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    Re: New Slumberhouse Fragrance: Kiste

    Well, I wasn't even close with the notes but this is spectacular in my book.

    It has reawakened the scent craving for me once again as well as the chance to revisit all of Josh's creations that...
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    Re: New Slumberhouse?

    Whatever it is, it's absolutely stellar!

    I get animalic amber with a touch of cinnamon and unknown spice in the background and something that really balances the whole mix.
    After a half an...
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    Re: Pure malt lost its berries?

    +1. No berries per se.
  4. Re: Storing fragrances in the fridge temperature?

    I've been using a standard refrigerator set at the highest temp. setting available for everything that I own except for things extrait strength and above. There are about 300 bottles in the...
  5. Re: With Tom Ford's Tuscan Leather, what spray amount is proper?

    And I don't get the powerhouse that everyone seems to mention either. It lasts very well but as you mention, only a skin scent for me.

    I can go past 10 sprays and still the same result. ...
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    Re: Corticchiato Signature Base

    This is interesting. I own a few of his scents and like all that I've tried so far but I can't find a specific signature accord that runs through them.

    I would not doubt that there is one but...
  7. Re: Yet another, is my Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male fake or real??

    You say that it lasts through a shower, correct??? How does it smell overall??? If it smells on, it's likely just fine plus the batch code checks out.

    There are tutorials on YouTube for...
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    Re: weird issue with my fragrances

    If your skin is unwashed in the morning prior to fragrance application, it has much more of it's natural oils on the surface and that is even better for fragrance then a moisturizer.

    Add to...
  9. Re: Too Close to Call...Equally Matched Fragrance Pairs

    Take the Spicebomb and add HdP 1899 as well.
  10. Re: Projection dies too fast in Joop Homme & does it really helps in getting compliments from female

    We first have to rule out if A)you received a fake bottle. Did you purchase from a trusted source? Or B)the fact that Joop may now be going the way of the "watering down" or being made weaker either...
  11. Re: Orange... orange... orange... oh oh oh...range!

    And a +2 for Bigarade Concentree or the Hermes.

    I can get a whole day's longevity out of Bigarade Concentree with a generous application of it.
  12. Re: What does a vintage PdN New York bottle look like?

    My vintage bottle is the same as the one above but the cap is shaped more like an "arrow". It is the same color blue as the ball caps, which I think were released a bit later because my second...
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    Re: All Roja Parfums prices going up

    I can see how this line was previously under priced. Not.

    Whatever the market will bear.
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    Re: Best/favorite MASCULINE smoky?

    Lots of excellent selections above and I'll add: Sonoma Scent Studio's, Fireside Intense.
  15. Re: Review of Bentley Azure and the upcoming Bentley Absolute

    Thanks PB. Great reviews.

    One amazing and one not so good fragrance......

    And this just as Bentley For Men the the Intense are hitting discount websites. (I found an Intense tester in...
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    Re: Has anybody ordered from Min New York?

    It still charges me tax in Pennsylvania. Nothing will remove the sales tax charge for me. Very odd. Again, still great service so far but with no physical location outside of NYC, what gives with...
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    Re: Scent for a hospital environment

    Geez.....kind of an old thread.......I posted in it 8 years ago....

    I still stand by what I said above..... Most of the nurses still wear fragrance and it doesn't seem to cause any issues...
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    Re: scents with an Indian vibe

    The Neela Vermeire line is the first thing that comes to my mind!

    Other than that, attars and mukhallats as well as pure Hindi oud oils, most...
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    Re: Has anybody ordered from Min New York?

    They are based in NYC so if you live in NY, you'll pay taxes.....and I have to pay taxes but I live in PA. No clue why....

    Other than that, yes, their service is excellent if the product is...
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    Re: Pure havane is such a beast

    Nice enough but no beast on my skin. Pure Malt outdoes it in both projection and longevity and even then no great longevity for me.
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    Re: Old Creed Juice - Thoughts??

