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  1. Re: which 26 ingredients need to be labelled for the EU?

  2. which 26 ingredients need to be labelled for the EU?

    can anyone point me to a link where I can see which ingredients need to be labelled for the EU ?
  3. Re: Loving Cuir d'Arabie, but my wife swears it smells just like a popular women's perfume!

    she's just wrong that's all
  4. Re: recs if I like Eau Sauvage, Acqua di Parma and Geo F Trumper's Bay Rhum

    thank you guys, great suggestions so far! I'm going to look into all of these as I am quite close to retailers that stock them all :)

    does anything know of anything more modern that might take...
  5. recs if I like Eau Sauvage, Acqua di Parma and Geo F Trumper's Bay Rhum

    can anyone give me recs they think I'd like regarding those, if at all possible split your recs into traditional and modern interpretations of the themes

    thanks :)
  6. Re: Surrati - Tom Oud - a gorgeous oud oil from KSA

    anyone with updates on any of these? I'd love to hear them
  7. Re: Where to buy glass / plastic atomizers? (UK shipping)

    bringing this thread back to ask this question again, does anyone know where to get nice to semi-nice looking glass atomizers for DIY perfume in the UK or shipping to UK ? Thanks :)
  8. any meetups ever happen in London UK?

    I have been out of the fragrance scene for a while, but in that time have moved to London, in the UK

    Wondering if theres any fragrance meetups ? do people still do that type of thing ?

    if there...
  9. Re: best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    lheure bleu and royal english leather are both from l'origan DNA :)

    I'm definitely excited about this cacharel now! I have only known them for anais anais so its interesting to see what their...
  10. Re: best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    You've got me intereste din the boucheron, I loved jaipur and I'm a fan of cedar :)

    the other three I've tried, no luck :(

    anyone have any ideas for 20s 30s 40s 50s perfumes that I might look...
  11. Re: best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    hi D4n13l, tried Shalimar after I got off from work today, in the parfum concentration (wow @ debenhams for having the parfum as the tester!)

    didnt like it on initial application... warmed up to...
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    Re: desperately trying to find my new scent

    all your scents you have researched are vastly different from eachother

    bois des iles is the one I personally like the most, however to jump from Sensi to Bois des Iles is a big jump... if you are...
  13. Re: best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    l'heure bleu I find is too similar to creed's royal english leather to justify owning them both :)

    I actually went to guerlain after work today and tried apres l'ondee (which I have liked before)...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: May 2011

    amouage silver womens

    and vintage hermes caleche edt :)
  15. Re: Cheap, under-rated things: Your favorite bargains

    should also add bal a versailles :)
  16. Re: I am looking for the complete list of discontined Perfume Houses

    not all in one place but im sure people could contribute to the thread if you wished and make our own list

    or try perfume intelligence, but its not only discontinued ones there...
  17. Re: Cheap, under-rated things: Your favorite bargains

    i know this isnt exactly an answer to your question, but I think the best way to buy cheap is to buy used, I dont see any shame in used bottles :)

    Also, Diesel for men PLUS PLUS was always heavily...
  18. Re: best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    update: just pulled the trigger on a vintage Hermes Caleche EDT on ebay
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday 17th MAY 2011

    'twas my birthday
    and I wore birthday suit as a fragrance
    meaning no fragrance at all :)
    I did however go fragrance shopping
    but found nothing :(
    everythings been reformulated to such a garbage...
  20. best orientals and floral orientals for a man (vintage preferably) ?

    Hi there, just as the title suggests, I am looking to find some orientals or floral orientals for a man, mostly likely I am looking for something originally marketed to women anywhere between 1920's...
  21. Re: Men: Do you pluck your eyebrows... and if so, WHY?

    plucking is such a general way to put it, because it can mean a range from just plucking a few hairs that grow in weird places, taming or actually plucking/waxing your eyebrows into a particular...
  22. Re: Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan declaration info (need info from box)

    thanks so much :)
  23. Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan declaration info (need info from box)

    Hi there,

    does anyone have the box from a bottle of Ambre Sultan laying around? If so, could you please list off the ingredients for me, it should say somewhere on the box. Thanks so much :)
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    Re: Need help from a 'nose' please

    it gets alot easier with the years - once you become very aquainted with the smells and know them almost as second nature, this is a very time consuming process tho :)
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    Re: Extraction of oakmoss and others

    couldn't have put it better myself for the oakmoss :) the trickiest part is going to be evapping the benzene and recollecting it (you should recollect it to use again)

    maybe look into trying...
  26. Re: Need some help with a woman's perfume: What goes best with rose?

