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    Re: your favorite CHEAP fragrance


    Agua Lavanda

    Pinaud Classic Vanilla

    Pinaud Special Reserve

    Lalique pour Homme ( 50ml bottle should be under $30)
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    Re: Antaeus or Bel Ami?

    Bel Ami by far. Wish I got a bottle when I had the chance. Very classic and timeless.

    Antaeus I can respect, but it is dated. I don't put that label on many fragrances. I agree with what Kaern...
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    Re: Best mens floral fragrance?

    Have always wanted to sample this one. One day I will. If you are on the Basenotes mens fragrance forum looking for a floral, this one just sounds like it should be sampled. Bit on the pricey side,...
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    Re: Fragrance pictures

    I'm surprised people are posting pictures from other websites for Basenotes to use. Websites like Fragrantica and online stores. To me that does not seem right. Gotta use original pictures as much as...
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    Re: How to "perk up" Terre d'Hermes parfum?

    OP, listen to Johnny Ludlow. And see if you can try Montale Red Vetyver because it is similar to Terre Hermes.
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    Re: Even the model for it couldnl't stand Brut

    Both my aunt and grandmother gave me bottles of this stinky cheap concoction when I was in my teens. Could not stand it and ended up using them to "freshen up" garbage bins in the house.

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    Re: Zirh Ikon Oud

    Maybe wait for more reviews that are positive from reliable Basenoters. This one seems a bit sketchy. I have tried ouds from all over the price map and they really vary. Pretty much the same as all...
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    Re: Best mens floral fragrance?

    Cartier Declaration D'un Soir. Easy grab to wear as well.
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    Re: Kouros day. June 1st ?

    Yep I have that same 2015ish bottle. White shoulders. The much older stuff is different I agree.
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    Re: Kouros day. June 1st ?

    It's June already ? Damn you pandemic.

    I'll wear some Kouros. This fragrance reminds me of the guys locker room in high school gym class. No one wore Kouros. But the smell of the fragrance...
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    Re: Hipsters and Fragrance (do they mix)

    Agree with Strifeknot as well.

    ( Would also be nice if the OP cited the "study" he heard)
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    Re: How do you control your purchases?

    I usually find it hard to control, but world wide pandemics do help in watching frivolous spending.
  13. Re: Cartier Declaration is such an underrated classic

    Agree with that Oviatt.

    Also like the flankers minus the Essence because of the irritating cedar note taking away from the whole vibe of the original. Wish I picked up the flankers when I had a...
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    Re: In the mood for roses...

    This one seems like it is getting harder to find.
  15. Poll: Re: Terre d'Hermes - try for a third time or is it time to move on?

    Me too. Can't stand it. And I agree, so many other fragrances worth checking out.

    Hopefully the upcomming Hermes masculine this fall is much better.
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    Re: (NEW) Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme (2018)

    ^ Looking forward to your thoughts Snortch. Price is reasonable for a blind buy.
  17. Re: Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT: Comparing the Vintage to Current

    Thanks MegaMav for those pics. I kinda figured I did have the 2015 version myself. Not much left :( But it served me well. A very easy going fragrance that is a smart choice on a weekday for work.
  18. Re: Best cheap lavender-dominated men's fragrances

    Forgot about Lomani pour Homme. Easy to grab before making errands or just for something to have on. Never thought I would get into it and thought it was too cheap to smell good on the wearer. Decent...
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    Re: CHANEL EGOÏSTE discontinued?

    In before the lock(down) !

    Egoiste is OK. To be honest I never thought of it as a cinnamon fragrance. I suppose there is some in there. I have concluded after studying these pages that it has not...
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    Re: Encre Noire extreme is gorgeous!

    I'm not a fan of it myself in high doses. Would really like to see it's use limited.
  21. Re: Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT: Comparing the Vintage to Current

    Yep. I should have said cacao and not cocoa ( cocoa makes it sound edible like a hot chocolate lol). I do get the Heritage vibe a bit too. Perhaps that is the signature of Guerlain masculines ? I am...
  22. Re: What fragrance is giving you solace during this crazy time?

