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    Re: a problem with like-nuetral-dislike

    It is always very difficult to find your way among all these ratings. I guess it does not have a big effect on strong minded people like me. First I read all of them and try to have a general idea...
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    Re: Match a scent with introduction to BLACK!

    When I think of black I think of being serious, mature, not sweet but a bit spicy, tough...
    It is just like comparing a guy in black suit [maybe with a tie which has different color than black or...
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    Re: Opinions about "ANTIDOTE" for men

    Well here ie another liker of Antidote. When I tested it for a few times. It reminded me some other fragrances and it still does. Opening of it gives me the feeling as if I have mix-sprayed soem...
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    Re: Gents, get those frags in the fridge!

    Well, low temp is good to preserve your fragrance because it helps slow down the moleculer proces just like almost in any other things that you want to preserve, but bare in mind that just like a...
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    Re: Givenchy Gentleman

    Well, I hve no problem with it's lasting power. If I apply it in the moorning, I can still smell it when I come back to home or hotel around 18:00-19:00 o'clock. Infact I have to be carefull on...
  6. Re: Am I irrational for finding the backround of this scent disturbing?

    [QUOTE=pluran;1068916][quote=Bytebuster;1068596]They do not hunt any tigers anymore for pleasure because they are protected. [quote]

    Protected? Far from it my friend. And I won't name the...
  7. Poll: Re: Which is the "Best Contemporary Classic" for men?(Oct-07)

    My one is L'Instant by Guerlain.
    Pi is to sweet and it makes me feel like that I'm swimming in a vanilla sea.
    M7 reminded me the these Asian balms like Tiger Balm or the others. Eventhough I don't...
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    Re: Comme des Garcons - Top 5 Faves

    Series 3 Incense: Kyoto. It is actually Bourjois Masculin 2 with a strong incense note. It was once my fav. fragrance till it is discontinued
    CdG2 Man
    Series 2 Red: Sequoia

    I want to...
  9. Re: The Longest Lasting Men's Fragrance-Help requested

    Hocam selamlar,

    There is one thing that you should keep in mind, some fragrances last long, but after a few hours you don't smell it anymore. You think that it doesn't last but you are mistaken....
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    Re: Narciso Rodriguez for Him - mini review

    After smelling the female version of it on a secretary at the office I was very curious about the male version of NR. Finally almost a month ago it did arrive to the shops in The Netherlands. I have...
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    Re: Monsieur Givenchy vs. Eau Sauvage

    I own both of them and I like both of them. Givenchy reminds me Acqua di Parma. It is more lemony. It also reminds me some of the Turkish Lemon colognes, but Eau Sauvage has more of orange smell. It...
  12. Re: Something has to happen about the catapulting prices of perfume.

    It is very simple: there are a lot of people on the world with a lot of money who wants to be different than the others, who wants to show off and let the others now that they are succesful and so...
  13. Re: Hope you don't mind if I ask about a women's fragrance, gentlemen

    A secretary at our office had it on almost a month ago. I had to ask her the name of it, because I liked it very much, but I did not give it a try yet. I'll give it a try soon. The only thing that I...
  14. Re: What do you think of D&G PH and Dunhill Edition as musky scents?

    I don't smell any musk in D&G PH but I can smell musk in Dunhill Edition.
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    Re: Similar Fragrances

    I think that you have to test them again. They are very different fragrances. Jovan Musk is full of musk. It smells the same as Alyssa Ashley Musk. You can smell the same Musk scent on most of the...
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    Re: Scents for all universal time

    You know what? I was thinking of the same thing and still trying the figure out which one I would choose, but I am still couldn't make my final decision. I was just going to ask this here, but you...
  17. Re: Am I irrational for finding the backround of this scent disturbing?

