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    Re: Creamsicle?

    Dulcis in Fundo is the best id say. Man its great, if I had a more disposable income id get it. For a more affordable although no where even in the same league allure homme sport has a bit of a...
  2. Re: Not satisfied with anything I own or sampled. What happened?

    It happens. Id try to take it as a good thing that you dont like everything so saves money. I know thats how I try to think of it at least. Honestly ive probably only liked 10 fragrances out of the...
  3. Re: Which fragrance is best at smelling like a bakery?

    Jeux de Peau maybe? But as much as I wanted to like that one, and do think it smells like buttered bread. It also smells like.. buttered bread that has been left out way to long and has a sorta funk...
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    Re: New Harlem equals celery?

    Well on the subject of "coffee" scents I guess, I dont get celery out of new harlem but I sure as hell got it out cafe aoud.. Almost to the point of being disgusting and lasts for hours as well on my...
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    Re: Le Labo exclusives at Luckyscent

    Ive only smelled the vanille from this exclusives line and it was nothing special to my nose =/
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    Re: Sebastiane Espresso Royale?

    Smells like gingersnaps or some sorta cookie like that. Not very pleasant to me at all. I asked some others and they said the same thing as well. Very little coffee except for the beginning and even...
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    Poll: Re: Are you a foodie?

    hard to say.. Certainly I enjoy a lot of food, but my body doesnt not. So thus I stick with eating chicken pretty much all day everyday lol.
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    Re: Tabac Rouge or Rouge Avignon

    Id say TR. No joke I tried RA one time and a girl told me it smells like something girls use for their..... Awkward silence... and I was like.... "a.. douche" she busted out laughing and said yes....
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    Re: Roja Dove - Enigma pour Homme

    Finally got around to trying this. For what its worth it was a very small sample since even that was expensive, so I didnt get to dose myself in this to really take it in by any means. But was just...
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    Re: Bond Bleecker st. is sooo underrated!

    Is it underrated? I feel like it and new harleem are the most famous from the brand period myself *rubs chin* whatever the case anytime ive tried it, its smelled funky and off to me for some reason....
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    Re: Molecule 01

    Its one of the more powerful things ive smelled actually myself. Ive done a small spray on my arm before and it was blasting off my skin for hours and can last the whole day, ive felt like washing it...
  12. Re: See New Michael Kors Men is exclusive to Macy's

    Paper sampled it yesterday and it was meh... Nothing interesting to me, and the opening was pretty "old" smelling I thought as well.
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    Re: The One vs La Nuit?

    The one by far in terms of smell. Although in terms of compliments from girls they are pretty close, maybe more so for the one but in all fairness I wear it more as well.
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    Re: Three new Fragrances by Kilian

    DIdnt realize they were out, I read in a magazine that they were, but when I checked I though saks said they were getting it till october! *rubs chin*
  15. Re: Bond No. 9 SOP for him/Bond No. 9 HTTP= Aventus ??

    Meh I dont have any particular interesting to say about it. Smelled better on paper then when I skin tested it. Smells kinda funky and powdery on skin. And I got a lot of vetiver off hand. Once it...
  16. Re: Bond No. 9 SOP for him/Bond No. 9 HTTP= Aventus ??

    Ive still havnt smelled HTTP.. But SOP smells absolutely nothing like aventus to my nose. And it it baffles me that anyone thinks so.
  17. Re: What's your favourite By Kilian fragrance and why?

    Back to black then love, then straight to heaven. All the others are lost on me especially for the price. Even straight to heaven is kinda hit or miss for me the few times ive worn it.
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    Re: Xerjoff Uden - WOW!

    As it is I dont really like anything from xerjoff especially for the price. But for what its worth of the handful of em' that ive smelled this one is probably the best. But as many have said its...
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    Re: Niche frags that are a must?

    I agree with the no musts niches thought. Perhaps there is a "must try" maybe, but even then a lot of stuff ive bought samples of I regret even then and would rather have just read the notes of...
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    Re: Tuscan Leather

    Dont care for italian cypress, but tuscan leather is one of the few fragrances I think is worthy of the hype it gets.
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    Re: Picking a chocolate scent as a gift

    out of those rochas man
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    Re: Current State of Chergui?

