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  1. Re: I hate the steadily approaching colder weather, but....I love the cool weather scents!

  2. Re: Whats the maximum premium you'd pay for a capped bottle vs uncapped?

    No cap, no sale at any price. I smell with my eyes first, since I display my frags. Also, no cap makes the bottle incomplete. Clearly, I have not overcome my OCD.
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    Re: FED EX is just AWFUL

    I've been fortunate with all of the delivery services. No problems to date.
  4. Re: My body does not allow perfume to last, what do to do?

    Use an unscented body lotion first. Then apply fragrance over it.
  5. Re: The dark history of CREED Royal Mayfair

    Out of curiosity, did Creed do a fragrance for Hitler, Stalin or Mao? Now those are some bad dudes. Personally, that's where I draw the line. Fragrance of a Nazi sympathizer, yes, fragrance of a...
  6. Re: Summer Fragrance for a Gentleman Yogi ?

    What am I missing? What's the difference between a "gentleman yogi", and a couch potato? As far as fragrance selection.
  7. Re: Gift for a person whose choice is not known to you.

    Very difficult to select a fragrance for someone else. A sampler selection from a House you like would be the safest approach.
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    Re: Fall / Winter fragrances?

    Jubilation XXV
    Ormande Jayne Man
  9. Re: How do you display your collection?

    Thanks, and most importantly the cabinet is the natural brake for acquiring more fragrances. Once the cabinet is full, I stop. Well not entirely, since I give away unused frags to free up space,...
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    Re: Oh, the Portugal!

    If you like this one, try to find the vintage version, it's called Lords. Smoother and richer.
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    Re: If money were no object....

    For many on this forum, money is not the determining factor with respect to fragrances. So you end up buying what you want, then realize that you have more than enough to last several lifetimes. I...
  12. Re: How do you display your collection?

    Custom built cabinet in my bathroom. It is a pleasure to look at my collection arranged on glass shelves when I'm preparing for my day. Cabinet is organized by House, and is temperature and UV...
  13. Re: Where do you think those ebay sellers get their bottles from ?

    Don't resolved canceled ebay transactions get entirely removed from the the record? So there is not an opportunity to leave negative feedback, if the seller capitulates.
  14. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    I believe in the universal fragrance rule as defined by me. When it's hot outside, wear something light and crisp. When it's cooler, then enjoy your heavier fragrances. Why is that so contentious?...
  15. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    I agree that most people don't live in Houston, since there are fewer than 7 billion in this god forsaken city. You wouldn't know it in rush hour because it feels like all 7 billion of the world's...
  16. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    I like to think of myself as a guiding light in a world filled with darkness.
  17. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    Clearly, you haven't tried that in Houston in July. The world would spin off it's axis, but you wouldn't know since you would already have passed out from the fumes.
  18. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    Read my post and you will be enlightened.
  19. Re: What seasons should i wear a particular cologne???

    There are rules, some just are being coy. Wear your lighter scents in higher heat, higher humidity environments. Conversely, wear your heavier scents when the weather gets cooler and crisper. How...
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    Re: Creed's monarchy marketing

    OP, why so much hostility towards your betters?
  21. Re: Royal Mayfair hit shelves at Creed Boutique tomorrow 7/9/15

    August 2nd is accurate. At least for Neiman's Houston. I received a call a few minutes ago from a Creed rep that he put a sample aside for me and I'll be picking it up tomorrow. Also told me about...
  22. Re: Brand New Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 - Mortal Skin!!

    A lot of words that said virtually nothing useful.

    Addendum: Having re-read their marketing gem, not only is not useful, it borders on idiotic.
  23. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Thanks for the explanation. I purchased Windsor a couple of years ago through a Christmas promotion at Neimans so I'm not sure which batch I received. I have approximately 45 mls left so I am in no...
  24. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    I see your point. I don't like splashes, and I don't like to decant into atomizers either. An unfortunate circumstance.
  25. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Why doesn't the ability to use what you already have, whenever you want, already exist for you? When you exhaust your supply of Windsor you can then buy Mayfair?
  26. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    I need to ask what is apparently a stupid question, but you must forgive me for I am a Texan. Why are people that already have Windsor rushing out to buy Royal Mayfair? Why not just buy it when you...
  27. Re: What % of the population uses cologne ?

