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    Faqat Lil Rijal by Rasasi Moattaq by Surrati...

    Faqat Lil Rijal by Rasasi
    Moattaq by Surrati
    Dehn Al Oudh Cambodi by Rasasi
    Dehn Al Oudh Al Mumaiz by Rasai

    are all good
  2. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA


    1 Million
    Tuscan Leather
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    Re: Has anyone come across white oudh?

    White Oudh or "Oudh Al Abiyad" is typically a light blend of Oudh and Musk. Rasasi has an excellent EDP called "Oudh Al Abiyad" . If you want something exclusively then try Prince EDP by Surrati.
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    Re: Tuscan Leather Concentrated Oil

    Tuscan Leather is gaining popularity on the streets from Dubai to NY. Surrati was one of the first to get it in CPO form, but on my recent visit to Dubai I saw Tuscan Leather being sold at many...
  5. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA

    I have Tom Oud ( 4 Oz by weight ) for $ 50 with free shipping .

    Also have Oudy Woody spray by surrati for $ 30+ shipping
  6. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA

    Mukhallat Faris and Mukhallat Badr Ad-dhabi are 2 new fragrances from Surrati. unfotunately they are available only as decants. I have 100 gms ( 4 oz) for both at $ 25 and $ 30 each respectively +...
  7. Re: What is the iciest, chilliest, most camphorous fragrance you have tried?++

    Taaruf by Musk International. It comes in oil form. Until it dries down , the fragrance is camphorous to the point that it burns the nose.
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    Re: Rasasi Chastity for Men

    We sell all Rasasi oriental and Fresh Designer products at

    Chastity for Men is in stock and available in 100 ml , 10 ml pen and 50 ml deodrant roll on .
  9. Re: Ward Ta'ifi (Rose Otto from Ta'if Saudi Arabia)

    Ward Taifi is the best rose available second only to Syrian Rose.
  10. Thread: incense

    by miskshoppe

    Re: incense

    My favourite Bakhoors / Incenses over charcoal.

    Bakhoor Raqiya by Rasasi
    Shamamatul Amber by Rasasi
    Kauser - Oud Muattar by khadlaj perfumes ( agarwood chips soaked in perfumed oils)
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    Re: Rasasi Chastity for Men

    Complete line of Rasasi perfumes , oils and incenses is available in the USA through
  12. Re: What's the best smelling detergent you've ever used?

    Tide makes washing powder in Oudh / Agarwood and Sandalwood fragrance in the middle-east. My clothes and the laudry room nevewr smelled so good. I tried getting some recently during my visit to Dubai...
  13. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA

    Being a distributor for Surrati in the USA , I get lots of info from the people at Surrati. Oudy Woody is a very popular pefumes. It is a mix of Cambodian Oud and another fragrance called as Teejan ....
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    Re: New York, New York

    Sahara International Shop
    142-60 Rockaway Blvd.
    S. Ozone Park, NY 11436
    Ph : 718-404-9417

    Sahara's has a large variety of Exotic oils , oriental perfumes and arabic incense

    The store...
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