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    Re: Compliment from an Dead Sea Kiosk SA

    I would like to throw another log on the fire and say that it is an extremely safe assumption that any compliment given by someone running a Dead Sea kiosk was made in an effort to ring up a sale....
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    Re: What smells like Christmas to you?

    I agree with Burberry London and Burberry Brit Red, a lovely holiday-ish scent that doesn't get too much mention here at BN.

    Also, Claiborne Spark has a holiday cake thing going on. Definitely a...
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    Re: Funeral. Question

    Funerals are one of the only occasions that I consider always inappropriate to wear fragrance.
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    Re: Body Wash/Shower Gel Recommendations

    Old Spice now produces a shower gel of the Classic scent, and it is so wonderful to shower with that at the end of a long day... and let it bring me back to my childhood when I used to raid my dad's...
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    Re: AMOUAGE safe blind buy? Need Help

    I would never, ever buy something as expensive as Amouage blind. Ever.
  6. Re: Have U tried 'Apparition Intense' by Ungaro?

    I have also seen this for some time at my local TJMaxx.
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    Re: Sephora SA goes NUTS

    Jeez, that is tremendously exciting... How come stuff like this never happens to ME?? Great story.
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    Re: Vanilla/Amber, Musk, and Woods

    Am I wrong for thinking that this is a perfect time to suggest one of my favorites?... Baldessarini Ambre.
  9. Re: Bulgari Omnia - Could a man pull it off?

    Yes, speaking from personal experience.
  10. Re: the air smells like burberry london today....

    Mmmmm.... that air sounds delicious. It was the first cool morning in a while here in Texas and I seized the opportunity to wear some Burberry London for the momentous occasion. What a great day it...
  11. Re: Scent Synch Day - 10/15/08 - Burberry London

    Totally in. Totally excited.
  12. Poll: Re: Pick Your Favorite Puro Lino Fragrance

    YES! It looks like Puro Lino EDT is in the lead, thanks to my vote.
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    Re: Formal, classy and.... Modern!

    Burberry London oozes class, but is still very modern. I think Escada Magnetism is great, but I don't consider it formal. Its brother, the great Escada Pour Homme is a more formal one from their line...
  14. Re: Please help me find a sensual incense fragrance for men

    Christian Lacroix Tumulte
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    Re: Do you put fragance before to sleep?

    I love to wear fragrances to sleep. There seems to be an overwhelming appreciation for sleeping in various ambers. I must agree. I love showering with Sensual Amber showergel before I go to bed as...
  16. Re: Where are the modern masculine scents?

    I would try Burberry London, Baldessarini Ambre, and Euphoria Intense.
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    Re: Sean John - I Am King ~ New Fragrance

    "Now that dream is available in a bottle, just like a genie..."

    Oh. My. God. I laughed out loud, with vigor. This is possibly the greatest marketing line in the history of modern civilization.
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    New fragranced laptops?

    No joke. Asus is putting out a line of laptops with 4 different designs that all have a matching scent to them.

    I am kinda scared. I can imagine it now: Some idiot sits down next to me with her...
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    Re: Black Amethyst BBW

    I had a thread about this on the women's side a little while back. Bath and Body Works is trying to call it a "sexy" fragrance but they also said the same thing about Midnight Pomegranate, which I...
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    Re: Tea Tree

    I tried both the shampoo and conditioner and I thought they were both fantastic. Didn't dry my hair out nearly as much as tea tree normally does.
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    Re: Tea Tree

    As one of many guests in my friend's house in Iowa (I was visiting for her wedding), I stole a bit of shampoo and conditioner from someone's Organix Tea Tree and Mint bottles and it is fantastic...
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    Re: Orange is Safer than Lemon?

    I actually don't care for the smell of orange at all. I would take lemon or lime almost any day over orange, even if the orange is done well.
  23. Has anybody tried the new Black Amethyst from Bath and Body Works?

    Has anybody tried their new product, Black Amethyst? I received a thingy in the mail about it. It is supposed to be "sexy" but I must say I am skeptical of that. The last "sexy" Bath and Body Works...
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    Re: Tea Tree

    I used to love using tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner but once my hair gets to its characteristic afro/mop length the tea tree products do not moisturize at the level I need. A shame really,...
  25. Re: which fragrance would be ideal if they lasted longer.