    Nice but overhyped I think.. Although for what its worth I assume I have a sample of the reform one because I know some people talk about being out there or super powerful yadda yadda. And when ive...
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    Re: Millesime imperial great longevity

    Poor performance with the ones ive tried... I generally dont except to get anymore than 4 maybe 5 hours. Randomly ive gotten longer but thats pretty rare and when that happens and if so generally...
  24. Re: Best compliment you have ever gotten on one of your colognes

    Hard to say..... I guess maybe Aventus(.....) I was at the mall one day and I got stopped so frequently asking what I was wearing and how good I smelled blah blah that at some point someone came up...
  25. Re: The One by Dolce and Gabbana: your thoughts

    I still think its one of the best things ive ever smelled to this day. And its one of the best compliment getters that I have. Performance is can be spotty but whatever the case I dont have the kinda...
  26. Re: Burberry London vs D&G The One vs Boss Bottled

    The one not even close imo. One of my faves ever and one of my highest compliment getters.. Although for what its worth I did wear boss bottled one day and someone told me it was the best thing they...
  27. Re: Jubilation XXV horrible longevity and sillage

    It was bad performance wise when ive tried it as well. The smell it is self is also lost on me. Dont see the hype for it myself
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    Re: is fragrance a luxury good?

    To varying extents I do ya of course. I mean lets just think about a common stereo type of something like poor people=smell rich people=smell like perfume. I think thats something thats put in...
  29. Re: Frapin 1270, Spiriteuse Double Vanille, Aventus, Opus VI, XXV, your thoughts on any of these fra

    Theres still a couple others I havnt smelled but id say 1270 is the best from frapin that I have smelled. That being said I only enjoy the first 2 maybe 3 hours of it. The dry down is completely...
  30. Re: Fragrance for the fall and winter that makes you want to cuddle?

    Cuddly stuff imo.. and for what its worth most of that is when these dry down....

    TV, New harleem, The one, Pure havane, tuscan leather, DHI, Chocolate greedy.
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    Re: Molecule 01

    Forgot I had a sample of this and recently got around to trying it today.... Oh man, its crazy to me to think that people cant smell this. Its been on for a few hours and its blasting off my skin. I...
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    Re: Phaedon Tabac Rouge..

    Similar to TV, but not as similar as say cool water to GIT, cedrat boise to aventus that sort of thing. Especially the first hour or so of TR the difference is quite noticeable. TR has honey, and its...
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    Re: Pure Malt or Pure Havane

    Well from what you said pure malt by far gets better compliments and performs better. I dont think theres any question in my mind for that. Now what smells better. That is a better question. I think...
  34. Poll: Re: Suicidal Question: How similar are GIT and Cool Water?

    Very similar. I actually dont even get that supposed great dry down that GIT has out of the batch I have. If anything its just cool water but has that very noticable lemon at the top, and its not as...
  35. Re: Anyone else worried about bothering people with Tobacco Vanille?

    As for the main topic ya I do to a extent. And I dont think theres anything wrong with being considerate to those around you. Its not something I wear while at the hospital/going to the...
  36. Re: What am I missing with Bleecker Street ??

    Ive never got it either. I think most bonds are not worth the price imo. Even the handful that smell good on paper, I think are pretty funky on skin.
  37. Re: Creed Green Valley vs. Original vetiver vs. Bond Bleecker st.

    Havnt smelled green valley enough to have any opinion on it really, but I like OV better than bleecker st. I dunno why bleecker street gets so much love. I think it smells kinda weird myself anytime...
  38. Re: Sac-Winged Bat: Nature's Perfume Maker to Attract Female Bats
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    Re: D&G The One. Do you think they...

