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  1. Re: What's the worst female fragrance you've ever smelled?

    Clarins Eau Dynamiste - this was the worst blind buy ever - makes me feel nauseous.
  2. Re: IFRA's banned/restricted ingredients: some thoughts.

    Interesting topic.

    My take on it is -
    I think everything in life carries a certain amount of risk. Perfume is no exception.

    The old rules of 'everything in moderation' apply here. If you...
  3. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    Free perfume! If only! Everybody's dream. A bit like those cash machines that accidentally give out too much money!
  4. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    Its all sorted and finished now. Everybody's happy (especially me) :smiley::2vrolijk_08::vrolijk_26:
  5. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    I'll second that.:smiley:
    I'm sure it isn't always a picnic on here either (I'm not that naive lol) - but there does seem to be a friendlier (less toxic) vibe on here so far.

    (I've already had so...
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    Re: debenhams selling creeds

    I just wish their price would come down!
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    Re: Fragrances spotted in movies!

    I watched The Women last night.

    In it, the main character's husband is having an affair with a 'perfume whore' - (her words.) (another word for perfume spritzer in a department store apparently)....
  8. Re: Which scents have the most allergens?

    Redrose, I had allergy testing done a couple of years ago.
    They stuck about 90 sticking plasters on my back (in 3 groups of 30) .
    Each little plaster had an 'allergen' underneath it.
    I had to...
  9. Re: What smells from childhood influenced your liking of their notes in fragrances today?

    From my childhood:

    The smell of:

    Sundays. This day used to smell like a mixture of soft rain, green grass and nettles, steam, mint leaves, roast lamb, tart blackcurrants, cream and...
  10. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    ..................the fact that you can openly ask such a question on here in the first place - speaks volumes about the difference between the two places.
    And more to the point -people can have a...
  11. Re: Have you ever felt self-conscious wearing a fragrance? (my experience)

    That's so Evil. Love it!:wink:

    The only time I think I overdid it ,was when wearing Eau Des Merveilles at work.
    A co worker constantly complained ''Something smells like Hot Dogs in here''...
  12. Re: Difference between Basenotes and Fragrantica?

    Yes, there are now Individual Members Topics on Fragrantica.
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    Re: SotD: Thursday 12th July, 2012

    Pure White Linen. I had a craving for honeysuckle this morning.....
  14. Re: New Fragrance: RMS Titanic - Legacy 1912 Titanic

    I Wonder what scents the ladies - and the men, wore on that fateful voyage.........
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    Re: I'm Visiting Grasse next month!!!

    This trip would be part of an excursion, but, after reading all this - I think we might try and make our own way there!- We'll get to see more that way and also spend as much time as we want - ...
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    Re: I'm Visiting Grasse next month!!!

    I'm going to try and squash it all in! (although on the tour we will be on - it mentions 'visiting Fragonard' - so not sure exactly whats included). Still, I'm sure it'll be good. I will be...
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    I'm Visiting Grasse next month!!!

    I'm so excited - I plan on visiting Grasse next month and will also be doing the tour/workshop :cheesy:

    I had the opportunity to see the place whilst visiting that area of France two years ago,...
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    Poll: Re: Why most BN reviews are positive

    [/B]I agree - unfortunately, most people can be bought these days! No need to mention names either, (I could take a wild guess....)
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    Poll: Re: Why most BN reviews are positive

    I'd never heard about shilling before, that's really interesting!

    I think it probably does go on in some forums, but I think if it were to happened on BN, it would stick out like a sore thumb.
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    Poll: Re: Why most BN reviews are positive

    I've noticed that people on Basenotes on the whole, seem to be better informed when it comes to perfumes,so are more likely to write an interesting comment - whether positive or negative. (I keep...
  21. Re: The actual popularity of fragrances

    In the UK - I only occasionally ' smell fragrance on anybody during the day, but come nighttime, especially weekends - Everybody seems to be wearing it - men and women.
  22. Re: Doing the which-frags-would-you-save thing for real!

    Perfumes don't take up much room, so I would save - ALL OF THEM!:rolleyesold:

    Redneck - I have a picture in my head now, of somebody sat in a fridge.

    Redrose - Has the area where you live...
  23. Re: Which fragrance house is the biggest a-hole? (measured by copying, overcharging, lack of supply,

    I agree, critiscism is okay. If we all 'said nothing' - there would be nothing to read. No interesting debates. What would be the point?

    My vote goes to:

    Bond No 9 - not that I've...
  24. Re: Head's Up for All: My Yahoo Email Account was Hacked

    I don't think you're being paranoid at all! I feel for you!
    Go and change ALL your passwords NOW!!!
    Seriously, I had major problems on another board recently, whereby people were hacking into...
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    Re: USA Today . . . Ban On Scents

    1: Roaches Man . . . . . . . . . . 6: Fume de Diesel Blac
    2: Ne'er Erect Bleu II . . . . . . 7: Hunched
    3: YELL M80 . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8: Acqua Di Geo Metro
    4: Cooty...
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    Re: Allergic reactions

    Feel free to rant - I agree with everything you've said.

    We all agree that there are people out there with genuine allergy to perfume and I have every sympathy for them..... but the rest of them...
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    Re: USA Today . . . Ban On Scents

    I don't see how they can police this! Fragrance is in everything - soap, deodorant, shampoo, hair gel, hair spray, washing powder, fabric softener etc etc.

    Its a ridiculous law - What they...
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    Re: new member

    Hi embers (and other new members) - You will love it here. I've only been here about a week and have met so many friendly 'nice' people!
    I don't really like wearing 'fresh' fragrances in summer -...
  29. I enjoyed reading this article and can't wait to...

    I enjoyed reading this article and can't wait to test the fragrance.
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    Re: Today I Bought - June 2012

    Today I bought Allure edt.
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