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  1. Re: 'Fahrenheit Day' on Monday, 14th Dec 2015......

    Im going hard for Fahrenheit day tomorow! Get ready, people!
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    Re: Opium Pour Homme difference

    The plastic wrapped unicorn is intruiging. Ive looked a couple times to no avail.
  3. Re: Yep another wedding one - but shortlisted :)

    Do you go to weddings constantly! Mom, the meatloaf! Lol. Rive Gauche. Be the man.
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    Re: best spicy mens fragrance?

    Id say Declaration or Essence. Both read spicy for me. But Spicebomb Extreme doesnt really seem spicy to me at all, so take me recomend with no regard.
  5. Re: NEW Dior Sauvage Parfum 2019 Official Discussion

    Hm. Well, I guess I'll give it another shot. I thought it was pretty terrible. But next time I see it I'll give it two shots to the wrist.
  6. Re: Compare a fragrance to another cultural product

    Magnum pi rocks. Buh buh buh bah bahh bahh, buh buh boh bah bahh. Epic. Chest hair, mustaches, sports cars, and short shorts. Twas the day.
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    Re: Imaginary Authors Sampling

    You are welcome to play along! :p

    Saint Julep

    Sweet, minty vetiver. I'm having trouble placing the sweetness. It is not entirely unlike the facet of L'homme Cool, except that is mint with...
  8. Re: Oud Wood Intense is NOTHING like Oud Wood

    Wore it again today, I really enjoy the antiseptic, bad breath, dirty clean leather here. Its quite good. Like a sterile wound.
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    Re: Imaginary Authors Sampling

    Every Storm a Serenade by Imaginary Authors
    "Baltic sea mist" lol.
    Its a light salty aquatic with an underpinning of pine and smoky vetiver. Pretty airy. I may be anosmic to some of it, or i just...
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    Imaginary Authors Sampling

    Black Friday shopping netted me a bunch of samples from Imaginary Authors. I have not really read anything about these. I didn't research them before buying them. I got all I could besides Bulls...
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    Sandalwood struggle

    I feel like sandalwood is one of the more popular notes amongst the fragrant community. I have some trouble smelling it it seems. I know what it smells like, and do get it, but it is very often...
  12. Re: The Obsession Calvin Klein freek that I am...

    Not sure. A while back tspencer was inquiring about the opaque gold trimmed cap ones. Ive never tried it, just original and current. I like both. I think the concensus was it is a middle gound. From...
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    Re: Shalimar........ for men


    In the drydown its close. Habit Rouge is true though. Im no expert on Shalimars, but have thought about getting one, and reading this will help me eventually pick a version.
  14. Re: Guy new to fragrance, figuring out what notes work best for me

    This is the opening sticky of the Just Starting Out forum. It is great. This will give you an idea of different categories, different choices, and cheap options to get your feet wet. Really...
  15. Re: Caron 3rd man has arrived, wow , very smooth and classy

    nice! I agree, definitely not a power frag. class and smell goodery though.
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    Re: Caron Yatagan discontinued???

    I will sample Lumiere Noir. Love MFK.
  17. Re: Iím back in the heezy for scheezy! (Roja)

    Welcome back! Whoa, Roja, 125 for 7.5, too rich for my blood!
  18. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    Rock on.
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    Re: Game Day!

    Creed Viking. 9ers saints, wow. I choose to watch vikings lions and pats chiefs. Both were boring.
  20. Re: Caron 3rd man is on its way excited for this to come

    It is awesome. Im a fan. Should probably back it up. Lol.
  21. Re: Letís talk Davidoff Zino itís been awhile.

    No experience with the new version. Sorry.
  22. Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    New digs. Decided to take over the bar. Scent bar!
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    Re: my Tom Ford sampling

    The aftermath.
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    Re: Caron Yatagan discontinued???

    I remember that. I was thinking we'd see a grey market surge. Obviously i was wrong.
  25. Re: Letís talk Davidoff Zino itís been awhile.

    I personally dont find Zino and Heritage to be very close in smell. Rose/patch vs tobacco/patch/sandlewood. The florals are just so strong, like Black Aoud, that it tips the feel to a very different...
  26. Re: you are walking along the notorious El Camino rope bridge

    Mega dittos on literally this whole post. I may have as well written it.
  27. Re: How many fragrances can you wear in a day?

    Most ive ever worn? Ugh, maybe 6? Busy summer day with yardwork, gym, multiple showers, couple samples, and evening activities. Maybe 5?

