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  1. Re: Chromatograph services vs.. Buying own Chromatograph

    I didn't read this whole thread, just your first post but here goes.


    I would be glad to answer your questions on gas chromatography (GC) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography...
  2. an informal review

    Monday of this week, my sister ordered two bottles S-Perfume and I ordered two bottles of L'Anonyme ou OP-1475-A. Being a chemist, and being very afraid of Lab on Fire (I've had fires before in the...
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    Re: Strip Club fragrance

    I'm surprised no one recommended Duro by Nasomatto?
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    Re: Are We Too Hard on the Noses??

    I don't think we're too hard on perfumers at all. Most are in it for a profit (whatever their enjoyment may be) and are duty bound to perform. I think the more adventurous of the noses may get a slam...
  5. Re: The single best hot weather, high humidity summer scent.

    Voyage d'Hermes quickly mellows into something that is rather nice--it was 25 here today and humid and it smelled great!

    I don't think Tierre d'Hermes is a hot-weather appropriate scent. To me, it...
  6. Re: Molecule 01 by Escentric Molecule Review...Full Wear Review

    I would never buy the bottle of it. I can easily get 100 mL of pure material for $10 (or less if you get a large sample from IFF) and then dilute it down to c. 15%.

    It causes very rapid olfactory...
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    Re: What is Everclear made of?

    Sure will work to remove denaturants. I always thought it amusing when they put things like methanol or pyridine or what have you into the cheap ethanol. It does deter 99% of people, though!

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    Re: What is Everclear made of?

    Sure will work to remove denaturants. I always thought it amusing when they put things like methanol or pyridine or what have you into the cheap ethanol. It does deter 99% of people, though!

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    Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    A vacuum would be ideal (I recommend getting a PTFE diaphragm pump from eBay, either by Vaccubrand or KNF Neuberger, that's what I use in my laboratory).

    One could just use a water aspirator, or...
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    Re: How to make vanilla absolute?

    Supercritical CO2 would probably be the best for getting the vanillin and higher homologues. Nothing that some swagelock stainless steel and a quick browse through McMaster Carr couldn't fix!

  11. Re: Nootkatone as a VERY effective bug repellant

    Structure looks like it could photodegrade into something that wouldn't be good for skin.
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    Re: What is Everclear made of?

    I know you can get Everclear at the duty-free shop on the way into Canada. It's pretty cheap, something like $8 or $10 for 750 ml/fifth US gal.

    Or you can get 151 alcohol and spend $5 on...
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    Re: "Heavy" in summer

    I'm with you there Force of One. ^

    Those would stifle me if it were 35 C and humid!
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    Re: Intimidating someone

    Acqua di Gio-- it's intimidating because people think you're crazy to wear it. :P
  15. Re: Soaking frankincense resin in olive oil for 5-6 months and using it as a fragrance

    Yes, cork is not a good idea.

    The more virgin the oil, the more likely it is to go bad. Rancidification only occurs with oxygen exposure, but if you recall, ethanol in wine will turn to ethanoic...
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    Re: Need help diluting civet paste

    I don't pretend to be an expert in anything fragrance related--I'm confined to a very narrow niche of inorganic late transition metal chemistry (there perhaps I may make a small claim). Thanks for...
  17. Re: Do you bother priming your base alcohol?

    Both are innocuous. The one is a long chain ester of a fatty acid the other is a small alcohol. Both are designed to drop the vapour pressure of your solution and extend the performance of your...
  18. Re: Shipping perfumes via air highly restrictive yet airlines have been selling perfumes inflight...

    Things are ridiculous any more! Around Christmas, I went to ship a bottle of Bond No. 9 Bleecker St. to a friend whom I bought it for when Bond had their special running. Long story made quite brief,...
  19. Re: What happens to your perfumes if you die?

    Pretty morbid!

    I'd probably bequeath my collection to my friends and family so they have something to remember me by. If one thinks about it, your perfume collection is the physical manifestation...
  20. Re: Do you bother priming your base alcohol?

