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    Re: Shroff incense house

    Shroff is great; love there Mysore Sandal and Jungle Prince. Have you tried 'The Mothers India Fragrance' brand? Close rival to Shroff for the highest quality Indian incense I feel. If you get a...
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    Re: Japanese Wood Chips

    I've been burning Japanese wood chips in the 'Kodo' (charcoal and mica plate) style for just a few months now; highly recommend learning about it and giving it a try. All of the Agarwood chips I have...
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    Re: Japanese kneaded incenses

    I have several Kneaded incense from Kyukyodo; I enjoy them and they are quite a bit different from Senko (stick incense). More earthy and wet of a scent generally; tend to be sweet and tangyish also....
  4. Re: Anybody using only aftershave for frag needs ?

    Recently got into drug store after shaves and colognes just for the literal cheap thrill of buying a few new scents every time I go to the store..

    I found a few quite nice to use on there own in...
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    Re: Will my cologne get worse with age?

    Just keep it stored in a cool dark place away from light and heat and it should last for years. After a period of 15 years or so I've noticed scents that even have been stored proper start lose some...
  6. As a former heroin addict and long time opiate...

    As a former heroin addict and long time opiate user I am offended that they would ban this claiming it 'simulates the effect of drugs on the body'. Opiates are not stimulating and do not make you do...
  7. Re: Coca-Cola need to come out with a Coca-Cola Fragrance....

    Will I be able to snot it to get high before they reformulate it in ten years?

    But a Cola fragrance would be interesting (sure its been done?) fresh notes for the fizz/carbonation on top of a...
  8. Re: ANY BNer from PAKISTAN ? share something about colognes in ur country...

    You guys have a lot of Attar's and Oud oils available in Pakistan? I've only been to a few gulf countries (UAE and Oman) and loved the selection of oils.
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    Re: Mitsouko ... I am a Changed Man ...

    Yes I absolutely love Mistsouko also! It was a big starter for me viewing perfume as a true art.

    One of the few female scents I can confidently wear without thinking someone may smirk at me when...
  10. Re: Kouros Reformulation - Blueish-Grey font vs Grey Matte font bottles..

    subhuman85; I feel no pity for a fragrance or my self. This was not just one location I noticed the font change; multiple stores had them. Other duty free stores in the Perth airport had older style...
  11. Re: Kouros Reformulation - Blueish-Grey font vs Grey Matte font bottles..

    Seems to be another wink from YSL they reformulated by doing a slight repackaging.. Very similar to what has happened to M7..

    I suspect they've tweaked it to appeal to my generation more while...
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    Poll: Re: POLL: Dior Homme VS Dior Homme Intense

    Heyy what about Dior Homme Sport?? I am a fan, is it similar to Dior Homme Cologne? I love the original the most though..
  13. Kouros Reformulation - Blueish-Grey font vs Grey Matte font bottles..

    :o Yes another Kouros reformulation thread.. Kouros fan/collector, was NOT a flanker..

    Recently on holiday in Australia (and at a few dept stores in Hong Kong) I noticed bottles of Kouros with a...
  14. Begginers Questions - First DIY attempt today

    Hello there; recently dived into trying to make my own fragrances as a fun way to educate my self more on the note structure of perfumes. I've got a few basic questions after trying my first small...
  15. Re: the old good times: what did you wear when you was at high school?

    High school was about 3 years ago for me; oh boy my old self wouldn't even know what to say to my current self if I smelt something like Kouros or any of my multiple Oud oils "You spent how much, on...
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    Re: You Enjoy Ambers, EXCEPT...

    YES! It is the Play-Do note that turns me off to it also. I was hoping for something like Ambre Russe as it was my first Amber frag but was sadly disappointed by the Salton..
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    Re: Ebay reliable for samples?

    I've purchased many samples threw ebay and always ended up with legitimate stuff that's packaged well. Actually a few of the sellers will contact me after and let me know of there decant list and...
  18. Re: Has anyone ever had problems with small local fragrance stores having spoiled juice?

    Oh sorry okay I see what you mean Pappy.. Based on your original post you thought it could have been an old/vintage bottle and now you see its at least a recent production. My mistake; it you want I...
  19. Re: Has anyone ever had problems with small local fragrance stores having spoiled juice?

