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    Re: Oud Wood- A subtle hype-king?

    Never knew there was much hype about OW. I've always worn and enjoyed it. Nothing overly new or complex but simple and nicely done. Has a good aura of smell. I think I've received the occasional...
  2. Sticky: Re: Resource Archive for Self-Education ABOUT Fragrance

    Thanks Dani! I'm working on a major overhaul of this sticky... in the next couple of months, just need to find a few days...
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    Re: Creed Aventus Nr. 3 *standard flacon special*

    Any pictures of the Flacons?

    Are the original flacons available for purchase along with a decant?
  4. Re: Blind Success...Tom Ford Amber Absolute!

    mea culpa! Was just reading comparisons and the thread came up. Oh well.
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    Re: Your own avatar.

    I just think James Dean looks like a cool dude. If I could give this sort of vibe, that's what I would do
  6. Re: Blind Success...Tom Ford Amber Absolute!

    I was just comparing these two and reading old threads. I like Sultan but love Amber Absolute. I think they're pretty different. There was a thread a while back comparing them and the guy said they...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    When I worked for the line a few years ago it sold, fairly well. Lot of repeat buyers actually. People liked it. I think one issue was it's just really full and rich so probably best for fall/winter....
  8. Re: Which scent would you break the bank for?

    My limit is usually around $300 for any one bottle. After months of deliberation i just bought Mona Di Orio's Oud for like $500. Way more than I was comfortable with. I just wore it and loved every...
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    Re: What fragrance would Moses wear?

    Lubin, IDOLE
  10. Re: Buying Mens Jeans and Shoes Online

    Yoox and Zappos
  11. Re: Sephora selling Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, Costa Azzurra, and Mandarino Di Amalfi

    we've had those at Sephoras here in Toronto for quite a while, like maybe 6 months or a year or more. They have the signature series and most of the Neroli line. Plus a few locations also have Serge...
  12. Re: Do the Tom Ford private blends have ISO E super?

    I'd assume that some of them have some Iso-E mixed in there, but honestly it doesn't particularly stand out in that I've ever particularly noticed a prominent amount of the molecule in this line....
  13. Re: How much of your collection is made up of sweet perfumes?

    wow, that's a higher percentage than I would have guessed for you guys. Looking at what I own I actually probably have more sweet scents than I'd like to admit, so maybe 15-20% Would have thought...
  14. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    PM sent... short answer is yes it can actually be done, longer answer is it's not easy to do and pretty easy to mess up the bottle beyond repair. I'll message you details.

    Got your message,...
  15. Re: Serge Lutens Vetiver Oriental - A COMEBACK

    ah great! Yknow I always loved the look of those bell jars, but practically speaking they're sort of useless IMO. I end up decanting them into an atomizer anyway.

    Good scent, I'm glad to see it's...
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    yeah if anything maybe too powerful. This stuff really just needs like 1-2 sprays and it's good for 12+ hours. Personally I love it on cold rainy days.
  17. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    ^^^ Ah, you're right! My mistake. It's the Bois Morocain that was disco'd. I was confusing the two. Just changed the post. Thanks!
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    Re: Beware of this person

    Yo! :vrolijk_26:
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    Re: Tom Ford Amber Absolute

    oh man, I love love love this scent. Out of about 200 bottles I own, it's top 10 for sure. I think it full bodied, rich, complex, projects very well and lasts forever. I'd say it's right up there...
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    Re: Fake MPeG ?

    ^ ah, that explains it... although, just to complicate things...

    I have two 90ml diamond cut bottles that the tops screw off (Route de Vetiver, and Racine)
    but I also have a 100ml NEW style...
  21. Re: For blind buy, Guerlain L'Instant pour homme or the intense?

    Given the inherent risk of blind buying, i think this one has a pretty good chance of being a good one. Of course everyone's different and you'll see a few who ended up hating it and never see the...
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    Re: Fake MPeG ?

    MPG is pretty obscure and a tiny line. I doubt anyone would try and make a fake.
    And, I've found VERY variable pricing on these. Shops selling 100ml for $150-170, and others on sale for $90-100.
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    Re: New Fragrance: Tom Ford Noir Extreme

    huh, this sounds good! Wasn't a huge fan of the original, but the Plum Japonais comparison has me intrigued...
  24. Re: Looking for: strong, dark, masculine SAFFRON fragrance

    I could be off on this reco but just trying to add something to the pile. I find L'Artisan's Tea for Two has a nice saffron and leathery tea note. Of course Saffron Troublant too but I find that...
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    Re: USPS and mailing fragrances

    only customs or border people can actually open a package, and that's only if they suspect it's something illegal. A bottle of liquid is rarely suspicious, and worst case I haven't lied, I've just...
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    Re: Tobacco

    some +1's...

