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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 8th December, 2016

    Zara Black Tag Intense
  2. Poll: Re: Poll: Tom Ford Noir Extreme vs. Dolce Gabanna The One EDP

    With significant difficultly to vote, due to liking both, slightly preferring The One EDP a bit more
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    Re: Layering experiment

    As unusual and unexpected as it may sound, Cartier Roadster and Versace l`Homme both have indeed enough either common or similar (or, at least, non-clashing) notes to be layered quite effortlessly
  4. Re: Creed has discontinued the wrong fragrances

    Reading Naed Nitram`s reviews of so many Creed classics not or difficultly available these days, makes one think about how many of their great scents eventually had to undergo this
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    Re: What le male should I get

    Almost every flanker/version of this one has more than enough strength, beginning simply with the regular Le Male, but if I had to choose and to recommend a particular flanker from this line based on...
  6. Re: Looking back 5,000 posts and 12 1/2 years later

    Congratulations for the impressive posting landmark and for sharing your thoughts, insights and experiences with us- wonderfully nuanced, detailed and substantiated perspective as to how fragrance...
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    Re: Help me find a new fragrance

    Maybe also just The One EDP or Lanvin Avant Garde
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 7th December, 2016

    Yves Rocher Feuilles de Verveine
  9. Re: Dec 2016 inexpensive christmas gift ideas

    Difficult to beat the value for money of a gift Rocher set within this particular budget- even more so given that the fragrance is packaged within a smaller or bigger assortment of scented products ...
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    Re: 13YO son and his love of fragrance

    Perhaps also Bleu de Chanel EDP, Mugler Cologne or Dior Homme Sport/Dior Homme Cologne
  11. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    10-12 dabs of Khaliji fragrance oil
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 7th December, 2016

    Khlaiji by Al Rehab
  13. Re: Which fragrances would you recommend I sample, based on current collection

    Since the house of Cartier was mentioned on this thread: perhaps also the regular, non-flanker Declaration EDT
  14. Thread: Patchouli

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: Patchouli

    The personal favorite and thus likeliest recommendations of patchouli fragrances include, without being limited to, the patchouli notes found in:

    Rive Gauche pour Homme, Lapidus pour Homme,...
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    Re: Ads that made an impression on you

    Actually, not very different from a personal dream- in all seriousness- about a vintage plane like the one shown in the poster (even though not having a pilot`s license and not having attended ever...
  16. Re: Which fragrances would you recommend I sample, based on current collection

    Two possible suggestions from the house of Jacques Bogart, quite inexpensive but fairly good quality alternatives/additions to fragrances in the style of Le Male and The One:

    Riviera Nights and...
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    Re: Did a complete 180 on Fahrenheit

    While tending to enjoy its Absolute and Parfum flankers even more, understanding why Fahrenheit has at least the potential and even achieves to still be great- even in its current version, did not...
  18. Re: question on an older version of habit rouge, in reference to the oud note.

    Only know the EDP, not also the EDT of Habit Rouge packaged in a leather jacket bottle- although almost certain that releases of both concentrations with this bottle design may exist.

    As for the...
  19. Re: Thoughts on different perfumery styles?

    Personally considering and tending to agree that lines become increasingly blurred and making it increasingly difficult to discern styles, features, specifics defining fragrances from one distinct...
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    Re: Anyone Out There Hate YSL Cinema?

    Personally not hating it and, in fact quite oppositely, having a quite good opinion about this one.

    On everyone that happened to wear it and whom I know, this particular fragrance is smelling...
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    Re: Non-seasonal, casual fragrances

    Maybe also Miracle Homme by Lancome, Fahrenheit 32 by Dior, YSL L`Homme
  22. Re: Terre d'Hermes, Citrus & Wood (Yardley) - old man colognes?

    To my nose, neither smells particularly old- just a personal impression of the vetiver, woody and citric notes rendered by both
  23. Re: 3 Days After Wearing A Shirt I Can Still Smell Axe Night On It But Not 10 Sprays Or Sauvage?

    Fragrance perceptions do differ and may be subjective from person to person- yet so far never encountered any Axe scent (sadly, not even among the Axe releases that smelled good or decent) to exceed...
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    Re: Honey Fragrances

    For some reason, the immediate mental associations with honey almost instantly bring up two powerhouse and/or quite classic choices:

    - Lapidus pour Homme (honeyed patchouli and leather, even with...
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    Re: Hermes or Guerlain, help me choose....

    65$ Terré 2.5oz PP
  26. Re: D&G The One, Spicebomb or Bleu de Chanel?

