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    Re: Help me pick my next CREED

    If you have smelled all 3, buy your favorite.
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille vs Aventus

    I'm no fan of Aventus, as I find it very annoying after smelling it for 5 minutes.

    By default, I'd choose Tobacco Vanille, although I rarely wear it.
  3. Re: Which perfume is close to the " Jean patou pour homme"

    Does anyone else agree that PPH aftershave is a completely different scent from PPH?

    Because I've never heard that. Most would assume that PPH aftershave is weaker than the EdT, but hednic says...
  4. Re: 20 - 25% off and free shipping at Scentiments

    Interesting that Scentiments carries a few Chanels. Most are out of stock, but they do have a few.

    I wonder how they are able to get some Chanel fragrances when places like Fragrancenet and...
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    Re: Essenza Nobile reliable?

    Yep, you can save a lot on the Frederic Malle fragrances, and if you've been wanting a bottle of Clive Christian #1, you can save a few hundred. :)

    I just ordered five new fragrances from them,...
  6. Re: Which perfume is close to the " Jean patou pour homme"

    Pure speculation, but is it possible that the splash bottles may have never been opened, while the spray bottle might have been sprayed without your knowledge? That's the only thing I can think of...
  7. Re: Which perfume is close to the " Jean patou pour homme"

    The criteria of the OP was a cologne "close to" PPH. Obviously, no cologne is going to EXACTLY equal PPH, or thousands of other colognes, for that matter. Yet, the OP still wanted recommendations....
  8. Re: Which perfume is close to the " Jean patou pour homme"

    Gianfranco Ferre for Man would do in a pinch.

    Costs about $25 at Fragrancenet.
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    Re: What would James Bond wear?

    Creed Vetiver 1948 when it's cool and Bigarade Concentree when it's warm.
  10. Re: Suggestions on first Creeds to purchase

    Millesime Imperial
    Original Vetiver

    If you can find them....

    Green Valley
    Selection Verte
  11. Re: Know nothing of fragrances - buying samples on ebay (Creed).

    The most convenient place to buy Creed samples is likely Crystal Flacon.

    You can get anything you want in that one location and the pricing is very good.
  12. Re: New Atelier Cologne - Pomelo Paradis!! And ... to come 4 new fragrances in the "Azure Collectio

    Yeah, wish they would come out with a Lemon Sanguine. :)
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    Re: Essenza Nobile reliable?

    Yes, between their already lower prices and the exchange rate, I saved nearly 26% off the U.S. retail prices of two high-end fragrances I've been wanting. These are fragrances that you NEVER see...
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    Re: Your favorite Sandalwood frag?

    Creed Santal Imperial
    Creed Bois de Santal
    Crabtree & Evelyn Extract of Mysore Sandalwood
    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche
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    Re: Tom Ford vs Frederic Malle

    Tom Ford
  16. Re: Guerlain Vetiver Vs. Frederic Malle Vetiver Ext.

    I do not like Guerlain Vetiver at all. Much better no particular order....

    Vetiver Extraordinaire
    Vetiver 1948
    Original Vetiver
    Sel de Vetiver
    Vetiver Fatal
    Annick Goutal...
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    Re: If you had to pick Creed GIT vs MI? Why?

    MI because it smells better, lasts longer, is the more creative scent, and has not been equaled.
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    Re: what have you hoarded the most?

    Vintage Tabarome and Windsor, I suppose.

    I didn't really intend to....I just find it hard to pass up a good deal.
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    Re: Mancera: where to start???

    I found many of the Manceras started off very nice, but I generally didn't like the dry down of them.

    The only one I have found to be potentially full bottle worthy for me is Lemon Line.
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    Re: Essenza Nobile reliable?

    I would stick to buying in the U.S. unless there is a significant price difference or they have something you can't find anywhere else.
  21. Re: Is this paranoia or are my suspicions legitimate?

    Aventus is strong stuff. There are many stories here of people becoming embarrassed and uncomfortable while wearing too much of the fragrance. Some have even been told to go home from their...
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    Re: Any civet fans out there?

    When I think of civet, I think of Creed Bois de Santal.
  23. Re: Tom ford private blend tobacco vanille ebay question

    Good deal here....
  24. Re: Tom ford private blend tobacco vanille ebay question

    I generally prefer having the real bottle, but 50 ml of something like Tobacco Vanille would go a looong way for me.

    I believe I'd save the dough and just get a 50 split here on Basenotes for...
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    Re: Spraying clothes

    No. Some people spray their fragrance ONLY on clothing.
  26. Re: RareCREEDs(Sel.Verte/C.Bigarrade)/L'ArtisanBatucada/L'Essence de Cerruti/L'OccitaneThe Vert/*SAM

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    Re: Holy Moly (No. 2) - F Ferragamo Black

    I found a carded sample of it that I didn't even know I had a few months ago and, like you, I initially thought it smelled good. It impressed me as a pretty sexy scent....good for going out.

