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    Re: Masterpiece Fragrances

    The most brilliant and satisfying compositions I can think of off the top of my skull would be Derby, Samsara (original), Norell, Furyo, Yohji Homme, Minotaure (the version by Cosmair), the 1976...
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    Re: Scents like CK Escape but better

    Closest I can think would be Viking by Royal Copenhagen. Very interesting scent but super cloying if over-applied.
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 22nd October, 2015

    Finally broke down and got some London for Winter - 42724
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    A couple years back I gave away the last bit of my bottle of original Tsar. On a whim I picked up an identical bottle on eBay and one sniff in was retroactively offended at myself for ever letting go...
  5. Re: Looking for recommendation to build collection

    Here are some pretty fail-safe (and very affordable) suggestions that are easy to find. We'll save the power hitters for another time.
    Aura by Jacomo, a quiet, bittersweet green oriental. Burberry...
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    Re: Caron 3rd Man

    I feel the newer one is slightly jagged and more sweet. It's hard to separate the florals in the blending. That said it's still more impressive than 90% of what I own. The older vintages have more...
  7. Re: What's your favourite oriental in the heat and humidity?

    A light spritz of Halston's Catalyst does mighty well, especially with an extra dab of sandalwood oil beneath.
  8. Re: What is the best floral musculine fragrance?

    Egoiste, Rochas Globe, Minotaure, Wicked by Bijan (very close to lily of the valley), Carven Homme, Ungaro III, Insense, and Mitsuoko. I absolutely love masculine florals and these are the most fun...
  9. Re: What are the booziest fragrances you've had the pleasure of wearing?

    Vintage Nicole Miller for Men, Avon Bay Rum aftershave, and a resounding +1 for Hammam Bouquet - what a beauty.
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    Re: "And my top 5 rose scents is..."

    Right now I'd say I'm enjoying Ungaro II and III, L'Interdit Parfum (women's scent but who gives?), Carven Homme, and l'Egoiste.
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    Re: Guerlain Derby or Knize Ten Gold

    I own, at best, three fragrances other than Derby which force me to pause upon application and marvel at their composition. I thought I would be jaded by this after my second sample, and I was...
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    Re: Your top 3 Clones.

    Ghost Man (vs. Le Male)
    Citrus & Wood by Yardley (vs. Terre d'Hermes)
    Wicked by Bijan (vs. CK One/Chrome)
  13. Re: Being Ridiculed for Wearing Fragrances as a Man

    I wear fragrance much like I would a scarf or a hat. I used to misjudge the occasion or style but, once I hit my stride, I stopped feeling self-conscious. If somebody doesn't like what I radiate it's...
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    Re: Does civet smell bad?

    In much the same way that another's body odor, however light, may or may not bother you, civet and other similar extracts are perceived in a spectrum which seems to rival most plant-based scents. I...
  15. Re: Affordable Vintage Niche/designer scents that smell fantastic! Compliment Getters that are vint

    Calvin, the first Calvin Klein for men is a great Old Spice-style frag with incredible power. The original Dunhill can still be had for fairly cheap, and Esencia by Loewe is an excellent lemony green...
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    Re: Nice smell frag with super projectivity

    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin (if you like sweet), M7 by Yves Saint Laurent (smooth, loud, sexy wood with a hint of cherry), Opium Pour Homme (vanilla spice), Uomo? Moschino (citrus/amber/wood, very...
  17. Re: Carven Vétiver & Carven pour Homme Relaunches (2014) {New Fragrances} {Men's Cologne}

    If they ruin Carven Pour Homme I might actually cry. At least Vetiver has already been butchered. Cynicism aside I really love the house of Carven and hope they do right by these, two of their finest...
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    Re: Top five vanilla scents

    I enjoy Nicole Miller for Men and Encre Noir for employing an earthy, unsweetened vanilla. Next up would be Le Troisieme Homme, Caron Pour Un Homme, and Ghost Man, taking the burnt sugar lavender...
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    Re: Top 5 pepper scents

    Fever by Celine
    Citrus & Wood by Yardley
    Wonderwood by Comme des Garcons
    Gucci Pour Homme
    Dzongkha by L'Artisan Parfumeur
  20. Re: Looking for smoky and leather frags, with HUGE longevity/sillage

    Do you like the idea of a head shop kind of patchouli/incense smoky? If you can get your hands on Furyo by Jacques Bogart you will find the most radiant, potent burnt lavender and coriander on the...
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    Re: Scents you love, BUT....