    Welcome! Personally recommending The One, closely followed by Bleu de Chanel as a possible and quite rewarding second option
  27. Re: At a loss re: a gift - help with designer oriental/amber/gourmand

    Seconding Coco Noir and also adding Dior Dolce Vita, Yves Rocher Secrets d`Essences Vanille Noire and Voile d`Ambre, Versace Crystal Noir
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    Re: Big, Belching, Birch Tar!

    On the more discreet, restrained side: fleeting hints of birch tar towards the base of Yardley Citrus&Wood, while in a completely different style with the same restraint, again a base development,...
  29. Re: Are Views On Cologne Ultimately Subjective?

    In the end, personally believing that the goal is not so much to be an expert (unless being a professional either in the fragrance industry or other line of business/work more or less connected to...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, 6th December, 2016

    Chose to apply Avon Black Suede again
  31. Re: Your starting lineup for Fall/Winter 2016

    1. Work - almost anything currently owned, but particularly L`Occitan
    2. Formal - Van Cleef&Arpels pour Homme
    3. Date - Bogart pour Homme
    4. Close Quarter "Combat" Scent - Mugler Cologne
  32. Poll: Re: Dior Eau Sauvage vs Chanel Allure Homme Sport vs Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

    While Eau Sauvage is the personal favorite out of these, either of the two Allure flankers are most likely safer bets for both gym and compliments- being lighter, more casual, more youthful,...
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    Re: "And my top 5 animalic scents is..."

    While most of these are rather tame and restrained on the "animalic scale", nevertheless enjoying the ones subsequently mentioned, in no particular order:

    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme, Chanel...
  34. Re: Quick question for Basenotes hounds...

    Never had this particular problem, neither with the very first 2-3 sprays ever from a bottle just purchased, nor from 2-3 sprays either from the same bottle or of any other bottle first used after...
  35. Re: Has Anyone Happily Worn Burberry London In The Spring/Summer?

    Routinely in spring, rarer, mostly for evening wear/in slightly cooler weather conditions/slightly lower temperatures and with fewer sprays during summer
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    Re: Ads that made an impression on you

    Among others:


    (sorry for not being able to further/additionally magnify this advertising picture)
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    Re: Christmas and The Holidays

    Bogart pour Homme has, personally speaking, the power to bring up "Christmas in a bottle" sensations, memories, associations, all very pleasant

    To a lesser extent, Eau des Baux as well, although...
  38. Poll: Re: Tom Ford Oud Wood vs Tobacco Vanille vs Black Orchid vs Velvet Orchid vs Grey Vetiver vs Noir

    Personally preferring from this list: Grey Vetiver EDP, quite closely followed by Black Orchid EDP
  39. Re: Looking For A Fragrance With These Qualities

    To a certain extent, Pierre Herme Pamplemousse Rhubarbe by L`Occitane (grapefruit- check, slightly sweet and also minimally powdery- check, even slightly aquatic and slightly boozy- check) and also...
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    Re: Would You Rather...

    Personally always preferring diversity (unless the "single option fragrance" is, admittedly not the most expensive but still absolute personal favorite, Armani Eau pour Homme)
  41. Re: Take The Basenotes ACRONYM Challenge: See How You Score!

    While not meticulously and precisely keeping track of the points, went through the sections 1-4 quite effortlessly, lost track and focus almost completely around section 5 and only sporadically,...
  42. Re: If you love Joop! you'll love __________

    Perhaps Creed Original Santal and Lagerfeld Classic
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    Re: TOP 3 most stunning OUDs.

    Since the house of Guerlain was mentioned, perhaps also the oud notes in Habit Rouge EDP, along with LM Black Oud and vintage M7 as further possible candidates- two of these are admittedly not niche,...
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    Re: New Fragrance Suggestions

    Perhaps also LM Black Oud- covers most, nearly all the basics of the preferred notes mentioned
  45. Re: Christmas Gift 911: For My Mother-in-Law

    While not the newest choices and on the rather classic side, two Chanel classics, namely No. 19 EDP and Critsalle EDP are high-end, timeless choices of undeniable classiness and attractiveness, their...
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    Re: Terre d Hermes eau fraiche

    Never noticed any similarity of TDH Eau Fraiche and any other fragrances than the ones from the TDH line- one of the best and most complex recent citrus fragrances available
  47. Re: Floral fragrances with a scent of Rose or Lavender or Jasmine?

