I refused to try Byredo perfume because the bottle design and lettering really bother me. I eventually got my hands of a few sample vials and realized I wasn't missing anything. I know bottle design...
  45. Re: did you ever suddenly lose interest in fragrances when you got sick?

    I did during morning sickness while pregnant last year. I had to take a break for a good three or four months I believe. What was even worse, several of my favorite I couldn't stand anymore (and...
  46. Re: Most worn in December, Fourth Quarter, Second Half and the whole year of 2018

    I had to give up perfume for a few months after my daughter was born, so my stats this year are not entirely accurate. Plus throw in an international move where most of my perfumes were on a boat...
  47. Re: Creed's Men's Coffret from Nordstrom - worth it?

    Rooster pic was taken in Prague. I had to really zoom in to capture it.
  48. Re: How to appreciate perfumes you actually hate?

    I absolutely hate L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain. I do recognize that it is a work of art and leave it at that. I often re-sample it from time to time to see if I might warm up to it, but I can't.

  49. Re: Creed's Men's Coffret from Nordstrom - worth it?

    Thankfully many are unisex, or better put I don't care if they are advertised for men, I'll wear the ones he doesn't like. I tried a number of the women's Creed variations a while back and honestly...
  50. Re: Fragrances you enjoy but won’t be replacing...

    A number that I've repurchased I won't repurchase again, mostly because I've grown nose blind with them, or I've outgrown the scent. As I age what I like in perfume changes with me. I have about 15...
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    Re: Burberry London first impressions

    I purchased it for hubby for Christmas. Found it at TJ Maxx after sifting through a mound of other men's scents. Very much a holiday/Christmas scent, warm and spicy, reminds me of a British...
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    Re: would you wear Chanel no.5?

    I prefer the EdT over the EdP myself, slightly apricot/peachy opening I enjoy. The L'Eau is nice too, but wasn't enough to warrant buying a bottle. I prefer the EdT at night or before bed, for some...
  53. Re: Creed's Men's Coffret from Nordstrom - worth it?

    Not sure. He's a bit stuffy this evening and said he'll try it again later. He loves Irish Spring soap and enjoyed the Woods of Windsor pick from last Christmas. Maybe it's a bit too strong at...
  54. Re: Creed's Men's Coffret from Nordstrom - worth it?

    My husband did a blind scent test with this little set. His preference order is:

    1. Millesime Imperial

    2. Aventus

    3. Silver Mountain Water

    No and No: Viking and Green Irish Tweed.
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    Re: Your Christmas Haul

    Here’s a pic of the Chanel sample set with the Tocade for size reference:

    And with a typical Sample vial (on the bottom left).
  56. Re: Milliseme Imperial Vs Silver Mountain Water

    My husband and I did a blind test of his Creed sample set and Millesime Imperial won hands down.
  57. Re: Is there an alternative for Egoiste with better projection/sillage?

    Second. Also Bois de Iles. Both can be worn equally well by both sexes.
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    Re: Your Christmas Haul

    I got Chanel's Les Exclusifs Discover Set. Samples are small (0.12 fl oz each), but the cap is a screw on and very easy to apply splash sample.

    I also received Rochas' Tocade.

    And a bunch...
  59. Re: What is a generally loved fragrance that you yourself cannot stand?

    Angel and it's flankers. Alien.
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    Re: what is your preferred fragrance "style"?

    I've come to really love the style of the Hermessences line - light, airy and watery in a way. I used to own the whole Un Garden line at one point (but ditched Li) I love any 'makeup' scented...
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    Re: Help me Pinpoint a Fragrance...