    if you'd like to keep it simple

    I would recommend a neroli opening, a rose heart with a touch of tuberose, and orris and sandalwood base :)
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    Re: Making Your Own Oil

    a third alternative is of course to try and make oils via expression, quite simply "squeezing them out". This can easily be done with orange, lemon or grapefruit peel - although you might need quite...
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    Re: Making Your Own Oil

    I'm not 100% sure, althought I think this information could be found on the web easily enough if one were interested in the experiment. I would say that lavender, lemongrass and verbena should...
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    Re: Making Your Own Oil

    not possible for distilliation of rose oil as the yields are too small, easier to try and make the concrete this way as you can do it in stages or even over a period of a few years until you get...
  30. Re: Funnels: Stainless Steel or Borosilicate/Pyrex Glass?

    it will make no difference since you are just "pouring" through them and not distilling :) you'll be fine either way
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    Re: Men's Cologne Hotlist

    glad to see CDG up there :)
  32. Re: Great video on extraction (French language)

    amazing thanks! this just helped me write an assignment for my course ;)
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    Re: ♦ Serge Lutens in 1973 ♦

    Vive la Jeunesse! is right ;)

    He reminds me a bit of me

    I wish I had my long hair back :(

    amazing video, thanks so much for the post from a loyal SL fan
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    Re: NST Perfume

    Just wanna say Justin, I know how you feel, but let them be and move on - 1000 fragrances is a great place ;)
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    Re: Eau Sauvage bottle

    this could be anywhere before 2003 ?
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    strictly perfume review search engine

    I hope this isn't a conflict of interest w/ basenotes but ive found an engine that lets you search perfume reviews from many of the leading blogs boisdejasmine, perfumeshrine etc, you'll also find...
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    Re: What sandalwood!?

    you could very well be anosmic to some sandalwood molecules, I for instance can barely smell Sandalore / Bacdonal but I can smell natural sandalwood very well
  38. Re: What makes you totally give up on a frag ?

    this isn't a hard and fast rule, but due to my regime of research and careful picking regarding any scent purchases, I find the further I move up the price bracket, the more my cheaper scents get...
  39. Re: Frags with great initial buzz that quickly fizzled?

    Idole and Geir come to mind, also l'Anarchiste... Rive Gauche PM... there have bene a few others but can't remember them now
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    Re: Your "favorite" insulting comparison?

    someone told me my precious Creed REL smelled like their grandmas couch and it made them sick

    also ambre sultan was apparently a cheap butterscotch scent not worthy of a 10$ price tag to someone...
  41. Re: Time to choose some drugstore fragrances!

    I'm sticking with the real cheap ones, not the designer frags that sometimes pop up in drugstores, so
    I'd live with...

    Versailles (womens, very powdery and sweet, not too feminine)
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    Re: quick question on flavor

    just like perfumery, flavour can be entirely synethic, hybrid, or entirely natural. Remember the word organic chemistry just refers to substances that contain carbon, oxygen, hydrogren etc.. not...
  43. Re: How to extract the ethanol from a perfume to leave the perfume oils only?

    well there's a few ways of going about it, you can try and burn it off (no kidding), it should stop burning once you hit the end of the alcohol, but you will lose some of the topnotes for sure - how...
  44. Re: Why weren't Jean Patou Perfumes more popular?

    shhh don't tell anyone it kinda keeps the vintage prices down for us that are in the know ;)

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    Re: GIT and SMW from Fragrancenet

    in most cases I would say not to bother, but SMW crashes hard and fast, one week itll be the beautiful fresh SMW you know and love, next week it'll be a sour fermented wine ether mess of death (for...
  46. Re: Overpowering top notes with great drydown ?

    for me I find that this is impossible, because when I love the fragrance (because of the drydown) I tend to learn to love the topnotes as well, even if at first test they were not to my liking! I...
  47. sorry if this is not directly on the topic of scent but...

    whats with almost everyone having an impressionist portrait of a young boy as their avatar???? is this an inside joke I am missing ? whatever it is, conspiracy or coincidence - I find it very very...
  48. Re: How to extract the ethanol from a perfume to leave the perfume oils only?

    why don't you just buy the shower gel ? it wont be any cheaper doing it your way... its also going to be super super hard and you'll probably lose at least some of the topnotes trying.

    not to...
  49. Thread: Yatagan

    by smellyliquid

    Re: Yatagan

    yea that was kinda rediculous, you just totally wasted your money ???
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    Re: "Burning" an EDT over a candle?

    when using the oil warmer, put the EDT or EDP in WATER not alcohol, as we know alcohol is extremely volatile already so you don't want your mixture to be too volatile, it will all evap off too...
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    Re: Ajmal VS oriscent

    Hi Boujasim,

    I know Oriscent is not well known in the Middle East because they are based in New York City, but they are a class operation 100% I would like to put a good word in for them as well....
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    Re: Do you guys also tend to dress the part?

