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    Re: Which Montales should i test out?

    Though not gourmand mostly
    white aoud, full incense, intense pepper, and honey aoud are all good crowd pleasing choices
  2. Re: Rouge Bunny Rouge fragrances - Silvan ? Anyone ?

    Received my embers sample yesterday and wore it last night for the first time. It's really quite nice but the base smells a lot like teneras base so I won't be getting a bottle of it. I feel like if...
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    Re: Best Montale fragrances

    Intense cafe "compliment getter"
    White aoud "personal enjoyment"
    Night aoud "Unique"
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    Re: I don't like any Guerlains :(

    My advice is If you haven't tried double vanille and Songe d'Un Bois D'Ete. Just at least try those before you give up on them.
    Those are my favorites from guerlain.
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    Re: For Millesime Imperial users...

    I'd say a cheap price for MI non tester is about $120
  6. Re: Rouge Bunny Rouge fragrances - Silvan ? Anyone ?

    I own one of their offerings but it's not one you have listed it's called tenera and it's a wonderful high quality vanilla. It has a nice thick heavy bottle
    I do have a sample of embers on it's way...
  7. Re: A list of the Rasasi/Armaf clones and their counterparts

    Maybe a little busy.... Like slightly too much going on and I wasn't sure what I was smelling
  8. Re: A list of the Rasasi/Armaf clones and their counterparts

    I'm wearing tobacco blaze to work today.. Somebody told me this morning that I smell sweet and good. So that's nice I guess
    This scent has a lot of notes bouncing around some louder than others and...
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    Re: Sweet Woody Saffron

    Guerlain Songe d'un Bois d'Ete
  10. Re: Tom Ford Private Blend - A range of expensive skin scents

    I've tried a lot of tom fords offerings and i gave up on finding one that was full bottle worthy.. To me they seemed average on terms of longevity and strength.
  11. Re: Le Labo Vanille 44 owners and sniffers, what are your thoughts on it? I bought it blind...

    I'm wearing something similar to vanille 44 but much cheaper if you are looking for a budget vanille 44
    Try a sample of tenera by rouge bunny rouge it's a tad bit sweeter with zero citrus. It's...
  12. Re: Le Labo Vanille 44 owners and sniffers, what are your thoughts on it? I bought it blind...

    I personally like vanille 44 for what it is. But I would never pay retail to own a full bottle. I've got a small decant and it's lasted me about 2 years of a few sprays here and there. Its not in the...
  13. Re: Friends and Family at the Creed boutique

    Just could never be worth over 200 bucks to me for the 4oz. That's wild
    Not to mention my wife and her lovely twin sister complain about it when I try to wear it.
  14. Re: Kenneth Cole - Reaction ... Feedback Pls

    I like this one as a cheapie... It's really nice for the price.
    I agree spray it on your clothes to try to get it to last. I get the melon vibe at the top and like a fresh slightly generic dry...
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    [CONUS] Montale safran ,Creed erolfa

    I have a 3.4 oz bottle of montale aoud safran with box and pouch 99.9% full $76 shipped
    -2.5 oz Creed Erolfa 90+% full comes with cap,no box SoLD***

    Every purchase comes with many free niche...
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    Re: Which Montale Has the best performance?

    Out of all the montales I've tried in the past which is about 30 of them the only one I had longevity issues with was aoud and pine the non blue version. It felt kinda watered down to me. But it...
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    Re: Lets talk Vanilla

    As a owner of both Le Couvent Eau des Missiones vanilla and also double vanille I will agree they have very similar notes as mentioned but it's kinda similar to comparing GIT to something like cool...
  18. Re: New job + fraghead boss = cologne jackpot (+ guessing game)

    It will probably be like creeds tobacco vanille.
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    Poll: Re: The only Tom Ford's you would buy

    I've tried a lot of Tom fords in Neiman Marcus and I haven't found one that is full bottle worthy... There were a few that were just ok and a bunch that I didn't like at all. This house is a big...
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    Re: Props to Montale worth the money!!

    I must mention performance isn't everything ... I got great performance from bonds offerings as well I just didn't click with any of their 70 fragrances choices. Also they are much more expensive...
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    Props to Montale worth the money!!

    Living in florida it's been getting a little cooler here lately especially in the morning time so I've been wearing Intense Cafe last couple days and I've gotten 3 very nice compliments from...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    1. GIT
    2. Oud immortel
    3. An air of despair
    4. Cedrat Boise
    5. Poivre 23
  23. Re: Mancera Cedrat Boise Vs Bond No 9 The Scent of Peace for Him

    Cedrat for sure
  24. Re: Has anyone tried Bond nO.9 http:www/ ?

