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    Re: Serge Lutens Haute concentration

    My understanding of the white vs. black Serge labels was a distinction of export line vs. Paris exclusives and not concentration related. The 50ml bottles with black labels are only exported for a...
  2. Montale lists no ingredients beyond 'alcohol, fragrance, water'

    I find this curious and perplexing, as every other fragrance I've ever seen has multiple sensitizers and allergens listed. Does anyone know why this is? Are they not IFRA participants? I find it...
  3. Re: Why do people say Guerlain Vetiver smells "ancient"?

    I agree that Guerlain Vetiver smells excellent, always, and IMO is ageless. That being said, there is always a danger in wearing a fragrance that has seen more of the world than you have (I make this...
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