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    Re: Your "biggest regret" purchase?

    I haven't regretted any purchases that I sampled first.

    Of the few blind buys I've engaged in, Guerlain Vetiver is probably the one I've regretted the most.
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    Re: Replacement Creed Atomizer

    I asked my SA at Neimans about "free" Creed glass atomizers and she said she had never heard of such a thing.

    She said they do not have any "replacement parts" or inventory of the glass bottles...
  30. Re: Patou pour homme v Patou pour homme Prive

    Congrats to you! It is quite rare… even more rare than PPH. Great cologne!

    Just wondering… had you ever smelled it from a sample or did you buy it blindly?
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    Re: Blind buy: which?

    Never blind buy.
  32. Re: New to the community, can someone please break down how splits work?

    Just Google it… it's the first one that comes up.

    They also have a search function where you can look for whatever you're interested in.
  33. Re: 40% off HEELEY fragrances at La Petite Parfumerie

    The only negative is they charge $15 for shipping, but definitely some great savings for a line that you typically don't ever see discounted.
  34. Re: New to the community, can someone please break down how splits work?


    I would encourage you to do a search for "Where are the best places to buy samples," or something similar. That's the best way to get info on all the various places to find samples, and...
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    Re: How does one "Buy Blind"?

    Hi Zephyr1973, and welcome to Basenotes!

    Those who "buy blindly" do so for a variety of reasons. Usually, they like the look of the notes used in the fragrance and have respect/liking for the...
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    Re: MI at fragrancenet

    As I said on another thread, Creed recently started selling the gold bottle again for an additional $35, but I believe that was only through Creed Boutique. I wouldn't think they would have such a...
  37. Re: 40% off HEELEY fragrances at La Petite Parfumerie


    I wonder why they don't have anything about Heeley colognes on their website?
  38. Re: What is the best Vetiver based fragrance that you have smelled?

    I could almost count the vetivers I like on one hand. I don't enjoy the really strong, smoky ones, although I do like the overall scent of Sycomore and Encre Noire.

    A few that come to mind.......
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    Re: 25% at Fragrancenet

    Creed recently started offering the gold bottle again for an extra $35, I believe, but I assume that was only at Creed Boutique (and possibly other authorized Creed dealers).

    I wouldn't think...
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    Re: I need help about TF Tobacco Vanille

    I'd say blind buying Tom Fords are particularly risky.
  41. Re: Midnight in Paris: Overhyped and overrated?

    Like a lot of things.....I think MiP grows on you and can change as your fragrance IQ grows a bit. I felt the same as you the first time I smelled it. I thought it was much too feminine for me to...
  42. Thread: TdH Rebuy

    by RedRaider430

    Re: TdH Rebuy

    Fragrancenet has been giving out 25% off codes lately. That, coupled with the 6% cash back you could get by accessing the site via, amounts to about a 30% discount off their already low...
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    Re: I need help about TF Tobacco Vanille

    Don't blind buy.
  44. Re: The Perfumed Court has horrible shipping times

    The only time I use TPC is if they are the ONLY place I can find what I'm looking for. In that event, I don't mind ordering from them because I've never had a problem with their products at...
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    Re: Blind Buying 24 Gold?

    I wouldn't even think of blind buying it as a result of its oud and amber. Lots of people don't care for either of those.
  46. Re: Your favorite from Acqua Di Parma house of colognes?

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    Re: suggestions

    Lili Bermuda South Water
  48. Re: Whys is Creed Tabarome not well liked?

    To be clear, we are talking about Tabarome Millesime, not Vintage Tabarome.

    I know there are people who DO like it here, but as you said, it doesn't seem to get the love and attention of the...
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    Re: Which is the Xerjoff I must try?

    Yep! How could I forget about 1861?

    Two others I like are 40 Knots (from the Join the Club line), and Mefisto (like Creed's Silver Mountain Water, but smoother, and without the annoying...
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    Re: Which is the Xerjoff I must try?

    Lots of disagreement about the best of this house, but the ones I see favored a lot are Kobe, Uden and Nio.
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    Re: Best boozy/spirit type frag?

    +1 on this.

    And for a significantly cheaper (but still very nice) version of SDV, Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Botanical Cologne of the Missions is a steal.
  52. Re: Critique some of your favorite fragrances

    Creed Windsor 2010: I wish it smelled like the 2009 batch. Although it still has the great rose and dry down of 2009, it misses the fantastic opening of 2009's green and woody notes.
  53. Re: Am I the only one who thinks that Tobacco Vanille smells like Spicebomb?