    I only own one pair of jeans

    but alot of frags!

    alot of suits too oddly enough, white tux's and pink ones even.

    I do more of an attitude/fragrance combo thing instead, all my frags have...
  53. Thread: Geir Ness

    by smellyliquid

    Re: Geir Ness

    same story here, luckily I only grabbed a decant before they were outlawed, it was still a waste of money in my opinion. Different people have diff. tastes but theres no mistaking that this is...
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    Re: Fragrance speculating.

    very few people really go for these overpriced ebay scents anyways, I mean you see the same bottle of Patou homme sitting online for months at a time. unless you picked them up SUPER cheap back in...
  55. Re: "This fragrance is DATED!" WHERE and WHEN does it matter?

    simple answer: "dated' matters when your young and want to impress your friends and girlies by having the young hip thing and not smelling like an old man

    this type of mentality can exist anywhere...
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    Re: The Other Side (a SA's point of view)

    We are entitled to samples, thats the point, samples. Its like the grocery store, you know when they have the person in the hair net and gloves giving out cookies? yea, samples! you cannot deny that...
  57. Re: "Shiva Exports" aka "Wholesale - Essential Oils" - Prices too good to be true?

    thats misleading, in terms of straight definition yes you are right, but in terms of practical application in reality it of course depends on the reconstitution in question. you can have bad and good...
  58. Re: Best ways to make ordinary candles into scented ones..?

    melt down your regular candles, add fragrance oil, re-pour into moulds...
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    Re: Isopropyl Myristate as carrier oil?

    "I'm working with making an absolute"

    can I just clarify what your saying here actually, do you mean you want to dilute the absolute in the IPM, and what is it exactly, you really have to check...
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    Re: The Other Side (a SA's point of view)

    this is odd because I don't know what its like out in BC, but in Ottawa and Montreal at Holt's you can do whatever you want, spray everything, try on a million suits, spend 3 hours of SA time, then...
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    Re: what is your favorite perfume house?

    from my experiences, and I haven't sniffed every offering from every house so far, but these could totally change...


    Oddly enough my favourite perfumes don't...
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    Re: Bois des Iles

    I noticed this too, theyre still listed on the Canada website, oddly enough, and they were still on shelves and ready to go up here during holiday shopping so I don't expect theyd be discontinued or...
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    Re: Chanel on Tupperware


    ive only ever had two frags die on me, a 60's eau sauvage and a 80's no.19 (that my mom kept leaving outside in the light)... unless your stuff is madd old or mostly natural citrus you'll...
  64. Thread: Castoreum

    by smellyliquid

    Re: Castoreum

    actually nevermind I learned the hard way too...
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    Re: Isopropyl Myristate as carrier oil?

    yes, it would work fine, whered you get the IPM btw I need some for diluting a few things
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    Re: Fragrance...the next step.

    The new shiseido Zen edition is apparently engineered to produce a zen like state, with valerian and kyara... don't know how realistic thats gonna be tho..
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    too many new chanels too fast?

    12 new fragrances between 07-08? It just seems like too much too fast to me, with that many out I don't even want to bother to go smell them all. I hope this mighty house does not fall..
  68. Re: "Shiva Exports" aka "Wholesale - Essential Oils" - Prices too good to be true?

    they are most likely very accurate reconstitutions. Theyre not worth the money - you can get Givaudin reconstitutions of most things very cheap as well... probably of similar quality. alot of their...
  69. Re: Making a one-note perfume out of gardenia absolute

    a one note formula is not neccesarily and easier to make than one of an abstract perfume, this is not something you will easily be able to "whip together" in your basement. sorry, thats reality.
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    Re: List of fragrance notes

    cant think of a site offhand, but if you look at enough perfumes in the basenotes directory, you'll get the hang of it.

    heres a rough estimate

    top: citrus, lavender, some herbals

  71. Re: "Shiva Exports" aka "Wholesale - Essential Oils" - Prices too good to be true?

    problem is, unless you are a very trained pro. your nose will have a difficult time to detect whether they are adulterated or not. Even a 75% adulteration with aromachems can still smell like a...
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    Re: List your Fav. Blogs!

    how about some up-n-commers? anyone have any leads on some hidden gems/new blogs ?
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    Re: Adding distilled water

    awesome post scientist :) thx thats really great info I will look into that for myself as well
  74. Re: Burr gives He Wood by DSquared three stars

    if it was launched by just anyone, it would be "meh"

    since its launched by dsquared, if F%$(*# sucks.

