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  1. Has there ever been a reformulation that smelled better than the original?

    See title.

    I keep reading about reformulations and how they don't smell as good as the original. D&G instantly comes to mind as possibly the worst reformulation. Was curious if anyone knew of a...
  2. Re: Heard at the Saks counter: New Creed 'Acqua' Line

    Well good. I'm glad someone could verify my original post. Thanks.

    Did he also tell you what CREED's plan was for Royal Oud?

    I was going to write what I found out, but decided to hold off...
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    Re: Anyone else love Original Vetiver?

    I think Vetiver > OV. Mugler Cologne is good too, but in a different way. I think the opening in Mugler is at least as good as if not better than the opening of V/OV.
  4. Heard at the Saks counter: New Creed 'Acqua' Line

    Did a brief search and found nothing, so excuse me if this has already been repeated here on the forums.

    Creed will be releasing between 4 and 6 new perfumes at the same time sometime in late...
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