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  1. Re: What fragrance(s) deserve to be discontinued?

    Because it is popular.
  2. Re: What fragrance(s) deserve to be discontinued?

    I happen to enjoy the fragrances you want discontinued.
    There are many fragrances that I don't care for but other people seem too enjoy them, and that is just fine by me.
    It comes down to personal...
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 14th November, 2015

    Well, it ain't even saturday yet but since I am enjoying it so much right now it's gonna be Bentley Intense. This is the best fragrance I have smelled since Egoiste.
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    Re: Pure Malt and Pure Havane performance

    Pure Malt doesn't perform all that well on my skin.
    I get may be 5 hours out of it.
    Pure Havane performs excellent.
    It lasts on me for 14+ hours.
    Both smell great though.
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    Re: fresh fragrance for the office?

    +1 De Bachmakov.

    I will add Eau de Lalique and Voyage d'Hermes.
    Azzaro Chrome is also a nice safe option.
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    Re: Aqua Fahrenheit, L'Eau d'Issey, or Le Male?

    I agree, Aqua Fahrenheit.
    People in the real world might like the other two better though.
    Just go with the one that makes you happy.
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    Re: Guilty Pleasures

    Joop! Homme and Nightflight.
    JPG Fleur du Male.
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    Re: Anything close to Chanel Egoiste?

    Trumper's Sandelwood cologne has got a similar vibe.
    These days I prefer it over Egoiste.
    Vintage Egoiste is still my favourite fragrance though.
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    Re: Fragrances you enjoy more out of season

    Ambre Sultan, Chergui and Jaipur Homme are fragrances that I do enjoy wearing in warm weather.
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    Re: i need another signature HELP!

    Give Chanel Egoiste (vintage if possible) a try. It is nothing like Aventus but I love it.
  11. Re: Just tried Pure Havane, what a piece of junk!! :/

    I am sorry that you didn't enjoy Pure Havane. I love it and even have a back up bottle. To me it smells great and it performs really well. It just won't quit, which might be not so great for you. It...
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    Re: Be careful buying from Fragrancex

    I never expect to receive a vintage bottle based on the picture shown on the website.
    Maybe you can e-mail Fragrancex the next time asking them whether or not the bottle you are interested in is...
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    Re: Scents similar to Bogart Pour Homme

    It may just be my skin but both last over 14 hours on me.
    Pure Havane is a good suggestion.
    I like it a lot more that Bogart PH.
    It smells more naturel and rounded.
    Bogart PH is a bit rough...
  14. Re: Fragrances you love at the initial start but dislike the drydown

    Michael for Men. I enjoy the opening and the middle notes but the drydown smells really harsh and cheap to me.
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    Re: Perry ellis 360 For men . Fake ?

    I have a bottle that came in a giftset and it does also have a sticker on it, no engraving.
    So I think you have an authentic bottle
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    Re: Chanel Égoiste vs Opium Pour Homme EDP

    Unfortunately they have both been reformulated so these ratings are for the vintage versions of both fragrances.

    Scent: Egoiste
    Versatility: Egoiste
    Longevity Opium PH EDP
    Projection: Opium PH...
  17. Poll: Re: Lolita Lempicka's Au Masculin Vs Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male

    I prefer au masculin.
    It has a lot of star anise which is such a nice smell to my nose.
    Weird as it may sound I don't like the taste of licorice, or as it we call it "drop" but I love the smell of...
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    Re: What did they say you smelled like?

    "You smell like old soap" Jaipur PH EDP.
    "You smell like an old man" TdH.
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    Re: Amouage Interlude Man - Magnetic cap ?

    The bottle of Interlude that I have has a magnetic cap and it is really strong and good. I sprayed some on a piece of paper the week before christmas and left it on a shelf in the bathroom. It has...
  20. Re: Would you consider Fahrenheit to be a "fresh" fragrance?

