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  1. Re: Would you reccomend L'Instant De Guerlain?

    hmm maybe ill get LIDGE if I can get it for under 80 dollars somehow
  2. Would you reccomend L'Instant De Guerlain?

    Not the extreme version ; I think I'm going to treat myself to a semi-expensive fragrance with my next paycheck. Also, is it a versatile fragrance or only good for certain seasons/occasions?
  3. Re: Ever had a negative comment from a friend/stranger on a fragrance you've worn that...

    My friend's mom gave my a ride and I was wearing CW, she immediately rolled down her window
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    Re: Cheap Frag Buying Remorse.

    I bought Jovan Musk and wasn't too impressed with it but then again it was only 9 dollars so I can't doesn't smell bad, but it doesn't smell good enough to be worth wearing
  5. Re: Michael Jordan: one of best sports frag

    Calm down, it's just my opinion...I feel that it would be a waste of money to spend 200 dollars on cologne if you're broke
  6. Which fragrance from my wardrobe should I wear tomorrow?

    You must choose lol, I'm having trouble deciding
  7. Re: Your latest fragrance comment by others; positive or negative

    I was wearing Old Spice at work, and someone said "Someone smells gooooooood"...the only bad part was that she thought it might have been some woman's lotion, which means that Old Spice may not be...
  8. Re: Michael Jordan: one of best sports frag

    It smells amazing, especially at 23 dollars...I don't understand the point of spending 150 dollars on a bottle of Creed unless you're filthy rich
  9. What do you think of this fragrance I created?

    It's classified as a fresh woodsy aquatic gourmand.
  10. What is the most sexy, masculine, awesome fragrance you can think of?

    My wardrobe lacks such a scent and I would love some suggestions!
  11. Is Rive Gauche pour homme suitable for a high school senior?

    I just blind bought YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme since the reviews were overwhelmingly positive and I got it for a decent price. Would it be suitable for me to wear in September when I go back to...
  12. Help! Whenever I wear fragrances now I have this strange problem where I can't stop swallowing!

    It started the other day (this has NEVER happened before) and whenever I wear fragrances now I can't stop swallowing and my throat is slightly irritated. This is largely a mental thing too, and it's...
  13. What exactly is a "sport" fragrance?

    I never understood what that is supposed to smell like. Also, what fragrance are you wearing right now? I plan on applying L'Eau D'Issey when I wake up tomorrow.
  14. When may I begin wearing Burberry London?

    I live in New York and it will be summer for about 1 more month. Does it actually need to be cold before I begin wearing this fragrance? I really like the smell although I have not worn it yet.
  15. Re: Based on my (tiny and unimpressive) wardrobe, what should I purchase next?

    For some reason, two of my fragrances were not showing up on my wardrobe. I also have L'eau D'Issey and Burberry London
  16. Based on my (tiny and unimpressive) wardrobe, what should I purchase next?

    Preferable under 60 dollars. I live in NY and all four seasons are unique. I'm new to this hobby and need some suggestions as to what I should buy next. I'm 17 but more mature than most people my age.
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    Re: Where do you spray?

    I apply the exact same places as you but never my shirt. I always use 2-3 sprays.
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    What is your favorite deodorant scent?

    Back before I could afford actual EDT fragrances I would collect different scents of deodorant since I was stupid and thought those scents would actually project. I liked various Old Spice scents but...
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    Re: Your greatest blind buy!

    L'Eau D'Issey
  20. What is a good amount of sprays for L'Eau D'Issey?

    I just bought this and Burberry London and was wondering how many sprays you guys would use of this stuff. I became interested in fragrances about a month ago, and I must admit it is an addicting...
  21. Is Calvin Klein Obsession for Men suitable for summer wear?

    I live in New York where it gets pretty hot in the summer although it's cooler at night. Since Obsession for men is a strong fragrance from what I've heard, how many sprays should I use?
  22. How many sprays of Cool Water should I use, and where should I spray it?

    I've been experimenting for the last couple of weeks, and am trying to find the perfect amount, and perfect points for application. I don't think the wrists actually work, and it seems like a bad...
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