    My general schedule is 1 at 11pm, 1 at 8 am, 1 at 4 pm. So...
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    Re: Caron Yatagan discontinued???

    Im gonna wait it out. We'll see.
  29. Re: on the subject(s) of humidity and mild exercise

    Some funny things here, lol. Concerning humidity, it prevents evaporation, leaving the fragrance to languish on the skin. Sweat slowly washing it away. The wetter it gets the drier i like em. I wore...
  30. Re: Powerhouse Fragrances - two that brought to my knees

    TRex is ghastly, all respect. Couldnt wear that. Super happy to have tried it though. Definitely a memerable experience. So interesting.
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    Re: Caron Yatagan discontinued???

    Never tried Yuzu, L'anarchist is a strange thing. There is some toothpaste feel to it. I thought about buying it, and still might just because of my Caron love, but just wasnt crazy about it. Tried...
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    Re: Caron Yatagan discontinued???

    Yea, Zealot mentioned it. First id heard. Started zooming around the ol interweb and couldnt find anything about it beyond the normal rumblings. But the market seems to have dried up lately, as it...
  33. Re: Can no longer smell that amazing dry down, wtf do I do??

    10 sprays of Aventus is definitely there. People are smelling you. Especially if it is a newer bottle. Those sprayers are fire hoses.
  34. Re: How many fragrances can you wear in a day?

    I was just thinking about this yesterday. I usually only sleep 2-4 hours at a time, but when I sleep more than that I struggle to fit more than 2 a day. That seems to be my limit.
  35. Re: Parfums de Marly Kalan - new Fragrance for 2019

    Hm. The mentioning apple pie is often foreboding.
  36. Re: My first bottle of burberry london made by coty!

    If I hear corroborating evidence I will be buying a bottle. If I could get 5 hours it'd be worth it.
  37. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I would think MN would be in the same regional advertising district as Chicago. Maybe I'm just not seeing them. Like I have never seen an ad for Jeremy Fragrance videos. Granted, I have never seen...
  38. Re: I'm bored - what's everyone asking for for xmas/holidays?

    edit: fragrance related. I do not plan to ask for a fragrance. That is all.
  39. Re: My quick review of Interlude Man by Amouage

    For posterity's sake, im uploading a picture of my interlude color, since it was mentioned.
  40. Re: Similar to L'Air du Desert Marocain

    hm. a cross breed of Interlude and Meharees might get you something. I wonder why it is such a unique fragrance, in why hasn't anyone else done anything like that? In the dearth of blah blah...
  41. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    Yeah, zealot says he smells it all the time too. It must be huge on the west coast of usa, and in the uk. Heck, I see ads for AdG more than dior as well. I've seen more ads for Armani code in the...
  42. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I've smelled AdG in the wild probably 3 times for every one time of something else. It baffles me it is not in the top ten. Still haven't smelled Sauvage on another human, or Aventus. Le Male,...
  43. Re: My quick review of Interlude Man by Amouage

    Interesting perspective. I would have said maybe mislabeled, maybe not. The real test I suppose would be whether you think the Reflection man you got was a smoky incense monster, then it would be a...
  44. Re: 1 million smelling different..

    Some fragrances macerate after they sit and age, sometimes they blossom once they get some air in them. Loosing notes would be associated with aging and going bad/old. I would doubt that your...
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    Re: Your 2019 favorites!

    ive tried as far as I remember

    donna born in roma
    le beau
    beau de jour
    fougere l'aube
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    Re: Mancera - Manufacturing Fault

    ugh. that sucks. those bottles would be nice with a magnetic cap. Guess if it is not in the pipeline no need to wait.
  47. Re: You Tubers Peter/Fragranceview & Oswald/MrOz Brand Announcements. Videos Inside .

    I feel like his estimated dates of release are coming and going. I saw something on Instagram about like "3 weeks hopefully", but don't remember the exact date. No snag I hope. What is the brand...
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    Re: Mancera - Manufacturing Fault

    ive been holding off on buying some manceras because of the cap issue. Anyone know about their magnetic caps, years issued, and such?
  49. Re: Mandarino di amalfi how many sprays?

    Always wierd to me to ask how many sprays one should use. There is no proper amount. Though i do understand that fragrances can be overapplied. Smell how many you need id say. Its different for...
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    Re: invictus VS invictus intense

    Never owned the original, but smelled it a bunch. Intense i used up an 8 ml. Kinda boozier. Different smell. I prefer the intense.
  51. Re: Do you think classic men's designer "old-school" frags are making a comeback?