    In the world, a fraction of a percent. Most people are barely subsisting, and they are not concerned about the odors originating on their person.
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    Re: I tried creed Royal Mayfair

    I like your optimistic attitude. Unfortunately, marketeers make politicians look honest........maybe a slight exaggeration.
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    Re: I tried creed Royal Mayfair

    Obsessing about a new Creed fragrance is so exciting. And let's not forget that Neiman's will have a Creed exclusive out in less than 2 months.
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    Re: Live Jazz

    This thread reminded how much I like Live Jazz so I will be wearing it tommorrow . Also, I purchased a back up bottle, just in case........
  31. Re: Name the fragrance you smelled for the first time and bought without second thought.

    Spicebomb. I gave it away 6 months later.

    Cartier Pasha Noir. I gave it away 8 months later.
  32. Re: Traveling with expensive fragrances and using Aventus as a daily fragrance

    I thought taking a bottle of fragrance on a trip a couple of years ago was a good idea. Of course it leaked so I wore Pen's Hammam Bouquet everywhere. Like it or not. Now I use Flo travel...
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    Re: Murdock London colognes

    For those interested: now sells Murdock fragrances. Shipping is $10 for multiple bottles shipped to the USA.
  34. Re: Is there any social status associated with the cost of perfume?

    Ones' selection of a fragrance, with resect to status, is more a statement of how you perceive your status than anything else. The reality is that virtually no one will know what you are wearing, or...
  35. Re: Bad news: Molyneux's Captain is back...

    One of my favorite vintage scents. Thanks for reminding me, I'll be wearing it tomorrow.
  36. Re: Your most expensive blind buy and how it turned out.

    Pure Distance M. Quite nice.
  37. Re: What's with the new Creed coming out this fall?

    You're falling behind. You need to call your personal Creed rep.
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    Re: Someone please help!

    Perfume addiction is one of my more manageable "hobbies." Unfortunately, since you don't think you need help, then you really need help.
  39. Re: Humidity in regards to fragrances. Relative humidity and dew point. Thoughts?

    OP, why do you think the temp inside your cabinet is 68-70 F? Have you measured it?
  40. Re: Humidity in regards to fragrances. Relative humidity and dew point. Thoughts?

    UV light and temperature should be your primary focus with respect to long term storage. The amount of water that enters the bottle from spraying it several times a year is going to be negligible at...
  41. Re: Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. A gentleman's classic.

    Pen's has classic men's frags. I enjoy BB, but you should also investigate English Fern. The only negative with most of the Pen's frags is longevity. I get about 3-4 hours.
  42. Re: Humidity in regards to fragrances. Relative humidity and dew point. Thoughts?

    Here's the deal. How you store your frags is far more important than the environment where you spray them. Logically, they are stored close to 100% of the time. Yes, I live in hell as well.
  43. Re: Humidity in regards to fragrances. Relative humidity and dew point. Thoughts?

    While I believe humidity is a factor in fragrance selection, the dew point of the environment where you apply your fragrance is taking it to an extreme that even I am having trouble understanding.
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    Re: 1 million should i or not?

    As Hilary said, "it's your body, so it's your decision." Pretty sure she was talking about fragrances............
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    Re: matching aftershave lotion

    I've found an aftershave that is scentless and works perfectly for my face. Added benefit is not having to try and match my aftershave to my frag of the day.
  46. Re: I'm tired of summer scents already.

    The "wear what you want" crowd would be challenged in Texas when it is constantly in the upper 90's for temperature, and upper 80's for humidity. I understand we live in an air conditioned world,...
  47. Re: Ever have days where you wake up and want to sell everything you have except for a few bottles?

    I like variety, but not endless variety. 150 seems right for me, so purchases are offset with gifting frags that have fallen out of favor.
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    Re: Signature scents??

    This is not a criticism of those seeking a signature scent, but it is an anathema for me. The whole enjoyment of fragrances is the variety. Now how much variety, that's a separate conversation.
  49. Re: Suggest long lasting summer fragrances for Men with oily skin.

    Often overlooked, but a great Summer frag, lasts many hours, smells manly and sophisticated--Trumper's GFT.
  50. Re: Just curious. What % of Your Wardrobe did you Rate 5 Stars?