    All of them!
  26. Re: MACHO fragances with "clean aura"...?please don`t laugh

    Azzaro Chrome, as others have mentioned, is a great choice.
  27. Sticky: Re: Sexy, Sensual Fragrance for a Teen Guy.

    Also check your other two separate threads in the Just Starting Out forum in which you ask this same question.

    With that said, check out Cavalli Black. A great sexy evening scent, I do hope you...
  28. Re: Some Info on Jay-z's upcoming 9 IX scent

    At least it doesn't contain key lime pie.
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    Re: what are THE dry woods

    I would like to add my praises to Tumulte PH and Gucci PH, in that order. Let Me Play the Lion is an honorable mention, a much more subtle and gentler approach on dry wood.
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    Re: Dk Men Is Alive?????

    That would be fantastic, I never got a chance to smell it before it disappeared. Now, if only D&G would follow suit and bring back By Man.
  31. Re: Better to buy Creed in smaller bottles?

    I think you should think about buying in smaller bottles for ALL fragrances, not just Creeds.
  32. Re: what makes a woman's hair or hairstyle "current" by today's standards?

    May I just say that as a 21 year old young man, I find fewer things sexier on a woman than big, full (yes, "dated" to some) hair. I much prefer the terms "timeless" and "classic" to "dated." Every...
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    Re: What smells purple and mysterious?

    Escada Magnetism, I say.
  34. Re: it stinks!! My Wife Hates it! People hate it!!! Dogs hate it!! But i love it!!!

    My dog used to avoid me when I wore Bulgari Black. She was always much more friendly to me when I wore my boozy fragrances. In retrospect, perhaps she was a bit of a drunkard, that little beast. I...
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    Poll: Re: The Desert Island Ambre Poll

    Yes, I love it and I have no shame in saying so. I use the body wash and the EDT. It is hard to beat when it goes on mega-clearance!
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    Re: suggest some modern winter frags?

    I also second Magnetism, it smells great cutting through the crisp cold air.
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    Re: Winter Perfumes... can you help me !

    My clear vote goes to Zino. A must-smell, at the very least.
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    Re: suggest some modern winter frags?

    Give these a try if you are willing to try some boozy ones... they are wonderful in the winter.

    Burberry London
    Michael for Men
    Baldessarini Ambre
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    Poll: Re: The Desert Island Ambre Poll

    Aha! I spoke too soon, my friend! :) My apologies.

    I am unacquainted with most on this list, but nevertheless my favorite is Ambre Precieux and thus it receives my vote.
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    Poll: Re: The Desert Island Ambre Poll

    I do believe you forgot to add the poll. :)
  41. Re: Which fragrance could help me to get big tips:-)?

    Well, having the former certainly helps in attaining the latter. And upon further inspection, having the latter could also help in attaining the former, yeah?
  42. Re: Is There Some Kinda Perfume Booster....?????

    Avoid the elevator and fly full-speed down the stairs. The expelled energy heats the fragrance up on your skin and it will project more from your skin. It's science. Yet another reason to always skip...
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    Re: Let's talk about fig candles!

    I actually just got the Henri Bendel Fig candle as a gift from my mother. It is quite nice, it seems smoother and creamier when lit than when I first smelled it, and the greenness of the initial...
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    Let's talk about fig candles!

    Hello friends,

    I am trying to start a fig candle binge. I bought a Nougat London Fig and Pink Cedar candle a while ago and I loooove it. It smells spectacular and throws scent from my bedroom all...
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    Re: Austin, TX

    There is also a Neiman Marcus and many other shops and boutiques at The Domain, located off of Mo-Pac.
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    Re: What did your dad use?

    Tuscany and Grey Flannel. Always in aftershave form, though.
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    Re: Scenting your car?

    I like the Midsummer's Night jar that hangs from the rearview mirror. Is that the kind that you think are ugly? I do complain that the scent is overwhelmingly strong for a few days, and doesn't last...
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    Re: SotD - Tuesday, 1 July 08

    Baldessarini Ambre
  49. Re: *** FREE samples from Parfums Raffy -- Hurry only 100 available!!!