    I think a lot of what softens the alcohol's harshness is whatever one adds to decrease volatility. I know a lot of hydroxycelluloses, PPG and PEGs are quite prominent in industry as fixatives to slow...
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    Re: Help please! With CO2 Extracts

    One can de-wax these with refined hexanes. I've done this before to remove the fattier components of various plant extracts. Much of the lipid content comes only when a plant is macerated and...
  22. Re: Serious Ambergris envy......... watch this

    20,000 GBP back then!?! That's basically a very expensive Italian sports car.

    I couldn't handle that without gloves for the life of me! It would stink me up for the week. It last such a long time....
  23. Re: How Many Fragrances Should a Normal Man Have?

    I think an appreciation for fragrance grows with time. My mother, from whom I inherited my nose (aside: my father has very poor taste in fragrance and is best described as a snobby scent bigot who...
  24. Re: Montale Red Vetyver vs. Terre D'Hermes: Is it possible to love the one, but not the other?

    The dry down of TdH is almost entirely Iso E Super (it's 55% by weight of parfum components), so if Montale is also using this cheap cedraic/woodsy compound, then perhaps that's what has irked you?...
  25. Re: Real Ambergris - how powerful is the smell meant to be?

    There is such variation in the quality of ambergris available on the market today. Some of the newer ones are very fecal and very animalic. The most refined ones are the lightest, faintest beige that...
  26. Re: So I created something I think is wonderful.

    Good lord!

    I got rear ended a few weeks ago but got off easy compared to you!

    I wish you a speedy convalescence.
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    Re: Help please! With CO2 Extracts

    I have trouble believing that vanilla CO2 is insoluble in alcohol. Very few aromachemicals and extracts can't be solvated in alcohol (and that means their use is restricted in most perfume...
  28. Re: Charlie Sheen's Coming Out With A New Men's Cologne

    You guys are too cruel.

    I'll have an MI on the spot if one of your suggested names ends up on the bottle.

    I'm sure advertisers would love to play on the addiction number.
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    Re: Axe Excite - Even Angels Will Fall

    For that poor geeky kid: I hear chloroform really makes both sexes swoon! Not in the good way either. Supposedly, though, short chain alkyl nitrites are true aphrodisiacs.

    Given Axe's price...
  30. Re: Am I crazy for loving Acqua Di Gio so much???

    I detest Acqua di Gio with a passion. It incites a powerful allergic reaction in me and causes a tear up.

    I can see it working well for crowd control, ticking off fellow co-workers, getting shot...
  31. Re: Nottingham Univ chemists make their own perfume (just for fun)

    I think it was tongue-in-cheek. Particularly the boron part of it. I chuckled on that one. Well, at least if they ever set fire to it, the mix will burn with green flames :-)

    I wouldn't ever want...
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    Re: Recent Purchase (Aventus)

    It's very safe for work, in my opinion. It's not overtly sexual nor even really sensual. It's a very clever, very "mainstream" fragrance that is rather inoffensive but smells classy (what a word!)....
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    Re: Pure Havane -- a Summary Review

    Now I'm excited to get a bottle. I really liked B*Men but didn't like A*men as it was just too sweet and tarred out. I love Tobacco Vanille but it's expensive. Is this more versatile than Tobacco...
  34. Poll: Re: Based on your current use, how long would your wardrobe last if you stopped buying today?

    Seeing that some people have spent the equivalent of 100s of thousands of dollars on their collections, I grimly realize the financial disaster this hobby (or dare I say addiction) may be.

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    Re: Job Interview

    I wouldn't wear anything.

    I've had cologne backfire on me before when I went to a meeting only to give someone an allergic reaction. Turns out she worked as a chemist on various compounds that...
  36. Re: Terre d'Hermes: sampled at Neiman Marcus

    I think Terre garners compliments quite well. It also has impressive longevity and is very well put together. It tells a clear story as it develops. I really don't consider it an "evening out" type...
  37. Re: Is Iso E Super in the new Bvlgari Man frag ?

    I agree with JonB. I don't smell the Iso E Super in Bvlgari, nor really pronounced in London. That to me has always been a peppery straight to powder fragrance. I would not be shocked to be wrong and...
  38. Re: Need a cheaper Vanilla based fragrance for a young guy

    No vanilla, but to my nose, it smells like bourbenal and heliotropine are present--consider them vanilla's older, more dimensioned brothers. I say this because I get a cherry/spicy note often...
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    Re: Scarves and Fragrances?