    When I wear it I don't find it to be all that fresh but when I smell it on a friend of mine I do find it to smell fresh.
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    Re: Asking for perfume suggestions

    Give Burberry Brit a try.
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    Re: My cloying day with LIDGE

    I used to put two sprays of LIDGE on my chest, two to the sides of the neck and one to the back of the neck.
    This never caused me any problems, even got me the most enthusiastic compliments ever.
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    Re: Interlude Man First Wear

    The top notes can be a bit too much for some but the more it dries down the better it gets.
    The top reminded me a bit of ambre sultan with that oregano note.
    I sprayed some Interlude on a piece of...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Ultra Zest (new for 2015)

    My thoughts exactly.
    The Sunessence was a complete disaster as far as I am concerned.
    Let's hope this one is better.
  25. Re: Advice Requested of Me and by Association, Basenotes

    I think he and his wife to be should do some sampling and buy something they both love.
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    Re: Thoughts on Jaipur Homme By Boucheron?

    Yes it can irritate for sure.
    I have never had any reaction to any fragrance except to Jaipur.
    I had the same reaction as you. Thank God it only happened once.
    Must have been a sensitive skin day....
  27. Thread: TdH Rebuy

    by Nexus6

    Re: TdH Rebuy

    I bought a new bottle of TdH edt last year and I didn't detect any flint in that one either.
    So maybe you should look into finding an older bottle.
  28. Re: What scent or cologne would you like to be remembered by?

    Chanel Egoiste.
  29. Re: Opium pour home EDP - where is it possible to still purchase it?

    When you do find a new bottle you may find that it doesn't smell the same as your old bottle.
    To my nose it is weaker and it has less blackcurrent in it, well it has less of everything in it.
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    Re: Major price hike for Creeds on Fragrancenet

    I noticed the same thing in The Netherlands.
    I bought a 120 ml bottle of Aventus for 179 Euros in december 2013.
    Right now the same bottle will cost you 311 Euros at the same site.
  31. Re: Your New Years Eve Scent for 2014 to celebrate the arrival of 2015! Fragrance Related Resolution

    I will probably be wearing Interlude Man.

    My resolution, no more blind buys.
    I have had some luck with blind buys but it is still pretty much hit and miss.
  32. Re: Merry Christmas!!! What scents do you know that...

    Witness by Jacques Bogart.
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    Re: 2014 XMAS Day Scent

    Tonight I am going out drinking with a couple of friends.
    I feel like wearing Chergui tonight.
    I don't know yet what I will be wearing the other days.
  34. Re: Share your greatest bargain ever. A silly thread to show off.

    Pure Malt and Pure Havane each for 30 or 35 Euro's.
    About 50 ml of vintage Egoiste for 27 Euro's.
    100 ml Interlude Man for 135 Euro's.
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    Re: Modern Egoiste vs. Vintage Egoiste

    I just received a used 75 ml splash bottle of Egoiste.
    A few minutes ago I sprayed some on (I put some juice in an atomizer) and I am in heaven!
    This vintage Egoiste is much, much better than my...
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    Re: When is it enough?

    As far as I am concerned there is no rationality to fragrances.
    I love them and will continue buying them.
  37. Re: I need suggestion which cologne to choose for clubs ?

    You already know what gets you compliments. Stick with them. Also wear what makes you feel comfortable.
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    Re: Fragrances that exude a "calming" effect.

    L'air du desert Marocain has this effect on me.
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    Re: Egoiste: Sweaty drydown note.

    I also noticed this "sweaty" note in my older bottles of Egoiste.
    The bottle I purchased three years ago doesn't have this note anymore.
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    Re: Can a man wear female fragrances?

    Sure you can but only if you feel comfortable wearing them.
    If it suits your style en personaltiy, go for it!
  41. Re: What are the booziest fragrances you've had the pleasure of wearing?

    +2 for Ambre Russe.
    Pure Malt has a nice boozy opening and so does Michael Kors for men.
    Michael Kors has a awful drydown though so I can't say it is a pleasure to wear it.
  42. Re: What's your favourite oriental in the heat and humidity?