    Possibly also:

    - Yardley English Lavender and Panier des Sens Lavande Relaxante for the lavender note,

    - Arlesienne by L`Occitane for a Mediterranean, summery, almost Grasse-specific take on...
  48. Re: Teenage progression. Perfume suggestions to follow Untold by Elizabeth Arden please

    Two possible suggestions from the same house: Ardenbeauty for a more formal, mature choice with a tastefully, moderately gourmand hint, Green Tea Bamboo for a smart-casual option that starts out...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - December 2016

    L`Erbolario Accordo Arancio - one of the most pleasant both fresh and yet also powdery unisex citrus choices, even more impressive due to its EDP concentration and its almost unexpectedly affordable...
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    Re: Scenting my mental illness

    Thanks so much for the link- a inspirationally honest article, bringing a truly new perspective on fragrances
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    L`Erbolario Accordo Arancio- subtle, affordable orange notes EDP, with vanillic and woody notes as well while drying down
  52. Re: Any suggestion for a 'traditional masculine' orange fragrance?

    Also adding two of the Guerlain Aqua Allegoria line, namely Nerolia Bianca and Orange Magnifica, as well as Al Haramain Bloom- this particular one being one of the zestiest and surprisingly most...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - December 2016

    Avon Black Suede- good quality leather notes, both in the powerhouse and the more modern, smart-casual range, still available for comparatively little cash, sparse applications already making its...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 5th December, 2016

    Avon Black Suede
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    Re: Today I bought December 2016

    Not a purchase, but was gifted a bottle of Avon Black Suede- quite pleasant, already enjoying it
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    Re: Looking for a gift suggestion

    Yves Rocher could also be a good place to start, especially the Fraicheur Vegetale, Un Matin au Jardin and Les Plaisirs Nature fragrances ranges
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    Re: Question about Dior Homme Intense

    Have tested this one most likely in different batches (although unsure if any reformulations happened over this time, covered a quite extensive time interval, ranging from few weeks after its initial...
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    Re: Trends in perfumery

    While having no idea about future trends (since almost anything is possible and also history, as well as fashion both repeat in this line of work), personally assuming that the discovery and/or first...
  59. Re: Any suggestion for a 'traditional masculine' orange fragrance?

    Perhaps also:

    Trussardi Jeans Man- casual,

    ADP Arancia di Capri- niche smart-casual,

    Dior Dune pour Homme- while technically more of a fig-citrus combination, still an underlying orange...
  60. Re: If your breath smelled like a fragrance, which one would you want it to smell like?

    Armani Eau pour Homme- incidentally also the ultimate personal favorite
  61. Re: How do you think the future Hermés men´s release will be?

    As unusual as it may sound: a Hermes oud (just guessing, unfortunately not having even the slightest information from credible sources about this)
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    Re: Aramis Havana - Worth The Hype?

    While uncertain about the hype, quite certain it is a good fragrance that can be had for a good price
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    Re: Dreading at Christmas

    Luckily, never got any unpleasant Christmas gifts, especially not in terms of fragrance (s)
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    Re: Your top winter fragrances

    In no particular order, among others from the current lineup:
    Van Cleef&Arpels pour Homme, Lapidus pour Homme, Habit Rouge EDT and EDP, Rochas Man, Chanel Antaeus, Bogart pour Homme, Aramis Havana
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    Re: Best powdery colognes

    Endymion is, to my nose, not just very powdery but also admirably succeeding at being so
    (like a very expensive and credible rendition of high quality chocolate fondue, oddly but skillfully,...
  66. Re: Build your best lineup with $200 (you can exceed up to $15 for tax/ship)

    By the way, noticed among quite a few best buy choices that Pino Silvestre is also mentioned: like most of the others on this list,a stunningly good fragrance available for an advantageous price
  67. Re: Unisex Guest Bathroom Scent with a nice bottle - Under $50/3.4oz

    Mugler Cologne, especially if discounted, might fit this price bracket and effortlessly fits in as good unisex, "fresh out of the shower" choice
  68. Poll: Re: Clubbing Fragrance: JPG Ultra Male, Thierry Mugler Pure Malt, Amouage Reflection Man Or Versace

    Would probably choose Pure Malt, closely followed by Ultra Male for a similar situation
  69. Re: Spent two hours at the mall testing fragrances today

    Thanks for the fragrance impressions- certainly did cover a few great essentials of good fragrance houses
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    Re: best colognes to compensate?

    Possibly also going for the highest priced (but not necessarily best) fragrance releases ever and making sure that everyone finds out the price paid- almost irrespective of the fragrance but less so...
  71. Poll: Re: Dior Eau Sauvage vs Dior Eau Sauvage Cologne vs Dior Homme Cologne vs Dior Homme Sport

    Eau Sauvage, quite closely followed by either Dior Homme Sport or Dior Homme Cologne as respectable second options
  72. Re: Give me THREE fragrances you'd advise me to add to my (new) fragrance collection...

