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  1. Re: vintage Parfums de Nicolai New York, Chanel Cuir de Russie, vintage YSL Jazz

    Lowered the price of the New York EdT
  2. vintage Parfums de Nicolai New York, Chanel Cuir de Russie, vintage YSL Jazz

    vintage Parfums de Nicolai New York. This is the vintage version with the very rich base, considered by many to be one of the great modern masculines. It's the 50 ml cylindrical bottle from late...
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    Re: Best Profumum Roma fragrance for men?

    I really love Antico Caruso, too. The perennial question with this line is how to justify the cost when most of the compositions are so simple. And I think the answer is that they work: wonderful...
  4. Re: Need Advice- I'm Invited To A $1million Party . . .

    Wooo, baby, woooweee. As Dylan says.
    Says I, if the food and drink are going to be good, then you don't want your scent competing. Wear a little of something understated, just for yourself. And...
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    Re: Describe Musc Ravageur

    What a great story! And if this was really your 666th post, why then that's just perfect.
    To me MR smells like pecan body oil. In a really good way. It's less skanky, more instantly friendly, than...
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    Re: A Practical Question...

    This. Fragrance also has wonderful persistence when sprayed in your hair. I suggest the hair at the back of the neck. But it's your hair.
  7. Re: Are there any reformulations you actually liked?

    I'm with you on this, actually. I do love the vintage but it's softer and has less persistence and it seems to me less interesting if more wearable. I like the angularity and modern feel of the...
  8. Re: Why do you collect fragrances as a hobby?

    The initial reason I got interested was that I read the Emperor of Scent and wondered why I couldn't readily accept the idea of perfumery as an artform. I was fascinated with the descriptions of...
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    Masculine florals are relatively rare and the decades that like them tend to like pretty heavy compositions. But neroli is light and a fairly common masculine note. A note search for either neroli or...
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    Re: SOTD Monday 19th January 2015

    Hermes Bel Ami
    The current formuation, which I find to be excellent.
  11. Re: Mysore sandalwood oil (from the Year 2000)

    Fantastic! Couldn't happen to a more discerning or more generous person!
  12. Re: What is the best Vetiver based fragrance that you have smelled?

    Guerlain Vetiver, in any vintage I've smelled
    and TDC Sel de Vetiver is great, although the vetiver is so nicely couched in the accord that it's sort of in a different category.
  13. Re: Classic powerhouses, will they ever make a comeback?

    If we're talking about taste, then of course most of us will be formed by our era, and most of us will learn to recoil from whatever we associate with our father or creepy uncle or whatever.
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    Re: Caron 3rd man - smell alikes

    I think alfarom is exactly right here to suggest the word fougere as a starting point. The only weird thing about Third Man is that the family it belongs to, the floral fougere, is deeply...
  15. Re: Bone-dry niche fragrance to add to my collection?

    Diptyque's L'Eau Trois is a very dry, medicinal frankencense. Either you'll just get rootbeer or you'll like it. It doesn't smell like rootbeer but I get why people have that association. They've...
  16. Re: Warm/Creamy/Milky/'Blonde' winter fragrance

    Daim Blond by Serge Lutens was the first thing that came to my mind. A gentle apricot stone and spices Spanish leather with a number of things about it that seem to me to reference the lactonic. Not...
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    Re: NICOLAI Cuir Cuba Intense.

    Is there anything it bears comparison to? (Clearly I'm going to have to stop hectoring people and get a sample, just not yet.)
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    Re: NICOLAI Cuir Cuba Intense.

    Thanks, hednic. Very tempted by this one. De Nicolai has done several things that I think are among the best compositions I know.
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    Re: NICOLAI Cuir Cuba Intense.

    Very eager for news about this one if anyone has something add to Jack Hunter's very helpful description.
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    Re: NICOLAI Cuir Cuba Intense.

    I'm really curious about this one. Anyone else had a chance to try it?
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    Re: How long does 3.4 oz last?

    Man speaks the truth.
  22. Re: I love Juniper Berries! Recommend me some some strong & lasting scents

    Guerlain's Coriolan is a fairly strong, long-lasting juniper chypre. Discontinued but still pretty commonly available.
  23. Re: Turning 50, looking for a new scent...