    Reminds me of some perfumes I sampled recently:
    Teatro Olfattivo di Parma : Crema di Latte by Hilde Soliani (sugar, vanilla, milk)
    Prolixe by Histoires de Parfums
    Outrecuidant by HdP had a really...
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    Re: The "India scent"

    Due to the sheer heat and often humidity your going to want a perfume that is popular and used in various location in India. Apparently CK One Gold is really popular in India at the moment as is...
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    Re: Synthetics, naturals, and allergies

    I've only had one bad reaction to a perfume that contained mostly essential oils. I wrote about testing the Our Modern Lives from 4160 Tuesdays last December and had reactions to them due to them...
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    Re: Synthetics, naturals, and allergies

    I've had things spread on the skin, injected slightly, done through blood testing IgG testing, and elimination diet. I have an autoimmune disease (newly diagnosed) so food allergies go hand in hand...
  65. Re: How many tries before judging a fragrance

    Honestly - it depends the cost. If the perfume is well over the $150 mark, I usually pay for the $4 splash sample vial and try it at least 3 times. I mean, that's a weekly grocery shop worth of...
  66. Re: Yardley has new gemstone themed EDTs :)

    These came out in the UK during the summer. I was on the list for a sample pack in the post, but it arrived after I departed the UK. I did try a few in Boots and they were pretty decent.
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    Re: I'm starting to realise....

    If I could wear the same 'uniform' to work everyday, I would. I literally wear black trousers, black cardigan and a different top everyday. Every now and then I wear a dress if the wind isn't so...
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    Synthetics, naturals, and allergies

    I recall reading a well done article on how most perfumes are constructed by synthetics and very few ingredients are truly naturals for the most part, and I believe it was on Basenotes a few years...
  69. Re: Best Vanillas: Complex, multi dimensional, smoky...

    My favorite is still Shalimar ode à la Vanille : sur la route du mexique
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    Re: What Fragrances Got You Compliments?

    I've complimented others on their perfumes/colognes. Turns out they are scents I personally didn't care for (on myself) but they smelled great on the other person.
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    Re: Need help from the ladies - comfort scent

    It's $39 and smells great. I've sampled that one before. Busch Garden's in the Irish section carries it of all places! Can also get it here: Oak Manor
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    Re: Need help from the ladies - comfort scent

    I prefer to smell Sartorial by Penhaligons on my husband.

    To me the ultimate dad scent is a bar of Irish Spring soap and perfumes that have similar notes.
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    Re: Chanel fragrances

    Welcome. You'll find that your experience with perfumes will greatly differ than others due to your body chemistry among other things.

    You didn't state how many sprays you tried and where.
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    Re: All fragrance houses are in on the scam

    I just bought a number of new perfumes and the longevity is pretty darn good on them. What I DO notice is some perfumes I'm no longer able to smell on myself, but others around me definitely can. ...
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    Re: What's going to be big in 2019?

    I hope they lean away from the Rhubarb next year. Not my favorite singular note.
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    Re: Parle Moi perfumes

    Sadly no. I plan to order a sample of Orris Tattoo and Totally White from Lucky Scent for my next order. Payprus Oud isn't available via LS yet.
  77. Replies

    Parle Moi perfumes

    I received a 8 pack sampler from my last order of Lucky Scent. I noticed only three of the Parle Moi's perfumes are lists here on Basenotes. Wanted to hear other's impressions of the house.

  78. Re: testing a fragrance on paper vs. on clothes/skin -- differences?

    I recently tested Forty Thieves by Fort and Manle. Horrific on paper, I mean fermented beets and cabbage on paper. On the skin, those notes dissipate in relatively short order and it matured well. ...
  79. Re: how many sprays of SMW, Himalaya, and GIT to project


    Plus...have you asked others about your projection impact? I have a few perfumes that I can barely smell on me, but everyone around me can. If you wear a suit, perhaps a few sprays on...
  80. Re: What's your favorite fragrance that has a magnetic cap?

    Both Boy and Coromandel by Chanel have the magnetic cap. I found it to be a helpful feature.
  81. Replies

    Re: Today I bought December 2018

    Was at Marshalls at a marked down price. I wanted to smell what the controversy was and why it's hated and loved so much. I haven't been able to sample this otherwise, figured for the price, why...
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    Do perfume pendants really work?

