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  1. ingredient ( chemicals or naturals ) to give more projection and fixation

    Hi my friend!!!!
    how are you?

    Id like to know what ingredients ( chemicals or naturals) can give a high projection and fixation to my perfumes.
    I made some tests with many perfumes of Dua...
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    How to do a " oud like " accord

    Hi my friends! Do you know how can I make an accord that smells like a oud? What chemicals or naturals can I use to construct it? I I ask it because in my coutry sintetic oud is very expensive and...
  3. how to dilute solid resins ( Mhirr, benjoin...)

    Hi my friends! I have many resins like benjoin, sandarac, mhyrr etc, but all of them is solid ( crystals) How can I dilute them to use in my compositions? Can I use alcohol? And the proportion?
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    Re: Essential oils blending problems

    Probably these oils are 80% pure ( I think that is 80% essential and 20% coconut oil ) So, with these cheated oils, is possible make a mixture in alcohol? Ive tried dissolve these oils in Isopropyl...
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    Essential oils blending problems

    Hi my friends! Ive had some problems with essential oils blending. I blended some oils and when I mixed they with grain alcohol the mixture stay heterogeny ( two phases). They not mix! Ive tried...
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