    Congratulations! I hope the whole experience is full of pleasure for you.
    Is the new perfume just a gift to self by someone who clearly already has a broad experience of perfumes? Or do you imagine...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, March 24, 2014

    Divine L'Homme de Coeur
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    Re: About the note iris..

    No, no, just think of the 'carrots' as the finger pointing to the moon, not as a literal description of orris. Don't look at the finger, look at the moon.
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver EDP?

    I love the idea, if it were possible. Guerlain's Vetiver is such an inexpensive and common fragrance that it's easy to forget what a difficult thing it is to make a fragrance that is both a...
  27. Re: Recommend a fragrance with grapefruit

    Yup, Balle de Match. Nice longevity for a citrus scent, and very dry and masculine, rather than juicy and shampoo-like. One of my faves.
  28. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    I'm sooo grateful, zatarain. I've been wracking my brain and googling in vain for a year! And because I don't speak French I thought maybe it was 'poudre' and had been looking that up again and...
  29. Re: The "best" fragrances have something "foul" or "nasty" about them?

    I've been trying to find out for more than a year what the French term for the slightly rotten or animalic facet of a perfume is. I read a particular French perfumery term for just the thing that is...
  30. Re: A "mainstream" and "non-offensive" leather based fragrance?

    I was also thinking of Aramis. A very dry, resinous leather chypre that can still be gotten very cheaply. Go a little easy on the trigger and you'll be in heaven.
  31. Re: I can not stop buying fragrances so I am thinking about selling my collection!

    Welcome to Basenotes! Whatever you decide, begin by slowing waaaayyyy down and giving yourself time to discern what you really want. Clearly financial solvency and a sense of self-control are...
  32. Re: i want to blind buy cdg do you rate avignon?

    Great stuff but pretty austere. Very dry and dark. Not terribly expensive as these things go, though.
  33. Re: How have your tastes evolved since getting into fragrances?

    Lots of the smells-not-perfumes things that I loved initially are still pleasant to me but I've gotten more attracted to traditional French perfumery, especially Guerlain's stuff.
  34. Re: Have You Ever Dumped A Fragrance Then Re-Purchased It ?

    Yes, Yatagan and Le Troisieme Homme, at least. I never sold Habit Rouge but I had a decant from a generous friend that I had to live with (the frag, not the friend) for a year before I appreciated...
  35. Re: Hurry! Hurry! L’Artisan Parfumeur Vetiver from 1978 at Luckyscent.

    L'Artisan's Vetiver was a dark, earthy but fairly transparent vetiver buoyed by incense, cedar, oakmoss and bergamot. Improbable combination of intensity and lightness in the way of Sel de Vetiver....
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, February 21st, 2013

    vintage Givenchy Gentleman
  37. Poll: Re: Favorite Hermes (other than Terre d'Hermes)

    Bel Ami (which I still find to be excellent in the current formulation), Eau d'Hermes (haven't smelled recent formulation), and Rocabar.
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    Re: ginger fragrances

    I really like ELdO's Like This, a very dry ginger/immortelle with a neroli opening. Some describe it as having a pumpkin note, which I don't really get, although there is a spicy vetiver that might...
  39. Re: Yatagan by Caron: an old forgotten classic?

    I don't think that was the Yatagan, danho. I just ripped one. Sorry.
  40. Re: Yatagan by Caron: an old forgotten classic?

    Great stuff and if you can still pick up a 120ml bottle on the gray market, it's one of the really crazy bargains in all of perfumery, imo. It took me a long time to get used to the strangeness of...
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    Re: Replacement for Gucci Pour Homme

    2Man or Lorenzo Villoresi Uomo will get you the incense part of GPH but not the pine fire topnotes or the amber drydown. There are lots of great amber frags that would scratch that itch. A...
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    Re: Profvmvm?

    Their scents tend to be strong and simple. Generally their materials seem quite high-quality. My favorite from the line is Antico Caruso, an almond, sandalwood, and a bit of citrus and maybe anise....
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    Re: The Best of État Libre d'Orange

    I really admire this line. I find several of their scents to be an actual pleasure to wear. Eloge du Traitre may be my favorite (and I do find it to have more interesting chypre-like topnotes than...
  44. Re: How to apply cologne while wearing a suit?

