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    Re: Your Personal Unicorn. What is it?

    Vintage Armani Eau Pour Homme

    Was my first signature fragrance I bought soon after falling in love for the first time, a few short months before I was due to start an undergraduate degree program...
  2. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    I’ve been wearing 4-5 sprays of Moss Cologne daily over the last few days. It is light currently but I expect it to gain a little more strength a few months down the road. The florals are still...
  3. Re: East versus West: Do different regional fragrances indicate different regional preferences?

    There are still noticeable differences in fragrance styles marketed to different regions. I suppose cultural preferences evolve slowly, and depend greatly on the level of exposure.
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    Re: Looking for a new experience

    Just pick any 5 from Zoologist.
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    Re: Fragrance du Bois

    No, I haven’t. I’ll try score a sample the next time I get something from Luckyscent.
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    Re: Which one of these Xerjoff are FBW?

    If by FBW you mean crowd-pleasing / easy to wear, then my vote goes to Uden, Mefisto and 40 Knots.

    I’m wearing 40 Knots today btw. It’s been a while since I last wore it, kinda forgotten just how...
  7. Re: praising Bracken Man -- paging fans of this Amouage

    There’s a (for lack of better descriptive) sickly little note in Bracken Man that throws me off. Smell something similar more recently in Zoologist Dodo. Someone mentioned a litchi note but I wonder...
  8. Re: What is the least amount of time it's taken you to go through 100 ml?

    Never have I achieved this ‘feat’ as my default purchase size is 50 ml or smaller. My 120 ml Royal Oud will probably turn into a linen spray to get used up lol.
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    Re: Fragrance du Bois

    @gewoonBB. Enjoying your well articulated impressions of these Fragrance Du Bois fragrances. My ranking seems to mirror those of yours, with Oud Jaune Intense coming in second behind the superlative...
  10. Re: A life altering experience with Habit Rouge EDC

    Wonderful experience. For you. Hope the scent didn’t project too far out as to distract a fellow member of the audience from enjoying the same opera.
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    Re: Summer Green Citrus?

    Since you seem to enjoy some smoke and earth with your citrus, get hold of this while it’s still available:
    Siberian Summer by Areej Le Doré
  12. Re: Hard time to understand what I like or dislike in a fragrance

    While sampling does improve your hit rate, contrary to popular beliefs it may not save you all that much $ if it leads to more frequent bottle purchases. 100 samples a year isn’t such a bad starting...
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    Re: case of vintages being stronger

    Sorry. Have very limited experience with this Paco Rabanne so can’t be of much help to you. But dammit, it’s good to see an oldtimer dropping by these forums!
  14. Re: The Beginner-to-Intermediate '3 fragrance Pack'...with *NO REPEATS*

    3 all-season options for the modern gentleman, to take him from the boardwalk to the boardroom or the bedroom:

    Floris 1962 - RL Polo’s fresher non-smoking cousin

    Penhaligon’s Sartorial -...
  15. Re: Cielito Lindo, new limited edition from Rasei Fort (Fort and Manlé)

    Looks interesting but I’m wary of anything with caramel.
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    Re: How do you control your purchases?

    Try mansplaining this to the missus. :smiley:
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    Re: How do you control your purchases?

    There’s your answer: spend less time on Basenotes. :smiley:
  18. Re: Truth Must Be Told: Reviews based on Sample Vials are not as reliable!

    There seems to be a great deal of assumption behind OP’s thread post. ‘Missing the target’ is clearly an opinion that may not even be shared by other readers. Unless it was specified in a review how...
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    Re: King ok incense and King of smoke.

    I’m not inclined to crown any fragrance ‘king’ but these are among my favourites for each category:-

    Incense - Ma Nishtana by Prin Parfums

    Smoke - Serge Noire by Serge Lutens
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    Re: Can A Guy Wear Chamade? Or Nahema?

    You asked the wrong group; we are the perfume people! :wink:

    If I could hazard a guess, most non-perfume people don’t really care all that much to decide if you smell feminine or otherwise. But if...
  21. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    The florals are nuanced, painted in watercolor tones, serving more as a lighter counterpoint to the raspy timbre of the oakmoss. Certainly nothing I’d worry about.

    Keep in mind these are just...
  22. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Bittersweet, softly resinous, forest floor vibes. Kinda reminds me of vintage Loewe Esencia. I didn’t get much of the Bortnikoff juicy citrus treatment I was expecting but it’s there, just a little...
  23. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)


    Collected the package today. :smiley:
  24. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Sorry to hear that. Perhaps the info was not updated?