    ^ Thanks Sandy. :) Something to try in the distant future for me. I have so far tried Egra and Chastity from the brand.
  23. Re: What fragrance is giving you solace during this crazy time?

    Is this the same as Junoon Satin ? Presentation looks nice. Perhaps a bit too sweet for me, but your description sounds good.
  24. Re: Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT: Comparing the Vintage to Current

    I never realy considered it a gourmand as well despite the cocoa. Mostly because I just cannot wear them as a personal fragrance. I find gourmands repelling, strange ( in a bad way) and highly...
  25. Re: Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT: Comparing the Vintage to Current

    It is the bottle before the "Listerine" style. I thought there was a formula switch before, but I could be wrong.
  26. Re: Guerlain L'Instant pour Homme EDT: Comparing the Vintage to Current

    Great post and write up Brooks. Thank you. That was so well written I thought it was an old thread lol.

    I have a bottle of the edt that I enjoy and am sure it is the current, but not 100% sure....
  27. Re: I finally sampled Santa Maria Novella's Peau d'Espagne (Spanish Leather) and......

    I always liked this Peau de Espange as well from the times I did sample it.

    You may like Sandalo from Santa Maria Novella. Its strong stuff ! I never had a bottle though, but got a reaction when I...
  28. Re: How do you think Corona and the crisis will affect the perfume industry?

    Impossible to know. But I reckon things will go back to being the same for the perfume industry.
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    Re: Has anyone tried Moschino Toy Boy for men?

    This one sounds decent. Im all for rose notes. With the pandemic I will not sample anything new for a while however.

    Look forward to hearing more thoughts on it

    What's with the constant...
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    Re: I was wrong, so very wrong.

    Welcome Felix. Give some musky scents a try. And do pick up another bottle of Kouros. That is a must !

    Kiehl's Musk is decent as well.
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    Re: On the hunt for a new fougere

    Even the current version ? I got a sample 5 years ago or so and thought it was not so special. Not even that good. But I may have to give that sample another try perhaps.
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    Re: $100's, 5 Fragrances

    ^ Thank you Morrison. I have actually never heard of it before !
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    Re: $100's, 5 Fragrances

    Hmmm...what is this Lucifer you speak of ?

    Montana Black Edition is such a solid choice. Always like this one. Should be better known on the boards.
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    Re: Cartier Declaration d'Un Soir

    Agree with this man. I blind bought my bottle and enjoy it very much.
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    Poll: Re: Do you compliment other peoples cologne?

    Not during a pandemic.
  36. Re: Strong Aftershaves As Hand Sanitizer During Coronavirus?

    ^ Marand, that was quiete useful. Thank you for sharing :thumbup:
  37. Poll: Re: Wearing More or Less Fragrance Due to Lockdowns, etc. ?

    More, as I am using more of my cologne splashes. Hopefully its true that the alcohol content does work as a sanitizer as well :)
  38. Re: Perfumes to keep people 1.5 meters away from you

    Pretty much this.
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    Re: HERMÈS new Men's pillar fragrance

    Hopefully this upcomming release is much better than Terre.
  40. Re: Observtion on Bogart Pour Homme, which arrived today

    Same experience as me. Nuclear is very fitting. If it was less nuclear and perhaps less linear with the sweetness dialed back, then it would be a great scent.
  41. Re: Is Boucheron pour homme (1991) blind buy worthy?

    Glad you are enjoying this one as well Foamywax. I am very pleased you like it. I echo your statement earlier about change in preferences. These are the types fragrance I enjoy too. :beer:

    I quite...
  42. Re: Is Boucheron pour homme (1991) blind buy worthy?

    Most definetly not "...just another freshy."

    This one has a lot of character and legs. It lasts longer than the Fragonard, which is a nice scent.