    Grey Flannel - I love it but it in turn loves me back with an obsession. Even a few drops on me will sing like an operatic lead for hours, and literally none of my friends like the scent. It's a...
  22. Re: Just scored a 1st edition Ungaro

    I have always loved rose but seldom thought much about orange, but I have come to find that the combination of the two smell wonderful on me, and Ungaro III is a prime example, right along with my...
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    Re: Back to the classics: suggestions!

    I would look into Bowling Greene by Geoffrey Beene (green), Derby by Guerlain (leather), Calvin by Calvin Klein (barbershop classic), Tenere (honey/rose), Fendi Uomo (anisic leather), and Ungaro I...
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    Re: Original Burberrys Help

    I have a bottle of the original Derby and a few minis of Burberry's excellent '92, so I'm certain I'll love the '81 if I can ever find some.
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    Original Burberrys Help

    I have sampled about every Burberry I can name save for the very first, 1981 release, the one with the off-centered cap. There has been much confusion in the past stemming from the 1995 Burberrys...
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    Re: Furyo Vintages

    I don't have the packaging for either but the full bottle looks just like the one in Badarun's picture. Ultimately it doesn't matter much as I enjoy both. I was just curious. The ruby red bottle...
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    Furyo Vintages

    If anyone here can lend some expertise I need some help discerning the original Furyo from the remake.
    My first encounter with Jacques Bogart's Furyo was a mini which I still have because its...
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    Re: Collecting Fragrances

    Often when I find something I like, (and this happens with music as with fragrances) I will read about related scents or look into the design house if I like the release. Sometimes I'll get one...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, March 27, 2014

    Burberrys (#2)26839
  30. Re: If you were to Create Your Own Signature Fragrance, what would its Notes be??

    Mine would be something like
    Bergamot, Fennel, Wormwood, Lavender
    Jasmine, Rose, Civet, Anise
    Oakmoss, Sandalwood, Cedar

    And I would definitely try Monkeybars' scent.
  31. Re: Anything similar to Le Male that isn't a flanker?

    GHOST MAN! And also Perry Ellis 360 White, which is an obvious copy, minus the mint and artemisia.
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    Re: Classic/Timeless Scents Worth Getting?

    Try Dunhill (1934) and Gucci Pour Homme (1976) - absolute keystone scents.
  33. Re: Name a few most dated smelling male fragrances

    Carven's Vetiver, Dunhill for Men, Salvador Dali PH, Royal Copenhagen, Van Cleef & Arpels PH, and Norell have all garnered 'you smell like an old man/ my aunt' comments on multiple occasions apiece....
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    Re: S O T D: Monday, February 24, 2014

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    Re: Best summer daytime fragrance?

    Eau de Rochas Homme, Uomo? Moschino, Kenzo Pour Homme, New West, and most dry, cedar-pepper scents work for me.
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    Re: My Top 5 Worst of the Worst Fragrances

    Tough call, because even the fragrances I tend to dislike only inspire intense disappointment and despair for trends. The only things off the top of my skull I can call disgusting are Navy by Dana...
  37. Re: If you had to chose only 1 cologne to wear for the next 5 years what would it be?

    Derby, assuming we get a hypothetical endless supply.
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    Re: EC Looks to Ban Three Fragrance Ingredients

    If Renato's vision comes to pass I will gladly join Kaern in the woods.
    Ban Eugenol and Coumarin? That writes off at least 80% of the frags I own made in the last 20 years. If the future is doomed...
  39. Re: Fragrances that you didn't like at first, but then liked after a weeks of trying it

    I thought Giorgio for Men was rank at first wear but I really fell for it about a week later. I wasn't at the time accustomed to honey-heavy scents like Lapidus and Tenere and it reminded me of wet...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    I just picked up a returned bottle of Mr. Blass by Bill Blass for ten bucks and I love it. Also, I keep seeing Obsession Night for Men there so I'm sure it's on the way out. If you want a harmless...
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    Re: Arpege Pour Homme !!!