    Tobacco Vanille
    Tobacco Oud
    Tabac Aurea
    Fumerie Turque
    Michael Kors FM
    Tobacco Toscano
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    Re: How shallow are you?

    alright, I'm mostly on board with y'all, but I will say I'm more inclined to buy a so-so scent with a really nice bottle than a good scent with terrible packaging.

    Guys like MPG for example, the...
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    Re: USPS and mailing fragrances

    I ship out 5-10 fragrance bottles a week. I label everything as grooming product sample and have never had any issues. Nobody's ever asked me if it's perfume and if they did I'd lie and say nope....
  29. Re: Thinking about watering down my Aventus with Ab spirit silver

    yeah +1, first start with a 2.5ml atomizer and play around with the proportions and maybe do a few, and also give them a couple of weeks to blend...

    let us know how that all goes...
  30. Re: I need help about TF Tobacco Vanille

    what country?

    how much is he asking?

    what's the story of where he got it and why he's selling it?
  31. Re: Which house has the best quality ingredients?

    Hmmm, maybe Malle? I think whether natural or synthetic they're well thought out and composed scents
  32. Re: Niche Essence - Anyone have any experience purchasing form them?

    Hey guys (Hednic et al),

    I know Niche Essence and have been to the shop several times.

    Kiavash is the manager and a very nice, well established man. He's been in the cosmetics business for...
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    Re: Vintage Pine Monsters

    well, for more modern ones, +1 to Granville and Italian Cypress
  34. Re: Counterfeit tom ford private blends?

    um interesting... In short, I guess thanks for the warning but dude, seems like jumping to a conclusion here. One random Craiglist posting doesn't mean it's been faked.

    I've never seen or heard...
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    Re: so big promotion pays off!
  36. Replies

    Re: Great Scents that need a new home!!

    do the prices include shipping?

    do these have boxes?
  37. Re: Neroli Portofino OR Mandarino Di Amalfi

    I much prefer the Neroli Portofino
  38. Re: How is bond Brooklyn & new Haarlem?

    um, go read the reviews.... Basenotes has a huge directory, then check fragrantica, lucky scent, youtube, etc...

    then order samples or go test them in person.

    Nobody's going to write anything...
  39. Re: Just got NEW NICHE (Aventus) and Versace Belt! (Pics)

    Aventus and a Versace belt. Well, you win some you lose some eh!

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    Re: Citrus for Winter?

    a few +1's in here...

    Chanel - Bleu, Allure, and Allure edition blanche
    Dior - Eau Sauvage parfum, Dior Homme Cologne
    Hanae Mori
    Guerlain - Pamplelune
    Byredo - Pulp
    Tom Ford - for men
  41. Re: Those who dislike/hate La Nuit De L'Homme ... care to explain why?

    I've tried, really tried to find something notable about this scent. I've sprayed it on cards and smelled it probably 5-10 times, asked various women and my girlfriend 4-5 times, worn it probably 2-3...
  42. Re: Can anyone verify that THIS di Orio release is the SAME as the first ?

    I can't comment on the juice since I haven't smelled the new one (I think that's actually your question), but do note that they've called the new one Oud Osmanthus so either they're pointing out...
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    Re: 2015 Fragrance Predictions

    if we're actually talking seriously...

    I predict more pseudo-niche lines coming out, meaning a mass market company bringing out some sort of 'exclusive' and higher priced 'niche-like' line... as...
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    Re: Tom Ford "Chocolate"?

    looks closely at the lettering, it's photoshopped pretty badly. they're rubbed out the top two lines and replaced them (with different font)
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    Re: Had a very bad scare - Please read!

    huh, now I understand your username!
  46. Re: Need some advice for finding a lovely scent for my wife as her bday gift

    as for various Vanillas, well there are sooo many. Just some ideas off the top of my head - Creed Sublime Vanille, Guerlain Shalimar, Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille, By Kilian Love, Tom Ford...
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    Re: Had a very bad scare - Please read!

    damn! i was really looking forward to using your bathroom
  48. Re: Need some advice for finding a lovely scent for my wife as her bday gift

    make a list of 10 that sound like they might work, order samples online and give her a sample pack with a note that says try this, pick the one you love, and I'm getting you a bottle, happy birthday.
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    Re: the best true rose scent

    I'm no rose expert, but IMO Malle's Une Rose and Guerlain's Rose Barbare are both excellent roses
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    Re: Your favorite Iris (Orris) scents

    I go with Hermes Hiris or Lutens Iris Silver Mist for something cool and masculine. personally I'm not a big fan of the iris's that are too girly (no offense ladies)
  51. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    nope, so just to clarify, I gave a bunch of general dark jammy berry or fruit fragrance recommendations. In there I also mentioned that maybe if it's a dark fruitness you're after, but not...
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    Re: Bay Rum with Lime

    check out royalle lyme... if I'm not mistaken, they do bay rums and this one is rather lime-y. Brooks brothers even sells this line so should be easy to test it out there.
  53. Re: Bananas & Chainmail: the uniqueness of Acier Aluminum.