    It is dated in the edt. Smells like a...
  43. Re: Is Boucheron pour homme (1991) blind buy worthy?

    Interesting. I feel the opposite.

    The edt burns my nose and smells too musty and fusty. The edp on the other hand is a solid masculine.

    Go for it Foamywax
  44. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    Those are not fair comparisons . Guerlain Homme, Bleu de Chanel and Sauvage did not replace the formula's of former well received fragrances in similar bottles ( Iike new Dior Homme and original Dior...
  45. Re: A new Dior Homme fragrance is on its way, apparently

    Wow, this is all quite disturbing to read.

    Well, at least there are many other iris fragrances to use instead. But still this is not good.
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    Re: 36 and still no signature scent

    Signature scent to me is impossible. Because these fragrances are made for masses of people. Even the smaller niche brands.

    Enjoy the selection that is out there. Variety is the spice of life....
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    Re: RIP Mr Ungaro - a tribute thread

    Rest in Peace. He made his mark in the fashion and fragrance world. ( great name too).

    I am a big fan of his masculine Ungaro II and the feminine Diva.

    Rest in Peace Monsieur Ungaro.
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    Re: Has Paul Smith London been relaunched?

    Anytime a out of production or discontinued fragrance is brought back, that is always a good thing. Too many good fragrances have been cancelled.

    I used to have a bottle of PS London. Like Johnny...
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    Re: Equus - voilet note

    Let us know which of the two ( Edt or Edp) you choose. As well, share your thoughts when the chance arrises.
  50. Re: Blind buy: Hommage Voyageur - what am I in for!

    Seems like you like it which is great.

    For myself it's one of those fragrances that hurt my nose and I can't really make out much of an accord. From what I do smell seems so so. I should try my...
  51. Re: Your top 5 favorite "winter" or "fall" fragrances under $40

    Guerlain excells in this area, but it may be for the smaller bottles only. L'Instant pour Homme both edt and edp. Habit Rouge EDP and Heritage edt or edp as well.

    My personal favs are Lalique pour...
  52. Re: Does the band Train have a problem with cologne?

    This thread has taken its toll on me
    OP said Train too many times before
    And Basenotes is breaking in front of me
    I have no choice 'cause I won't say goodbye anymore, woah, woah, woah

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    Re: Dan MyMickers (YouTuber reviewer) has died.

    Very sad to read this. He was a Basenoter as well.

    Rest in Peace.
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    Re: Boucheron pour homme. EDP vs EDT?

    The EDT is far too musty and fusty for me ! I feel like I would have to be Burt Lancaster's character in the 1963 Luchino Visconti film Il Gattopardo ( aka The Leopard) to be able to pull that one...
  55. Re: Caron not in compliance, will be destroying stock soon

    This sounds awful :/
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    Re: Honest Opinion on Lalique L'Insoumis

    I wasn't crazy about it, although I just tested it in a store with a couple of sprays to my arm.

    Opening is decent, but just thought it was nothing special in the dry down. Easy to like if the...
  57. Re: And it happened - asked not to wear perfume to work

    This stuff actually happens ? Unreal. Idiots like that. I can't stand boorish grown adults.
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    Re: La Nuit De L'Homme is back from the death?

    As far as La Nuit de L'homme and death are concerned, this fragrance is part of the plague. Along with the original fragrance YSL L'homme, it pretty much signaled the death of Yves Saint Laurant...
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    Re: Problem with Versace "The Dreamer"

    As well leave a cloak over it and burn incense to ward off evil spirits.
  60. Re: Your "chore" scents or dumb grabs at the moment

    I never thought a chore fragrance would be the same as a dumb reach/grab.

    Then again, I never was crazy about the term dumb grab ( apologies to Buysblind who I know uses this term). To me it is...
  61. Re: What time period do you consider "The Golden Age" of Fragrances?

    2010-2019 No doubt about it gentlemen.