    I tried it for a few days and Thought it was a less complex more synthetic aventus wanna be. Not a good experience
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    Re: My fragrance journey so far...

    I think you need to revisit a few of the ones you may have already slightly written off... Maybe your looking for the perfect scent and it just doesn't exist for you. I think you will love that Git...
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    Re: What's in the space of Spice & Wood?

    Malle's French lover smells like spice and wood to me but yeah it's just as expensive and maybe not as good.although I like neither of them
    I don't know of any cheapies that give me the same vibe...
  27. Re: Which 5 perfumes do you consider to be the worst ever made?

    These are instant headache inducers that also make me throw up in the back of my throat just a bit.
    1. Bond west side and Sag harbor
    2.Tom ford black orchid
    3.Versace Dreamer
    4. Nu_be mercury
  28. Re: Name the fragrance, having a "special" place in your heart.

    Silver mountain water was my introduction to niche bottles, before that day I must have smelled horrible. I wore stuff that I find repulsive now because I didn't know what was what. For that reason I...
  29. Re: Let the hate commence, new Bond No 9 fragrance called "B9"

    While I do agree that they have a ton of scents available I think that very few of them are tasteful enought to even consider being full bottle worthy . I'm at that point to where I yawn at the...
  30. Re: Let the hate commence, new Bond No 9 fragrance called "B9"

    I've tried so many of these, but found none to be full bottle worthy.
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    Re: Spraying Clothes Concerns

    My question is... So all this talk about that scent smells better on them than on me and scent chemistry from one person to another... Does spraying on your clothes and not on your body get rid of...
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    [CONUS] Byredo Imortel ,Aoud homme, Creed

    - 1.6 oz Byredo Oud Immortel about 65~70% full see picture
    Includes box $60 shipped
    -Micallef aoud homme 30ml jeweled bottle with box brand new never opened $45 shipped
    - Creed SMW 4oz 65% full...
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    Re: Royal Mayfair: Ridiculous performance

    I got the same split from remik.. I get exceptional performance from this particular creed.
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Serge luten fille en aiguilles
    Byredo accord oud
    Byredo oud immortel
    Avignon mixed with laurel
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    Poll: Re: Byredo for Birthday

    Oud immortel is my favorite byredo so that's easy for me!
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    Re: Lets Talk About Imaginary Authors

    I bought an air of despair about a week ago and I'm really digging this one! It's a very realistic cedar fragrance extremely true to all the notes listed all but the note "sadness" that is... I can't...
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    Re: Parfum1 20% off Code

    This one still works... Just used it minutes ago
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    Re: Getting a first Montale

    White aoud, intense cafe and aoud pine are all must trys!!
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    Re: Creed 1849

    I bought a decant of this from a fellow basenoter because I didn't want to blind buy such an expensive fragrance and samples were hard to come by. I must say that I'm glad I didn't buy a full bottle...
  40. Thread: CdG fans

    by Wheredjaredgo

    Re: CdG fans

    Close tie at avignon and wonderwood both fantastic woody goodnesses
  41. Re: The most talked about fragrances you've never tried

    I've never smelled any of the bentleys
    Also never smelled Malle's BC and I've always wanted to smell gucci rush too
    I wanna smell all of them when I get a chance
  42. Poll: Re: Fragrances evaluation series I (Green Irish Tweed)

    I'm partial because I'm wearing it today. Absolute masterpiece
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    Re: Lets Talk About Imaginary Authors

    I love cape heartache in the winter months... It's honestly the longest lasting fragrance I've ever owned in my entire life 48+ hours
    I also like City on fire for very cold winter days but can't...
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    Re: Scent of Peace for Men = Axe Peace

    I do kinda get that comparison with my sample as well. It's not identical but smells similar to the axe
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    Re: "Fragrances" I hate.

    Body kouros is pretty gross
    Tom ford black orchid made me gag
    Most bond no 9's the worst are silver factory, china town and sag harbor to name a few!
    Apom I get a piss note from that one
  46. Re: Is it true "Curve Appeal" is the best male watermelon cologne within 15 to 30 dollars range

    I think I payed 50 bucks for a big bottle of maxims Orphee which is a really nice watermelon scent like a longer lasting KC reaction. Check into that one if you can. The bottle is pretty interesting...
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    Re: Mancera Cedrat Boise

    I've sampled this one along with 6-7 other manceras and I did not find any that I liked.
    After that I never explored mancera further. I much prefer montales offerings.
    Cedrat Boise felt like it...
  48. Re: Is it true "Curve Appeal" is the best male watermelon cologne within 15 to 30 dollars range

    Reaction lasted a long while when sprayed on clothes but did not last 2 hours on my skin.
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    Re: Is Creed Windsor a top 10 of all time?