    My own Moss Cologne is sitting in a drop off locker point awaiting for me to collect. :smiley:
  25. Re: Gucci Guilty Absolute is Gorgeous. Why is there such a controversy?

    Exactly. The lack of controversy is controversial.
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    Re: Histoires 7753 Unexpected Mona

    Thanks for the thread. Been wondering about this latest release.
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    Re: Wood+green+fresh-clean-natural [niche]

    Oud Vert Intense by Fragrance Du Bois
  28. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?

    ^^ Holy cow! That’s a boatload of samples you got there @dysect. Great way to spend the enforced isolation IMO. Some great stuff in that list! Especially the vintage Opium.

    Btw I just received...
  29. Re: Peau de Bete (Les Liquides Imaginaires) alternative

    Hope you managed to snap it up in time, OP. It’s shown as ‘sold out’ on Luckyscent.
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    Re: Le Monarque and FO'AH French houses

    @Heawns If you enjoy the salty note you should check out FO’AH 11. The discovery set offers outstanding value. That was how I ended up buying a full bottle of FO’AH 2.
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition VII

    Ooo...Cuir X. Nice!
  32. Re: Another you can only have one fragrance, which is your choice? Thread

    Loewe Esencia
    - all suit and tie business up front, 50 shades of sex god grey underneath

    Bortnikoff Sir Winston
    - a killer blend of green tea, tobacco, white oud &...
  33. Re: It's time to buy the scent when you can't stop thinking about it, do you guys agree ?

    Only if it stays in the ‘can’t stop smelling’ category. Otherwise it goes into my ‘Maybe’ list.

    ‘Can’t stop thinking about it’ is IMO a different kettle of fish - a consumeristic preoccupation...
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    Re: Oud + Lavender fragrance?

    +1 on Fragrance Du Bois London Oud.

    Another surprisingly enjoyable option is Irreverent by Histoires de Parfums.
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    Re: In Praise of Low-Budget Artistry

    Guy Laroche Horizon smells pretty original to me, and cheap as tack.

    I love Spielberg’s Duel movie btw.
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    Re: Best vintage Patou’s???

    Eau de Patou
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    Re: Mold growing on box

    Have recently found mold growing on the cap of my Chanel Exclusif, among others. It’s one of the pitfalls of storing stuff in high humidity.
  38. Re: How can I STILL smell perfume almost 4 years later?

    What dreadful thoughts! I’d be more careful about what I keep in my head if I were you. Perhaps getting rid of those old vials of aromachemicals may not be such a bad idea after all.
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    Re: A middle note called "time"

    Seeing how fragheads often whine about their fragrances’ seeming lack of longevity I’m not surprised if ‘time’ gets included as a note. :wink:
  40. Re: My First Basenotes post! Delighted to be here.

    Welcome to Basenotes!
    Good username; Green Irish Tweed has been a BN darling for years, though it’s not mine.
  41. Re: What Fragrances Are Currently On The Top Of Your List To Buy?

    Great list! But Balsamo Della Mecca is by La Via Del Profumo /Abdessalam Attars, not ASAQ.
  42. Re: what are you wearing during the pandemic?

    Masks. Occasionally scented with SotD.
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    Re: In the mood for roses...

    Try Histoires de Parfum’s Rosam for rose + petrol.
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    Re: Royal Oud Vs Aventus

    I’m inclined to agree with this. Probably the chief reason my BdP gets more frequent wears than RO.
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    Re: Documentary: Perfume War

    What a treat! I love Marcus Aurelius’ musings...
  46. Re: Free perfume with tinned spam? Why not....?!

    Back when spam meant something else...
  47. Re: Prove me wrong: 80s designer fragrances were often the quality of today's niche scents

    ‘Niche quality’ is such a vague term. Full bodied fragrances from the 1980s were simply a reflection of the prevailing trends during a particular era sporting big puffy hairdos, aircraft carrier...
  48. Re: Why nobody talks about Annick Goutal anymore?

    This, in a nutshell. Compared to a decade ago, the scene is much more crowded today. Without a better signal-to-noise ratio, a brand sinks into obscurity.

    IMO the repackaging and upward price...
  49. Re: GQ`s astrology guide to perfume. It`s all in the stars.....

