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  1. Re: 'Dating' Perfumes : The allure of vintage scents

    I would very much recommend that if you like a classic fragrance BUY IT NOW. The article listed many classics. The EU has come out with so many regulations about scents. Oakmoss which is in many...
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    Re: New Fragrance: By Killian Incense Oud

    I like both houses, but they are different. Why not include Amouage also? Montale ouds have a rose component in them. Where Pur Oud by Killian has little if any rose in it. Montale formulates for...
  3. Re: Which By Killian Fragrance is the Easiest to Wear?

    I agree Pure Oud is a beautiful Oud, it is my favorite from Killian.
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    Re: Olivier Polge creates No.5 L'Eau for Chanel

    Although a nice scent it vanishes in moments. Longevity and sillage are not some of it's attributes. It does not smell like any of the classic Chanel No. 5 variations. Wispy and etheral and then...
  5. Re: Dior 30 Montaigne ... Has anybody tried this?

    Yes I just found 2 more of them. It is just a wonderful scent. Reminiscent of the era. Not a subtle scent, but one that brongs back memories. Your notes are just about perfect also.
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    Re: Room Scent Of The Day - September 2015

    Ernesto by Cire Trudon
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    Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    I also love Black Oud by Montale. But being in the south I have to be careful wearing it because of the rose. But it is a beautiful scent.
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    Re: The Best Oud-Dominant Fragrance?

    My favorite is Perris Imperial Oud or Killian Pure Oud. Mental also uses Oud very well. But the rose can get a little heavy at times. Creed and Tom Ford have way to much vanilla or sweetness in...
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    Re: Amouage Lyric longevity.

    Longevity within Amouage is exceedingly long. I love waking up to the smell of Lyric or Epic. It covers my pillows. It's the base you smell the next day. Very different from hours ago. Roll over...
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    Re: Calling all Hermes experts..chime in..

    Neither is sweet. Bel Ami is a more refined leather and very distinctive. Hyper masculine, with a long lasting sillage. The "classic" or older version is far superior [the one in the umbrella...
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    Re: Which do you find the most 'suave' scent?

    I agree very much. A singular sophisticated unique scent that says I know who I am and I wear this for myself. I am sure and confident in myself. I am not a child and have no need to draw unwanted...
  12. Re: Looking for scents similar to "Creed's Royal Oud"/Oriental/Arabian Wood/Spices

    I agree try Tom Ford Oud Wood. If you really want Arabian style go to Montal. Their scent's are very deep, major and original to Oman and Saudi styles. They use a lot of deep dark rose,...
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