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  1. Re: SCOOP & WHOOP! Aveda is relaunching "Chakras"!!!

    The original chakras from 90-97 were simply amazing. I still have an entire collection of Spirits, Body Sprays, Body Cleansers, Tin Absolutes as well as large absolutes. I use them sparingly and...
  2. Re: Aveda - a somewhat disappointing experience...

    Wow, so sad to hear about the Color/ Moisturizer mix-up. Hand over mouth and gasp...

    The Patchouli and Rose as well as all the "Singular Notes" are just that, single, diluted aromas. Back in the...
  3. Thread: Aveda Aromas

    by VedaVia

    Re: Aveda Aromas

    This thread started a few years ago, but thought I would add.

    I'm new here at Basenotes but have been using AVEDA since 1989 and loving it, mostly. One of my goals is to review and document some...
  4. Replies

    Re: Aveda Eros Pure-fume

    Nice thread. I have been using AVEDA since 1989 and the original Eros is amazing. I also have info from those days which is one of the reasons I found Basenote. In the next few weeks, when I find out...
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