    I am excited for my samples as well! I can't wait to try Dragon. I wish the women's offerings were included, because they look awesome too, particularly American Gypsy. But, that would be just plain...
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    Re: Used Car Salesmen

    Oh lordy, Quorum was the first thing I thought of reading the original post! Unfortunately, I do believe I am on the complete opposite pole about this particular fragrance, Chris! It turned...
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    Re: Lez Nez - Let me play the Lion

    This was very appropriately suggested to me in my first thread here on BN where I asked for suggestions for a fragrance to buy myself to commemorate my opera debut in Britten's setting of Midsummer...
  52. Re: Hey, your perfume is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Bad Coments with your fragances)

    "Whoa, that's like a penis... cake? Oh, uh... sorry."

    I was wearing Bulgari Black.
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    Re: Professor-Esque Fragrance?

    I do believe a Guerlain will fit the bill. You really should try Heritage or Habit Rouge!

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    Re: New Bond No. 9 - Fire Island

    To get a sample in Canada, go to the store and buy a bottle of Coppertone. There! I just saved you a bunch of money and protected your skin. :)
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    Re: Dark fragrannces

    The first thing that came to my mind was L'Anarchiste. A weird blood-like note and a metallic vibe that will hopefully smell a bit like bloody barber blades on your skin.

    For the original...
  56. Re: My fiancee likes Romance for Men. Any classic alternatives?

    Give these a try:

    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur- the company gives free samples if you are nice :)
    Burberry London- warm, spicy, and boozy, but not overwhelming.
    Guerlain Heritage- very classy,...
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    Re: Abercrombie & Fitch Cologne 41

    Fierce is much better. I just wish it didn't have the olfactory connection to the store!

    Also, I do not understand how this product that is being shamelessly promoted here has anything to do...
  58. Re: Name a Perfume House which you like (nearly) ALL their offerings?

    Dior (especially some of the female scents!)
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    Re: I'm a new member

    Welcome to the forums!

    I also was a member for quite a long time before I actually posted in the forums, even though I checked them at least twice a day! I was scared to post I suppose... but BN...
  60. Re: What fragrance smelled better than you expected

    Black Walnut from Banana Republic. I sampled this when it first came out, and I had almost NO positive expectations, and was pleasantly surprised! Rich and comforting. It obviously isn't ever going...
  61. Re: Clarins and Porsche Design Launch The Essence

    I am also quite eager to catch a sniff of this. I am hoping they have captured a bit of the essence of a cold forest morning in that sleek bottle. "Cold forest morning" is not to be confused with...
  62. Re: Do you have a scent that evokes a song?

    I have mentioned in a different thread that Ambre Precieux is the Rachmaninoff Vespers in a bottle.

    I am still looking for a Mahler symphony of a fragrance!
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    Re: seeking peachy fragance... literally

    Mmmm... peach! Now I want some of these!
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    Re: Fragrance and Music

    You can't illegally download fragrance. ;)
  65. Re: The darkest most powerful mainstream scent

    Obviously 4711 or Paris Hilton.

    But really, Salvador Dali PH is the ultimate dark and menacing beast, as others have rightfully mentioned. When I sampled it, I was scared it was going to punch me...
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    Re: Fathers Day 2008

    I am wanting to buy my dad some Zino. He only wears aftershave splashes of Grey Flannel and Tuscany, but hopefully he will use an EDT bottle? Perhaps I should just stick to a Canadian Brass cd...
  67. Re: Which fragrance you regretted for not getting it,when you had the chance?

    D&G By Man. It would be my go-to fragrance this summer, for sure. But alas, it is gone. I would say that I hope they bring it back, but I am scared they will reformulate the balls out of it and it...
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    Re: Jovan Sex Appeal

    Ah, just buy it! There is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you are rocking a fragrance that you know set you back less than the cost of your lunch!

  69. Re: Recommendations for a teenage n00b with a superiority complex

    Let it go man... that is totally not the way to go...

    Anyway, have you had a chance to try anything yet?
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    Re: What sized bottles do you buy?

    I always am eager to buy the huge bottles, and then I often wonder why I did it! I am slowly learning that I would much rather hold on to the 20 dollars extra that the big bottle costs, buy the...
  71. Re: New Perry Ellis for men - In Vanity Fair

    I think the reason the bottle looks busy to me is the metal mesh. Otherwise it is a lovely simple heavy block bottle.
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    Re: New samples!!!