    I have Creed's from the mid 2000 as welll as vintage fragrances as do many others here. Creed or no Creed, no worries.
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    Re: S O T D: Wednesday, March 5, 2014

    Eau Sauvage EdT from the final dregs of an early 2000's bottle.
  23. Re: Have anyone tried Super Cambodi from Oudimentary?

    Oudimentary have excellent products for the money and they are fantastic people.

    I had their KSS oud oil and it was an intense, high quality Cambodi oil. This one has sold out, unfortunately...
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    Re: Jovoy - Les Jeux sont Faits

    I really dig this one. It reminds me of something else too but I haven't been able to place what it is and I've had the scent for a while now.

    Check out TNB's excellent review, of which I...
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    Re: Celery note in Fusion Sacree Lui?

    I don't get much celery at all either. An over application of this one will knock that out if you experience'll also knock your neighbors down the street out too.

    I do really like...
  26. Re: Animalics, super musc etc..where to go from here?

    You are off the deep end now.....only pure oud oils will suffice now and very likely only those of the Indian or Laotian variety..........
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    Re: I'm a Masculine Man Wearing Shalimar

    This and I have too many associations with women I knew that wore it. Otherwise, I say wear what you like regardless of gender classification, which is a croc for the most part.
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    Re: Shay and Blue - Oud Alif

    And this appears to have smoked oud wood as opposed to an oud oil accord. It does seem intriguing.....
  29. Re: Blind buying Realoud by Phoenicia... any one tried this one or house?

    I love Realoud but I can see how someone that doesn't like challenging fragrances may have a an issue with it.

    The oud is very perceptible through the fragrance, mostly with a nice hit up top. ...
  30. Re: Hmmm...A Fragrance "Primer" Spray? "Canvas and Concrete"

    I would tend to agree with you. Unless one has an extra $20 lying around and wants to experiment, I think that body lotion or different application techniques, (applying to clothes, hair, strategic...
  31. Re: Hmmm...A Fragrance "Primer" Spray? "Canvas and Concrete"

    Yup, I had to take one for the team!

    A light, slightly sticky, sorta physical barrier. Aloe juice and some other natural things, (sorry, I can't find the box that it came in).

    Easy enough...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille Alternative?

    Tabac Rouge is now tough to find in the States. Luckyscent is back ordered until the end of March and I don't see any other sources for it.

    This is the Tabacco Vanille alternative IMO as well. ...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    I think so. I don't think that you will dislike it in any way. It's not as hard edged as the EdP and it loses the vegetal aspect as well as anything metallic for me.

    Honestly, if you dig most...
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    Poll: Re: Invasion Barbare or 1725?


    And just to add that if you're shelling out the cash for IB, why not go the extra mile if possible for a small bottle of 1725 which can be had for $100 with a coupon and that way you'll never...
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    Re: YSL La Nuit De L'Homme strengths?

    Different lines/companies and different fragrances react differently, not only on specific people but also based on ingredients/pyramids.

    Dependence on the diffusion of the aroma chemical or...
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    Re: The ultimate fougere

    The modern incarnation? If so, the EdP or the Parfum, (which is prohibitively expensive IMO).

    I would think the vintage is the gold standard but the reworking is nothing like it according to...
  37. Re: Eau Savage vs Pour Monsieur in terms of longevity

    I do a lot better longevity wise with Eau Sauvage than with Pour Monsieur.

    I can get a whole day out of ES lingering close to the skin and even better if sprayed on cloths but PM is gone at...
  38. Re: Best wine cooler or mini fridge for fragrance storage?

    Wine coolers were problematic when I was looking because they A)didn't have proper shelves,(as you've noticed) and B) I couldn't find one under $2000 that held the amount of bottles that I wanted it...
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    Re: Le Male was reformulated wasn't it?

    It is a weakling compared to what it once was but, still it should be OK for your purposes. It will likely remain closer to the skin instead of filling the room like it did years ago,

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    Poll: Re: Guerlain Heritage vs. Chanel Egoiste

    Heritage for me, better yet in the EdP form but still with the EdT over Egoiste.

