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    Re: Raw Material Suppliers in Canada

    Since I don't live in Canada, I am not used to the local products. However, the market you are talking about is now not limited to the borders of any country. You can purchase your raw materials from...
  2. Re: DIY Suppliers List ------Editing in progress 12/2013

    You have not listed some suppliers for people in Asia, especially in the Indian subcontinent. there is a big demand for these raw materials there. Some reputed brands here are 1) Kannauj Attar to Buy...
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    Re: Attar sellers in India

    Most of the people I know either buy them from an old perfume store in their city or they ask someone else to buy it for them if the other person is going to such a town or shop. There are not many...
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    Re: Mitti Attar - where to buy?

    I am buying mitti attar for the past two years online. I know it is hard to find it these days. There are many players in the market, but I think you want something online. You have specified where...
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    Re: Daily use attar/oil

    I think you can try out Jasmine's attar as your first choice. Its aroma is quite floral, so there is less chance that you will not like it. some other options, I might give will be Rose attar(but it...
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