    It is GQ. What else should one expect? :wink:
  50. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Didn’t have any trouble getting a quick response from him & his team the last time a shipment got returned because I wasn’t around to pick up the package. I don’t expect perfection but they came...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    Enjoy! That’s close to having a ‘heaven on earth’ experience for me.
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    Re: MFK Adds 35ml Bottle Size

    While I certainly welcome the smaller size, I much prefer the elegant proportions of the larger bottles. I have been getting by nicely with MFK Globetrotter travel sprays. Only have Lumiere Noire PH...
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    Re: Royal Oud Vs Aventus

    Own & enjoy Royal Oud. Owned but sold off Aventus as it went all ‘stinky socks’ on me.
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    Not to me, it isn’t. It lacks a prominent chypre-defining oakmoss-labdanum backbone. That aside, Russian Musk in any form is still outstanding.
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    It wasn’t the 1st time either. Clearly Adam loves Mitsouko, among others. Hope springs eternal that someday he’ll be inspired to create one awesome vintage-inspired chypre, ALD-style.
  56. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    No. The latest iteration is in cologne format. Not sure how close it is to the original debut release.
  57. Re: Exceptional, non-soliflore, patchouli perfumes

    Another vote for Noir Patchouli.

    But patchouli is such a fantastic supporting note you can easily find it in many fragrances.
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    Re: Scent Memories

    Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the read.
  59. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    A fine choice. Sir Winston was in fact my very first Bortnikoff bottle. I share your observations about the tuberose note - it’s unlike any I’ve ever smelled. On a 1-10 scale it’s toned down to 2 or...
  60. Poll: Re: Do You ENJOY the CREED Batch Variation Phenomena?

    +1 Pretty much sums it up for me.
  61. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    The ambergris IS indeed stronger now. I love it & have been wearing Symphonie de Neroli fairly regularly over the last few weeks. It feels much better integrated than it did 6 months ago. Not a...
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    Re: What really goes into a perfume?

    It’s perfectly OK if you don’t find them suitable for your tastes but calling others pretentious snobs for enjoying these attars is clearly not. Nobody in the right mind will pay those hefty prices...
  63. Re: AbdesSalaam Attar / La Via del Profumo - official fragrance discussion thread

    Nor did I. The new site name is a lot better so congrats!

    Btw I’m not sure if my nose is a little more sensitive these days (or the air is just cleaner during this lockdown) but I could smell a...
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    Re: Ormonde Jayne Man

    Suave 1st half impression let down by a shaky 2nd half with a propensity to get cloying as it shifts gear towards drydown. Longevity is average at best. Works better in cool dry weather. Done in a...
  65. Re: Scent of the night - what fragrance did you sleep with last night

    Siberian Musk by Areej Le Doré.
  66. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Top notes:
    Bergamot, Lemon, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit

    Heart notes:
    Oakmoss Absolute, Violet Leaf, Jasmine, Champaca, Ylang-Ylang, Nutmeg

    Base notes:
    Oakmoss Resinoid, Ambergris, Atlas...
  67. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    The problem isn’t the media; it’s the content and delivery, both applicable to any medium. There are probably more crappy books as there are crappy films. Nor is every written review worth the paper...
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    Re: Rogue Fougere L’Aube just wow!

    I find it a little too piercing so it’s clearly not my bag. But if you love it, that’s all that matters.
  69. Re: Intermitent Stimulus: The Chest is the best spot for perfumes

    Sprays to the forehead FTW! :rolleyesold:
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    Re: Creed sold - call me paranoid but...

    I’m with StylinLA on this. BdP’s days are numbered. AFAIK very few guys under 40 yrs old swear by it. Quite a number even call the scent ‘old man-nish’. Blackrock will see this reflected in declining...
  71. Re: Your Thoughts On Youtube Fragrance Reviewers?

    I’d look up YT reviews if and only if I can’t find written reviews of a specific fragrance. While the production quality may have technically improved recently (thanks to technology) many of these YT...
  72. Re: Explain your connection to your fragrances and your desire to continue exploring...

    Until I stumbled upon Basenotes I didn’t know there’s an entire subculture devoted to fragrances, bringing together a diversity of people from all walks of life. I still find this ‘shared obsession’...
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    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    +1 on Mriga

    Also try Bortnikoff Musk Cologne.
  74. Re: Favorite white florals that are more masculine-ish

    Good call on Sarrasins by Serge Lutens. A dark leathery jasmine.

    Right now Bortnikoff Sir Winston rules that sphere for me by partnering tuberose to the tannin of tea and dry aromatic tobacco.
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    Re: The worst fragrance you've ever smelled?

    One I hope never to smell again is Sisley Eau d’Ikar. If I could describe it in one word: YUCKS.
  76. Re: Bloomingdale huge issue with order of Black Phantom.