    I agree that bad marketing can kill, or at least hold back a decent fragrance. Ck One Shock was completely mishandled, and really seems like something that a real brand should be selling for way more...
  52. Re: Do you think classic men's designer "old-school" frags are making a comeback?

    I disagree that Sausage was such a huge hit because of marketing. I think that helps, but it is a super likable fragrance. Solo, the Star Wars movie was marketed like crazy, but when the reviews...
  53. Similar to L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I was reading some of Colins reviews, and came across his LDDM review. It said something about being fairly simple and unique. Got me thinking, this fragrance does not remind me of anything else,...
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    Re: Dior Homme

    Yeah, there is lipstick in there. Iris. Its great though. I like it a lot. I thought DHI was harder to wear. It is sweeter, and shading toward gourmand, though they smell similar.
    Prada and Eau...
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    Re: Best Niche Gourmand Fragrances?

    I can just scroll through and make mental notes of things not to try. Covenient.
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    Re: I'm a very lucky boy

    Epic has been on my test list forevor. Itll be interesting to hear your thoughts.
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    Re: Zino Davidoff

    Had to stay away til i wrote my review. Now reading, im glad it suits you! You sound like i feel about Yatagan. Extention of self is awesome to find. I only wish there was a pinch more patchouli and...
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    Re: Game Day!

    I was watching this too. I dont think i can continue. The game is great, but Charles Davis is the worst. Just so bad. A bad color guy can ruin a game.
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    Re: Game Day!

    Well, no Vikings today, so dealers choice! Flipping Sunday Ticket and Ombre Leather. :coolold:
  60. Re: I have two questions about polo green and Caron line ups..

    Id get 3rd man and yatagan. Id bet youll like them. But if i had to pick one id say yatagan fits in better.
  61. Re: Dior Sauvage Tops All Men's Fragrance Sales In UK This Christmas Season

    I find this list somewhat suprising. 1 million number 2? Le Male, not Ulra Male? No AdG? I dont know.
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    Re: When to smell

    I think it is your nose and brain sorting it all out.
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    Re: Most worn in November 2019

    Explorer by Montblanc
    4 wears

  64. Re: do yo recommend me gucci guilty absolute pour homme for winter ?

    If this is a real bottle Id wager olfactory fatigue. I admit, I used to think my bottles lasted less than they do. Take a towel, spray it 4 times, put it in a closet you never use, and go back to...
  65. Re: Suggestions needed for my son in college

    I saw this earlier and decided to come back when I had more time. I think the big question is where you wish to purchase these scents. If you are wanting to purchase locally that will be the...
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    Re: Azzaro apology

    I quite like Habit Rouge. I prefer the edt to the edp. I've never tried the edc. Lemonade with a soft vanilla leather drydown. I'm not much for vanillas, but even so it teeters on fbw. Handsome...
  67. Re: Do you think classic men's designer "old-school" frags are making a comeback?

    I think you should give us a broad breakdown of the cereal market. Id like to know the dichotomy relating Fruity Pebbles to Cinnamon Toast Crunch. :laugh:
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    Re: Smelled on the Street

    I smelled vetiver on a female at work the other day. We were in passing, so I just got a blast, but it was quite strong. Quite nice smelling on a woman, it actually made me double take whip my head...
  69. Re: Question about Caron's 'Pour Un Homme'

    I did not get a trace of animalics from CPH. CPH and 3rd Man share lavender, and have more similar scents, but 3rd Man seems closer in construction to Yatagan. Heck, Id prefer L'Anarchist in the...
  70. Re: Imaginary Authors $3.00 Samples Nov 27th thru Dec 4th Top 5 video review inside

    Ooo. Super good deal for me. Ordered 11 samples. Yass! Come on guys, anyone curious about these, shipping was only $2.95 for it all!
  71. Re: Thoughts on price point and aftershave

    Thats silly, I thought. Then finished reading it. I use aftershaves every day, as well. Maybe i should purchase a few. My aftershave game is Brut, Aqua Velva Musk, and Gillette Cool Wave. Maybe a...
  72. Re: Barbarsol or Proraso for shaving?

    Barbasol foam with aloe.
  73. Re: Question about Caron's 'Pour Un Homme'

    smells like playdough.
  74. Re: Thoughts on price point and aftershave

    I'm simply. not. there.
  75. Re: Do you think classic men's designer "old-school" frags are making a comeback?

