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    Re: What is your current signature scent?

    If I had a signature scent it would be S. Lutens,ARABIE
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    Re: Zurich, Switzerland

    Thank you for the alert! I can't wait to go there.

    For anyone who is not familiar with the city: the shop is about three minutes away from the biggest Cathedral of Zurich, called 'Grossmünster',...
  3. Re: fragrances known to be long lasting (all the day)?

    All of my Montale, Fréderick Malle, Serge Lutens, Villoresi Eaux De Parfum.
    All of my vintage Guerlains , Dior's and YSL.
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    Re: Le Grand Guide des Parfums on

    Hello Luca Turin - great to hear from you again!
    I am sure there are enough people around the world who would be happy to read your guides (full or select version) in their own language! We hope...
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    Re: Cuir Mauresque still going and going

    I much prefer the complexity of Cuir Mauresque to the present, stripped down, version of Tabac Blond, on shelves since 2008 or 09.
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    Re: Best incense other than CDG

    And four years later this still is valid to me also. WAZAMBA, the dollars&scents recommendation, sounds good too.
  7. Re: If you could only choose one cologne, what would be your choice?

    Masculine: Knize Ten
    Over ALL: Mitsouko
  8. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Wear Perfume to Bed?

    I must remember this ! I have loved Givenchy Gentleman from the beginning, but never knew or asked about the DEO.
    Generally I have no
    rules. I might think of perfume if the partner would...
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    Re: "Female" fragrances that arnt too feminine for men.

    Great compilation hobbes22! The beautiful Globe by Rochas, however, has been created as a masculine when men didn't believe in buying from the other counter the way we do now.
  10. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Wear Perfume to Bed?

    No, I am more interested in partners' smells, with or without perfume.
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    Re: Which fragrance for taking a shower?

    NO, ...instead of a bath.
  12. Re: What to wear when wearing uniform (governing officer) ?

    The only advice that makes sense in this context! For your own best, you should not ignore it, Wit_Siamese.
  13. Re: The dinner parties where guests sniff perfume to enhance the flavour of their food

    I enjoy the smells of food, wine, cognac and coffee at the dinner table - each in its own way!
    I do not need to smell perfume in addition. And roasted lamb with garlic add nothing to Chanel's...
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    Re: If fragrances are like wines

    The articles presented are well worth discussing and I am beginning to enjoy this thread ! :rolleyesold:
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    Re: It is with sadness today

    Without much sadness, I definitely change fragrances in the transition period from winter to spring (March) and again when the end of summer cannot be denied any longer (early October over here)....
  16. Re: Andy Tauer says that the greatest perfume discussion board is...

    Many things have happened in five years, but for a man into perfumes there is no alternative to Basenotes. Whether you are broad-minded or opinionated, want to learn or preach, are ready for...
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    Re: L'Artisan warnings

    OK, new attempt...

    @ mumsy : In my post( #12) I hinted on two arguments in support of L’Artisans warning not to use perfume "on children less than 30 months of age”. It wasn’t obvious...
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    Re: L'Artisan warnings

    And how many decades have you been watching 'Spanish allergies', Professor Mumsy?
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    Re: Female fragrances that really should be men's...

    Why ?
    Is it a femme ??
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    Re: L'Artisan warnings

    Fragrant materials can cause allergies which is only one of the reasons why (in the EU) there are more restrictions on the contents of baby soaps, powders and creams than there are for adults.

  21. Re: If you had to have only ONE scent in your life..

    This is a tough one, because it would mean that I part from all of my masculines. I would also have to give up the ones I mostly wear, i.e. light, unspectacular, clean colognes.

    But I might...
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    Re: rank the YSL frags for me

    This is what I said four years ago:

    This is how it's changed:

    1. Kouros *****
    2. Live Jazz *****
    3. YSL Pour Homme (vintage) ****
    4. Opium edp, femme ****
    5. Rive Gauche pour Homme...
  23. Re: why are so many fragrance enthusiasts so sexual

    Bravo, this summarizes it best!
  24. Re: Where have all of the rich, warm, manly scents gone?

