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  1. Re: Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I was thinking that I should try something like that. I am fond of white florals. I actually do not have a prevalence of these in my current collection and think that it would be a nice addition -...
  2. Re: Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I will give Chergui a spin this next season and see how I like it :)

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    You are so right - I love classics! I have been meaning to try Acqua di Parma Colonia (today I am...
  3. Re: Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I love Chergui, but do you think it would do well as a Spring/Summer scent? I have not tried the others - I will look in to them. Thanks!
  4. Please recommend some Spring/Summer scents for me...

    I am female and 25 years old and I have been really getting into perfume of late. I am typically a fan of spicier, woodsy, and resinous fragrances that tend to be classified as fall or winter scents....
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    Re: Cologne Pour le Soir MFK - I wore this today

    I agree - the cumin is powerful and I can definitely pick out it's presence, but not the civet.
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    Re: Cologne Pour le Soir MFK - I wore this today

    Thanks so much for your replies! I am glad there are others out there that enjoy these fragrances also! I put the Absolue on my "to buy" list for the future (there are a couple ahead of it/equal that...
  7. Re: Maison Kurkdjian Cologne pour le soir v Absolue pour le soir

    I just made a thread about these two yesterday in the newbie section! I like both of these but prefer the Absolue - it is more intense and longer lasting :)
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    Re: Cologne Pour le Soir MFK - I wore this today

    I knew I would get a comment like that haha. I do not get that note at all when I where it. Instead I get the scent of bodies - sweat and sex basically. It's definitely in the dirty category, but I...
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    Cologne Pour le Soir MFK - I wore this today

    I wore this today and I do like it a lot. I purchased a sample from my local fragrance boutique. I actually wore it to work and enjoyed it. It is sweet and stays close to the skin. I think that I...
  10. Re: What do you do with the samples you don't like, aren't going to use?

    I keep mine for retesting later on. When I buy the FB I think about giving the sample away (I recently gave my Sa Majeste la Rose by SL to my sister after purchasing the FB). I keep my favorite...
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    Re: When exactly do you "own" a fragrance?

    I am so glad that this topic is posted as I have been wondering this myself as a new basenoter posting my wardrobe. Currently, I have only put the fragrances that I own in a FB as my "owned"...
  12. Re: What notes/scents work well with your skin? Which don't?

    My skin works really well with amber, musc, and "wood" notes such as cedar. Also Sandalwood, patchouli, and other incensey resiney notes work really well. I love spicy and even appreciate and wear...
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    Re: Unique Astringency question

    I have only smelled Dark Aoud (and I noticed that you took it off of the list). Isn't the real astringent scent in that one the Oud? I love that smell! I actually have it on my scarf right now from a...
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    Re: Ambre Sultan or P DE Ambre Rousse??

    I absolutely LOVE AS! I have yet to try AR so cannot weigh in on this matter. Ambre Sultan is definitely one of my top fragrance picks though. It is so comforting and cozy in a sexy way.
  15. Re: What female scents are even deadlier on the male?

    This is great! I'm glad that you have been doing this. I am a female and I am in no way swayed by fragrances that are considered "masculine." In fact, oftentimes those are the ones I gravitate...
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    Re: Where to get free samples?

    I agree with those who chimed in about Nordstrom - their sampling program is great! I go in there often and pick up samples, although some SAs are really into showering you with the perfume rather...
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    Re: First fragrance for spring?

    I am a female and have not tried any of the ones you listed actually, but I am also excited for Spring and the prospect of new fragrance purchases for the season! Good luck with yours :)
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    Sticky: Re: Perfume & Basenotes 101 + FAQ

    Hello Lian! This is great - thanks for the info you posted. Especially for the info regarding fragrance classifications. I have a question though - In your original post you mentioned that you may...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Thanks so much for this wonderful site and forum - I have been reading it for a while without posting, but recently made up my mind to create my own account. I have been having fun so far and love to...
  20. Re: Recent downtime and the going forward (February 2013)

    Yay! I am excited for it to be debugged as it is one of my favorite sites to read in my spare time. I recently joined as a new member so that I could post as well :) Thank you!

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