    The newest formulation of the one tends to have less performance problems when ive tried it. However the opening is more harsh to the nose imo as well. So a trade off I guess. As for ed hardys the...
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    Re: Creed Jardin d'Amalfi.. Woahh

    I know people hate batch variation talk. But this one has more of a variation to my nose than the almighty aventus that I have smelled. =x One at nemian marcus near me has much more citrus and fruity...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille... huh?

    I think personally for myself its awesome. Its one of the only small handful of fragrances ive smelled in my small number of years hear that I also thought was worth the hype it was getting. Brings a...
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    Re: best summer vanillas

    I woulda said sublime vanille as well... I guess ill say eros, depending on how it is. It potentially is a mess and funky smelling I think for the summer. But it deff has some freshness for the...
  43. Re: A conversation with two SAs in a department store

    Ive had good and bad experiences. One sorta cool one was at nemian marcus met a girl at the creed boutique was there who I guess has studied perfumery and worked with roja dove or whatever. She was...
  44. Re: Intensity Difference Between DH and DHI

    can only speak for the reform version. But for DHI it sits very close to my skin, and longevity is spotty as well. Its one of the reasons ive never bought a full bottle, barely anyone can smell it...
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    Re: Casual Coffee & Sandalwood?

    I also agree with the I love new york for all. .That has a lot of sandalwood and that sorta hazelnut chestnut sorta coffee vibe. Although the scent itself is kinda out there and funky smelling as...
  46. Re: I need some advise on diverse ' Niche' scents

    Chocolate greedy is great. I think the first half hour is a little funky but after that its all good.

    Wild pears is alright. Smells like a sorta jolly rancher pear, if they had that flavor. Very...
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    Re: Questions on l'humaniste

    Not worth the hype imo. Just nice smelling nothing more. And no its not very alcohol smelling at all. Its a lemon bomb though thats for sure. I will say although unlike others who tend to love it and...
  48. Re: Are fragrances slowly being removed from society?

    This. Im at the hospital regularly and I smell fragrances all the time. And a lot of doctors, some of it pretty strong even lol. Personally I always wear light stuff when im at the hospital.
  49. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    im also wondering if anyone is gonna be doing a VIW or SMW split here sometime. Seems its always the same GIT, aventus, MI deal
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    Re: allure homme edition blanch

    I think if its the vanilla and citrus, sorta lemon cream pie part that youre looking for.. Id say versace eros, or creed sublime vanille. And both smell better imo. And to add my 2 cents to the...
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    Re: Invictus hits the States (+ review)

    Ah thanks for the heads up.. Ive only gotten to randomly smell it at duty free, maybe I can sneak a sample or something out of them now to give it some real wearings hopefully here soon.
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    Re: Don't compliments from males matter?

    Compliment is a compliment to me ill take it. There are certainly certain fragrances I think that get more compliments from random dudes than girls I think.

    I guess examples say... One million,...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Just to kinda troll you guys(although it did happen).. Today someone came in, and was like wow who smells good? Came closer got a sniff of me and like ya thats it.

    It was Aventu.....

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    Re: Mancera Aoud Café, have you tried it ?

    Finally got to try this one. Boy beyond disappointed, thankfully I did not blind buy this. I saw one review on fragrantica that said it smelled like celery to them, and man sadly I totally got that...
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    Re: Nikos Sculpture = Xerjoff Uden?

    Well for what its worth I saw in another review someone compared the coffee to rochas man. And smelling it I sorta do see that. And rochas man and play intense have some similarities as well. But...
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    Re: Nikos Sculpture = Xerjoff Uden?

    I havnt smelled nikos sculpture off hand. But I was wearing uden today and I can say for what its worth I do think it smells like a mix code, with a bit of allure in it. As it dries down I get more...
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    Re: why the hate on Calvin Klein Euphoria

    I like the original dont care for the intense version. That being said id be lying if I said I could even remember the last time I wore it =/
  58. Re: Anyone else out there thinks GIT smells like MI?

    This.... These smell somewhat similar to me. Its funny because some people say that SMW and Himalaya smell similar that one is totally lost on me. But SMW and MI? Yep I can see that. And no I dont...
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    Re: Has anybody ordered from Min New York?

