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    Re: Please need help about VERSACE THE DREAMER

    Bump for this guy.
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    Re: Alternative to Gucci Pour Homme II

    Blvgari PH Soir, it is in similar style though smell very differently and heavier.
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    Re: Wondering why Gucci Guilty gets all the love?

    Smells nice and classy on its own.

    But when you take a sniff break, calm down and compare with others, it is rather mediocre and makes you wonder if this is some knockoff of another popular...
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    Dr Mist Deodorant Spray

    I was looking for unscented deodorant and someone recommended this to me. What are your thoughts and experience with it? Is it stronger or weaker than the common deodorants?
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    Re: Help! pick out 2-3 bottles for me

    Gucci Pour Homme II is a safe blind buy for now while you slowly sample the others and enjoy this new hobby.
  6. Re: Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation?

    Thanx lot.

    I thought I should put this down; 2 days later now I still smell the original on the left sleeve of my pajamas (yeah I didn't change!) which I worn the original on my left forearm,...
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    Re: D&G THE ONE.... Did they make a mistake?

    You lucky one! This made people who paid ten times goes wth?!
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    Re: My thoughts on Dior and Chanel

    I think Chanel is the designer house that don't discount? For the premium prices and ordinary smell that goes copied a lot by others, I think I prefer Dior. I also like the old YSLs but unfortunately...
  9. Re: Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation?

    Thanx, I actually like both. Especially since the Intense version is not available in my region and the new formulation is a lot like the old Intense version - or so they says - I dont know, perhaps...
  10. Re: Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation?

    Yes, its the vintage one.

    Side by side with the new one.

    Color looks the same.
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    Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Dior Homme original formulation - next day morning - and lost sleep the night worrying it might somehow be gone next day.
  12. Re: Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation?

    Diamondflame, Isetan NEX shopping centre. I was prepared to buy all the vintage there's left there but alas... the tester is June 2010, the 100ml in stock is May 2011 black stem, the only 50ml bottle...
  13. Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation?

    Is it worth paying retail for Dior Homme original formulation? No discount since its at a major departmental store.

    Silver collar, silver straw/tube.

    From the tester I sprayed on my hand, and...
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    Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    It nearly happen again 2 days ago at Sephora with the new formulation of Dior Homme Sport.

    I really really wanted to buy it and it took a lot of pacing up and down Sephora, reasoning with myself,...
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    Re: Basenoter Worst Nightmare

    Just wear a little bit each day, increasing the amount and respray gradually, slowly, and linearly. Don't tell her.

    When you could eventually wear 5 sprays of kouros and she is still alright, you...
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    Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Do you have a scent that you are so sold on it that you bought within seconds of first smelling it?

    I just did Cartier Roadster. It could be because I was having a cough and the mint appeals to me...
  17. Re: Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense have traded places?!

    Tested new DH a few times on my skin at Sephora, quite like it. Iris is strong and cocoa is in the background.
  18. Re: Givenchy Play Intense vs La Nuit, or other suggestions?..

    La Nuit hands down.
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    Re: strongest most potent male fragrance?

    Kouros. One spray, three showers, two days later and its still there.
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    Re: How similar is Le Male to Pi?

    I can't stand PI, it is nauseating and too thick and sickly sweet for me.

    I quite like the scent of Le Male on the other hand and its smells more floral powderly. Though I don't like Le Male's...
  21. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    I like the scent but I don't like people wearing it coz its overpowering and in the wrong environment, it can get offensive. Recently in an office environment whenever a particular guy who wears it...
  22. Re: A little help with YSL M7 vintage....anyone?

    If I remember correctly, the old formulation had only 4 ingredients listed on the box, the new one has 13.

    Check out this video Marc explained it clearly :...
  23. Is there something wrong with my nose is is everyone just different?

    Hi all I am new here.

    Recently I got interested in scents again and had been hanging around departmental stores again. :laugh: The last time I was into scent was 1996.

    Anyways, I am wondering...
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    Poll: Re: Bvlgari Aqua (s) - Which is best?

    Resurrecting this old thread, asking for some comments on your experiences.

    I was deciding between aqua vs marine, while I read and heard that aqua has better sillage and longevity, I kept getting...
  25. Re: Polo Green,Paco Rabanne PH, Qourum, Azzaro Pour homme.....What next>?

    YSL Kouros
    YSL Opium
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