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  1. Thread: Chat Room

    by Nile_Etland

    Re: Chat Room

    I can't get to feedback or Scent of the Day - I can open the fragrance directory & put in a fragrance but that's it. The name comes up but no decription (apart from manufacturer), no feedback - in...
  2. Re: Are Hermessences the only Hermés fragrances that have any longevity?

    Phew! I was starting to get more than a little worried as I too had found the Hermessence range (those that I've tried) do not last at all well. Rose Ikebana is pretty but fleeting, but that's better...
  3. Re: Talking About Evolution, Your Latest Top Five Please?

    1. 28 la Pausa (Chanel) - OK it doesn't last well but somehow, although I've damned other fragrances for being so fleeting, I find this to be so beautiful I could forgive it anything.
    =2. Nahema...
  4. Fair enough - Godiva make chocolate scented...

    Fair enough - Godiva make chocolate scented candles (great for me as I'm allergic to caffeine & theobromine so that's the nearest I can get to a box of chocolates) so let the fragrance manufacturers...
  5. This is a great idea and I agree with every...

    This is a great idea and I agree with every comment above, I've got just one small question - why stop there? Bring back the fabulous nitro-musks and all the other aromachemicals that made the...
  6. Re: Article: Penhaligon's unleash a scary anthropomorphic owl onto London's streets


    I'd be willing to bet that the face you've got is better.

    Do you really want to a) terrify small children or b) eat mice?
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    I agree wholeheartedly with this article, but all...

    I agree wholeheartedly with this article, but all the same I believe that there's nothing particularly wrong with pink - either as a colour or a fragrance - it's just the fact that a disproportionate...
  8. Re: Ebay UK Now Ban The Sale Of Perfume Testers

    I've bought a few testers, they've all been the real thing and great bargains.

    There must still be testers out there - & people like me who would like to buy them, so what's the way forward?
  9. Poll: Re: End of Summer: Quick Poll on what should I buy

    Les Exclusifs de Chanel Eau de Colgne
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    Re: Can an overpowering frag be diluted?

    And make sure the fragrance is dry before you put your shirt on.
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    Re: What fragrances smell like incense?

    Armani Prive 'Bois d'Encens', Aesop 'Mystra', Tauer 'Incense Extreme' & 'Incense Rose' - all more-or-less incense but different in effect. I have the Armani & the Aesop and prefer the Armani but...
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