    It's a super good buy (even blind) for the price. Get it while you can because I can just tell five years from now there will be 'I Miss This' threads popping up. Arpege PH is a good buy because it's...
  42. Re: What is most similar to Dunhill [for Men] 1934?

    In the ballpark I'd say English Leather, Antonio by Antonio Banderas, Leather by Avon, and Chanel Pour Monsieur, but all only cover about half of the board. Buy Dunhill if you can find it because...
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    Re: Favourite tonka based fragrances?

    Royal Copenhagen, Halston 1-12, and my personal Tonka champion, Jaguar (vintage and modern versions are both great).
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    Re: I'm a Masculine Man Wearing Shalimar

    I have and wear two vintages of both Norell and Emeraude as well as the old Samsara EDT and I love them all. It seems to me the older styles of feminine perfumery are considered to be so heavy-handed...
  45. Re: Your favorite fragrances that are largely synthetic.

    CK Truth for Men - It smells half-natural at best but that basil gets me, and the scent gets me a lot of good feedback.
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    Re: Favorite Vintage Scents- some insight

    Hedonist - I have that bottle of Diorella shown and it smells brand new to this day!

    I just bought a full bottle of the original Derby and I am giddy to try it. All of the samples I've tried so...
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    Kanon Sport and the Old 'Fresh'

    Has anyone here tried Kanon Sport before? I'm eyeing a lone bottle on eBay but it's a hefty price for something I really just want to try once or twice. Given the nature and general thrift of the...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    1. Minotaure
    2. Derby
    3. Norell (vintage)
    4. Bowling Green
    5. Halston Limited
  49. Re: please add avon's LEATHER cologne..........

    Just to bump this or help anyone surfing for Avon Leather, here is my take -
    Avon Leather (NOT Black Leather or any of the other spinoffs) is a simplified crossbreed of classic men's frags from the...
  50. Poll: Re: Bijan(vintage) vs Interlude Man vs Black Afgano

    +1 for Bijan. I don't wear this often (don't want to slay the Lady) but even in the current EDT form I have to apply it in drops (never more than 5 in the chest/neck region). I find it herbaceously...
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    Re: Next addition to my small collection?

    Terre d'Hermes is pretty failsafe, and I like Dior Homme (though I prefer the Intense). I also like Roadster but consider with that one you're facing hours of mint, vanilla, and vetiver, with little...
  52. Re: I sampled Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum for the first time and.....

    SixCats - I'm also really into the new Parfum. If you have a Sephora near you or are alright with ordering sample decants from online vendors I'd suggest you try Prada Amber Homme Intense. In the...
  53. Re: Can we guys really get away with wearing Guerlain Mitsouko?

    I can wear a great number of older feminine-marketed frags to great avail because in my age group most people were raised in the U.S. on the new fake/fresh norm and don't recognize the construction...
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    Just won a vintage splash of Norell Cologne. Don't know the manufacture date, as the company traded hands a couple times, but it's been a while since I saw ounceage listed as a fraction.13788
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    Re: 2 Word Reviews

    Minotaure - Mediterranean Hay
    Mitsouko - Peach Salad
    Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin - Sambuca Cake
    (vintage) Halston Z-14 - Sex Panther (see Anchorman)
    Obsession Men - Oriental Skin-So-Soft
  56. Re: What exactly does it mean to "pull off" a fragrance?

    Social Feedback + Personal Enjoyment divided by Perceived Negative Criticism = Pulloff
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    Re: Successful and well done reformulations ??

    Derby and Red for Men (Giorgio) are very respectable remakes.
  58. Re: Perry Ellis 360 Red For Men - damaged bottle?

    Mine also has a loose-fitting metal band at the top, and the spray is very weak, only letting out a tiny amount at a time. Not a serious problem so much as a little nuisance.
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    Re: Eau Maximum - Nickel

    I really like it, as it reminds me of a patchouli/orange/spearmint body wash I once had. Very invigorating rosemary and citrus opening. The cocoa leaf smells odd to me, but intriguing. I wish this...
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    Re: So, you've hit the Mega Bucks lottery.....

    Tucked away with my new hypothetical sample platter of Strange Invisible Perfumes would be four or five back-up bottles of Minotaure, Nicole Miller for Men, Derby (original and current formula),...
  61. Re: Please help me identify the note that's ruining everything for me :(

    The way it's been described here makes me think of the top notes (opening) of the following:
    D&G Light Blue
    Dunhill (brown)
    Kenzo Boisee

    These do it for me. A piercing nasal spear...
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    Re: The best men's rose scent?