    I'm with those who prefer wearing fragrance under clothes in formal settings. In many of these situations--a restaurant, a show, a serious meeting--strong scent would be distracting from the other...
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    Re: Yesterday I layered

    Welcome to the dark side, SaNielson. Please visit often! Cool combos.
    Lots of single-note-dominant niche frags layer well, and the dense Serge Lutens hold up well. Some of them are, from one...
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    Re: PdN New York

    Thanks for the nicely done side-by-side, rubegon. I'm glad to hear that you love the new version. I've never tired it and ought to before I'm forced to make the switch abruptly. De Nicolai has...
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    Re: Grown to Love

    Yes! I hated Habit Rouge when I was first exploring perfumes. What I was looking for was a sort of stylized natural aroma, and so I headed straight into the niche world of compositions in which a...
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    Re: Yesterday I layered

    I love layering. A fave is L'Air du Desert Marocain with something green like Mazzolari or Le Temps d'Une Fete. I also really love layering with Balle de Match. It goes beautifully with this stuff...
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    Re: How can you learn the notes?

    Also, smell everything: flowers and herbs, spices on your spice rack, the beer and coffee you drink, etc. Many health food stores sell essential oils and there is often a tester vial open for you to...
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    Re: Yesterday I layered

    This will be noted on your permanent record, as you know, and Grant will have to place you on the watch list. (Shakes head sadly.)
  51. Re: What's your favorite/best citrus scent?

    I love PdN's Balle de Match. A grapefruit, oakmoss and woods composition as beautifully balanced and dry (and nearly as tenacious) as its name is unfortunate.
    Another favorite that hasn't been...
  52. Re: Recommend me a fragra similar to.....

    Immortelle is a good idea, being one of those wall-of-sound ingredients. I love that sort of thing, too, Jimmysmellworld. The obvious thing is to keep trying Lutens. Good next ones to try might be...
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    Re: Givenchy Gentlemen Only

    They're saying the right stuff but the jus looks like a simpering aquatic. The bottle is actually a reference to the original bottle for Gentleman, no?--the one without the plastic collar, just a...
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    Re: Favorite Opening

    The blast of juniper in the opening of Divine L'Homme de Coeur is still a thrill every time. Actually the first few minutes of Guerlain Vetiver are great, as well--the citrus and tobacco is most in...
  55. Re: Vetiver + Iris - a fragrant craving...

    My favorite vetiver and iris is Sel de Vetiver. The iris doesn't really read like iris, it softens the vetiver and contributes to the salty thing that the frag does beautifully.
  56. Re: Rive Gauche. The canned version isn't quite getting it.

    I have an old gray market can that must be 7 or 8 years old. Smells great to me.
  57. Re: honey fragrances, are there any out except Pure Havane ?

    SL Chene also has a nice beeswax/honey note, as does Chanel's Antaeus. In the latter it's peeking out from a very austere, gentleman's composition. Just beautiful, imo.
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    Re: Non-powdery, but dry AMBER?

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    Re: The best men's rose scent?

    Parfums de Nicolai Patchouli Intense is another fine masculine rose. It combines the rose/patch accord with spices to make something that is both buoyant and masculine. My favorite of this style is...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Guerlain Coriolan
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Etat Libre du Orange Jasmine et Cigarette
    Good stuff.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, May 01, 2012

    Divine L'Homme Sage
    This one keeps flipping on me. At the moment the anise seems very prominent and I put it on and think of Rive Gauche pour Homme.
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, April 16, 2012

    I'll be joining my friend ROBERTO in the unexceptionable Antaeus.
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, April 7, 2012

    ELDO's Rossy de Palma layered with Eloge du Traitre
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Parfums de Nicolai Maharadjah
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, February 6, 2012

    Guerlain Heritage
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

    Caron PuH
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

    Creed Bois du Portugal
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, January 23, 2012

    Divine L'Homme Sage
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    Re: SotD Sunday, 22 January 2012

    A single spray of L'Heure Bleue kept me warm on this chilly day.
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    Re: Men & Perfume

    The disapproval and incomprehension of mainstream male North American culture has helped keep prices down. Until recently. So I fear change is afoot.
  72. Re: Tahitian Honey by Strange Invisible Perfumes

    I'm very glad to see SIP getting some attention. I love her Magazine Street. It is much maligned for its rough opening but the drydown is one of the most satisfyingly creamy florals I've smelled, and...
  73. Re: Don´t be afraid of using it! Discontinued perfumes!!!