    Give it a try.
    I am sure it will work out fine.
    I sprayed on quite a bit on a hot and humid day and nobody was complaining.
    I even got a few compliments!
    Also, a buddy of mine loves Ambre Sultan....
  43. Re: What's your favourite oriental in the heat and humidity?

    Ambre Sultan works well under hot and humid conditions.
    I would even go so far as to say that Ambre Sultans works better in hot weather than in cold weather.
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    Re: Ab Silver Lomani - the next Aventus clone?

    I have worn AB Silver a couple of times now and I really can't smell it on myself after a few hours.
    Last evening I took a shower at 8, sprayed on some AB Silver and I couldn't smell it on me after...
  45. Re: Anyone else get nothing but patchouli in Amen?

    Tar and patchouli are the main notes that come out on my skin.
    After 4 to 5 hours I can smell some caramel and but the patchouli is always the note that sticks out the most.
  46. Re: Interesting TV Programme Re. History Of Perfume - Original Launch Date Of Chanel No.5 1913 !!!

    Tomorrow afternoon there is going to be a rerun of this documentary on TV.
    I will record it and watch it later.
    Lets hope it is in German or has Dutch, German or English subtitles, otherwise it is...
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    Re: The best summer scent in my opinion

    These are nice for summer:
    The Different Company - De Bachmakov
    Lalique - Eau de Lalique
    Gai Mattiolo Uomo
    Hermes - Voyage d'Hermes

    Although I also like to wear some heavier fragrances like...
  48. Re: The World Cup Has Begun; What's a Good Fragrance to Wear at a Crowded Sports Bar or Pub?

    I was wearing Fahrenheit last night and I will be wearing Fahrenheit for the next matches.
    Robben and van Persie scored great goals.
    I am still not sure what happened.
    Was Spain really that bad...
  49. Re: The World Cup Has Begun; What's a Good Fragrance to Wear at a Crowded Sports Bar or Pub?

    In a few hours I am going to watch Spain v the Netherlands.
    I will probably wear Aventus or Fahrenheit. I am not sure yet.
    Let's hope we don't get slaughtered by Spain.
    Well, there is always beer...
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    Re: Good sillage and longevitty fragrance!

    Givenchy - Xeryus Rouge.
  51. Re: The main reason why perfume brands change (worsen, cheapen) very good original scents

    Most companies want to cut costs in order to maximize profits.
    I don't think it is any different when it comes down to fragrances.
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    Re: Ab Silver Lomani - the next Aventus clone?

    Well, AB Silver Spirit seems to be a hit.
    I ordered a bottle online a week ago.
    Yesterday I received an e-mail from the store that they couldn't deliver AB Silver Spirit due to the fact that both...
  53. Re: Projection dies too fast in Joop Homme & does it really helps in getting compliments from female

    Spray some on your clothes. This will increase longevity.
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    Re: My grandmother was on "crack" !!

    These kind of things happen.
    Just be grateful that you have a grandmother that cares enough about you to pick up a bottle of cologne for you, even though she picked up the wrong one.
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    Re: Recent Blind Buy Disappointments?

    Costume National 21.
    There are a lot of positive reviews on this one but I am only getting a dusty note and a weak amber smell. It is also completely linear to my nose. It might grow on me but at...
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    Re: Creamy Fragrances

    Chanel - Allure homme edition blanche.
    Trumpers Sandalwood cologne.
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    Re: Today I Bought: May 2014

    I just ordered a bottle of De Bachmakov by the Different Company.
    It is a blind buy but I read a lot of reviews and they were mostly positive.
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    Re: How does rain affect a fragrance?

