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  1. Poll: Re: I found a new love...24 Gold by do you rate this one?

    Exactly, A*Men is much better in the same price range. You want another example...Blue Sugar 3.4oz is about 30$, another great gourmand.
    @Granola: I asked many persons if they detect my fragrance,...
  2. Poll: Re: I found a new love...24 Gold by do you rate this one?

    Im sorry to say this but after i bought 24 Gold...i sold it in 2 days.
    I was expecting a gourmand bomb...but what i received was something else.
    I bought the 100 ml + 24 pocket spray version from...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    That ADG is not authentic, he should get rid of it.
  4. Re: Most Disappointing Fragrance(s) So Far This Year....

    T.M. - Pure Shot: no sillage, no longevity, smells like a watered down amen with some spices...i dont get the mint at all, bad bad fragrance...
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    Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme - reformulated?

    I have the made in germany version(tester 125ml), i tested it and its made in november 2011, smells awesome, longevity is 7-8 hours, projection is powerfull in the first 3-4 hours after that is close...
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    Re: Today I Bought: October 2012

    Just bought D&G - Pour homme 125ml tester(made in germany, not vintage stuff :(), I love it!
    The price was awesome: 58$...
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    Re: 24 The Fragrance thoughts.

    I contacted the official seller of 24 fragrances(i found it on facebook, they have a official page).
    For the price you just have to email them at
    Here is the answer:
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    Re: 24 The Fragrance thoughts.

    PLEASE anywone can tell me, where i can buy 24 Gold online? I dont wanna buy from ebay, i heard there are many fakes versions there, soo they have an official selling site? Plese help, i wanna blind...
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    Re: Gucci Guilty Pour Homme

    This fragrance just won Best New Prestige Fragrance @ FIFI Awards 2012, few days ago on 17 may:
    I dont understand all the...
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