    With Bleu de Chanel, Sauvage and YSL Y coming straight at ya ! No holds barred ! Its olfatory mayhem !

    Sunday ! Sunday ! Sunday !

    Tickets are going...
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme II ?

    Laura Tonatto Sandalo di Teti.

    Harder to find in NAmerica as it is an Italian niche house. But its a good black tea scent with a wonderful sparkling opening.

    ...just to add, the two don't smell...
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    Re: For Chilly Fall Days - Boozy Niche Scents?

    Always have admired Parfum D'Empires Ambre Russe
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    Re: cant believe what i saw at sephora

    That is just straight up asinine. People like that are the ones who cause others to hate perfume and cologne.

    Thankfully I don't see that here when I am out.

    I remember Pluran a few years ago...
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    Re: A parfum for nihilism

    Whatever it is, I would make sure it is from a Nietzsche house ;)
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    Re: Why did you wear what you wore today..

    Because Havana has never failed me.
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    Re: Dior Homme Cologne

    Go for it Bruce, if you enjoy the fragrance. Price is good and I really don't think the expiry is that important.

    There are so many flankers to Dior Homme it really annoys me.
  68. Re: Dior Sauvage: generic freshie... or misunderstood prickly pear weirdo?

    Couldn't have said it better than this man.
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    Re: Bvlgari Man In Black - Performance

    Ah I gottta try it then.

    I have a buddy who wears Man In Black very well. Just had to ask him what he was wearing. Smells solid on him, but just do not enjoy so much on myself. Would like another...
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    Re: deconstructed /avant-garde FOUGERE?

    Yep this one got missed and it has been written by professional reviewers on being an avant guarde fougere !

    I liked it back in the day but somehow now find it a bit too sweet.
  71. Re: Aramis Havana , a gentlemans collection just arrived

    Still love this fragrance Havana. Timeless masculine.

    I see it in every perfume shop I come across.
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    Re: Signature scents

    I would do a Dior Homme flanker. Maybe Cologne or Sport ?

    Signature scents are tough to figure out. The one you like to have on the most is the right one.
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    Re: boucheron pour homme edp

    Really? I find the opposite.

    EDT quite fusty, musty and stuffy.

    EdP is awesome and good for an man ! Can wear that one quite versatile

    I actually remember creating quite the smelly trail in...
  74. Re: Does anyone else strongly dislike Terre D'Hermes?

    Old thread, but yes I strongly dislike it !

    Not for me, would rather wear nothing.

    Sadly this is a sorta popular fragrance. Came across some guys in the past wearing it heavy. Yeeesh !
  75. Re: Best cheap lavender-dominated men's fragrances

    I've never been a fan of Caron pour un Homme's sharpness and then vanilla dry down. It's a classic I know...but it just smell great or comfortable to me. Surprisingly, with the vanilla dry down, it...
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    Re: I just don’t understand...

    It's got a reputation for a reason.

    Despite tastes changing, its still a favorite. People always remember the classics. Its always nice to see a smile across someones face when a get them to talk...
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    Re: Should I even bother with Fahrenheit?

    Always try the classics. Gotta know where perfumery was before if you are gonna be a Basenoter.
  78. Re: What were there most popular fragrances in the mid 2000's ?

    Armani Code for Men ( initially called Black Code for Men) was quite a popular release.
  79. Replies

    Re: BASENOTES.NET -- The Fragrance

  80. Replies

    Re: BASENOTES.NET -- The Fragrance

    What's the consensus as to who the perfumer will be ?
  81. Replies

    Re: The poster this forum misses the most is ...

    Yeh. Change1 was a dandy. I Lol'd when he mentioned "the couger" at work ha ha. Perhaps being a dad is taking most of his time now
  82. Re: Michelle Pfeiffer joins with IFF to launch transparent perfume line

    Bit of a fan of hers. Glad she is doing this fragrance line !
  83. Replies

    Re: What’s a typical “grandpa” smell?

