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  1. Re: Just saying Hi, haven't been here in ages

    Hi and welcome back.:laugh:
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    Re: Re-spraying late in the day

    I think this is the case too.
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    Re: Creed Aventus does not last on me

    You may also be experiencing a nose fatigue. Ask the people around you if they smell it on you. The same thing happened with me with Milesime Imperial.

    I'm surprised you're experiencing poor...
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    Re: Suggestions needed for a signature scent

    Since you already like Cool Water, GIT would be a natural choice.

    If you like aquatics, I'd also suggest:

    Eight and Bob - very versatile and yet unique;
    Nautica Voyage - one of the best pure...
  5. Re: Looking for Advice on My First Fragrance/Signature Scent

    Since you are in the fashion industry and most of the designer scent are probably pretty well known by the people you come across, I'd suggest getting something more niche.

    If you truly are...
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    Re: Versatile Summer Scents

    Heeley Oranges and Lemons
    Acqua di Parma - Acqua Decima

    Both excellent scents for very hot weather.
  7. Thread: High School

    by ScentBound

    Re: High School

    Absolutely correct. You won't get girls just because you smell nice, nor should you be getting a fragrance just to get girls, especially high school ones.

    How about you go to the mall and pick a...
  8. Re: hi what are some good fragrance sample that i should purchase?

    I agree, skip the first three. They are in every mall on the planet. Aventus is a good choice. I'd also add Green Irish Tweed and Virgin Island Water - also from Creed.

    What kind of scents do you...
  9. Re: French pronunciation - Perfume edition (video)

    That's pretty cool. Thank for sharing.
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    Re: Do Testers always tell the truth?

    In my experience, it is all the same. It is true that the fragrance in a tester bottle may have changed due to exposure. These changes though are probably hard to notice, especially in the...
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    Re: Hugh Parsons

    I found them in a store in Venice and later I saw them at and They have some interesting fragrances but nothing mind blowing. I find them very well tempered and...
  12. Re: Do scents really not last long... or do wearers not just smell them?

    It's a little bit of both but it also has to do with the molecules. Some people are anosmic to certain smells. Also, certain molecules may block your smell receptors and may not be able to detect...
  13. Thread: Help!!

    by ScentBound

    Re: Help!!

    That would really depend on your intentions but whatever they are you can never go wrong with Aventus. In fact, most of the Creeds are pretty occasion neutral, so anyone would work.
  14. Do I detect a little bit of an Italian leaning...

    Do I detect a little bit of an Italian leaning with the name Acqua Originale? Has Creed abandoned its French origins?
    I'd be curious to try even though based on the names, none of them sound...
  15. Re: Mens perfume with good sillage in hot weather

    Eau d'Italie Aqua Decima or Eau d'Italie. Both a light citrus-woody and last all day.
  16. Re: What do you think of this list for a first-time buyer?

    AdG Essenza: I don't find it to be for a more mature crowd. It is a little bit stronger but I don't think it's going to be a problem in a warmer weather. Try both - the original and Essenza. I...
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    Re: decision time. pls help

    In general, I'd pick Phylosikos but it may be a little too sweet for the weather. Tom Ford Grey Vetiver may work better. If you are set on the two you've selected, get Phylosikos - it is the better...
  18. Re: What do you think of this list for a first-time buyer?

    You have a good list already. I would definitely second the TdH and Bleu de Chanel on your list. I would also add the following:

    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver
    Eau d'Italie Aqua Decima
    Heeley Oranges and...
  19. Re: Do you ever have times when you just dont like the way any of your fragrences smell ?

    You may want to try Hermes Osmantus Yunnan. It is a gorgeous tea fragrance and yet, it is different. Iluminum Tribal Black Tea is also interesting.

    Try to sample some more of the creed line -...
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    Re: Perfume for a rational person

    Welcome Almeisan,

    The general tone of your post tells me that you are quite jaded and skeptical towards fragrances and the industry. Sadly, you have more than enough reasons to feel this way. One...
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    Re: Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

    I found Allure Blanche very tarty-zesty. It even won a FiFi award I believe for best masculine back in 2009. It's a nice fragrance but I wouldn't wear it.

    Another piece of advice when testing:...
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    Re: Why do you wear cologne?

    Wearing a fragrance is like wearing clothes - you need different scents for different occasions. No one wonders why we have more than one shirt and pair of pants, or one pair of shoes. It makes sense...
  23. Re: Question...Why do some houses not make certain scents available to sample?

    I think it might be a tactic to maintain exclusivity (especially in the case of Hermes) and/or distribution.

    It is an odd practice not to give samples and it is even odder that some stores give...
  24. Re: How long will fragrances last if kept in minimum indirect light

    I had a Kenzo Power that I kept on the window sill that went bad. The bottle wasn't transparent but it was in direct sun light and heat, so that might have caused it. You should be fine for several...
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    Re: Looking for a watery type of scent..

    Try the Kenzo range. He has some pretty watery stuff. Nautiva Voyage is also a good aquatic, even though it is a little less watery than some of the Kenzo's offerings.

    MI is a good scent but I...
  26. Re: Soul Searching College Student Seeking Signature

    Sounds like you are looking for a light warm/balmy fragrance.

    The ones that come to mind, which you may like are

    Chanel Exclusif Bois de Illes - very nice lavender (excellent execution), which...
  27. Re: First cologne: still sampling, help would totally be appreciated!

    The Chanel Allure options you've come across are good choices based on what you're looking for. If you're willing to spend the money, you can try Creed's Aventus, which is fresh but has a more of a...
  28. I love when celebrities say their perfume has...

    I love when celebrities say their perfume has "some new stuff" in it. It is a testament to their deep involvement in the development of the fragrance...obviously.

    I also love the comment about...
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    Re: when someone challenges your hobby

    Interesting question. I've come across similar "challenges" myself, even though I see them more like amazement or misunderstanding.

    From speaking to a wiseman in the jungle of Mali I came to...
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    Re: when someone challenges your hobby

    Interesting question. I've come across similar "challenges" myself, even though I see them more like amazement or misunderstanding.

    From speaking to a wiseman in the jungle of Mali I came to...
  31. Re: Should I buy Bleu de chanel or D&G the one?

    If you are high school junior, I'd recommend Bleu - it's just going to be so much more appropriate for almost any situation you will likely be in and it is so much more refined than the harshly...
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