    this is a weird one for sure...
  54. Re: WTB:Malle Musc Ravageur, TF Amber Absolute,Tuscan Leather

    PM sent (what's app) about AA and TL
  55. Re: Really finding it trouble finding a cologne I'm satisfied with

    Step 1 - samples, then decants.
    Step 2 - see step 1
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    Re: Guerlain citrus and vanilla

    based on you liking some guerlains, including pamplelune, I'm going to guess that the trick to it is that while some of the Guerlains are 'fresh', for the most part what they do is take a citrus and...
  57. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    My mistake, I said Ford purple patchouli which is an old one and discontinued, and yes, hard to find.
    What I meant was the new one called Patchouli Absolute
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    yeah I remember when buying this one reading about that. I find that any sort of sour citrus, so say grapefruit for example, on some skin it can turn acidic and smell bad. Some people reported...
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    Re: D&G pour homme or Bleu de Chanel

    both good choices IMO. I think the D&G PH is a bit more masculine and mature but the Bleu is easier to wear and more versatile.
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    Re: Armani prive

    there are quite a few.

    Some are very good.

    I don't know if I'd say they are compliment getters in general...

    perhaps do a little more reading around since there have even recently been a...
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    Re: Big work Christmas party scent...

    while normally for anything hot and sweaty and formal I'd suggest Grey Vetiver or GIT and the likes, I think I'd either go a little darker with it and wear Prada Amber Intense, so you'll get the...
  62. Re: /the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    double post, mods please delete
  63. Re: ...the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    I think guys could wear it, but personally I've always felt it's rather seductive and sexy on a woman. It's roses, oud, chocolate, etc. I find it quite gourmand and sexual, something to be licked......
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    whoa holey moley that's quite a necro!

    Cosanostra - Totally ignore any sort of gender classification with this one. Personally I own a bottle and I'm a 30 year old straight guy and I wear plenty...
  65. Re: Tobacco Vanille or Guerlain blind buys?

    the guerlain SDV is a beautiful amazing scent, but IMO it's really just vanille. It covers the whole accord, and it's amazing, but it's pretty much just vanille... so I love it but it may get a...
  66. Re: Still seeking a DARK and HEAVY Blackberry fragrance

    I think what you need is dark fruits and spices. guys like Malone or L'artisan are a little light and ethereal. I'm not surprised you didn't find what you were looking for with those two. Even Serge...
  67. Re: What is the most you've ever sprayed at once?

    I think it was one of the Guerlains, Eau? Imperial? a good 10-15 sprays all over. No shame, it's an edC. Fun refresher and then gone in 10-15 minutes.

    I once did 4-5 Montale Black Oud. Now that...
  68. Re: How important is it to keep the original boxes of your fragrances?

    your call. I keep the boxes partly because they're beautiful, partly because they're practical in terms of keeping scents in the dark and they're easier to store/stack that way, and also for resale....
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    Re: Tom Ford sprayers

    I'd say it's about 7-10 sprays per ml, the Fords being on the higher side of that so say 9-10. And if you wear 2 sprays per use, then it's about 4-5 uses per ml, so 50ml will last around ~200. Maybe...
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    Re: Tom Ford sprayers

    Regarding the atomizers - I've personally got about 8-10 of the 50ml bottles myself. Their atomizers don't spray a lot of juice but they do spray it evenly and well. and considering how strong this...
  71. Re: TOM FORD SPLITS - International Shipping - most private blends & DISCONTINUED ONES!!! - $130 shi

    still taking orders! :-)
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    Re: Made my first purchase

    aw man, I love BN. From axe to Knize 10. Good stuff :-)
  73. Re: Wonderful, Another Aventus Thread…….but Please Hear Me Out

    I think there have always been a few people (myself included) that have said that Creeds seem to work best with a few conditions...

    1. They seem to need some time to mature and mellow out and...
  74. Re: Where have all the unique bottles gone?

    I'm actually the same way on this one. Assuming the original design is good, I'm happy with a house all having the same bottle with slight variations. I love the bottles from L'Artisan, Tom Ford, Le...
  75. Re: Help me understand Balenciaga pour Homme

    sounds like a fair price. and we're talking about $25, how wrong can you go. Or heck, just go buy FSUgrad's bottle since he hates it so much!
  76. Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel - Misia coming Feb 2015?

    huh, cool. Looking forward to smelling this one!
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    Re: Was Le Labo reformulation?

    huh, ain't that the question. This is almost impossible to answer because technically every bottle suffers from batch variation in some way shape or form. Every bottle is made on the spot so there...
  78. Re: Is Tuscan Leather an 'attractive' fragrance?

    whoa, that's a bump on an old thread...