    2009 was a top ten for me
    but the newer ones deserve the new name really.... it just doesn't compare to 2009 version in my opinion
  50. Re: Universal perfumes and cosmetics? Generic oils? anyone try these?

    I have purchased a few different oils from them and can confirm they were either hit or miss. For instance the aoud safran/alike oil had promise in the beginning but 5mins into it became very...
  51. Re: Green Irish Tweed aka Niche Flexall 454 smells old.

    Everyone is different with different taste.
    My lovely wife is 29 years old and does not like aventus on me, but loves GIT. Who would of thunk?
    We are celebrating our 10 year anniversary very soon...
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    Re: gendarme vs clean men

    I may be one of the few that actually prefer clean for men compared to the others mentioned in this thread.
    It's a raspberry soapy fragrance that smells nice and inoffensive. I've had a few very...
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    Re: Millesime Imperial, how many sprays?

    With Mi spraying clothing gets a better result opposed to spraying skin.
  54. Re: What's your pick(s) from Comme des Garcons line?

    Avignon and wonderwood my 2 favorites of what I've tried
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    Re: Lets make a list: Your 1 spray fragrances

    Imaginary authors: Cape heartache
    Skin tested to last over 48 hours on myself !!
    Can't do more than one
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    Re: pure malt Thierry Mugler ?

    I would sample pure malt it's worth a try. Very nice strong gourmand
    The only Mugler that I own and love!
  57. Re: What's your opinion on Le Labo Santal 33

    I was bored by santal 33. It stays the same throughout its life but it has good longevity on the skin. My wife didn't like it at all
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    Re: Arabian perfumes

    I own lattafa night aoud.... It's pretty similar to byredo oud accord except not as luxurious smelling and a little more soapy vibe to it and less spices. It's nice for 30 bucks
    Lattafa also have...
  59. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water better with age?

    Really depends on how it was stored... I have same year SMW with a S01 at the end instead of the K in your instance...
    Mine is very good crisp long lasting with a lower amount of ambergris which I...
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    Re: Scent of Peace for Him

    To me it smells a bit like a fruity tide detergent rubbed under a sweaty persons armpit. Sorry that's just what I get after the initial top notes
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    Re: Worst Niche Line And Why ?

    I vote for Bond no 9 as well!! They try to copy successfully stuff and fail horribly!
    For the amount of fragrances I've tried from them"35" x the percentage of them that I loved... Which was 0
  62. Re: Aventus and Roadster - separated at birth?

    Miles apart to me
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    Re: Most worn March '15

    Oud immortel
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    Re: Creed Windsor coming soon

    2009 windsor is in my top 5 favorites of all time and I've sampled a thousand scents or so .
    I wouldn't say that it's overrated at all.
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    Re: Chez Bond Opinions

    Not as natural smelling as GIT but it does project better than GIT
    That being said I prefer GIT. In the past I received two negative feedbacks in the same day wearing chez bond.
    And I've never...
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    Re: Can a guy really pull off Black Orchid?

    Black orchid was a scrubber for me.
    No way in a million years would that ever work for me it smelled very feminine and dark.
    Better suited for women no doubt
  67. Re: The Most Hated 3: Of Your Wife, Girlfriend, or Significant Other

    My wife didn't like aventus the most out of all too
    Honorable mentions to micallef homme aoud and opusVI
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    Re: Any Bond No. 9 experts out there?

    Absolutely horrible - Coney Island , Silver factory , West Side, China Town, New Harlem, Sag Harbor, Great Jones and some others
    Just ok- Wall Street, Hamptons, Bleecker, riverside drive, N.Y oud,...
  69. Re: Grabbing some Indie samples. Make some recommendations!

    Try "cape heartache" by imaginary authors also a "city on fire"
    And "lithium" by nu_be also "carbon"
  70. Re: Single and looking this summer. GIT? VPH + BdC? Elsewhere?!

    I'd just go with GIT although it's pretty expensive... It's very good quality summer scent and quite people pleasing.
    Actually wearing this all week I get in a mood for it and it's all I want for...
  71. Re: I really don't know what fragrance to buy!

    Cool water or Dior homme Eau
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    Re: Fragrance Unlimited

    Usually when it come to these type smellalikes you get decent quality for the price you pay for it. Which isn't a bad deal if you can't afford or don't want to splurge for the actual scent that it's...
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    Re: Bond No. 9

    I completely agree with this person. Spot on
    Also...Scent of peace for Him is basically a nuclear cloud of synthetic notes blended horribly together.
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    Re: Most nauseating fragrance.