    L'Occitane's Eau des Baux is the cheapest and best alternative to Tobacco Vanille, for me.
  54. Re: Which fragrance in your collection has most longevity ?

    Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Xerjoff Kobe
    Xerjoff Uden
  55. Re: Favorite Discontinued and Limited Edition CREEDs that you love and like?

    Love: Vintage Tabarome, Windsor, Vetiver 1948, Selection Verte, Citrus Bigarrade, Santal Imperial.

    Like: Bois de Santal, Baie de Genievre, Epecia
  56. Thread: Atelier

    by RedRaider430

    Re: Atelier

    I would have to think one of their best sellers is the incomparable Orange Sanguine. If you're looking for a true Orange scent with great longevity, that's the one. Other than that one, Vetiver Fatal...
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    Re: What are your worst blind buys?

    Another unhappy Guerlain Vetiver blind buyer here. :undecided:

    Fortunately, I was able to return mine for a refund.
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    Re: What are your Top 3 Creeds??

    Pure White Cologne
    Green Valley
    Vintage Tabarome
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    Re: Best Bang for Buck

    Pure Havane
    Burberry London
    Gendarme by Gendarme
    Aramis Havana
    Eau des Baux
    Parfums de Nicolai Cologne Sologne
    Parfums de Nicolai Cologne Cedrat
    Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions...
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    Re: Annual Creed Releases

    I heard a rumor about Aventus for Women a year or so ago, but I could never verify it was true. Do you know of a link to verify it?
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    Re: Taking the Creed plunge...

    Check out Crystal Flacon first for Creed samples. There is a very good selection, the prices are great, and so are the sellers. Look for all the usuals....GIT, Original Vetiver, Silver Mountain...
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    Re: Annual Creed Releases

    5 new ones from their Acqua collection came out a few months ago, but I haven't heard of any for 2015.
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    Re: Looking for Guidance

    In all probability, most people have not had the chance to sample both batches. If they did have the chance to compare 2009 on one hand and 2010 on the other, I think most people could smell the...
  64. Re: Oud scents - Why do a lot of women dislike them so much here in the USA ?

    I think it's mainly a cultural thing.

    And I don't think it's just USA women who don't like most ouds, I think it's many men as well. It's one of those smells I just don't "get". It's a smell that...
  65. Re: A new milestone has been met in my Creed journey...

    I love Tabarome. For some reason, it is a comfort scent for me. I enjoy wearing it even when I'm by myself at home.

    I have not smelled anything else that comes close to it, nor do I expect to. Due...
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    Re: Looking for Guidance

    Aside from Tabarome, I would be interested in buying a flacon of Windsor, but only the 2009 batch. :wink:

    The security of the flacons are hit or miss. That's the only way to explain how some...
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    Re: Looking for Guidance

    Just make sure the sellers have a good feedback rating, with VERY few negatives. Fake Creed sellers exist on eBay, but there certainly are some very good sellers/deals, too.
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    Re: Looking for Guidance

    When I first started buying and collecting fragrances, I had no idea I was going to wind up acquiring as many as I have. But, like you, I figured I would (at some point) probably wind up buying a...
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    Re: Looking for Guidance

    Windsor is most certainly appropriate for someone under 50, and I would say it is appropriate for both formal and informal occasions.

    By the way, if you're going to sample the Exclusives, I...
  70. Re: Best bitter cold scents (below 0F or -18C)

    I believe I've heard that Silver Mountain Water performs well in the cold. Who woulda thought?
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    Re: How is A Lab on fire?

    I have found 3 I like from the house. My favorites are:

    Almost Transparent Blue: A very nice warmer weather citrus scent with a superb dry down of hinoki and cedar wood. Extremely versatile...
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    Re: Heeley - Vetiver Veritas

    Are their "special offers" listed anywhere on one page, or do you have to look through the whole site to see what's on sale? it is.
  73. Re: What will be your first purchase of 2015?

    Considering Mancera Lemon Line.
  74. Re: Congrats to Mr. Bartlett and Pell Wall perfumes!

    Very impressive!

    Congrats, Chris!
  75. Re: RareCREEDs(Sel.Verte/C.Bigarrade)/Himalaya/Batucada/L'Essence de Cerruti/L'OccitaneThe Vert/*SAM

  76. Re: Creed Citrus Bigarrade vs Bois De Cedrat vs Zeste Mandarine Pamplemousse

    BdC's longevity was so bad for me that I sent the bottle back after buying it. To this day, I think it absolutely had the worst longevity of any cologne I have ever tried. I couldn't smell it 5...
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    Re: Had a very bad scare - Please read!