    Humidity + heat will increase the projection.
    With increased projection the longevity will probably shorten since the fragrance will evaporate faster.
    But this is just my theory.
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    Re: Copy Scent Embarrassment

    No, I wouldn't be embarrased.
    She thought you smelled good and complimented you on it.
    That is always a good thing.
  60. Poll: Re: As far as lemons go... Edition Blanche vs DHS vs Versace Eau Fraiche

    Edition Blanche for me For some reason I didn't care all that much about a few years ago but it really grew on me and now I am loving it.
    For me the only slight problem with it is that it doesn't...
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    Re: Dior "Homme" - Marketing over Manliness

    I have had nothing but positive feedback from women regarding Dior Homme.
    I think it was a bold move from Dior to launch a masculine fragrance with a Iris note in it and I applaud them for doing so.
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    Re: Fragrances with Cinnamon notes

    +1 on Egoiste.
    Witness by Jaques Bogart. It is an cinnamon bomb.
    It is discontinued but can still be found online.
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    Re: Unisex fragrances

    No, not at all.
    Do you have a problem with wearing unisex fragrances?
    And if so, why?
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    Re: Reviews you just "don't get"?

    Allure Homme Sport 113-27-26.
    It is incredible cheap smelling to my nose.
    It is beyond me how Jaques Polge, who composed the mighty Egoiste, could come up with this one.
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    Re: Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    Lol, no I wouldn't under dress.
    And for such occasions I use more sprays than when I am going to work.
    When I am going out to a bar or a club I get bombarded by a lot of scents.
    1 Million and Le...
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    Re: Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    I don't think the atomizer is putting out more than usual although it sprays a lot of juice. More per spray than most of my other bottles.

    I have another set of friends who are a lot more into...
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    Re: Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    Well, I don't like to offend people by my actions, words or by my fragrances
    I don't see how this makes me being easily manipulated by others.
    I wear whatever fragrance I like even though others...
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    Re: Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    The next time I will keep it down to 3 sprays. See how that works out.

    There was another time not so long ago thatmy I felt really bad about over spraying. In this case it were 5 sprays of my...
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    Have you ever felt bad about over spraying?

    I put on four sprays of aventus before going out with a buddy of mine.
    He told me that he could smell me before entering my apartment.
    Six hours later he told me that my fragrance was hitting the...
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    Poll: Re: Fragrance battle, Monday afternoon

    Opium Pour Homme EDP.
    This is one of my favourites.
    I am surprised they still sell it though, or may be it has been discontinued and nobody cares enough about it to buy it.
  71. Re: Dihydromyrcenol and me (or: why Jardin d'Amalfi made me recoil)

    To my nose a lot of fragrances contain a foul, chemical sour note that I really dislike.
    Cool water is one of them, Hanae Mori HM is another.
    I always thought that it was just a low grade lavender...
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    Re: Stuck with smoky Aventus? Upgrade it!

    I wish that my current bottle was more smoky. I like the smoky batches better than the fruity batches.
  73. Replies

    Re: Floral Like Reflection Man

    Fleur de Male was also my first thought although it doesn't get really deep.
  74. Re: Looking for a mega-compliment fragrance for summer

    I get complimented a lot on Aventus and Fahrenheit when I wear them in the summer.
    I know that Aventus isn't loved by all people here but this one will get you compliments.
    Fahrenheit is a classic...
  75. Re: Name The Most Intoxicating Heady Fragrances You Have Tried

    Interlude Man and Opium PH EDP.
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit poor sillage and longevity.

    I don't think it is all due to IFRA regulations. I am afraid that they are watering down fragrences to cut costs and make more profit. And as long as people like me buying a bottle of Fahrenheit,...
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    Re: Dior Fahrenheit poor sillage and longevity.

    I have got a small 2010 bottle which has excellent sillage and longevity and I got a 2013 bottle which is much weaker.
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    Re: Ambre Sultan blind buy?

    It took me some time to get used to the oregano note. After the oregano has gone it is pretty easy sailing though. Right now the oregano doesn't bother me anymore. I even like it now. It is a pretty...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I bought a bottle of the U02 batch. It has great longevity. I sprayed it on at 5:30 pm and I could still smell it on me when I woke up at 10 am. It also smells very good and has good sillage.
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    Re: Body Kouros smells like Le Male?

    Maybe they share some similarities in the base but other than that they are nothing alike.
    Body Kouros is, in my opinion, the better of the two.
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    Re: Terre d'hermes - reformulated?