    Egoiste is excellent indeed but as with most Chanel's, it does not perform well on my skin. I cannot much get...
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    Re: SOTD Tuesday of February 2014

    Fahrenheit Absolute
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    Re: Wow these new Diors look badass

    Exactly. They are priced in accordance with 3ml/1/4 tola of pure oud oil. One swipe layered underneath your Dior Privee of choice (should) work just perfectly creating a lasting accord. This...
  43. Re: Scents you saw, didn't buy, then shortly after regret not buying it.

    Original Fahrenheit, a load of Clinique Tailoring before it went away, Halston 101 before it went away and just about every 80's powerhouse that I liked before it all went down the toilet...or was...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Kere

    Vikt is amazing licorice incense and now available again as an extrait limited edition. Its fantastic!
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    Poll: Re: L'homme line from YSL. Which is your favorit?

    +1 with the Parfum being the most preferred. I am not the biggest fan of this whole line either but it's not that bad by any means IMO.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Kere

    I have a small decant of this acquired from Surrender To Chance before it sold out. I have no clue which version it is but I think that it's fantastic!
    I was surprised to read that it may...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    Happened to me several times but ultimately, it has been the same individual using different names. This "person" can get quite rude.

    Back to Zahd..........I am completely psyched to receive...
  48. Re: Looking for a middle eastern-style oudy-musky fragrance...!!

    This one or Mukhallat Shams by Ajmal. Hindi oud, a bit of rose and some musk. Very potent and lasting.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit Pure Parfum

    But technically, DHI is not in the States, (except for the Dior Boutiques) so perhaps the Boutiques will get it or we can call outside to get it like we do with LIDGE.
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    Re: What do you think of Frapin 1270?

    I like it too, especially the first few hours but if I were to choose it, I'd need more than a decant because it just doesn't have enough longevity for me. I could burn through 10-15ml of it in a...
  51. Re: Could my bottle be damaged from the winter cold?

    I've been doing this for many years and have had bottles sit in the frigid weather waiting for me to get home. I've never had any issues.

    I also store in a refrigerator on the lowest setting...
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    Re: Floris fragances

    89 is nice and James Bond's. The old Santal was very good and it did have some projection and longevity. Elite is a nice, masculine tuberose, JF is English Cool Water, "vintage" Hammam Bouquet was...
  53. Re: Vintage Pierre Cardin PM or vintage Perry Ellis for men (1985) If I only have to get one..

    I can only speak for the Pierre Cardin. I wore it all through high school at the end of the 70's/beginning of the 80's. It was fantastic.
    I say get that one!

    And a BTW; the more modern...
  54. Re: Tom Ford Noir De Noir is just freaking unbelievable

    I really dig this one but while it lasts well, it has next to zero projection on my skin. I need to make sure some of it gets on my shirt to have it project at least a few inches from my body. ...
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    Re: Incredible! - Sonoma Scent Studio

    I agree with you. I think that Laurie Erickson is amazingly talented!

    I love Tabac Aurea, Ambre Noir, Incense Pure, Winter Woods and Fireside Intense. I need to try all of the others.

  56. Re: Best moisturizer to use to increase projection?

    Agreed that this may only work with longevity. I have never experienced increased projection from using moisturizer prior to fragrance application.

    Ultimately, I have found two things to work...
  57. Re: Now that the hype may have died down... Spicebomb?

    I finally tried this side by side with HdP 1899. There are strong similarities initially but 1899 has more citrus up top and the notes really sparkle. The ingredients seem of better quality than...
  58. Re: MDCI Paris perfumes - Are they worth the price?

    Have you tried them? If so, which ones and why are they not worth the cost?

    Chypre Palatin and Invasion Barbare are two of the most incredible scents that I have ever tried and this is...
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    Re: Chevalier D'Orsay New Bottle Sampled

    That's a shame Joe. This was a great fragrance that suited so many occasions. I wonder if it was reformulated due to regulations or just due to $$$ factors. I still have a bit of juice...
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    Re: the arabian oud house

    If you can get your hands on Prince Diamini from Arabian Oud, it's a must try.