    So far, my favorites are
    1. Black Rosette (Strange Invisible Perfumes) -I LOVE this.
    2. Tenere (Paco Rabanne)
    3. Hammam Bouquet (Penhaligon's)
    4. Ungaro II
    though there are many honorable...
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    Re: Rate my wardrobe & reccomendations!

    Based on your interests, I would recommend trying the following:
    Ungaro III
    Perry Ellis (original or Anniversary)
    Tenere by Paco Rabanne
    VanCleef & Arpels Pour Homme and Tsar
    Dunhill for Men...
  64. Poll: Re: Jaipur Homme by Boucheron - which concentration ?

    I prefer the EDT overall because it works better on me but the EDP really has more going for it in terms of richness and complexity.
    Perhaps you could test wear samples?
    Or just buy both for...
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    Re: Dior Eau Noire

    It gives me flashbacks to a time I can remember about as well as one can see a Monet painting at nose-length away, playing in the drive of a parent's friend's house, cedar chips and sagebrush and...
  66. Re: For Men: What is your number 1 favorite floral note?

    Mine is rose. Always has been. My contemporaries, my family, my girlfriend, and most people I meet don't seem to understand that there are masculine florals, so I catch a great deal of flak for...
  67. Re: Haters of GREY FLANNEL: Why do you hate it?

    Allow me a stab. I have enthusiastically grilled my girlfriend on a few occasions as well well as several Macy's and Perfumania SA's about their thoughts on Grey Flannel. Not a single positive...
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    Re: Changed my mind about Joop!Homme

    I bet I would like Joop! Homme a lot more if everyone I know who wore it didn't saturate themselves. With a light hand, I bet it would play out more like Rochas Man, which I think is very pleasant.
  69. Re: Looking for a reasonably priced, long lasting aquatic scent that is not too sweet

    Give CK Truth a shot. The women's version is a barely-sweet pink-and-green light floral that smells pleasantly dewy. I really like it.
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    Re: Scent of Escada Casual Friday ?

    Casual Friday smells fluffy, almost cotton-y, and sweet, mostly of cedar, (light) licorice, and vanilla. It's pretty good, especially stacked against Escada's later offerings. If this sounds good to...
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    Re: Arpege pH Discontinued

    I'm glad I'm not the only one to get the 'orange creamsicle' vibe here. Arpege PH grew on me well, and though I nearly rid myself of it twice, something stopped me each time and I'm glad I kept it....
  72. Re: Chanel Pour Monsieur is no longer a chypre I remember

    I hear you there. I like what's on the market now, which is surprising given my general distaste for reformulations, and I really do enjoy the Concentree, as it seems to me like a better-blended and...
  73. Re: Where does the concept of smelling "manly" come from?

    Hunter's on to something with the marketing angle. Think about this; with the EU banning and severely limiting the use of many of the staple ingredients of the great fragrances of yesteryear...
  74. Re: Anyone know of a cologne that pairs well with the scent of clove cigarettes?

    I used to smoke cloves years ago, particularly Djarum Cherry and Black. I second the suggestions of Coup de Fouet and Jaipur Homme and would also lean toward Ghost Man or John Varvatos if you're a...
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    Re: Favorite Guerlain Fragrance?

    You aren't likely to find Derby for cheap, but it certainly gets my vote. However, +1 on anyone suggesting Mitsouko for a man. That I know you can find well under $100.
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    Re: Stigma about Fragrance

    If you think it smells good coming off you, chances are it does. I wear several womens' perfumes, but the only factor that identifies them as such is personal association. If someone smells what...
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    Re: Aquatic snobbery!

    I have to agree with Blue Zinnia, but it's just my obstinate, childlike acceptance of things at large that make me seem obstinate. It straight bumms me out that the future of fragrances seems to be...
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    Re: Formal Gourmand/Oriental

    Jaipur in any form is recommended. And have you tried Dior Homme Intense?
  79. Re: Comically roasting someone else's favorite(s)...

    A little late, but I have to say that despite it (Derby) being my nose's champion, this is among the finest blocks of literature I've read this year.
  80. Re: Which two cologne scents do you like to wear layered together?