    Escada Magnetism is a very unique fragrance indeed. I get a lot of cola at the top (the sweet syrup, fizzies, and even the smell of the can) mixed with this weird synthetic grape-ish thing that for...
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    Re: O Alquimista

    Oh man... this sounds awesome. Someone please report if you have sampled it!
  74. Re: New Classic Limited Edition by Banana Republic

    Yes! This is pretty exciting! I have always been a fan of BR Classic, but when I used to wear it, some days my skin would turn it a bit bitter. I also remember one of my former coworkers used to wear...
  75. Re: Woody young scent without oriental & spice characteristic.....any suggestions?

    Body Kouros? Really? I get so much more than wood out of it. A lot of sweetness and some powder, for example. I like it, but I would consider it pretty oriental, and personally would never classify...
  76. Re: Tom Ford for Man and Escada Pour Homme smell alike?!

    40 bucks for Escada? I have a big bottle of it and it cost me 10 bucks at TJ Maxx. Delightful.
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    Re: SotD Thursday, June 5, 2008

    Escada Magnetism
  78. Re: New Perry Ellis for men - In Vanity Fair

    I thought the bottle looked kinda "busy." I didn't think I was that much of a minimalist though...
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    Re: Erwin Creed on phone

    This thread has been simply fascinating. It speaks a lot for the community here that he thought positively of the questions posted... yet another reason to feel good about being a part of Basenotes!...
  80. Re: Has your appreciation of sweetness changed a lot over time?

    I agree. I have always been under a bit of an impression that many people prefer sweet ones when they first start and then start to open up to drier fragrances as they progress. I would include...
  81. Re: Apple

    Burberry London has always given off a warm apple cider vibe for me.
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    Re: fragrance counter snob

    Try the Bulgari tea line!
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    Re: the horror of 4711

    At least it wasn't a massive blowing of money?
  84. Re: Woody young scent without oriental & spice characteristic.....any suggestions?

    Like others have said, give Tumulte a try.

    Also try Jack Black Signature Black Mark.
  85. Re: Name ONE female perfume that you really love on a woman?

    Hypnotic Poison
  86. Re: Have scents given away your identity before?

    Sure, but just remember when the time comes... your girl is only sleeping... the poison should probably be avoided.

  87. Re: Have scents given away your identity before?

    You know, Juliet was attracted to Romeo at the Capulet party because she smelled his John Varvatos.

    It's a fact- Shakespeare even says so.
  88. Re: Is the Trend Smaller bottles... Higher prices?

    Perhaps the trend might be simply higher prices? It is certainly an expensive passion!
  89. Re: Black Sun by Salvador Dali for sale in US... finally

    I visited the museum many moons ago during a summer at the Bollettieri Academy and it was a wonderful experience. If they really sell fragrances at the gift shop, that would make it even more...
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    Re: Challenge

  91. Re: Something with a similar musk quality to Fierce

    I thought they saturate the store with a different one now? I have always thought Fierce smelled splendid, and I still do, but I don't wear it because it is instantly recognizable, and I don't want...
  92. Re: Anyone else have this problem with Mugler's B*Men ?

    Yeah, it lasts forever on me too, which is a rarity.
  93. Re: In what suituation that you won't wear fragrance?

    We are not allowed to wear fragrances at any musical performance, no matter the ensemble. In choral concerts, you are in such close quarters with those around you, and under stage lights and heavy...
  94. Re: What female perfumes could easily pass as a unisex or male fragrance?

    Shalimar and Hypnotic Poison were indeed the first two that came to my mind. Also, the women's Fracas has been talked about a lot recently.
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    Re: Starbucks

    I can't help but think a good coffee fragrance would be a waste in a coffeeshop. I don't quite see the point of wearing something that will be undetectable in the wash of similar scent around you.
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    Re: city scents

    Bulgari Black indeed. Also the burnt quality in B*Men reminded me of a city street the first time I smelled it.
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    Re: When it's 110 degrees

    When it gets 110 degrees down here, nothing beats the beautiful smell of air conditioning. Maybe even better mixed with the smell of a margarita in your hand... :)
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    Re: Most beautiful bottle in your wardrobe

    Tumulte PH is really nice. Looks like a handblown bottle.

    I don't own bottles of either, but the Gucci PH's are beautiful too, with II being a bit higher because of its beautiful blue juice.
  99. Re: scentedmonkey and scentiments items; how long on backorder?

    Good decision to not wait on Scentiments. I order from them and have had nothing but positive experiences with my orders, but when it says "out of stock," good luck getting a crack at it within the...
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    Re: What belongs in this Atomizer?

    Yeah, I immediately thought of D&G By, which makes me sad! :(
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