    It is one of their higher end oils and it is *outrageously* expensive. If you've got the money and want to...
  61. Re: How would you describe the (synthetic) civet note in for example Kouros?

    I always thought that this note equated to "urinal cakes" for the majority of people. This is what I have read here over the years.

    I love the vintage Kouros and it is quite depressing that the...
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    Re: One spray? Where?

    +1 and even with NK Incense.

    If I were to spray once, the upper chest where my usually unbuttoned dress shirt first exposes some skin. That way, a bit under the shirt and a bit on...
  63. Re: I am not getting Midnight in Paris. Maybe early evening ...

    Along with Frapin 1697 which is still in the mail, I received MiP EdP as a gift.

    I am very surprised that I like it and it has terrific longevity and projection on my skin which surprises me as...
  64. Poll: Re: Dior Homme Intense, L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme, Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris EDP

    +1 from another middle aged person that owns all three fragrances plus the original DH EdT from when it was first released.
  65. Re: Please help to make a choice between Creed Royal Oud OR Amouage Memoir Man

    +2. It's not horrible but not on par with Memoir Man plus, Royal Oud has the usual Creed longevity problem on my skin.
  66. Replies

    Re: Phoenecia Perfumes - anyone tried this house?

    Great review Mick!

    I have Realoud and it is terrific. It does go to vetiver seemingly quicker on my skin than what you describe though. I adore the Hindi oud opening and wish that there were...
  67. Re: Frapin 1697 or 1270 ? Help Gentlemen Share Your Views.

    1697 EdP is being sent to me as a rare fragrance gift. I am thankful for that but and I have never tried and as mentioned, I have read all of the polarizing reviews here and elsewhere that I...
  68. Thread: Doubts anyone?

    by evogel

    Re: Doubts anyone?

    Bark and Chuck, I'm still here with you too and hit the old Yahoo board just before it changed over. JDub was my friend too. A terrific guy and I am sorry that I lost touch with him. Talk about...
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    Re: Fragrances shipped during extreme cold

    Never had a problem in many years. And, as mentioned, it's better than the heat. No worries for you re:fragrances...just keep yourself warm!!!
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    Re: Azzaro PH Weakness?

    Oh yeah. Absolutely nothing like the vintage version that I recall so fondly.

    Too many sprays of the vintage formula could clear a room. The new one that I have is so weak. It tremendously...
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    Re: Fragrance "turned"?

    Try the Azzaro again in a few weeks as Pluran mentions. Hopefully, it's just your olfactory system. It usually has off top notes or worse, it gets heaved forward before you heave because it...
  72. Re: Paco Rabanne PH and Creed Baie de Genievre similarities

    I have them both too as well as more current Paco Rabanne and I don't find that many similarities either.

    BdG is a cinnamon fest and no where near a full bodied as the vintage PR. The newer PR...
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    Re: First proper Le Male wearing ...

    I'm speechless. I don't ever recall a post like this one.

    I do appreciate your candor and I do like your comments! It makes me happy that it's Le Male and not Aventus.

    Now, if the...
  74. Re: Will all new Bond No 9 full bottles be priced at $330?

    Laurice has to compete with Oliver. She learned from the master. I agree with overpriced even though per ml they may be less than By Killian, etc. Along with Creed, I would never pay full...
  75. Re: Frapin 1697 or 1270 ? Help Gentlemen Share Your Views.

    Re: 1697; I think that the choice needs to be clarified if it's the EdP or the Absolue version.

    Consensus seems to be with the EdP on this account.

    Frapin longevity seems to be very...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, December 26th, 2013

    CDG Stephen Jones
  77. Replies

    Yet another Amber thread....

    I am still looking for the perfect Amber.

    Dark, dense, sweet, syrupy, heavy, (even cloying!), lasting, projecting, unburdened by spice or much of anything else....

    I own Amber 114, Amber...
  78. Replies

    Re: Roja Dove fragrances

    If you like M, do give Fetish PH a try. It's not necessarily that similar but if one likes M, Fetish may rock their boat as well.