    I've tried a few, and so far my favorites are Gucci Pour Homme with a dash of Eau de Rochas (like a poor recreation of the original Gucci!), and the newer Perry Ellis Man with Halston Catalyst, light...
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    Re: YSL M7 blind buy?

    It's not peer-pressure; it's just your turn. M7 is a hit. Either you will love it, learn to love it, or at the very worst, trade it off for something you know you like. It is failsafe and unique, two...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, December 23, 2011

    Wow, people really treated themselves today! Happy Holidays indeed. Finally sunk my teeth into a full bottle of the undeniable Ungaro II.
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    Re: Aquatic snobbery!

    I typed all that only to find Heperd not only preempted me by one minute, but said more in three sentences. Dang.
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    Re: Aquatic snobbery!

    I think the 'problem' people have with aquatics is that they are dime-a-dozen, and you have to sort through countless crap projects to find the gems. However, the same complaint was likely iterated...
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    Re: Best Yves Saint Laurent for "night out"?

    Body Kouros is good but doesn't perform well enough to compete in a crowd or really draw people in, so save that for another time. Opium and M7 are both very well-made and alluring scents I could...
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    Re: Anything Like Anthracite Homme?

    I don't find Xeryus similar, really, but I do love it (same era!). Obsession Night for Women is very white floral and 'pink smelling,' and would only merit the comparison in the way a rainbow kind of...
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    Re: Orange blossom/Neroli for men

    Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels and Ghost Man. Neither uses neroli as a starring role, but it is used to great effect.
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    Re: Best Romantic/Attractive Cologne?

    Here are some all-around good ones for a young guy that wants to look/feel/smell good without blowing away passers by:
    Prada Amber Homme - Among my favorite recent designer frags, this is at once...
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    Anything Like Anthracite Homme?

    I have been wondering if anyone out there has tried Anthracite Pour l'Homme and has tried any similar but stronger or longer-lasting scents? Anthracite is a wonderful scent, and the blending and...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, December 19, 2011

    Love my space rock.
  91. Re: Cheap but Quality - Putting together a list of Fragrance Bargains

    +1 Carven Homme, Escada PH, Lolita Lempicka au Masculin

    Bijan Wicked
    Lalique Pour Homme (Equus)
    Tsar and VC&A PH
    Bulgari Blu Notte
    Halston Unbound
    Antonio by Antonio Banderas

    All of these...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: December 2011

    Finally did away with samples and said 'Yes' to a bottle of Ungaro II and Anthracite Homme, both of which will arrive by post in the next 48 hours (Oh ME, you shouldn't have). Merry Christmas, baby.
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    Re: Under the radar (designer) winners

    +1 for Carven Homme
    Bijan Wicked (men) has treated me well. I have recently been turned on to Paco Rabanne's Tenere as well.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, July 26, 2011

    Earlier I used the Red by Giorgio aftershave relaxer wipe cloth that came with a sample set and it burned like the Devil's touch. Smelled great, though.
  95. Re: Any gentleman in here willing to admit that their love of fragrane has put them on the road

    I'm currently a champagne taste on a PBR budget kind of guy, so I feel like this sometimes. Look good, feel good. It's something I try to abide by. If I can add 'smell good,' well that's just another...
  96. Re: My weekend finds at local yard/garage/estate sales!!!..............I can't believe it I got myse

    Online estate sales rock. I just picked up 6 minis including Furyo and Antaeus for $24.
  97. Re: It kind of looks like Claiborne gave up in the fragrance arena...

    They're nailing the K-Mart $7 blind buy market!
  98. Re: To all your REALLY hardcore fragrance junkies.

    Minotaure - It just works for me
    Nicole Miller for Men - Plays on my love of bourbon and leather
    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin - My intense licorice bias and the gourmand that works best on me
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    Re: what makes Royal Copenhegan so powdery???

    Iris and orris (the root) lend this feeling in large doses. Check out Dior Homme Intense or Gucci Pour Homme I if you want a reference. Heliotrope has a similar effect, and since Royal Copenhagen...
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    Re: How do you rotate your fragrances?

    I agonize over my selection for more time than I can really afford on most days. I get a good once a week instance in which I know what I really feel like wearing.
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