    I recently bought a new bottle and decided to test it against my old 2007 bottle on two seperate pieces of toiletpaper.
    The new bottle started out with a fresh note that is missing from the old...
  82. Re: Your Top 5 Longest Lasting (Designer) Summer Fragrances ?

    Some might disagree but I love Fahrenheit and Kouros in the summer.
  83. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    I will be taking Surfacing's Fahrenheit Absolute. Thanks!
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    Re: Antaeus or YSL Kouros Fraicheur

    I would go for Kouros Fraicheur.
    It is very hard to find and it is an excellent fragrance.
    You can always buy Antaeus later since it is easy to find.
  85. Re: Frag that is still fresh suddenly smell sour on you?

    Cool Water, The 3rd Man, Gris Clair, Hypnose Homme, Rochas Man and a lot of other fragrances that I tried with lavender in it turn sour on me after a couple of hours.
    My skin doesn't seem to get...
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    Re: Rive Gauche vs Kouros

    Rive Gauche is nice but Kouros is great!
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    Re: Rochas Man (cotton candy bomb)

    I have the same problem with Rochas Man.
    Most fragrances last for a long time on my skin, this one doesn't.
  88. Re: Will Pure Shot eventually be a pure malt, havane and coffee?

    No way. It is by far the worst creation in the Mugler Pure line up.
    It is just as bad as Sunessence.
    I still regret the day that I blind bought Sunessence.
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    Re: Favorite oriental colognes

    Chanel - Egoiste
    Serge Lutens - Chergui
    YSL - Opium PH EDP
    YLS - Body Kouros
    Tauer - L'air du Desert Marocain
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    Re: KOUROS arrived! The ultimate review.

    I tried the reformulation on a paper strip and it didn't even last a day on the strip while the vintage would last for weeks.
    The reformulation is definitely weaker and not "dirty".
  91. Re: No Longevity problems but Sillage/Projection Issues

    This is true for some situations like at work I don't want that much sillage.
    For some other situations like going to a club or a smoky bar it is nice to have some sillage going on.

    The next...
  92. Re: No Longevity problems but Sillage/Projection Issues

    I have the same "problem". Most fragrances have excellent longevity on me but don't project that much.
    This is probably because I have got a really cool skin so there is not much heat to evaporate...
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    Re: Your 5 Must Experience Colognes?

    Dior - Fahrenheit.
    Chanel - Egoiste.
    Mugler - A*Men.
    YSL - Kouros.
    Hermes - Terre d' Hermes.
  94. Re: my nose does not tolerate synthetic fragrance anymore.... like Le Male

    This has never happened to me.
    I am pretty sure though that niche brands also use a lot of synthetic ingredients in their fragrances.
    All natural fragrances are rare.
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    Re: Taking a Break From Wearing Fragrances.

    The same has happened to me recently.
    I even get more compliments with 3 sprays than I ever did with 4 or 5.

    I think a break can be usefull although I am not sure that it might be the answer to...
  96. Re: Scents that stay in your work space/room etc, long time after leaving it!

    Opium Pour Homme EDP.
  97. Re: Help wanted: Ambre Russe, L'Ombre Fauve or Chergui?

    I only own Ambre Russe and Chergui.
    They are both really good but Chegui is the more wearable of the two.
    You will probably own them all at some point if you really love them.
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    Re: How Spicy is Opium PH?

    I really don't know when it was reformulated.
    About half a year ago I bought a tester on the internet and it smelled different, less rich, to my nose.
    At first I suspected that it might be a fake...
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    Re: How Spicy is Opium PH?

    The edt starts out rather spicy but after a few hours you are left with just vanilla and cedar.
    It has also been reformulated and I can't say that I enjoy the reformulated version as much as the...
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    Re: Rank the Thierry Mugler fragrances

    Of the ones I own:

    1. Pure Havane.
    2. A*Men.
    3. Pure Malt.
    4. Cologne.
    5. Sunessence (this one shouldn't even make the list because it is awful).
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