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    Re: Tropica Mukhallat Oud Initial Review

    I just got a sample of this today. It was pure heaven and I instantly ordered a bottle for myself. I think Taha should rename this one "Tropicaaaaaaaahhhhhh" :)
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    Re: Mysore Sandalwood essential oil query

    Well, I don't consider myself a sandalwood expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have been purchasing up samples from all over lately to compare, including the Sri Lanka 2007 and the Tamil...
  3. Re: Which fragrance best conjures up the idea of "Forest" for you and what type of forest is conjure

    oh wow.. i just experienced this in a fragrance -- Vision Quest, by For Strange Women. intensely forest. it conjured some very deep memories.

    and another, though i'm new to this fragrance --...
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