    Talked to them over the phone today. Their website has been pretty wonky for me lately, and they were very helpful and threw me a bone to make up for it. So shout outs to them for that... On another...
  60. Poll: Re: Spiritueuse Double Vanille v. Tobacco Vanille - Which one is the better bang for your buck?

    Im gonna say TV. I like SDV but there are 2 versions of it for sure. One is smokey one is "boozy". Personally I think the smokey one has more of a novelty value which makes it a little bit better...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Wood

    For what its worth I cant think of any fragrance that ive smelled yet in all these past few years of being into fragrances that really makes me think of coffee automatically. Theres just a thing that...
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    Re: Reformulated Dolce and Gabana Pour Homme

    Nah actually almost all my fave fragrances are tobacco fragrances actually I deff get a cinnamon smell from it
  63. Re: First Impressions-Thierry Mugler Pure Wood

    I dont get any TV from this. Has more of a eau de baux vibe to me than that. But then again some people think that TV and that smell similar so I think people that get the similarities between those...
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    Re: Thierry Mugler A*MEN Pure Wood

    Got my "sample" recently if you can even call it that.... hard to tell for sure since this thing is a semi paper strip and its hella flimsy. But for what its worth although I have not gotten to the...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Wore dolce and gabanna light blue for probably the first time in at least a year. I was reading some jardin d'amalfi reviews and some people say it smells like this to them. You know I didnt think...
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    Guess seductive blue homme 1.7...

    US only, brand new in box, still has the plastic wrapping on it. $25 shipped. Thank you
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    Re: Jardin d'Amalfi variations

    I can deff say there are differences. The version that is at nemian marcus at least here in Michigan smells waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different to me then a recent decant I got. Decant I got is much more...
  68. Fragrances going bad just in transit...

    Hey its one of these threads again! But ok not the normal not storing fragrances properly idea. What about just when ordering fragrances or decants/splits from someone. Has anyone experienced the...
  69. Re: Does skin chemistry really make that big of a difference?

    Skin differences? Rarely but it happens... SA at guerlian gave me gourmand coquin decant recently and holy moly thank god she did. Because on my skin its super offensive. Very spicey and peppery. Its...
  70. Re: i hate amen, will i like pure malt/pure havane?

    I dont like A*men and I like havane and malt. And to a lesser extent pure coffee is alright as well.
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    Re: Suggestions from wet shavers

    I shave while in the shower, I use skintimate raspberry rain lol as for aftershave I use something from l'oreal or neutrogena.. I cant remember
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    Dunno if there is a official batch discussion thread anymore but for what its worth I finally did a full wearing of a diff aventus batch today other than that z01. I was wore C42B13W01 today.....
  73. Replies

    Sticky: Re: Creed Queries & Discussions.

    Dunno if there is a official batch discussion thread anymore but for what its worth I finally did a full wearing of a diff aventus batch today other than that z01. I was wore C42B13W01 today.....
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Girl to me today... Wow you smell good. Lemme smell that again... Wow thats the best thing since cool water!

    Aventus. lol
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    Re: What's the best CREED Fragrance?

    Hard to say ill go with some mix of...

    Jardin d' Amalfi
    Sublime Vanille

    Need to try pure white cologne more, but everytime I look at that price I stop myself because I...
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    Re: Sweet Tobacco

    Just because you said you love the opening of pure havane but not the dry down all go with by kilian back to black and CK one shock
  77. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    Its been awhile... not sure if this is sad or a good thing... Recently ive been really trying to get into as many niche things as possible. But ive tried to make a rule for myself that unless when I...
  78. Re: Creed - Neiman Marcus "Refill" Event - November 22

    Just for the head ups its the 8th this coming year from what I was told. Also I asked and they said the royal exclusives also count for this as well.. So good way to save money on those more...
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    Re: How do you acquire most of your samples?

    ya I went there today they were great. Dunno if there is a specific thread but I feel I should give Claudia and Eddie a specific shout out they were great to me today and really hooked me up....
  80. Re: New Fragrance: Tom Ford - Mandarino di Amalfi & Costa Azzurra

    I asked the staff at nemian marcus today and they said they should have it in by july. So still another month or so it seems.
  81. Re: Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb Eau Fraiche ~ new fragrance

    I still havnt seen it anywhere
  82. Re: Can't quite wrap my nose around Pure Coffee

    I think of it as a wearable A*men. As for the coffee note in it, sometimes it litterally lasts only 15 mins if that on my skin. Its pretty spotty at best. And that being said whatever the case even...
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    Re: How do you acquire most of your samples?

