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    Re: a little sample giveaway contest

    22nd. If so, happy belated!
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    Re: Article: Pink Really Does Stink

    Sadly, we as fragrance enthusiasts cannot dictate the trends in the industry. While our feedback and perspective may prove more useful, in no way do we equal the mainstream consumers' purchasing...
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    Re: Wearing a fragrance not designed for your gender.

    I really enjoy wearing Jasmin Noir, despite the Kate Moss marketing campaign. Wear w/e you think suits you!
  4. Re: What does pure oud smell like? M7, Amouage Hommage Attar, Jubilation XXV, Epic Men

    Thanks for the response moreda!
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    Re: Le Labo Room Sprays for skin use

    I enquired about a Santal candle when I purchased Oud 27. The SA told me they could have it made as a perfume so I imagine the room spray is a possibility if they were being honest. How much cheaper...
  6. Re: What does pure oud smell like? M7, Amouage Hommage Attar, Jubilation XXV, Epic Men

    How does Le Labo's Oud 27 rank on the scale of pure oud?
    Do not mean to steal from the post w/o a contribution, sorry
  7. Re: Brands you avoid for reasons other than product or price?

    Right there with you. I know it's not right, but I too am extremely prejudiced against Ed Hardy and what it represents in my mind. While I love to watch the show Jersey Shore, I am mortified at the...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel and my frustration

    Sidebar - Rogalal, that line was directed at Natascha McElhone, who now plays Karen on Californication. Primrose, your story reminds me of Pretty Woman:

    Shop assistant: Hello, can I help you?...
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    Re: Les Exclusifs de Chanel and my frustration

    I agree with the posts above - there is nothing to lose, just go for it. It is a great house and would be a shame to let shyness keep you away. Butterflies in the stomach should be stirred by the...
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    Re: Storage & Display

    Yeah, I feel your pain venusinfurs. I am an avid sneaker enthusiast and have a display shelf dedicated to my collection. However, when it comes to fragrance (an equally enjoyable and expensive...
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    Re: What fragrance boosts your self-confidence?

    Narciso Rodriguez for Him
  12. Re: SotD Friday 18 February 2011 - ***** Fragrances (Synch. Day)

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    Re: Rose based fragrances

    +1 For Amouage Lyric
  14. Re: Need a Sillage Monster with Great Longevity...!!!

    I'm 23 and quite like monster/powerhouse/mature scents also.
    Big fan of VC&A pH/Quorum/Kourous. Terre D Hermes and M7 are modern beasts.
    Have you considered Creed - Bois du Portugal (old school),...
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    Re: Fragrance in Morocco and Turkey

    How was the trip? What did you find?
  16. Re: SOTD -(Synchronized) Friday The 11th of Februaryr 2011 - An 80s Powerhouse

    Scent: Quorum - Antonio Puig (1982)
    Soundtrack: David Bowie - Let's Dance (1983)
  17. Re: 1 Year in the Fragrance game..Tips for Newbies

    Renato made an interesting warning that the more your olfactory tastes develop, the more exclusive the culture can become.
  18. Re: Sample Collection : Overwhelmed and could use some insight!

    I like the idea that you should keep it random to avoid fragrance fatigue. If you were to order them by similar categories, a frag would have to be phenomenal to stand out. Granted, you should only...
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    Re: Have you ever bought a full bottle....

    I just bought a bottle of Jasmin Noir - absolutely love the scent, regardless of gendered intentions. However, a decant would have done me just as much good; do not know how often I will be wearing...
  20. Re: I just bought some samples on The Perfumed Court...before i buy a full bottle

    Sounds like a stellar line-up! I would like to hear your opinion on Homage and MR.
  21. Re: Splits - Amouage HOMAGE & Amouage TRIBUTE Attars

    Is it still on?
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    Re: Creed vs Amouage

    I have had a dab of Homage - they should call call it "Aw Man!"!!! Intoxicating!!!
    Lyric Man is intense stuff too, great rose notes and I normally hate that.
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    Re: Creed vs Amouage

    + 1

    I do not have a extensive knowledge of the complete lines but from the fragrances sampled/purchased Amouage develops quite complexly.
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    Re: Gentlemen make unsafe blind buys only!

    Agree with Master-Classter on the definition. What you're suggesting is more so maverick behaviour.

    Gentlemen will make safe purchases to be polite. A maverick will knowingly make poor decisions...
  25. Re: Just had my best shopping experience today in Toronto

    If the Black man you're talking about has dreadlocks - he's Hayden.
    The day I went, across from him at Frederic Malle was an Asian man, Yonge - (just like the street).

    Visited the store today,...
  26. Re: What is the saddest, most melancholic fragrance??

    + 1 on V C & A.
    + 1 on Narciso Rodriguez

    Both great, complex scents that require time to develop as you spiral into despair pondering existential nihilism.
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