    Malle Carnal flower
    Nu_be mercury
    B9 New Harlem
    B9 Silver factory
    T,F Black Orchid
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Sorry man... The bastards that manufacture and produce those do a good job with the packaging and bottle looks... but honestly it only bears a slight resemblance to the real thing when you spray it...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I bet you that those bottles are probably missing lot numbers on the bottom lip... Am I right? Should be a etched lot number on the backside of the bottle on the base lip. Etched in the glass or...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I'm sorry but that label looks fake to me there is a bunch of those fake 11z01 labeled ones going around really cheap on eBay. I'm 98% certain that is not real.
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    Re: Creed 1849

    I know this might sound crazy... But my grandmother has a perfume that smells very similar to this just a bit more synthetic so....maybe I can't get past that association or something.
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    Re: Creed 1849

    Smells expensive but also smells like something I don't wanna smell of. Too fem in my personal opinion
  80. Thread: Lothair

    by Wheredjaredgo

    Re: Lothair

    Doesn't last very long on me and didn't really care for it
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    Re: Creed Spice and Wood

    Spice and wood is pretty similar to Malle's French Lover except without the fruity top notes S&W has
  82. Re: Mancera - Wind Wood - Anyone try this one?

    I've sampled this a few times and felt like it was another dime a dozen kinda fragrance... Not something I really care for
  83. Re: Finally settled on a signature scent: Green Irish Tweed

    It's a good safe reliable choice...kind of like a Lexus
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    Re: Bond No 9 thoughs

    No change for me ... One of the most dissapointing houses I've ever come across.
    I don't have any in my collection and don't want any either. Anything new they come out with I'm not gonna waste my...
  85. Thread: Tutti

    by Wheredjaredgo

    Re: Tutti

    I've decrypted the secret took me a long while but this is what I found in that special coding.... It says sell all of your current collection and blind buy all of their offerings and...
  86. Re: Montale Black Aoud (2014 Aoud Collection by Montale International Design)

    How is longevity and projection on this one? Thanks
  87. Re: Fragrances that took a little while to warm up to

    White aoud Montale when I first sampled it I got a very medicinal vibe that scared me away for a while and eventually my sample came back out of the drawer for another try and the second time I...
  88. Re: Looking for value for money for my stepfather.

    I've tried to tell him he sprays too much and he's killing the ozone layer... But he doesn't listen to anyone. If I don't supply him with any then his last resort is to buy something from the dollar...
  89. Looking for value for money for my stepfather.

    Hey guys I need some ideas
    My step father loves wearing cologne and he knows I have a nice stash of expensive fragrances... He's always asking me if I don't use any of the ones I have and in the...
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    Re: Creed Spice and Wood

    I bought a new flacon off of eBay when it first came out years ago I think I paid $275... It was a blind buy that didn't perform well on my skin at all so I sold it to make a quick buck. It smells...
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    Re: Aventus 30ml Box Authentic?

    Yeah you may never see a 30 ml creed fake In your lifetime.
    The scumbags that make their paychecks by producing fake creeds try to maximize profits by making bigger bottles such as 4oz... I've never...
  92. Re: Creed Silver Mountain Water - Bought a bottle, smells different than a sample I had.

    Don't know which batch you have but my 2010 batch sucked!
    my 2011 much better and my 08 batch was the best creamiest ambergris long lasting
  93. Re: Do you ever feel guilty about spending so much money?

    I feel somewhat guilty when I'm buying a new bottle of expensive cologne ... I guess the better the deal I get on that bottle the less guilty I feel. But then I quickly remind myself that my...
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    Re: When is too much, too much?

    If I had 55+ bottles "$8000+" in my collection it would be overwhelming at certain times to figure out what I wanted to wear on which day... So me personally I like to keep about 20 different flavors...
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    Re: Byredo - Help me with the line

    Oud immortel is the best they offer in my opinion
  96. Re: Blind bought Montale Aoud Melody - What to expect?

    I had a sample I used a few months back and the notes sounded good to me but on my skin aoud melody turned sour and so I scrubbed it off.
    Not a good experience infact one of my least favorites from...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I dunno if that's the first one or just one of the first but I own a 4oz of that one and it is so good! The 2010 k batches kinda sucked k01 was decent but k02 kinda sucky and k03 just sucky.
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    I can almost guarantee you that you probably won't get a better offer than that for a used 4oz bottle.
    X02 is way overrated and so is Z01. My favorite batches were the first ones from 2010.
  99. Re: Creeds I need to have in my collection -

    10+ hours and 5 sprays on a shirt in the same spot those 5 times...maybe but on my skin it's just a skin scent in about 6 hours....I get 8 hours from SMW.
  100. Re: Creeds I need to have in my collection -

    I'd Skip over spice and wood doesn't have any longevity "worse than SMW"
    Skip over 1849 millesime too it's so expensive,hard to find and extremely feminine to me
    Jardin di amalfi is just ok for the...
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