    While I perusing 4160 Tuesday's gift pages I saw they offer ceramic perfume pendants. I thought it was an interesting way to keep the scent close to you or last longer for smelling purposes. I read...
  83. Re: English Countryside type of fragrance?Can you recommend any?

    I've been to Traverse City and Interlochen Arts Camp though. Very distinct smell of the fresh water lakes, petosky stones, loads of fresh cherry in baskets and a crispness to the air.
  84. Re: Which Chanel Exclusifs do you recommend? (current formulation only, no Sycomore)

    Chanel is selling a set of Les Exclusifs online for $250. Great way to try most of the collection.

    The set includes:
    CUIR DE...
  85. Re: English Countryside type of fragrance?Can you recommend any?

    Are we talking about the countryside in the North or the South? The countryside in Yorkshire smells vastly different than say Devon.

    Oeillet Louis XV (new) reminded me and my children of our...
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    Re: Today I bought December 2018

    Had to really search though all the oddest places in TJ Maxx but I found:

    Gucci - Rush
    Burberry - London
    Burberry - Mr. Burberry (set includes both EdT and EdP)
    Narciso Rodriguez - Narciso...
  87. Replies

    Re: Does anyone here like fruit notes?

    I prefer apples and pears. Peach/nectarine notes I can take if done well. Cherry notes I just can't stand.
  88. Thread: Shampoo

    by Kitty2Shoes

    Re: Shampoo

    How about Molton Brown: Re-charge Black Pepper SPORT 4-in-1 Body Wash http://
  89. Poll: Re: Thumbs Up, Neutral, or Thumbs Down? Your Overall Success with Testing

    I think my views on sampling boil down to this - in my youth I spent a huge amount of my paycheck picking blind buys and perfumes that smelled great on paper or at the counter and it sat there on my...
  90. Re: Has a fragrance ever made you physically angry?

    I've had a few that were so bad I almost threw out some clothes because the scent wouldn't wash out.
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    Re: Fort and Manlé

    I tried two on the samples. Charlatan I found nice, but it reminded me a bit of one of the 4160 Tuesdays perfumes...can't recall which at the moment. I'm currently sampling Fatih Sultan...
  92. Replies

    Re: How do you choose your SOTD?

    If I'm testing samples, I blindly reach into the bag and pull one out. The rest of the time it's whatever moves me that particular morning. I'll wake up and want a floral, or something more...
  93. Replies

    Re: Egoiste work safe?

    Yes. I wear it and I usually do about one good spray behind the neck and maybe around my knee area. I nick it off my husband's shelf all the time.
  94. Replies

    Re: One of my favorite natural fragrance

    Sarah at 4160 Tuesdays has created Our Modern Lives, and entire line of natural perfumes.
  95. Replies

    Re: A fragrance for my girlfriend

    Second this.

    I also enjoy Chloe's Chloe (new). Don't faff about with the Nomade or other versions. The peony and rose are well done in it.

    If your up for spending more, Chanel has it's Les...
  96. Re: The Atlantic article: Why does men's body wash smell that way; female author

    Growing up my parents bought this massive box of Irish Spring from Costco. I used a lot of 'manly' Irish Spring. Strangely it made a great face wash and cleared up my acne as a teen too. That...
  97. Replies

    Re: Anyone Get Kicked out of a Store?

    I've shown up in yoga pants, a barely clean shirt and no makeup and no hair done and been fine, even at high end counters. Usually engaging the SA in what knowledge you do have in regards to perfume...
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    Re: Fort and Manlé

    I just received a few Forte and Manle samples from Lucky Scent. Haven't gotten to them just yet. My interest in them is just plain curiosity.
  99. Re: For Some Reason This Reminded Me of the Modern Niche Market

    I recommend the book: Deluxe - How Luxury Lost It's Luster

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    Basenotes Plus didn't auto renew

    I had my Basenotes Plus account set to auto renew. I guess it didn't take?
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