    Otherwise, Diaghilev is another one to sample just for it's...
  79. Re: For those of you who wear Dior Homme Intense to work.

    As much as I want. 10+ if necessary and no worries. I guess that I'm lucky in that regard!
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    Re: S O T D : Monday, December 23!!!

    Majda Bakkali- Fusion Sacre Lui
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    Re: Aramis 900-should i blind buy this?

    I signed on to the thread to mention Aromatics Elixir! Hit this one up if you want to know what 900 is all about. 900 is basically the mens version of this.
  82. Replies

    Re: Slumberhouse Discussion

    I gotta agree. To each, her/his own and I am intrigued that it worked for someone but ultimately, these are specific, complex and artistic creations that took a lot of time to conceive and they...
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    Re: Is Amouage watering down ?

    IMO, Gold has been altered but I think this is a universal truth. It has been toned down but I'm not sure about watered down/weaker.

    I can say that my new bottle of Epic is a weakling. It...
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    Re: Slumberhouse Zahd

    A beautiful e-mail from Josh and truly appreciated!

    No doubt, this will be worth the wait. Anything from Slumberhouse is worth the wait IMO. It's just macerating in the cask right now and...
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    Re: Amber - I need a new one and soon!

    +1 (fine the smaller bottle to stick closer to your price and add Ambre 114 by HdP which, with a coupon can be had for exactly $100 for the smaller bottle.

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    Re: Most Un-Sexy Fragrances You Like

    Perhaps I would agree but I once knew a girl that wore it and.........never mind but "un-sexy" is the last thing that comes to my mind.
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    Re: I Do Not Smell Much On First Test....

    There was a Huddler thread fairly recently that mentioned this and most agreed that with subsequent wearings, the scent revealed itself more and was more potent.

    I responded similarly...
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    Re: I wonder if Fragrancenet sent me a fake VIW

    It's fine, no worries.

    I've ordered Creed from Fragrancenet for several years now and never had an issue.

    Aside from knowing your products as mentioned, know your e-tailer.
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    Re: Anything similar to Nino Cerruti (1979)?l

    I don't recall it having the resinous quality that you mention. I think my recommendation was based on the effect that I recall from Insense.

    For it's time, it was a groundbreaking mens...
  90. Replies

    Re: nothing impresses me anymore

    I've been on Basenotes for a long while and was even previously on the BN Yahoo board plus, I had been interested in fragrances for 20 years prior to that. I hit a wall a few years ago and the only...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, December 12th, 2013

    Amouage Epic Man
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    Re: Is it just me or does Tobacco Vanille.....

    No prob for me. 10-12 sprays is about right!
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    Re: Anything similar to Nino Cerruti (1979)?l

    An amazing Chypre and one of my favorites at the time. I still have a full, back-up bottle which is newer and was a reformulation before it was phased out for good and even the slight reformulation...
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

    Vero Profumo Onda in Les Voiles d'Extrait.
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    Re: Jai Fait un Reve by Bekkali

    I love this one. Incredibly woody fragrance with depth and it's amazingly tenacious with terrific projection.

    If you dig Epic Man, check this one out. It's not as complex as the Amouage but it...
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    Re: Black Tourmaline

    I love this one too. a lot of incense to start then drying down into the peppery, woods as mentioned. Sometimes, I wish that it were more linear because I love the opening and the mids more...
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    Re: I need help Blending Creed

    Actually, Creed was probably the first to advocate blending their scents. They knew about marketing long before the others....LOL.

    There are threads and a list in the archives,(likely that...
  98. Re: Internet Shopping Addiction / Fragrance Collectors

    I admit to nothing...........

    Except an empty wallet and a depleted bank account......
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, December 5th, 2013

    Ex Idolo 33
  100. Thread: Ex-Idolo 33

    by evogel

    Re: Ex-Idolo 33

    That's a fantastic review cbstarker. I agree with your assessment 100%.

    If you are a rose lover or like this oud/rose genre, this is a superlative blend.
    The real Chinese oud is a distinct...
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