    Here in winterland, a scarf is indispensable. If it happens to smell good, so much the better.

    I particularly like Pure Malt on it -- makes me think of getting a scotch!

    Many, many base notes...
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    Re: A Jawdropping Moment...

    That quote almost killed me laughing. You, sir, would be responsible!
  41. Re: Left my perfume in the sun all day - ruined or not?

    Some fragrances are easier to ruin than others. The more citrusy fragrances can go bad more easily. In fact, almost any fragrance that has a moiety in it that can absorb a given wavelength of light...
  42. Re: My Amouage Mini Sample Set is stuck in OHIO...Bad Weather Delayed Fedex

    Could be worse, you could be stuck in Ohio ( I am :/)
  43. Re: Worst cologne you've ever smelled???????????

    Excessive amounts of Drakkar Noir make me suffer. Same thing with Acqua di Gio (which causes me intense headaches--go easy on the helional and marine notes next time Mr. Nose)

    Musc Koublai Kahn,...
  44. Re: Which citrus edt has the best longevity and projectively ?

    Usually citrus is a top note as most of them are fairly small terpenaceous molecules that have high volatility.

    One I recall lasting for a while was Paul Smith Story--in my experience, about 2.5-3...
  45. Re: Is this normal for Creed Imperial Millesime 3 hour longevity

    Creeds never last that long for me. I feel that they could easily double the concentration in their fragrances while maintaining the same price point and still make their money, and have much happier...
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    Fakes are not necessarily bad!

    While the names are amusing, it underlies a serious problem in the fragrance industry today: knockoffs.

    In an ideal world, a perfect counterfeit of a Creed (or whatever often spoofed fragrance)...
  47. Re: Does Creed use synthetic or real Ambergris?

    Surely. I've had my eye on this forum for quite a time but didn't have the free time I have these days.

    I should qualify that ambergris comes in all different grades and odour profiles--some of...
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    Re: I aim to smell mean.

    Get a PhD in chemistry while focusing on short chain isocyanides.Seriously. As Luca Turin said, they're the Godzilla of scents and the final frontier. While they're not as poisonous as isocyanates...
  49. Re: Does Creed use synthetic or real Ambergris?

    I wear ambergris by itself on many occasions. It tends to stay close to the skin and "meld" in with it. Ambroxan and other synthetics don't quite capture the whole picture--there is a difference to...
  50. Re: Complex, pleasant and not boring scent for the office from niche houses

    Zizan or Isfarkand by Ormonde Jayne are both masculine scents that I get quite a few compliments on in my office.
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    Re: "Churchy" smell fragrance

    Andy Warhol Silver Factory. Reminds me of an Eastern Orthodox Church. Reminds my father of a urinal.
  52. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Too funny!

    Aventus elicits a few "You smell great!" comments. Terre d'Hermes is loud, long lasting and quite manly and garners many compliments but it has to mellow out for a few hours and is a...
  53. Re: Burberry London. Projection and longevity.

    Projection is above average for the first hour or so and then quickly falls off. That strong pepper up front ensures this. I find that it goes best on clothes, not skin, where it quickly weakens into...
  54. Re: projection and longevity with 212 men?

    If you refer to Carolina Herrera's 212 Sexy Men, then I'd say it's a great club fragrance that lasts. It's got medium sillage, great longevity (too much in my opinion, I find it rather cloying in...
  55. Re: Haston Amber Man , L instant Guerlian or John Varvatos original

    Longevity is mediocre on Varvatos but it's gotten me compliments on many occasions and lasting hugs on two occasions. For its price point, I was happy with the smell of it. If they only made an EDP...
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    Re: Ambergris

    Ambergris is rarely found in modern fragrances--many synthetics have now replaced it. Frankly, it's a shame. It is a great component that adds much depth and warmth to a fragrance not to mention...
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    Re: Almond / Benzaldehyde

    Benzaldehyde does indeed reek like the magical cherry kingdom. It is the simplest aromatic aldehyde. Truthfully, I doubt it is used much in fragrance because it would not be a sustained note through...
  58. Re: How do you react when people tell you you're wearing too much fragrance?

    How I react depends on my level of familiarity.

    I have a sensitive nose so I tend to go easy on the cologne, especially if it's an EDP and it's got something animalic in it like musk and/or...
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