    I think you know that this was only in the past. They do not hunt any tigers anymore for pleasure because they are protected. The only one that could be killed is the men-eater.
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    Escentric 01 copycat

    Almost a mont ago I had ordered some testers from Lucky Scents. One of them is a set of Escentric Molecules. Escentric 01 is exactly the same fragrance from Turkey which was sold at the second half...
  19. Re: Tell me about Havana and reserva...revolutionary or tepid

    What I can remember from then is that I was waiting without patience Havana and Heaven to test and finally they arrived to the local fragrance shop. I was not that much impressed with Havana, but I...
  20. Thread: Marbert Man

    by Bytebuster

    Re: Marbert Man

    A few years ago I received a set eau de toilet and shower gel of it as a gift. I have to say that I like the scent of the shower gel very much, but I find the eau de toilet strong, close heavy. If it...
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    A Hermes question

    Hi there to all,

    While I was looking for Eau d'Hermes on eBay and internet, I have seen eau de cologne Hermes and it is remarked for men but I can not find it on Basenotes. Is this the same...
  22. Re: Ungaro I & Ungaro II pictures swapped in Directory!

    I have mentioned to the site admin before but I did not hear anything back. Maybe he did not receive my message or too busy.
  23. Re: Empty Bottle - Which Fragrances have you liked enough to re-buy?

    Another one here with too many fragrances, but there are some that I can finish and want to buy another. The ones that I bought one more time are:Faberge Turbo (discontinued)
    Jovan Musk, Jovan Sex...
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    Re: Yow...Salvador Dali PH!

    That is how Salvador Dali PH smells. It has alway reminded me a lighter version of YSL Kouros or the copycat versions of YSL Kouros which has less fragrance and more alcohol and water in it. But if...
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    Re: Original Abercrombie

    I have never smelled it, but a few times I have heard that it smells like Trussardi Uomo, but I can not confirm that.
  26. Re: Big difference between Guerlain's Vetiver 80's and 90's

    I don't have both of them which I can compare. I have to look which one I have, but the one I have opens a bit soapy first. I wonder what kind of note you get when you use it and does it last long or...
  27. Re: Antaeus aside, what else screams character?

    Jacomo de Jacomo: At first instance a bit strong but settles down good
    Shiseido Basala
    Jacques Bogart Furyo: This one is also smasher at the opening but later settles down good.
    My favorite for a...
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    Re: Looking for some "sweet" fragrance

    The one that for me sweet is Terre d'Hermes. Orangy sweet with woody notes.
    The other one which I like is Lacoste Pour Femme, which I find unisex althought it is Pour Femme is, but lucky by chance I...
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    Re: Bright scent for cold seasons

    In the cold winter days I go for Terre d'Hermes, Comme des Garçons the first one, but it is a bit strong. It is good if you are going to be outside for a while. It really makes you feel warm. The...
  30. Gentleman's Fragrance

    Goodday Ladies,

    I'm not going to ask a question like which fragrance makes you think that a guy is sexy or makes you tear off his clothes, because I'm sexy (and also megalomaniac) enough ;-) What...
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    Re: Re: Similar Fragrances

    I'm not really agree with that. I think that Dreamer smells different than D&G PH. I think that D&G PH smeels more like Kiton and Davidoff Goodlife. I can smell very slightly the note of D&G PH in...
  32. Re: What do "old fashioned/dated" fragrances smell like?

    Men, I like this forum!
    First of all I'm completely disagree with jellybean1973 where he says "Anyway, I have asked the moderator to either lock or delete this thread." As long as it is not vulgar...
  33. Re: Fragrances for 10 bux or less!! Help needed!

    I don't know how much does it cost in the shops, but a few months ago I bought blindly one bottle of 1.0 Revlon Donald Trumph just to test it. Fragrance plus the shipment to The Netherlands from USA...
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    Re: Catholic Fragrance?