    Glad it has come back a little bit. It should be back to 100% in a few days.

    Whenever I have that problem, I usually can't taste anything, either, because taste and smell are so connected.
  78. Re: There's something about Silver Mountain Water

    All three of the SMW alternatives I mentioned above are smoother to my nose and do not have the degree of irritating metallic note that you hear so many people complain about with SMW. Although I...
  79. Re: There's something about Silver Mountain Water

    I agree completely with this statement. I initially liked SMW, but it quickly became an annoying scent for me when I wore it.

    As Jack said, it's such a linear scent that I quickly grow tired of...
  80. Re: Bananas & Chainmail: the uniqueness of Acier Aluminum.

    I've smelled just about every Creed, except this one. I just never was interested after I read about a "banana" note and that it was the fragrance of 70's porn stars.
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    Re: Need vetiver recommendations

    The Different Company - Sel de Vetiver
    Frederic Malle - Veitver Extraordinaire

    If you like earthy vetivers, you might try Annick Goutal's Vetiver.
  82. Re: ...the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    I agree with this. Don't force it. There are too many other fragrances to choose from if it's not good for you. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, you'll never wear it.

    You said you had not...
  83. Re: /the rose 'note' and Noir De Noir...I feel like I can't pull this off with pants

    Duplicate thread.
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    Re: Lucky Scent vs First in Fragrance

    I've never used FIF, but I share your frustration with the shortcomings of Luckyscent.

    Somehow, it's just too much for them to provide tracking if all you order is samples. Now THAT'S cheap!
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    Re: The Return of Tea for Two

    My favorite L'Artisan, hands down.
  86. Re: Got Amen Pure wood for X mas....not feeling it :-(

    I would buy Pure Coffee if I were you.
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    Re: Searching for an aquatic

    I must ask....if you're not a fan of aquatics, why do you "need" one?

    Since you're not a fan, I will just recommend the best aquatic I know, and that is Heeley Sel Marin.

    As always, don't...
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    Re: which one would you pick?

    In that case, I would go with LIDGE from your list, although I've never considered it a work fragrance.
  89. Re: Calling on all Encre Noire by Lalique owners

    You should never blind buy anything. Sample first.

    That said, I like Encre Noire, but I rarely ever found a time to wear it (except when I was by myself at home). Dark and not very versatile,...
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    Re: Other people's opinions

    Everyone needs to sample what they think sounds interesting to them (based on what they read on Basenotes), and then decide for themselves. That's the only safe way.

    I've been disappointed...
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    Re: which one would you pick?

    You need to sample all of these and decide for yourself. What others like has no correlation to what YOU will like.
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    Re: USPS Tracking

    The only package the P.O. ever lost of mine was exactly as you described. It went to a second location after I mailed it and the last tracking showed that it was being sent out from there. Then...
  93. Re: What I'm Expecting, Giving, Or Receiving For Christmas, 2014 Edition

    I am giving fragrances to two members of my family, but I don't think anyone would dare give me a fragrance because:

    1. The would have no idea what to get me (since they think I already have...
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    Re: So I finally tried DHI and...

    What most guys mean when they say it smells feminine is the lipstick (iris) smell. Or, some describe it as a makeup smell, or that of a woman's purse.

    Did you smell that?

    Pure Havane...
  95. Re: Wall Street by Bond No 9 gotta be the worst smelling fragrance ever

    Some like it and think it's similar to Creed's Millesime Imperial.

    Doesn't start off too bad, but then there are lots of reports of seaweed, fish and wet dog smells on the dry down.

    Not one...
  96. Re: Extraordinary Dry Downs and Bases: What Are The Standouts?

    Tons, but of ones I've worn lately.....

    Chypre Palatin
    L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Murdock Black Tea
    Le Couvent des Minimes Eau des Missions Botanical Cologne of the Missions
  97. Re: Name 5 Limited Edition/Vaulted CREEDs you'd like to see available at a future Atomizer Promotion

    I believe I know where you can get it if you want. PM me, if interested.
  98. Re: Went for Bleu even though Platinum Egoiste was drawing me in :/

    I prefer PE, too, and it lasts forever on my skin.

    Bleu is nice, but I always thought it had that generic department store scent.
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    Re: Gucci PH1 - why so much hype?

    To me, if you're looking for a realistic and slightly smoky forest fragrance, Gucci Pour Homme does it about as well as any I've smelled.

    VERY realistic woodsy scent, I think.
  100. Poll: Re: Are you a fan of fragrances that have a soapy scent?

    Yes, I'm a fan, but it does depend on the individual fragrance.

    I didn't KNOW I was a fan of "soapy" fragrances until I tried Original Vetiver.

    It's a fragrance that people either seem to...
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