    This is a troubling thread for me. Early on I bought with abandon, and after many "whim" purchases I began to re-evaluate my collection. Since then I've given away over 50 frags, even so I don't...
  51. Re: Do you wear/categorize the fragrances for weathers?

    Threads like this seem to come up every few weeks in one form or another. After reading the thread I usually wish I lived in a more moderate climate, one where weather was not a determinate of my...
  52. Re: Have you found a perfect fragrance?

    Completely agree. The guy that is only looking for "the one" and finds it would be done. The people on this forum are either looking and have not found "the one", or more likely enjoy fragrances...
  53. Re: Have you found a perfect fragrance?

    "The one" does not exist for guys that frequent this forum. If a person was looking for one fragrance and found it, why would he continue to visit Basenotes?
  54. Re: New Summer scent after winnowing down

    Oud would not be an option for me this time of year in Texas.
  55. Re: Would these 5 work in a office enviroment (summer/warmer months)

    What NeoXerxes said. Casual for me is very relaxed, too relaxed when I'm working for the Man.
  56. Re: Would these 5 work in a office enviroment (summer/warmer months)

    I own and enjoy Sel Marin, but I would not wear it in an office environment. A bit too casual for me.
  57. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Should be for sale mid to late August.
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    Re: need a light cologne

    If you want light, then investigate an eau from Guerlain. Eau du Coq, Imperiale, Eau, and Cedrat. All are fleeting, but great while you can smell them.
  59. Re: Is it worthy to blind buy MONSIEUR BALMAIN?

    I think it is a safe blind buy if a fan of citrus. I'm surprised by several of the negative prior posts for Monsieur Balmain.
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    Re: Are my fragrances ruined?

    I've had one scent turn and it was caused by UV light exposure, and it happened over a couple of years. Also, if you're concerned about humidity, a wine cooler would be a mistake since they are...
  61. Re: finally understanding hot weather fragrance choice.

    So very true. Welcome to my world.
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    Re: Are my fragrances ruined?

    I overlooked the obvious. Thanks for pointing out splash bottles.
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    Re: Are my fragrances ruined?

    UV light and high temps with large swings in temperature are the primary culprits for effecting a fragrance. As others have said, you should have no worries. Not sure why high humidity would be a...
  64. Re: finally understanding hot weather fragrance choice.

    Since joining BN I've become more of an adherent to matching my frags to the weather. My Summer frags shine in the heat and the ridiculous humidity. I have a fairly large collection of what I...
  65. Re: Why I will never own or sample a Roja Dove fragrance

    Here's a simple thought (that's all I'm can manage), if you like a Roja fragrance and are indifferent to the cost, buy it. If not, don't.
  66. Re: How many of you have duplicates of the same scent ?

    You're really asking a forum, where many of the members have some form of OCD, how many have dupes? I have duplicates of several frags, and I'm too embarrassed to go into detail.
  67. Re: Is Creed Windsor a top 10 of all time?

    I've given up ranking frags since, as others have said, it depends on when you ask. Windsor holds a special place in my collection, as do many others.
  68. Re: Whats your the Best fragrance(s) in past 5 years?

    It depends on the day that I answer the question. Today it is Invasion Barbare. Absolutes are difficult in the fragrance world for me.
  69. Re: Why I will never own or sample a Roja Dove fragrance

    It seems that threads recently on this forum have become more contentious. I don't understand why there is an argument about Roja's fragrances. If you don't like them, or think his pricing is too...
  70. Re: Crazy Deal $0 for 4 bottles only paid shipping.

    My argument was never intended to be a legal one, and I have to believe that an intelligent person understands the correct moral ethical path. Having said that, I will defer to Grant (and his...
  71. Re: Top 3 Fragrances that work best in Humid conditions

    Balle de Match is a very nice grapefruit fragrance that goes well with humidity.
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    Re: What is The Best Lemon Fragrance?

    Thanks for the recommendation. I have Hadrien as well, and it is a very nice frag. Living in Texas, I am always looking for warm weather frags to add to my collection.
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    Re: What is The Best Lemon Fragrance?

    For those that recommend Acqua Viva, what would be your second pick? (I already own and enjoy AV.) Thanks.
  74. Re: Which is the best of Marly or the best to explore?