    Can't believe I never commented on this one before. IMO Tuscan Leather is a power scent, not an attractive scent. It will attract people, but it's not soft...
  79. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    nope, the main notes for BD'E are the dry smokey wood and incense. There are supporting notes like black pepper (I think) and a unique accord in the opening of Eucalyptus which adds a sort of menthol...
  80. Re: Guerlain counters (or lack thereof) in dept stores in Australia

    aw man, tell me about it. Yes, we actually have a boutique here in Toronto, and there are a few nice Guerlain counters, but only really in stores where they've update ALL of the branded counters, and...
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    Re: Splashing the Private Blends

    I have bottles and usually spray, but, using those splash samples, I've actually come to enjoy putting a little dab behind my ears and on the top of my wrists. In many cases I actually have found...
  82. Replies

    Re: Natural v. Synthetic Men's Scents

    errrr.... yeah, bit of a false dichotomy here, but I'll take it in the spirit...

    To me, I tend to find Indie perfumers, guys like say Tauer, or shops like Lush and L'Occitane, have a 'natural'...
  83. Poll: Re: UNGARO pour Homme, I, II, III, what do you prefer personally?

    just make sure to do a little reading on BN about formulations and packaging. I believe there are at least 2-3 different versions between box and cap colors and the juice is quite different for each,...
  84. Re: What retailers can I find decanting supplies?

    ^^^ Yep, agreed. I know of no brick and morter, but for online I use AFF for smaller orders and certain items, and BestBottles for larger orders (I think they have a minimum shipping charge).

  85. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    hmmm, I own plenty of bottles that are worth quite a bit, but in terms of hard cash payments, I think it was actually Amouage Jubilation XXV at $250-300 Or Dior privee's (a few of them) with exchange...
  86. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    ah, in that case I'd say try the Ambre Soie (a spicey amber with strong supporting cinnimon note), and also Ford's Sahara Noir which IMO has some strong overlap with Encens Satin. The Bois D'Encens...
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    Re: Tom Ford - What Would You Buy ?

    I think Black Orchid is more interesting but a little hard to wear. It's complex and loud so I've really got to be in the mood for it. For good quality, easier to wear and likeability, I'd say...
  88. Re: What am I missing from my collection?

    from there, and keeping with extrait strengths, I'd say try the few chanel exclusifs that do parfum, guerlain will have quite a few options for you, and many houses like Ford and Montale+Macera are...
  89. Re: Looking for a "bad boy" rum and oceanic fragrance.

    Virgin Island Water is a good choice, and I'd throw in Guerlain's Homme ("mohito accord" with lime, mint, and white rum)

    If you want bad boy booziness with a little biker thrown in... Most of...
  90. Re: Best fragrance from the Armani Prive line?

    I like Bois d' Encens, Ambre Soie, and Encens Satin
  91. Re: There's something about Silver Mountain Water

    My suggestion is to buy a 10ml decant so you'll feel like you 'own' a bottle. If you keep wearing it and finish the decant, then get a bottle. If you keep sniffing it but never really run out, you'll...
  92. Re: Regarding Dior's Private Collection

    yeah for anything related to heat I'd say either Bois D'Argent, or Cologne Royal, and if they still have testers, the Vetiver. Ambre Nuit is a beautiful scent, but I think it might be a little...
  93. Re: Bone-dry niche fragrance to add to my collection?

    I say it's more about house style...

    Comme Des Garcons
    L'Artisan Parfumeur

    The above two generally have low projection, smell niche but are reasonably priced, and often have some sort of wood...
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    Re: Are you keeping a secret?

    makes you feel exceptional eh? it's because You Are
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    Re: Tom Ford noir de noir

    I quite like this scent, though I do agree that there's quite a bit of fem side to it. Actually Cafe Rose with the incense and coffee against the rose instead of NdN's chocolate side, less gourmand,...
  96. Re: First Cologne is Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford...what next?

    uh, yeah. Splits gets you 50ml of juice for $125. Why anyone would pay an extra $100 for the Ford black bottle.... If the guy can afford Tuscan and likes the house style then Tobacco Vanille seems...
  97. Re: First Cologne is Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford...what next?

    Tobacco Vanille would seem like a logical choice....
  98. Re: How do I clean my plastic atomizer?

    just be very careful to wash it out completely. if there's any detergent left, even trace amounts, it'll muck up the perfume. Also make sure to let the water completely dry out from the bottles.
  99. Re: Semi-blind bought AdP Oud, what to expect?

    I think it's an excellent scent. Not much I can compare it to, maybe a little bit like the Creed Royal Oud in that it's sort of a watery open fresh take on the note but that just doesn't do it...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VI

    Hey Viffer, I'm a collector too and I love the packaging, but why put the bulky boxes in the fridge too? Wouldn't you have a lot more space with only bottles in there plus I don't know if the...
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