    I would go for CdG 2 MAN and Gucci PH. CdG reminds me more of the Catholic Churches than the Gucci. The moment I first tested it I felt my self in one of the catholic or orthodox churches in Turkey.
  35. Re: YSL M7, i need fragrances that have similar base notes r/o/p

    As one member mentioned before I would also go for Ungaro I and Ungaro III. I would also suggest Comme des Garcons 2 Red Sequoia, CdG 3, CdG Incense Series Jaisalmer.
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    Re: zino buy or not to buy

    If you are a fan of light fragrance, then I thinkt that you wouldn't like it that much, but if you like heavy, full fragrances and if you like 80's fragrances then you might like it.
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    Re: What's the Big Deal with Musk?

    I have to say that I don't really know how musk smells, because I have never smelled a pure musk, but I can remember as it is today when I bought my Jovan Musk. The nice think that I can remember is...
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    Re: CREED --- Bois Du Portugal

    First of all excuse my ignorance, but I can't figure out which fragrance is PdN. So I can not compare it with BdP. But in any case I like BdP very much, but I'm very sure that I had a scent somewhere...
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    Re: Do fragrances need a wear-in?

    I'm almost totally agree with MadScientist, but just as R$ said, I think it makes difference as more air goes into the bottle, but this affect should not be that much effective in short term. But in...
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    Re: Is it safe to get Creed on

    Last times eBay is very tricky for some fragrance brands. One of them is Creed and the other one is Chanel. Till now I have never had problem on eBay, but two or three months ago I bought two Chanel...
  41. Re: Antaeus or Prada Amber pour Homme? Which one?

    Prada is nice, but I don't find it very out coming. For me it is more casual, free time or office fragrance. I think that Antaeus is more sensual, romantic and characterful. I don't know why, but I...
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    Re: NEW: Tokyo by Kenzo

    Now as I told you before I have tested it three times. The opening is a bit intense and there is a slight bitter, inky note; like a bit of ink and a bit of the bitternes of the seeds of grapefruit or...
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    Re: Fragrance for evening/night/date

    You know what you should do? If this fragrance is for a one particular girl, then you should try to know which fragrance she finds romantic and likes it. We can give yie here a lot of brands and...
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    Re: NEW: Tokyo by Kenzo

    I have seen it in the Schiphol Airport yesterday, but the tester was empty and the shop was very crowded so I just left, but today I'll go again later when it is less crowded and try to give it a...
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    Re: Platinum Egoiste

    I don't know what it is, but there is something in Egoiste Platinum that makes me like it very much. When it first came out I thought that it would be a summer version of the original one and did not...
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    Re: Clean Classics...

    Looking at what you like, then I can suggest; Maxims pour homme. Difficult to find, but you can find some on eBay; Santa Fe by Aladdin which you can find on eBay; Paul Sebastian PS; Gianfranco Ferre...
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    Re: Every Done a Total 180-Degrees on a Frag?

    Definitely had it with Kouros, Giorgio BH, Nino Cerruti and Tuscany. Now I like them very much. Sometimes what wierd for us at that moment doesn't mean that it is discusting or else.
  48. Re: Suggestions for semi-sweet/woody/incense frags

    Maybe a bit strange but I say give it a try to Shiseido-Feminitè du Bois. It is a fragrance for women, but I use it with great pleasure. If not you can give a try to some of the CdG fragrances. CdG2...
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    Re: do you ever literally crave a frag?

    Ohh for sure I do. Have you ever seen someone who wakes up craving for a fragrance and goes out of the bed in tyhe middle of the night and sprays it? I do! This is one side of it; the solution is...
  50. Poll: Re: Dior Eau Sauvage, D&G pour homme or Terre D'Hermmes

    Now if you want to smell fresh-classy then I would say go for Eau Sauvage, but if you want a bit spicy-warm-class then go for Terre d'Hermes. D&G is not that much my favorite here. I find it a bit...
  51. Re: Fragrances Similar to Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne (the New one)

    I gave it a test almost 30 minutes ago. I see some comparison to Polo Blue, but just as gupts say above here; indeed there is note like orange peel or pomelo peel and I sense also a very slight note...
  52. Re: Fragrances Similar to Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne (the New one)

    I am agree with C-C; Terre d'Hermes is much orangey and spicy compare to Allure Homme Sport. Allure Homme Sport reminds me more of Polo Blue if I'm not mistaken.
    Now I got curious again. I will give...
  53. Re: "Spoiling a scent by wearing it to work"...