    Macys is hit or miss. Depends on if its a girl there or not, someone youre friendly with, and even the area. And also sometimes they are kinda sketchy on it, like I had one time a girl was like ya...
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    Re: Tuscan Leather appreciation thread.

    Ya I enjoy it a lot myself. Wish it didnt cost so much or I would wear it more often. Also funny with the thought about it being a powerhouse frag because I generally get unsolicited compliments on...
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    Re: Creed Tabarome Millesime thoughts

    I need to try it again, but off hand it was strange. It sorta walked that fine line of being between funky and smelling interesting.
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    Re: What are you buying next ?

    Ive been thinking about getting from by killian either love, or back to black.. Or maybe SDV or something else from guerlian lately.. Just debating whether or not its worth it.
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    Re: Opinions on Creed Original Santal

    Didn't do anything for me when I tried it off hand. Strangely I didnt get the Joop from it, but would lean more towards the Mont Blanc Individuel comparisons.. But again havnt tried it out much and...
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    Poll: Re: D&G The One VS Armani Code

    Not even close for me the one by far.
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    Re: The Scent of Peace for Him by Bond No 9?

    I dont think this smells anything what so ever like aventus... Never got a chance to smell whatever but this no not at all.. I didnt care for this at all whatever the case... Smells ok on...
  90. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split?

    Any creed sublime vanille going on?
  91. Re: What cheap fragrance generated more compliments when you wore during all day

    Curve, Cool water, Guess seductive....

    Friend was actually raving to me just this past weekend about how great this cologne was he found called "cool water" and if I had it or not because all the...
  92. Re: So I blind bought Aventus a year ago, last week i ordered 8 samples of creeds other options..

    Interesting analogy of them. And for what its worth though, im of the opinion that most the niche stuff I have smelled is not that great either. So I deff know the feeling of trying out a niche line...
  93. Re: Creed Millesime Imperial, Green Irish Tweed, Aventus, Tom Ford Plum Japonais.

    Got my aventus. Thanks dude
  94. Re: Have you ever gone through a complete 180 about a fragrance?

    Dunno about complete 180 but burberry london.. Didnt care for it first, but now ive been tempted to buy it. But I already have tobacco vanille so hard to justify buying basically a poor mans version...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Tuscan leather
    Tobacco vanille
    The one

    Not sure what else those are the ones ive been wanting to wear the most though lately.
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    Re: 212 vip vs 212

    VIP smells kinda like a if your alcoholic drunk friend smelled good. Has that one million vibe. I like how it smells, but dont wear it to often. It can be kinda headache inducing sometimes I find....
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    Re: I bought versace eros today and...

    You know for what its worth my versace eros bottle was seemed a little low and it sprayed on first spray too. Kinda bummed cuz im sure I got a returned bottle but didnt feel like driving back up to...
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    Re: Virgin Island Water Longevity issues...

    JJMAN ya I gotcha, thanks
  99. Poll: Re: Fragrance Battle of the Day (5/3/14) Elite 8: Aventus vs Dior Homme Intense

    DHI smells better, but aventus is way better in terms of performance I find and general compliments. Granted to this with a grain of salt as I only have the reform DHI and it does awful on my skin.
  100. Replies

    Re: Virgin Island Water Longevity issues...

    Ah do they nice.. I keep on meaning to take a drive out to the somerset one actually. Thats why I was wondering. But its been hard to justify driving all the way out there just to try some...
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