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  1. Re: Best Designer Lotions/Body Creams to combine with scents for added longevity

    Anyone try the Neroli Portofino lotion either? Just got a bottle so now Im stuck between OW or NP lotion....
  2. Re: Best Designer Lotions/Body Creams to combine with scents for added longevity

    they must price collude, mfk is the same. just bought a 100ml of oud wood so i will deff go get the lotion on your recommendation. I actually have the oud wood bar so soap hahah, no lasting smell i...
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    Re: Fir / Fir Needle

    I think they should be included. I would love to find an appropriate fragrance with this note, however it might be best as a room perfume
  4. Thread: Coconut

    by Classyscents

    Re: Coconut

    creed VIW :) amazing coconut notes with lime and sweetness. perfect florida summer scent. I would say it is a middle note in VIW?
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    Re: Neroli (not Orange Blossom)

    Neroli Portofino is a prime example of neroli, but many say a little over powered by orange blossom
  6. Re: What's the most expensive fragrance in your collection?

    Tom Ford private blends are all rediculously pricey, sadly i must own so many hahaha. right now 4 and that stupid sampler with 5 12ml bottles that was 300. MFK Oud was 300 for 70ml but im saving for...
  7. Re: An unscented deodorant that actually works?

    degree 24/7 does work amazingly, no stains or anyting, but slight smell that disappears after 20 mins, for me at least. I tried unscented, natural stuff but it was all crappy.
  8. Best Designer Lotions/Body Creams to combine with scents for added longevity

    Hey guys,

    I recently bought Oud by MFK and felt a little disappointed by the sillage and longevity, not that it was bad it was just a $300+ bottle. Well i found out that combined with the $65...
  9. Sticky: Re: Recently Discontinued/ Due To Be Discontinued Fragrances......???

    didnt know they were limited edition! thanks for the knowledge.... yea i would love to know if anyone knew anything else about any TF Private Blend scents? If they discontinued some of those I would...
  10. Thread: Oud

    by Classyscents


    I am familiar with the scent in various perfumes, such as oud wood, all the ouds by MFK, Killian, and a few others but I was wondering if anyone had any secret oud gems?

    Also! I suggest anyone...
  11. Boston or Greater Massachusetts Fragrance Shopping

    Anyone know any good places for niche fragrances? Best I can find is the Neiman at the Pru, or natick if im close, and staff are so nice and good selections. There use to be that cool...
  12. Re: Boston Neiman Marcus Master Class with Roberto Ferreira of House of Creed!

    Did you go? was it cool?

    I wanted to but i think it was a $100 ticket... and i'm a student D:
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    YSL homme nuit I believe it is called? its in a black bottle with black top, all stores have it. GIRLS LOVE THIS SCENT wayyy more than my 2-300$+ niche fragrances that I love....
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