    Everywhere I wear my dsquared hat people ask me what it is and where I got it, I don't...
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    Re: Benzoin & jojoba oil

    why is everyone so against alcohol ? you "feel bad"??? really I don't want to derail your post or sound like an a** but im just wondering, what is it that you feel your customers have against alcohol...
  76. Re: Which department store frags smell niche?

    some of these are mans scents, but they could totally pass!

    M - Mimmina - this could easily have some silly frenchified mediterranean name and cost 200$
    Dior - Poison - This is a very weird,...
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    Re: Aaaack! Olfactory Overload!!!

    he exposed the dr pepper to light and heat
  78. Re: How Many Sprays/Days Would a 1/32 last?

    i suggest wearing samples on one wrist only, that way you get a few days to make up your mind instead of applying the whole thing to all you usual spots and only have one one day
  79. Replies

    Re: Winter Star is Ready!

    lost the formula? Ive got formulas 50 ingredients long memorized... and theyre not even ones I came up with myself!
  80. Replies

    Re: What chemical is this?

    calone is also known as watermellon ketone. the best example of it is in fact aqua di gio.
  81. Replies

    Re: Adding distilled water

    my question (might sound stupid) but are you SURE its distilled water? it shouldn't go cloudy unless as dcampen said you add too much (too much is really quite alot! not a dropper)

    edit: some...
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    Re: Perfume Organ

    mine is an 18th century with a flip down desk to work on, I spill stuff all over it all the time ;) gives it character hehe
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    Re: Synthetic oud

    just take a ryanair to eastern europe, buy some spiritus 95% alcohol. its what you need ;)
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    Re: Exclusive to La Maison Guerlain

    im gonna second this, they were horrible when I went in. bunch of dumb 19-20ish year old chicks who didnt know $%*( about perfume
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    Re: Synthetic oud

    I think the one i've got is the Giv Black Agar... Idonno.. doesnt really smell like agarwood to me. But then again my reference for agarwood is one of a very high quality..
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    Re: Sandalwood

    totally, that gingerbread thing is just pure brainwashing from the internet, I was persuaded by it for a while too. However, after having had access to the sandalwood tincture that I've got right now...
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    Re: What scent do you think you despise?

    everytime I think of a note that I might dislike, I almost immediatley think of a perfume in which it is used well and I like it, so I can't actually say theres any note I dislike

    however I can...
  88. Re: ScentMatchers claims to match any scent for $60

    this service will probably work well for perfumes that have been recently discontinued (past 25 years) and especially those using very standard industry inputs (especially synthetics). The...
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    Re: Sandalwood

    the old formulation Chanel EDT of Bois Des Iles smells almost exaclty (plus other notes obviously) like a 100+ year old Mysore Sandalwood Tincture that I have got, its nothing like I have ever...
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    Re: Chanel for my girlfriend.

    well its a small country.. with many trains... I'm not saying its readily available at your streetcorner neccesarily, but unless your in the north how far can it really be?

    make a weekend trip of...
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    List your Fav. Blogs!

    Ive been going around alot of fragrance blogs lately looking for mainly non-news fragrance blogs, I'm not really that interested in the new lancome or whatever is coming out this week, so I mainly...
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    Re: Post the picture of a perfumer.

    why are Christopher and Jacques sitting beside a huge open canister of cinnamon, thats just rediculous, perfumers dont to do that lol
  93. Replies

    Re: Chanel for my girlfriend.

    arent you in sweden? no local dealers? I dont understand I lived there for a year and its like Chanel was chasing me around every corner...
  94. Re: masculin and woody...but for a 24 year old

    Dunhill (brown box, launched 2003), its a very clear sandalwood scent, very fresh

    hard to think I dont really know mainstream frags that well...

    I know Kiton has a beautiful...
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    Re: What has Happened to the House of Caron?

    on second thought this information shouldn't be made public
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    Re: Daddy Yankee is launching a fragrance...

    the bottle is nice, I can't deny that, maybe not the text on it, but the bottle shape is pretty 80's
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    Re: Cologne Application Technique

    I generally do the same amount of sprays with most cologne, wrists, neck. so 4
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    Re: "After Shave"

    I generally still use aftershave in liquid(alcoholic lotion) form, the days that I shave (not everyday - I'm a student so I dont care) I use fragrances for which I have the matching aftershave like...
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    Re: 10 Masterpieces - Your List

    Royal English Leather (Creed)
    Eau Noire
    Bois Des Iles
    Versailles Homme
    Ambre Sultan
    Eau Sauvage
    Patou Homme
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    Re: Need help fixing bottle of motion?

    if you take it to where you bought it and ask your nan if she has the receipt, they will replace it for you as it is defective!
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