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  1. Re: Creed Millesime Aventus worth a blind buy?

    Ok, I`ve tested Aventus now. My impressions were a really fruity starting with a woody heart and an
    ambra emphasized drydown with hints of vanilla and musk. I think it`s a really well balanced...
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    Re: what are some fruity/sweeter scents?

    I can recommend L `Instant de Guerlain Pour Homme eau extreme. It`s very citrusy at the beginning and after that phase commes dark chocolate and patchouli, but it isn`t too sweet, which give it some...
  3. Re: Creed Millesime Aventus worth a blind buy?

    @ L Homme Blanc Individuel:

    I`m totally agree that aventus is hyped and overpriced right now. But I HATE One Million it`s only sweet and sticky to my nose, without any touch of classines and "good...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Who smells so good here, I love it! Reaction from a female friend of mine, after she smelt me.
    I was wearing Tom Ford Black Orchid.
  5. Re: Creed Millesime Aventus worth a blind buy?

    Ok I `ve mentioned your advices and getting a sample soon :). I ´ve readed that the longevity of aventus is really changeable and that doesn`t depend on the skin, but it depending on inconsistent...
  6. Creed Millesime Aventus worth a blind buy?


    the title says it allready, I consider buying Creed Aventus as a blind buy, because I haven`t an option for getting a sample at the time. From the scent description I think I will like it....
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    Re: Rings (for men)

    There aren`t many brands, which are producing nice men`s jewelery. But I would recommend, having a look on, Vim Beget, Emanuele Bicocchi, Ugo Cacciatori and Maison Martin Margiela. All slightly...
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    Re: Is Tom Ford Extreme worth it?

    If you like the smell of that fragrance price shouldn`t be a matter, there are much fragrances, which are overprized in my eyes (same counts for one of my favorites Black Orchid), but don`t care if...
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    Re: Very impressed

    There`s nothing wrong with buying "female" declaraded perfume as a guy, how long you feel good when you wear it. Further Shalimar is defenitly a unisex scent, I own it too and get compliments from...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hallo basenotes community,

    I`m very happy that I`ve found a place, where a newbie can get so much information about the world of scents. I don`t know really much about scents so far, but I think...
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