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    Re: Something weird in Voyage d'Hermès

    I know the exact feeling you're describing. I don't have that reaction to Voyage, I in fact love the fragrance - but I do have a similar allergic reaction to Issey Miyake. It's one of the few...
  2. Re: Intensify Frags with Bath & Body products ???

    I've had good results with L'Occitane shower gels and soaps in conjunction with L'Occitiane Baux EDT. Another very cheap, but good shower gel is Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap. It leaves a scent...
  3. Intensify Frags with Bath & Body products ???

    Hi Bassnotes,

    I was a huge fan of Hermes Voyage d'Hermes Parfum... until I bought it. It's nice, but I've had issues with sillage and longevity. To remedy this situation I just purchased the...
  4. Re: Epic man vs Jubilation XXV vs Honor man vs Memoir man

    All of them are great fragrances and you can't go wrong with either, but Memoir Man comes to mind when I think smokey, incense.
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    any thoughts on Montale Moon Aoud?

    Anyone have an experience wearing this fragrance that they can share? I purchased a sample from LuckyScent some time ago and I have some remnants left in the small vial. It's smells divine and I...
  6. Poll: Re: Comme De Garcons 2 Man < OR > Gucci Pour Homme I

    I like what CDG does, I own Hinoki. I really really wanted to like 2 Man, but I sampled it a few times and I was disappointed. Not purchase worthy at all. I'd have to recommend Gucci Pour Homme I.
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    Re: whats your valentine scent ?

    Hopefully my Valentine scent is sweat and estrogen ... lol. maybe CDG Avignon
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    Re: Bvlgari Black VS Dior Fahrenheit

    I've had BBlack for awhile now and I like it, but its very close to the skin. It's nice to wear on occasion. I tried Fahrenheit for the first time today and I was floored. Fahrenheit is smooth,...
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    WOW ... Dior Fahrenheit

    I started my day wearing Amouage Gold Man, which is a very fresh and clean floral. I'd read up on the reviews of Fahrenheit and finally decided to purchase a bottle as a blind buy. I don't get the...
  10. Thread: FarenHeit

    by WarIsPeace

    Re: FarenHeit

    for something deep and mysterious I'd suggest Amouage Memoir Man.
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    Re: Help with projection and longevity

    I haven't tried any of the brands you listed, but a Parfume should give you some projection. As far as EDT's that I have I get good projection and longevity from L'Occitane Eau De Baux and Enrce...
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    Re: Four Seasons in Delray Beach, FL

    Yes, I've ordered from them. I'm local to South Florida, so ordering some bottles from them is pretty efficient on cost and time.
  13. Re: Amouage Memoir Man is starting to seduce me

    My favorite Amouage fragrances are Memoir Man, JXXV, Reflection Man and Ciel. I do enjoy Lyric as well, but since I purchased it my wife wears it more than I do. Lyric Man smells great on my wife...
  14. Re: Amouage Memoir Man is starting to seduce me

    I blind bought Memoir Man and I've been unable to fully grasp what I like about it. It's one of those fragrances that I love to wear and I don't care if someone else likes it or not. I feel...
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