    I think that they will. My thought is that with the gender identification and such, more young men will want a scent that portrays their preferred gender identity. This will lead them to wear...
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    Re: Azzaro apology

    Naw, man. Youre fine. Stand up of you to apologize when you feel like you crossed the line. Shows charector. Groupthink is real, though. Pressure of the mob can influence opinions. After I order a...
  77. Re: Help finding a new "Aventus" from another house

    Id say Roja Haute Luxe

    Or vintage Patou Pour Homme might work.
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    Re: Rogue Perfumery Your Favorites?

    I've only tried Mousse Illuminee, Tabac Vert, and Fougere L'Aube. I would recommend all of them. Mousse Illuminee I've found a bit tough to wear, as it is quite strong. Tabac Vert has some sort of...
  79. Re: Your top 10 of this decade (2010 - 2019)

    When are we gonna get the dude dropping 10 Aventus batches on here?
  80. Re: This morning I tied New York rye from the distillery series at Walmart and.......

    These are cool. Nice bottles. Im interested. Like new age drugstore. Pretty cool.
  81. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    I hate all the secrecy. Can you imagine if movies did that? Dont let anyone know when anything is coming out. I dont like not knowing. Waiting is fine. Perturbed.
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    Re: Did Musc Ravageur change?

    I didnt find the strength of the new one problematic. Older one was more potent, but they were both pretty thick. Both lasted well. Cosy is a great word for this.
  83. Re: Your top 10 of this decade (2010 - 2019)

    1. Lupin Dandy 2010
    2. Bonhuer 2018
    3. Salome 2015
    4. Viking 2017
    5. Guilty Absolute 2017
    6. Ombre Leather 2018
    7. Leather Oud 2010
    8. Noir Anthracite 2017
    9. Savage 2015
    10. Aventus 2010
  84. Poll: Re: Lying about fragrance when shipping

    I always just tell them what it is. Ive had some post office employees say uner 6 oz is fine for air. Others, last time i had to argue to even get them to take it ground. They wanted to reject it...
  85. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    Eh. Nothing i wanted really. But at least it was well stocked.
  86. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

  87. Re: Help finding a new "Aventus" from another house

    Layton. Easy call.
  88. Replies

    Re: Smelled on the Street

    Metallique! Awesome.
  89. Restoration of adulterated bottles

    Im a bit suprised to never hear anything about filling a bottle yourself. If the bottle and contents are a form of art, i would see that as restoration. Like touching up a miscared for painting, or...
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    Re: Game Day!

    Fragrance free morning and afternoon so far. Stomach flu.
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    Re: Caron Yatagan - crazy fragrance !!

    Herbal, yes. Animalic, no. Its in the same vein as Polo to me.
  92. Replies

    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme latest formula

    I feel like the sharp shrillness is part of the anise makeup of the nature of the frag. Its that bite that gives it charector. But take mine with a grain of salt. Ive only sampled it twice from a...
  93. Re: the performance in dior sauvage edt 200ml

    No. Same liquid inside of a bigger bottle. It can cause some nose blindness though. Ask those around you, even a store clerk, if they can smell a fragrance.
  94. Re: Why do some fragrances smell like B.O after dry down?

    Maybe you need new antipersperant? Lol. I get that smell sorta from fragrances that have gone off. BO and feet.
  95. Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    100. I am boycotting umlats and tildes. You all know what i mean.
  96. Poll: Re: A dilemma on what to do with fakes...

    I totally get it. You can sell it with the caveat that you think it is fake, but I'd be hesitant. That is just putting another fake back into the market. That would be functionally the same as...
  97. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    I'm so bad at this game. Lol. I have to pull up my tried wardrobe in another window and scroll as the other picture is up to match. I can't pull it off the top of my head easily many times. And...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme latest formula

    But instead of adding drums you are adding another complete orchestra. Doubling the flutes and clarinets, if it was unbalanced initially, it will continue to be.
    I'm glad it worked for you, even...
  99. Re: Le Labo Santal 33....can anyone explain this please!?

    I often see things I can't account for on ebay. $130 for a new bottle of Yatagan? Why? $50 for a partial uncapped newish bottle of cool water? Who's gonna buy these things? Silliness.

    But lets...
  100. Re: Tryin out new fragrances before bed .

    I'm actually the opposite. I feel like when I try a new fragrance before bed I can't judge progressions, and will miss the heart of the fragrance. I can get a feel for the opening, and the base,...
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