    Yes your version is the new one; it ends in -3 as the thread described. I think that hopefully explains this and its just not a spoiled bottle.

    The toned down aspect your describing and the low...
  20. Re: Has anyone ever had problems with small local fragrance stores having spoiled juice?

    Personally I've never purchased a spoiled fragrance from a small store but I could see it potentially happening especially if they have a large stock and don't rotate stuff threw to much.

    So this...
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    Re: Al-Rehab Khaliji - er... wow.

    I love going to Halal stores here in Seattle.. My Sunni friend bought me some oils back before I was into fragrances. I go into these pretty ofren looking for a cheap olfactoy fix.

    Found an item...
  22. Re: Kouros Plein Air - What the heck is this stuff!

    To me its like Kouros but with a way turned up urine note that's even more present then in the original Kouros. (And like in my original post I say this in a good way!) Definitely has a strong...
  23. Re: Kouros Plein Air - What the heck is this stuff!

    Thanks scentimus; yes it is a full plastic bottle big enough to be a flask or water bottle. Its just an open top though its like using lotion its so thick.

    I think I get this stuff now. Great...
  24. Kouros Plein Air - What the heck is this stuff!

    Being a Kouros and YSL classic fan I delved into the Kouros flanker mystery bag (ebay) and ended up with Kouros Plein Air.

    To me its a more soapy-pissey Kouros Fraicheur; and I mean this in a...
  25. Re: I Have (and like a lot) La Nuit deL'Homme, you recommend me to get L'Homme?

    If you really like La Nuit and want a less sweet and more fresh version I'd say for for it.

    As everyone says L' Homme for day and La Nuit for night.. To me La Nuit is just L'Homme with an almost...
  26. Thread: incense

    by valkriz

    Re: incense

    Incense is what got me into fragrances; great medium for smell I think.

    Kyukyodo is a wonderful incense brand; getting hard to come by though they aren't imported into the US anymore.. Anyone can...
  27. Re: I would wear only YSL fragrances if I could only choose one house-- however......

    I'd have to say Kouros Fraicheur if you could find it or mind paying the price on ebay for a rare 100ml bottle of it. (I picked up a few mini bottles of 10ml for cheap; hard to find though too.) Nice...
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    M7 Tester new or old fomulation

    Hello there; since M7 was released in 2002 it seems YSL would not be manufacturing new testers of this item due to them not even marketing M7 anymore.

    Has anyone purchased a tester and been able...
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    Opium formulations and packaging

    After trying the recent reformulation in the new bottle of Opium (not pour homme) I realized I needed to get at least a small 50ml bottle of the old formulation. Can someone possibly link me to a...
  30. Re: Best magazine for the most male fragrence Samples/Ads?

    I agree they all do seem to have a gluey chemically smell; I've never tried to actually rub the scent onto my skin from a magazine and probably wouldn't try in a serious manor thinking its as genuine...
  31. Best magazine for the most male fragrence Samples/Ads?

    Recently while in the restroom at work I happened to stumble upon a current issue of GQ magazine; I excitingly flipped threw recollecting they seemed to have a lot of those gluey magazine fragrance...
  32. Thread: Benzoin resin

    by valkriz

    Re: Benzoin resin

    These guys have one of the best selections of aromatic resins I have seen. Good quality to. They've got a bunch of cheesy Hocus Pocus kinda junk but if you work threw all that they have a vast...
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    Re: HELP: M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

    Evoke; thank you I was starting to think I was going crazy! I knew there was a difference in my vintage decant and the new gift pack bottle. It just seems almost watered down; almost like how people...
  34. Re: How many sprays is over doing it when wearing Bvlgari Black?? when is enough enough?

    I tend to spray about 3 times as I notice it stays very close to my skin as well and hope to get a little bit of projection off it by spraying more.. Although more dose not seem to help to much...
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    Re: Today I Bought: September 2010

    Blind buy of 50ml Azzaro pour homme for 15$ from TJ Max; couldn't pass up the cheap price!

    Just got a 'vintage' 100ml YSL M7 in the mail and also have a 100ml Bvlgari Black set to be delivered...
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    Re: HELP: M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

    This is pretty strange. I got a decant of the vintage and loved it; very deep and has a nice medicinal Oud note I love.

    I recently bought a gift pack that has a 100ml solid amber bottle...
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