    I’m shocked at the level some people stooped to. Hope karma finds the
    culprit ...soon.
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    Re: How to stock your decants

    Great options! Tiered nail polish/lipstick holders come in handy too. For a while I was using styrofoam blood specimen tube holders.
  78. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Sir Winston didn’t change all that much to me though the tuberose sports a little more of that white floral ‘decay’. Still highly enjoyable to me.

    Symphonie de Neroli’s florals are now on level...
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    Re: Thoughts on APLS vs Grand Soir?

    Hell, yes. They’re playing in different leagues IMO. But Grand Soir is easier to wear and less likely to offend.
  80. Replies

    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    I share these sentiments.

    Thanks to these few artisans we still get to enjoy perfumery in an age of algorithm-driven focus-group approved compositions and cynical reformulations.

    Wearing some...
  81. Replies

    Re: Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy

    No doubt COVID-19 induced retail slump knocks the final nail into the coffin.
  82. Re: As of today, Creed is no longer a family owned brand

    Good for you. Were you able to get an earlier vintage?
  83. Replies

    Re: Areej le Doré : The Official Discussion Thread

    For a while I thought I went to the wrong thread lol. Maybe someone could start a dedicated FdB discussion thread.

    Back to topic, I finally received my attars, at long last. Went straight for...
  84. Re: I think you guys will enjoy these amazing knock-offs

    Anyone starting a bizarre collection of these blatant rip offs?
  85. Re: What are the virtues of perfumery that are most important to you?

    Not in any particular order of importance:

    1. Execution and delivery of concept.
    2. Wearability & versatility.
    3. Dealbreakers e.g. unpleasant facets, abrasively chemical vibe, etc
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    Re: D.S and Durga Duzina Rozi...WOW

    Wow. Sounds right up my alley. But it’s harder to get hold of this brand here.
  87. Re: Do You Plan On Being Buried With Your Fragrances?

    Wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I thought of vaulted fragrances. But when I die simply bury me upside down so the world could kiss my arse.
  88. Re: Does anyone know what's happened to

    One of my most favourite reviewers. Hope he’s OK.
  89. Replies

    Re: Ensar Oud

    Coming soon...

    Siberian Musk & Ambergris

    Not soon enough! :wink:
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    Re: Dont understand the Ambre Nuit hype

    Nor did I.
  91. Re: how did you better come to appreciate very light fragrances?

    IMO it’s very much like sipping on a favorite cold drink. I enjoy it while it lasts, even if the best bits endure for a brief moment of 5-10 minutes.

    As they like to say...
    ”Life is not measured...
  92. Re: Bortnikoff perfumes (take note Areej le Dore fans!)

    Since I’m never a big fan of Roja’s Creation-E I think I’ll be fine sitting out Sayat Nova. Wear it in good health though. :thumbup:
  93. Re: Disaster: Perfume Cellar destroying laminated wooden flooring - Bought another

    I hope you won’t need new flooring. In my experience certain laminated wood flooring warps after prolonged exposure to water /liquid.

    Btw I’m not in the ‘keep fragrances cool’ camp as I simply...
  94. Re: How Are Clones/Imposter Colognes Perceived Here?

    I don’t go out of my way to avoid them but I certainly don’t actively seek them out. You can always afford the real McCoy even if it means buying a small decant of it from trustworthy sources.
  95. Re: Pick 1 discontinued Fragrance of your choice

    Bortnikoff Bonheur
  96. Re: What fragrances did you like when they were cheap, and then they shot up in price?

    Auphorie fragrances as a whole. Samples used to be cheap, delivered straight from neighbouring Malaysia. Then they jacked up prices after Turin’s glowing review and following ALD’s red hot streak,...
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    Re: Advice for the 'back up phase'?

    I’d buy a backup bottle and see how frequently I wear the first bottle over the next one year. If the love doesn’t fade after a year, that’s a good signal to add a 3rd bottle. If it wanes somewhat...
  98. Re: L’Oréal purchase of Mugler, Azzaro finalized

    I highly doubt it. But I do hope L’Oreal can do a better job marketing them.
  99. Re: Old School Traditional Pine: Any long-lasting alternative?

    Find some Granville by Dior. IMO it succeeds in stretching out the aromatic piney aspect even if it doesn’t come across as ‘traditional’ /old school.
  100. Re: Show your creativity: Please mismatch fragrances with profession.

    Figured very few will get the Fahrenheit - firefighter mismatch. Let me ask you, would you trust one who smells ‘flammable’?
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