    Also adding: Jacques Bogart pour Homme, Yves Rocher Cuir Vetiver, Gucci Rush
  73. Re: Build your best lineup with $200 (you can exceed up to $15 for tax/ship)

    Armani Eau pour Homme
    Blenheim Bouquet
    Knize Ten (considering that the last two are niche brands, smaller bottles likelier available for less money still do the trick)
  74. Re: What is he best projecting creed besides aventus

    Seconding Bois du Portugal, although unsure about how appropriate it may be as a night out fragrance
  75. Re: A lounge just for us "Over sprayers" to discuss our SOTD and how many sprays were needed.

    7 sprays of Habit Rouge EDT
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, 4th December, 2016

    Habit Rouge EDT
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    Re: Your best blind buy ever

    A fairly equal ranking between Bogart pour Homme, Azzaro pour Homme 2013 Summer Edition, Sartorial and Arden Man Sandalwood (non ever tested before, all quite enjoyable on the nose)
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    Re: Best powdery colognes

    Almost anything by Guerlain and also Dior Homme
  79. Re: Define the the Early 2000's with a Fragrance

    Gucci pour Homme II and, perhaps a more radical evolution, Rive Gauche pour Homme, marking a timid return of barbershop and/or even powerhouse male fragrances
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 3rd December, 2016

    Giorgio for Men
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    Re: Guerlain Eau Boiseé or Dior Homme...

    Preferring Eau Boisee, personally getting more complexity and a more mature, more elaborate style from this one
  82. Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    Owning and regularly using this fragrance, must say-personally speaking- that it has quite good value for a little price and more complexity than the presentation would first lead to believe, having...
  83. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes To Come Out Within The Last 5 To 10 Years MAX

    To my nose,Bogart pour Homme, also cheaper and longer lasting, while projecting stronger as well
  84. Thread: Eucalyptus

    by Ken_Russell

    Re: Eucalyptus

    Although more straightforward on a mint, rather than eucalyptus, Cartier Roadster is still fairly close
  85. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes To Come Out Within The Last 5 To 10 Years MAX

    From a personal viewpoint, at least Gucci Pour Homme and Bogart Pour Homme are worth considering and further exploring
  86. Re: What Are Your Strange Scent Associations?

    Also, for some reason, both oud fragrances and perhaps even oud by itself, as an unadulterated, unmixed note remind me of chemicals used in photography and, by extension, of a photography...
  87. Replies

    Re: Any tobaccos for the summer

    Possibly also the more summery/sporty flankers of Tabac Original, as well as the rather sparse tobacco notes in Gucci PH II, Drakkar Dynamik and to an even lesser extent, in Very Valentino for Men
  88. Re: What Are Your Strange Scent Associations?

    Among others:

    Diavolo by Antonio Banderas - nothing even remotely demonic or diabolical about this fragrance to my nose, however far likelier associations of unexplored, uncharted, slightly...
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    Re: SWEET violette?

    While both masculine and thus slightly fougere, the (hopefully) no so off-topic and technically quite unisex Grey Flannel could perhaps also be worth (re-) testing and considering
  90. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes To Come Out Within The Last 5 To 10 Years MAX

    Among others:

    affordable- Zara Tobacco Collection

    upscale- Xerjoff Oroville Tobacco
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, 2nd December, 2016

    Bois d`Olivier et Cade
  92. Re: Best places to purchase fragrances online?

    So far, had good experiences with Beautyspin (national subsidiary) and the German/Austrian retailer Manufactum
  93. Replies

    Re: The One.... that made me sick

    Never had a similar problem with the EDT version of this one, however was slightly underwhelmed by and likelier to develop olfactory fatigue from it, in comparison to the EDP
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    Poll: Re: Done to death

    Preferring Essenza from their entire lineup
  95. Re: Iceberg, does this brand have anything worth looking into?

    So far, had fairly good experiences with Twice and Eau de Iceberg Cedar
  96. Re: If i wanted to start a new fragrance enthusiast on the cheap...

    Great lineup already, also two further suggestions that smell good and also age-appropriate while not breaking the bank and a few classes above their price range in terms of stylishness, but also...
  97. Re: Zara gold circular perfume, wtf? i thought it was creed aventus

    While having no experience with Aventus, actually owning and regularly using this scent- not bad for its price
  98. Re: Stuff acquired on recent trip to Italy and France

    Congratulations that you enjoyed a wonderful trip and impressive scent purchases and thanks for sharing the spectacular pictures with us- you look great in these marvelous and fascinating (at least...
  99. Re: sweet,smooth,creamy designer fragrance?

    Also adding Fahrenheit 32 and another Edition Blanche, however not the famous Chanel Allure flanker, but the less known Cerruti 1881 flanker with the same name
  100. Re: If you could bring back one VINTAGE cologne from any year,which one would you choose??

    Would still have difficulties deciding between Joint by Roccobarocco, Spazio Krizia and the two Jacques Bogart fragrances Furyo and Force Majeure
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