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    Fruity Fragrances For Men

    Can you guys suggest some fruity niche fragrance for men. I really like (designer) Hugo Boss #6 aka Boss Bottled, but I find the opening a bit too synthetic for my taste. What are some fruity, sweet...
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    Niche Floral For Men

    Ladies...or guys...what do you think are some of the better niche florals that are wearable by men?Im not into aquatics or fresh scents, rather I tend to lean towards floral or oriental side of...
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    Under the Radar

    What are some of the better fragrances that are under the radar. Under the radar meaning that you don't smell it everywhere and also you don't hear it mentioned in any "Top 10" thread post. I'm...
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    Bond No 9

    Why are all the reviews on Bond No 9 being compared to Creeds?Everyone is complaining about how Bond No 9 is always attempting to "clone" Creed scents, yet they don't find it a problem or even...
  5. Re: Coromandel from Chanel Les Exclusifs - For Men?

    Its just Chanel and their marketing...these are the same people that market Sycomore to women and to me Sycomore is more masculine than feminine. Its all just a marketing scheme. To me Coromandel...
  6. Designer and their niche counterparts.

    In my collection there are only designer fragrance, but I am looking into getting some niches as well. Based on what I have, would you guys be able to list the niche counterpart to my designer...
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    Throw Away Your Bottles.

    If you HAD to throw away all your bottle in your collection and keep only ONE, which bottle would it be? And please don't answer this with "i can't pick only on so im gonna list 10 that i would...
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    Top 5 Designer Fragrances

    What are your top 5 designer fragrances? Mine are:

    1. Dior Homme. The best designer I have ever smelled. Period.
    2. Versace The Dreamer. Similar to Dior Homme, powdery floral heaven.
    3. Thierry...
  9. Re: What is your favorite fragrance for....

    Angel Men Pure Malt.
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    To Tell or Not To Tell...

    What are your guys thoughts on whether to reveal the name of your fragrance when you are asked?To me, I always find it difficult to tell people what I am wearing because I don't want them to go out...
  11. Re: The Ultimate Fashion Accesory

    My thought exactly. Like i said, its not about buying ANY cologne or perfume, its more about if that cologne or perfume fits you. This is why so many wear AdG or Cool Water or whatever mainstream...
  12. The Ultimate Fashion Accesory

    ***For the laymen out there, not those here on Basenotes***

    It seems to me that everyone, in one way or another wishes to be presented in the best manner possible. One way of doing so is through...
  13. Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me.

    Why is it that fragrances always gets a bad rap when it is presented in society. It seems that when people hear the word "perfume" or "cologne" its conjures up images and thoughts of nauseation and...
  14. Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    come on now guy, PURE MALT is a beast as a attention AND compliment getter. it is one of the best gourmands out there...too bad its been discontinued.
  15. Fragrance...Cologne....or Perfume....

    This is a huge pet peeve of mine, but I hate it when people call any mens fragrance "cologne" and any womans fragrance "perfume". By any, I mean whether the fragrance is a EDT or a EDP or a EDC (eau...
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    Terrible Projection....

    I have no idea why,but my skin absolutely eats fragrances. No matter what scent I wear, from the heavy to the light, I always, ALWAYS have terrible projection/sillage. My skin is not dry at all, it...
  17. Re: Your favorite scent for rainy days?

    i reach for something dark and woody...perhaps Burberry's london or Dior Farenheit. of course you can take the other route and reach for something more bright and lighten the atomosphere around you...
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