    Oh man that is so true !
  84. Replies

    Re: The poster this forum misses the most is ...

    I feel like you are thinking of Change1
  85. Replies

    Re: The poster this forum misses the most is ...

    Kevin Guyer ( aka Ruggles)

    JaimeB ( such a welcoming and thoughtful gentleman)

    Overall just people who actually talk about fragrance ( instead of just name dropping, what I bought, what I wanna...
  86. Re: Guerlain Coriolan - Masterpiece or Odd Man Out ?

    I'm curious, what was that Avon fragrance ?
  87. Re: So... I'm waiting for the blue cone Havana in the post...

    I lol'd at this comment. Thanks MrCG. Slick back gelled hair is also a plus.

    I did have a partial of this blue bottle. First, awesome that OP got ahold of it. Back then, it wasn't much my thing....
  88. Re: How to decant 300mL of old formula Mugler cologne?

    I had a 300ml ml back in the day. Got it the same way, but formula was newer and it did come with a spray.

    I did make a couple of large bottle decants/splits to swap. I can't even remember now,...
  89. Re: Generation Z trying to appreciate classic colognes

    Go for the darlings and classics.

    YSL Kouros, pour Homme, M7 ( post 2000, but still).

    Chanel Antaeus.

    Guerlain Habit Rouge

    Givenchy Vetyver
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    Re: Linday Lohan wears Chanel Bleu

    Bleu de Chanel is a popular fragrance. Nothing really special here.

    This is no Keanu wears Cuiron.

    Also, Heathers > Mean Girls.
  91. Thread: A New M7

    by Surfacing

    Re: A New M7

    I never cared for the added Oud Absolu in the name. M7 speaks for itself and has its reputation. Glad they keep this fragrance around.
  92. Re: Lime is such a beautiful scent.Why are there so few lime fragrances these days?

    Jo Malone has a nice Lime , Basil and Mandarin cologne. Short lived, but smells okay.

    Enjoy the lime in Kenzo Jungle Homme. Miss the one in Versace Baby Blue Jeans. Crabtree & Evelyn has a decent...
  93. Re: Was Dior Sauvage a Marketing plan that got out of control ?

    There's nothing really fascinating about that really. This is a place where people talk about fragrances. You're probably right. But why would that be a bad thing ? It's a big release from Dior....
  94. Re: Was Dior Sauvage a Marketing plan that got out of control ?


    It's a fragrance brief that got out of control.
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    Re: The Big Issue - Wearing The Other Gender ?

    There's always going to be a certain group of Basenoters who disapprove and try to belittle people who wear fragrances marketed to the opposite gender. The comment that you quoted, perfect example of...
  96. Re: Why do I get the feeling HYPER masculine scents are going to be big in 2020's decade ?

    Do you wear these " 80 power house level scents" yourself ?

    What is HYPER masculine ? Does putting hyper in caps make it even more hyper masculine ?

    Have you smelled feminine from the 50s, 60s...
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    Re: The Big Issue - Wearing The Other Gender ?

    Stigma here ? No there isn't David. Do you actually read the men's forum ? What stigma ? This is a perfume enthusiasts website for heavens sake ( forgive the word heaven, it's just an expression).
  98. Re: With all of the reformulations...what classic fragrances are still worth picking up?

    My picks....

    Aramis Havana
    Zino Davidoff
    Bel Ami
    Caron Troissieme Homme
    Geo Trumper Eucris
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    Re: The official Jeremy Fragrance fragrance thread

    ^ Comments like this.....

    Clever and sneaky trying to label people as bullies because they dislike the product he put out in his "music career"
  100. Re: The Perfume Of Sex...ultimate taboo...the human body...?

    Thank you for sharing this perspective in conjunction with this thread. Definitely brings something to the thread.

    Personally, my travels are quite limited to far off places. I could only wish one...
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