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    Re: Favorite "won't break the bank" scale?

    Dmitriy, I bought that exact scale (from tmart,but saw it on ebay first), and it worked well - for a couple months. Now, when I turn it on, the display only shows dashed lines & doesn't react to...
  2. Re: What is the maximum amount of water (or minimum amount of alcohol) to prevent separation?

    You have to remember that perfumer's alcohol is 190 proof - which translates to 95% alcohol and 5% water -
    so not adding water will already give you the 5% water, so it doesn't seem necessary or...
  3. Re: Starting small, need advice regarding perfume oil business

    Read each supplier's suggested dilution rates - as each supplier dilutes their stock at varying amounts. There is no "one size fits all".
  4. Re: Starting small, need advice regarding perfume oil business

    Check out

    There are many many fragrance oil suppliers out there - selling to similar businesses as you are contemplating as well as soapers/candlemakers, but most do not "mix"...
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    Re: How has your year been?

    I think you have described my 2014 experience in perfumery almost exactly - just throw in reading a few books on the subject, mostly the inadequate ones published in the last few years. (If only I...
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    Season's Greetings DIYers

    I just wanted to extend my appreciation and gratitude for the amazing people here that give information, correct "slight" (huge) misunderstandings, and so graciously explain and share their...
  7. Re: Any ideas on how to do/learn (smallish) scale CO2 etc extractions? - wandering post

    David, I am aware of the differences - I was looking for any info on any method of extraction that I might throw my brother's way. The story about clearing a property of the jasmine just horrified...
  8. Re: Any ideas on how to do/learn (smallish) scale CO2 etc extractions? - wandering post

    Hi Bill. My regards to your foot lol.

    The smaller scale equipment for which I referred costs those guys about $16,000 - is that roughly the figure you were thinking?
  9. Any ideas on how to do/learn (smallish) scale CO2 etc extractions? - wandering post

    Short Version: Anyone know where you can learn how to/source small scale equipment for absolute or CO2 extraction?

    Meandering Version:
    I grew up in Hawaii, the Big Island, and one cherished...
  10. Re: Your Exaltolide may not be Exaltolide... really.

    Bill, if I recall you saying something on another thread about being laid up & hence online a bit more until healed - I almost hope it takes awhile :tongue:

    You have really outshone yourself in...
  11. Re: Sonic Maturation - discussed in "Working the Bench"

    That's the problem with self-education - we search out every scrap of info, and a lot of what we find is bunk. But how to tell the difference when operating from the position of complete beginner?
  12. Re: DIY Suppliers with MSDS, Certificate of analysis and Declaration of Allergens

    Coming from the position of almost absolute ignorance, as I get acquainted with any material - EO or aroma chem, besides getting the MSDS from the supplier (certificates of analysis I haven't always...
  13. Sonic Maturation - discussed in "Working the Bench"

    I recently picked up Working the Bench by Justine Crane, and read it in two days of commuting, as it is only 140-odd pages, in the hopes of learning something useful. As all of you well know, there...
  14. Re: Experimenting with EO/AC ratios & accord samples - what containers do you use?

    Thank you guys for your input. I had hesitated on cleaning & reusing the vials, thinking there was no way in really being able to do so. I may have to look into a sonic cleaner, for a couple of...
  15. Experimenting with EO/AC ratios & accord samples - what containers do you use?

    Hello people.

    In scent training (such as playing with different proportions of various scent materials) and in my juvenile attempts at accord building, I have come up against an unexpected wall...
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    Re: Daphne Scent...

    I have daphne odorata blooming in my back yard as well. The flower's scent is elegant. To me, a not overpowering heady floral finished with a dry sharp green note, maybe with a slight touch of...
  17. Re: PK Perfumes Nominated for Two Hollywood Taste Awards.. First Perfumer Ever - Get Out The VOTE!

    Can we vote twice? :-P
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    Re: Notes. 'Are' there any real rules .....

