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  1. Re: The One cologne the ladies love the most and your relative age

    The three fragrances I wear that garner the most compliments are:

    Allure Homme Sport
    D&G PH
    Acqua Di Gio

    I'm 32, but most of the comments are from ladies in their early twenties.
  2. Re: newbie - is there advice here re purchasing via internet etc

    I'm a fan of testers. I haven't been disappointed yet. I don't mind the fact that half arrive capless as I tend to decant anything I wear on a regular basis.
  3. Re: How do you organize/store your samples?

    I keep my samples in a plano storage box. It's small, compact, and has plenty of compartments to keep everything organized. For getting rid of clutter I've found nothing better.
  4. Re: How do you apply your cologne when you've got multiple layers of clothing?

    I live in Alaska where layered clothing is a fact of life. The best way I've found to keep my clothing from muffling or randomly muting my scent is to apply it where it will be minimally affected...
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