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  1. Re: Roja Dove/Creed/Dior Privee/Tom Ford Private Blend/Amuage/Armani Prive/Jovoy Paris/Anat Fritz/Ch

    Hello Remik,
    I'm interested in closing out the current bottle of Windsor. Thanks.
  2. Re: Kurkdjian, Slumberhouse, Agonist, Different Co, Cartier, HdP, F. Malle, Guerlain, Amouage, Kilia

    Just received my splits. The seals and packaging were done very well. Looks and smells great. Thanks!
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    Poll: Re: Finally.. Best OUD based fragrance for men

    From what I've been told by friends that have lived and visited regions where a agarwood is grown that the TF Oud Wood smells the closest to the wood itself.
  4. Re: Agonist, Different Co, Cartier, Lutens, HdP, Frederic Malle, Guerlain, Amouage, by Kilian

    Please put me down for 10ml back to black and 20ml of lyric. Thank you.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also will fill last spot for muscs koublai khan.
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