    I keep a binder, with descriptive pages for each aromachem & natural I purchase, then use it with scent training, when I pull out any chem to work with for reminders, etc. Hopefully, in time,...
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    Re: Experiment - mixing samples

    Hi back
    I'm only a beginner a few months ahead of you, but after much reading this forum & others, recommendations from some of the posters here, I elected to dilute a bit of each EO & aromachem to...
  20. Re: Ethanol questions - cane, grape, grain -preferences? differences?

    The sweetish/malty smell does go away after a couple minutes, but it's very frustrating with scent training because everything smells the same at first. Can't ever smell top notes well, either.

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    Re: EO dilution is cloudy

    Some EO's do dilute cloudy, Ylang Ylang comes to mind. I am not sure about those two, however, so you might check with your supplier
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    Re: DIY - How To Learn Perfumery

    Thank you for the link & plugging this concept. I wouldn't've come into it otherwise, and have been trying to develop a systematic way of studying perfumery. This SOLE concept/toolkit looks like it...
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    Re: Linalool % of concentrate?

    LOL no advice, I'm probably newer than you, but have sincere admiration for your turn of phrase.

    Have you been doing as books/sages of the board advise, and as you're training your nose,...
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    Re: Where to get perfumers alcohol online

    undenatured 95%/190 proof in USA
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    Re: struggling noob, please help me

    I'm a newbie too, trying to build my organ as well. There are a few kits offered by suppliers here and there, but if you break down the cost, you are paying more for the materials for the...
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    Re: Handsome, manly bottles?

    If you just want one bottle for your own creation, I'd suggest browsing ebay listings using terms like decorative vintage cut glass bottle. I just did a quick search, and while most are feminine,...
  27. Ethanol questions - cane, grape, grain -preferences? differences?

    I purchased some 95% ethanol from these guys:

    I decided (well, my pocketbook decided) to go with the cane alcohol, as it was the least expensive,...
  28. Re: NPR Radio Interview now available for listening... - with Paul Kiler, PK Perfumes

    Congratulations. Just the beginning of all the recognition you will get, I'm sure.
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    Re: Perfumers education

    In the past year, I've done the same research, with about the same results as to schools/formal education in perfumery. Unless you are accepted by the big houses, you will not find rigorous training...
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    Re: Diilution Percentage Suggestions?

    Thank you for your suggestions Chris, and certainly *thank you* for the reminder. Sigh, intellectually, I knew that, but I would've airheadedly gone ahead and diluted the same as the rest, without...
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    Re: Diilution Percentage Suggestions?

    Thank you pkiler for your suggestions. That will get me started at least. Perhaps, later, when I get more little bottles, I will try varying percentages of everything, just to get an understanding...
  32. Thread: Scales

    by Scarletj

    Re: Scales

    pkiler, as soon as I've used it enough to have a good sense of its actual performance, I'll let people know.

    :) I found it by accident by looking at scales on ebay, and this model came up. When...
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    Diilution Percentage Suggestions?

    I'm beginning to build my organ, and am figuring to dilute most oils & aroma chems to 10% in ethanol by volume, for training my nose, and to begin to experiment with with simple chords, etc.

  34. Thread: Scales

    by Scarletj

    Re: Scales

    I found a 300 gram/ .001 g scale at for about $150 US.
  35. Re: Fleuressences, Bases and Aroma chemicals: insight please?

    Polecat, in watching BBC's Perfume episode 2, about 3/4 of the way through, there is a part where the Givaudan instructor is guiding students in olfactory training. In the interview, it shows that...
  36. Re: Fleuressences, Bases and Aroma chemicals: insight please?

    I am doing the same as you, i.e. assembling my beginner's organ & worrying about the best way to start. I can offer you my experience with Perfumer's World's beginner's kit, I bought it a few years...
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    Organ Organization - what do you do?

    Hi All
    New member, assiduously reading old threads to try to not repeat posts/questions/discussions :)

    I am embarking on training my nose this year. I assembled a list of about 150 natural...
  38. Intro post - serious about studying perfumery

    Hello all

    I have been interested in fragrance for years, did a little dabbling in studying here & there. Loved perfume for years, but it was only when I got into a soapmaking binge awhile ago did...
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