    So sorry you lost your old friend! Although perfume going rancid seems to be fairly rare, it's a useful reminder that it has more in common with wine than with a painting: it has a finite life that...
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    Re: SOTD: Sunday, January 22, 2012

    a single spray of vintage L'Heure Bleue edt for me today.
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    Re: Looking for a fresh clean scent

    I love Annick Goutal's L'Eau du Sud. Basically an herbal citrus cologne style fragrance but with impressive longevity and moderate sillage on drydown.
  76. Re: Terre D'hermes or Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense?

    What's most important is that you like it and that you can wear it repeatedly with pleasure and comfort. It would be TdH for me, though. And I actually think that it dresses up nicely.
  77. Re: Question about "Caron Pour Un Homme"

    PuH actually has a very herbal lavender--quite far from the synthetic lavenders that usually smell sweet and nearly foody.
  78. Re: Is there a difference between Muscs Koublai Khan in a bell jar and

    There have definitely been people who have felt that some of the Serge Lutens have been less strong over time. In my current mood I'm not convinced that's true, and my own recollection of the...
  79. Re: Ok leather fans help me find a good floral leather appropriate for a guy

    Don't think anyone has yet mentioned Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque. The dominant floral note to my nose is orange blossom, which I associate with great masculines like PdN New York.
  80. Replies

    Re: Héritage by Guerlain

    I have only the EdT and find it a bit too bright for regular use. But maybe I'll dust it off tomorrow. Interesting thread to read through.
  81. Re: Caron Yatagan + Caron Pour un Homme = By Kilian A Taste of Heaven?

    Will try this a check back.
  82. Re: Guerlain vetiver, givenchy vetyver, chanel sycamore, which to buy!

    Sycomore, if money is no object. Guerlain if it is. Can't go wrong either way, really.
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    Re: When to test samples?

    I don't do this much any more but I used to cover my arms with samples and sit around taking notes on them. Now I usually try a thing or two on Saturday morning, which is the time I most often have a...
  84. Re: What to try on the "tea genre" of perfumes?

    It wears more like an eau de cologne but I still love Bulgari Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert , esp in the summer.
  85. Re: Lorenzo Villoresi - Uomo - Simply A Wonderful Fragrance

    Nice description of the sort that makes me go back for a more careful sniff, thanks. I agree. It's a sturdy composition that can be worn several days in a row without fatigue, which is rare.
  86. Re: My wife's reaction to Muscs Koublai Khan....

    Drag. It bums me out when my wife hates something that i like. Then again there are certain things that I often enjoy just by smelling the sprayer.
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    Re: SotD: Saturday 21st January 2012

    Hermes Bel Ami
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, January 21, 2012

    Hermes Bel Ami
  89. Re: Who uses their classiest scents as room spray?

    It's never even occurred to me. Thanks for the suggestion.
  90. Replies

    Re: SOTD: Friday, January 20, 2012

    Divine L'Homme Sage
  91. Re: Parfums de Nicolai: Nicolai Pour Homme !!!!

    Very sad news, and I hope it will be subject to revision. How could they discontinue this beauty while continuing to produce new scents that are nice but nowhere near this?
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, January 19, 2012

    vintage Hermes Bel Ami
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme
  94. Re: Vintage New York by Parfums de Nicolaï?

    Very interested to know if they smell any different.
  95. Sticky: Re: What's your go-to ladykiller fragrance?

    Depends if I want to 'kill' my wife or my three daughters. I'm going to say fresh bread.
  96. Re: A great deal for Creed Bois du Portugal fans

    Thanks very much gents, I just scored a bottle. I'll look forward to having this back in my collection.
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    Re: SotD Monday, 16 January 2012

    Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles
  98. Re: Fake Zino Davidoff? Your opinions please...

    Your screen name is great, fatmanwalking. Glad to have another walking-related Basenotes moniker.
  99. Re: Don Draper

    Eau Sauvage
  100. Replies

    Re: SotD: Sunday, 15th Jan., 2012

    Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles from a sample
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