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  1. Re: The New Tom Ford Frags - Santal Blonde, Jasmin Rouge, Violet Blond

    Hi everyone, I tried the tester of Violet Blond in my local SpaceNK yesterday (here in the UK). It's lovely, very soft and feminine, but with an edge (must the iris, which I love). I plan to buy a...
  2. Thread: Chanel N 19

    by Zosema

    Re: Chanel N 19

    Yes, I wear it. I agree that it has a mysterious quality. The Chanel sales assistant who sells it to me said that I'm one of very few people she knows who can wear No 19 successfully and I feel...
  3. Re: Help for a complete 23 year old newbie in the UK

    Hi there, I think you would probably enjoy Chanel Cristalle Eau Vert from what you have said. Its a lovely fresh fragrance with a clean and yet warm smell, perfect for this time of year. It is...
  4. Thread: Dior extraits

    by Zosema

    Re: Dior extraits

    With regards to the Dune, do you mean the one that used to come in a refillable gold container (quite a large one)? I did think this had been discontinued, but if you can find it then go for it! I...
  5. Re: Is There a Fragrance You Love But Just Can't Wear?

    Paris by YSL - love it, but it smells really strange on me. Its been a bitter disappointment to me that I can't wear it since it was launched!
  6. Re: Long time reader first time poster looking for advice

    Primrose, I quite agree - you are right in what you say! Be yourself and just wear what you feel is comfortable and "you". A first date is all about you the person, not your scent.
  7. Re: The Perfect Scent for the Day After the UK Election...?

    How about Scandal, that might fit the bill ...!
  8. Replies

    Want sophisticated rose perfume

    Please can someone help me? I'm looking for a sophisticated rose based perfume. I love YSL Paris, but it smells odd on me so I cannot wear it. I have tried Stella McCartney and Stella Rose...
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