    Lipizzan is a very nice well crafted eau du Portugal style fragrance.
  75. Re: How do you pick your travel scents?

    I sort through the ridiculous number of samples that I've accumulated and take several of them along that will fit my locale and agenda for the trip..
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    Re: Caraceni 1913

    Thank you for the information. Your description makes it sound more appealing to me than the original, since it may be a bit more versatile. Now to find it stateside.......
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    Re: Speech Police

    Please disregard.
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    Re: Speech Police

    Of course, intent matters. The guy that believes a fragrance will make a significant difference with how a woman views him is an imbecile. He's the guy that thinks strippers find him interesting.
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    Re: Speech Police

    Crazy me, I wear fragrances for both of the reasons you cited. I want to be attractive to everyone. Men, women, small animals, and last but not least, myself. I hope that doesn't start an argument.
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    Re: Speech Police

    Here's the deal: anyone stupid enough to think that a fragrance will seal the deal with a woman should be pitied, not attacked.
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    Re: Speech Police

    Well played.
  82. Replies

    Re: Speech Police

    Context matters. When I listed Raped, I said figuratively. Now the context: someone in a post several months ago said they were "raped" on the price of a fragrance. Not that they were sodomized...
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    Re: Speech Police

    Clearly, I agree with your observations and I was using humor to make my point. Civility is a fairly simple concept and easily followed if one chooses to.
  84. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    If you were running for office, I would vote for you.
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    Speech Police

    Over the last few months it has become apparent that one can not use the following phrases without the wrath of the masses raining down upon them:

    --Niche is better than Designer

  86. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    I agree that FSU could have broached the subject more artfully, but the visceral response by many was silly and overblown. People take their frags seriously on this board, so if anyone disagrees...
  87. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    I love following a heated debate about someone's opinion. By the way, FSU is right, was right, and will always be right..........
  88. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    Posters on this forum would disagree on the date. Clearly, and this is a fact, all niche is better than all designer. Period.
  89. Re: Would you rather have one amazing scent that costs $300 or 4 mediocre scents at that same price?

    I subscribe to your approach for many of my acquisitions in life, but I would change the phrasing a bit. I buy what I consider to be the best, irrespective of price. Simply put, if I can afford and...
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    Re: what do you do??

    Over paid and under worked handling client relations for my company, which allows me to spend way too much time researching frags.
  91. Re: What's good at Macy's to buy ? Thoughts ?

    In reading your prior posts and looking at your "Current Top Ten", I get the sense that you like the less traveled road with respect to fragrances. Having said that, Macy's appeals to the mainstream...
  92. Re: What's good at Macy's to buy ? Thoughts ?

    Keep on walking until you get to either Neimans or Saks.........
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    Re: Is Creed playing games???

    If they're playing games, then they're winning. I excitedly bought Windsor in the leather atomizer at Neiman's in 2014. Now, I almost wet myself when I read Windsor will be offered again. I don't...
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    Re: How many fragrances do you own

    My attitude on fragrance acquisitions has changed over the last 6 months. At a bit over 150, I am comfortable. Now if I find something that is worth purchasing I concurrently give away bottles that...
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    Re: Creed Jardin d'Amalfi terrible.

    OP, I was surprised by JdA as well. Not gag inducing, but I don't get why all the love on the boards for it for a guy.
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    Re: The thrill of Blind Buying.

    Initially, I frequently went blind, but I have become more discriminating over time. Now when I go blind it is after research and following the advice of several on this board whose taste I value.
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    Re: Clive Christian 1872 opinions

    Interesting the diversity of opinions. Big pass for me with the only CC worth owning is X.
  98. Re: What would be your selection for a man 50+ age?

    I agree that age is not the issue. Give him the ubiquitous gift certificate and let him get what he wants, unless you do research into his likes and dislikes and then make a thoughtful purchase.
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    Re: How often do you regret your SOTD?

    Typically when I purchase a frag out of season, and I want to wear it regardless of the weather, or so I think. This most recently happened with SDV, and it was a typically very warm, humid Spring...
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    Re: Fragrance Addiction a Disease

    While accumulating fragrances can be an addiction, it is dependent on several identifiable qualities. So what? You can have an addiction and remain high functioning with little real problems...
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