    Maybe it is strange but I can not think of some fragrances in the office sphere. I my mind it is just coming to office with your night dress on or with your smoking, tuxedo. Of course if you work in...
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    Like A Leather Jacket or Shop...

    Hi there to all of you,

    I'm looking for a fragrance that smells like a leather jacket or a leather shop where they sell this fine leather jackets. Anyone any idea?

    Greetings to all,
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    Re: Who needs one when you have the other?

    I think that it would be very useful for a lot of us if we would have a list like this somewhere on the forum. But of course the likeliness of a fragrance with another one or more should be accepted...
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    Re: Ferrari scent.

    Are they really unique fragrances or are they just a copy or slightly changed versions of known brands? I can remember that once Playboy, Carrera and Harley-Davidson had done the same thing; just a...
  57. Re: Scent for a Birthday (27 year old female police officer)

    What I can suggest is Lacoste Pour Femme or Gucci Envy.Both are clean, soft fragrances and shouting ones. You can also try Morgan de Toi. Maybe she can also like some of the fragrances of Police.
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    Re: Terre d´Hermes = Freedom/Liberty ?

    The moment I tested it, I liked it. I like fragrances with notes of orange and grapefruit, but eventhough TdH is different. I find it very flexible in the sence that it is casual but at the same time...
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    Re: In search of...


    What type of fruity fragrances do you like? Peachy, melony, figgy, berry like or different?
    Maybe it is not as exclusive as you are looking for, but I think maybe you might like Versace...
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    Re: DERRICK by ORLANE ...

    Hi David,

    I would be willing to know your opinion about the other fragrancs of Derrick. I use the original one, but I have never seen Derrick Black or Silver. I love Derrick, but I wonder how the...
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    Re: A Dunhill Question.

    Yep, this looks like very much to it. Almost 99%
    Do you have any more information? Where did you get this information from? You are not going to tell me that you got it from Basenotes. ;)
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    Re: KC Reaction - I don't get it

    I think that the scent world is like the music world. As we have a lot of styels like rock,pop, classic, hardrock, tango, reggae same we have with the fragrances. As there are many kind of classic...
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    Re: Is "The Dreamer" so bad?

    Is it so bad? Now it depends on your nose I guess, When I fist tested it I liked it, but at that time Versace was very famous, I was afraid that everywhere would smell like Dreamer, so I did not buy...
  64. Re: opinions need on Tenere by Paco Rabanne...

    I still have the bottle of it with a very small amount left in it. It smells to me honeyish. There are some flower and wood nuances but basenote to me is honeyish. To some people it smells like...
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    A Dunhill Question.

    I guess somewehere around 1986 a firned of my farher brought him a Dunhill fragrance as a gift. It was in a usual cylindrical shape Dunhill bottle. It was not glass but plastic. As far as I can...
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    Re: Need Suggestion again! Pure Cedar wood?

    As I read all of the comments, does this mean that Gucc Rush has more Cedar scent than Gucci Envy? I haven't had a chance to try Gucci Rush till now. Now I'm very curiosu about it. I hope I can find...
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    Re: What's the correct way to wear perfume?

    You have to use it where your main veins are close to the surface of your skin like your neck, pulse inside of your elbow.\behin your knee, behind your ear. You can also apply it on your hair....
  68. Re: Scent copying: what are the legal restrictions?

