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  1. Re: TOP SECRET: New Summer Kouros and Claiborne So

    YSL Golden Shower... is this a joke? Seriously, I cant tell. Did I miss something here?
    You cant be serious that they're making an R Kelly cologne that is inspired by what it feels like to be...
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    Re: M7 Fresh: dissapointing

    When I first had a smell of M7 Fresh I hated it. I really didnt like the smell at all, especially the opening, and couldnt imagine myself ever wearing it.
    Well a while later I decided to give it...
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    Re: Tanning alternatives?

    John, that sounds exactly liek what I need
    I'll definitely look into it!!

    edit: btw, what is your natural complexion? *
    Also, is the Jergens fine on the face and, er, nether regions?

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    Re: A scent for memory lane.

    Polo Sport: High School dances
    Aqua Di Gio: Clubbing at 19
    Versace Metal Jeans: Clubbing at 20 ;)
    CK Truth: Japan

    hehe, memories. Sometimes I like to just give these a smell and sit back for a...
  5. Re: application and wearability ofthe 5 selected h

    wow Giraffe and Envyus, these were exactly the sort of responses I was hoping for!
    Thanks very much for the insight. Bascially, I had similar ideas myself, but was very interested to hear some other...
  6. application and wearability ofthe 5 selected here?

    Hi there!
    Im just wondering about what other basenoters feel of these 5 frags which I've recently come to aquire.
    I want to be careful though in application. *If you could simply mention the type...
  7. Wearing a new scent first time and initial memory?

    Hey there, this may seem like a very weird question

    As Im sure all basenoters know, scent is the sense most linked to memory. When we smell a certain scent, we are returned to the memories...
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    Tanning alternatives?

    Well, unfortunately Im quite fair skinned (read: white) and would really like to bronze it. However, I am ever skeptical of tanning beds and cant seem to grab an even tan in the sun (definitely not...
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    Dark eye ring solutions?

    hi there!
    hopefully someone can help me out or has a similar problem
    I have dark rings under my eyes that I get whether or not I'm tired. *My doctor has mentioned that I have naturally thin skin...
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    Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    Ok, so today was the big day! *I went out with a list and tried as many as i could (with sufficient breaks in between and a whole lot of coffee smelling) 8-)

    For casual/summer/fresh scents I...
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    Re: Ideas for new fragrances?

    thanks, i'll look into Paco Rabanne XS for sure
    Yeah, i love the smell of Swiss Army, but unfortunately its my buddy's signature, he wears it all day every day, so something similar would be awesome...
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    Ideas for new fragrances?

    Hi there, this is my first post. *Im glad I found this message board!

    Im a 21yr old male looking to get some new scents. *I found i've outgrown my current ones for the most part or mabye am just...
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