    As they are cosmetic materials their consistency should be known by departments like FDA or else. I had a friend who was working at TSE ( Turkish Standarts Institution) in Turkey. Once I asked her...
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    Re: Something in Eau Sauvage vibe

    Have you tried Eau Savage Extreme? If you can find it, give it a try. Other the KC and YSL PH, I can advise you English Leather Wind Drift. You can still find it on eBay.
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    Re: Azzaro Onyx...way underated

    I tried it three times (to be sure of it) and I bought one three days ago for a good price. It reminds me and past 8X4 deodorant. It was in a brown meal container with a name like Fruhling Frisch or...
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    Re: What makes a scent smell like "old man"

    Guys, take it easy and becareful with your words. First get things clear; what do we mean by "Old man/woman"? Do we mean that it smells like an old person or do we mean that it is, according to you,...
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    Re: Notes you can't smell?

    Can you smell the difference between a normal tea and Earl Grey tea? If you can then most of the times you would be smelling bergamot. This is what they use in Earl Grey tea.

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    Re: What causes this stinky smell?

    I don't have to put it on me or wait for a drydown. The moment I open the cap of the bottle I can smell it. I also can get the honey scent. I have been a lot among the honey bee's and sometimes some...
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    Re: Your biggest U turn fragrance

    Same here, but now it is one of my faworite fragrance. ;)
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    What causes this stinky smell?

    Hi there,

    Almost a month ago I bought a bottle of Basile for men. I liked it. It reminded me a bit stronger and bitter version of Nino Cerruti. Luckly just 2 weeks later I found also Nino Cerruti...
  76. Re: Anyone here rate Kouros as their #1 fragrance?

    First of all; I have to say that I don't really have a #1 fragrance because it depends on the day on my mood, but there are sure some fragrances that I can not miss. And one of them is YSL Kouros. It...
  77. Re: I'm in need of a summer scent. Help me, fellow Bnoters!

    I think that Lacoste Red is a goo summer scent, but if you look for something different then I can advise you these fragrances: If you want smell something diffrent thenI would say Morgan de Toi,...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme

    I'm sorry guys but Aramis Tuscany is a way different than Azzaro. Aramis is also more woody, a little spicy-sour compare to Azzaro. Azzaro is sweeter compare to Tuscany.
    I can compare Tucscany more...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme

    I'm not sure if we are talking about the same thing. Azzaro was my first fragrance that I bought. I still use it, but I have the feeling that something has been changed slightly. The Azzaro that I...
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    Re: POPULAR summer scents

    If it is a very hot summer day then I'll go for Oscar for Men by Oscar de la Renta or Aqua Nautilus by Nautilus It can also be Eau Savage or Higher energy by Christian Dior. If it is normal summer...
  81. Thread: Pheromones?

    by Bytebuster

    Re: Pheromones?

    Guys, I don't know which brand is good. WHich one is real or which one is fake, but two or three years ago there was an interesting and amusing science show on TV on a Dutch TV channel. If I'm not...
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    Re: Looking for cross between Issey and Adg

    I don't get why you would like to cross these two scents. Actually AdG is a european version of Issey. The japanese nose is more to strong, bitter scent like Coriander in it and not very sour. That...
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    Re: Cologne for kiddies

    Here in the Netherlands and Europe the teenagers are crazy about DKNY apple scent, Adidas, Diesel, Hugo Boss in Motion, Puma and FCUK. Especially DKNY apple scent and the new fragrane of Puma is very...
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    Re: fake Acqua Di Gio?

    There are for sure a lot of fake fragrances on the market. They even use the same scent in it. Probably it is not natural but synthetic or they use very small amount of it that it doesn't last that...
  85. Re: Seishido Basala ......You got my interest...

    I guess it was somewhere at the end of 80's while I was studying Japanese at the university. I've seen a lot of ads of Shiseido Basala in te Japanese magazines, so I wanted to test it. It was hard to...
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    Re: Do you guys like Antidote?

    I tried it two times here in Netherlands two weeks ago. It smells nice, but I have to say that it is not a very unique scent for me. It smells to me like a familiar scent which I have. I'm agree with...
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    Re: Wrist watches + perfume = bad combo?

    There are two things you can do about this problem:
    1: You can use shoe polish on the inner side of your leather band. But becareful; not the colored shoe paint, but ths colorles shoe polish or...
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