    Rich - Warm - Manly:
    I would second Guerlain's Derby and Lauder's Aramis - both made in the best tradition of French Chypres. Guerlain's still tend to be rich. I would therefore suggest to try...
  25. Re: What is wrong with us, why are we attracted to dirty scent? Musc Kublai Kahn


    Very interesting observation, and my nose says it's valid. For my personal taste the master even rounded the edges a little too much.
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    Re: Top Fragrances Based on Basenotes Reviews

    Welcome to Basenotes, p4t, and thank you for this ambitious contribution. Not to discourage you, but with only one feminine perfume in the top ten, some basic assumptions must be wrong. What you...
  27. Re: Do you consider Guerlain Vetiver as one of the best classic men's fragrance of all-time?

    Vetiver and Lavender of any brand are classics per se.

    Guerlains' is rather straightforward after the top notes evaporate.
    I particularly appreciate it's low-voice persistence. You may think...
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    Re: Turin/Sanchez are wrong about...

    :grin: Collective knowledge ?

    That's like the sounds in an open air volarium.
    Posters opinions aren't knowledge, and only statistically could they be relevant.
  29. Poll: Re: Out of the 5 most reviewed men's fragrances on BN, which do you like best?

    I never took to A*Men but own(ed) and enjoy(ed) all of the others at one point in time.
    However, only Vetiver and Kouros get replaced regularly.

    Vetiver is most fitting in almost any situation...
  30. Re: I finally found a public toilet smelling like Kouros, and it was wonderful!

    Ender, We need a poll, we need another poll :evil:
  31. Re: I finally found a public toilet smelling like Kouros, and it was wonderful!

    Thanks for making sure that Basenoters pet theme will continue
    to protect the innocent in 2012 also !
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    Re: Is this a Golden Age of perfumery?

    Excessive fragrance application and fragrance bans are probably two sides of the same coin in North America - (?)

    Southern and central Europe: a few young people sometimes wear too much but...
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    Re: Is this a Golden Age of perfumery?

    I know the old Tabu (Dana) and Knize Ten 1925 (Francois Coty & Vincent Roubert) but like most others here, I have never been exposed to any of the Coty originals including their legendary, first...
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    Re: Kiton - which is best?

    Kiton for Men - Fougère, ok , but powdery?

    It's herbal fresh to my nose and maybe containing pepper, too.
    For me the closest to Miracle Homme, both perfect white-shirt-&-tie office frags.

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    Re: Your Favorite Independent Perfumer

    For some of their masculines I particularly admire
    Francis Kurkdjian
    Lorenzo Villoresi
    Patricia de Nicolai

    Jean Claude Ellena /Celine Ellena (The Different Company)
    Great overall concept. I...
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    Re: Is this a Golden Age of perfumery?

    Of course not. With fewer brands around not every department store carried perfumes and one commonly bought them in perfumeries.
    With a very few exceptions I couldn't afford visiting those before...
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    Re: Is this a Golden Age of perfumery?

    The more we walk into this century the clearer it becomes: The golden age of perfume began in the nineteenth century and ended towards the end of the twentieth. Of course great single perfumes and...
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    Re: Is this a Golden Age of perfumery?

    The golden age, in terms of creativeness: 1870/80 to 1970/80 (plus/minus 20 years).
    As a money machine: now. Never was shit packaged so deceptively.
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    Re: My Advice to Lovers of Musc Ravageur ...

    Of course Shalimar is a wonderful perfume. It has been one of my grandma's favorites for festive occasions!
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    Re: The Golden age of Creed

    Bois du Portugal
    Green Irish Tweed

    These are the ones I love and still wear. I am almost certain that they and others have been designed by top perfumers (from within Givaudan, Roure...
  41. Re: Especially Male: Do You Test for the Outside?

    Me too!! :wink:
    This is one of the most important topics to be discussed, but alas, it practically never is! Not on Basenotes and not in books, blogs or other communities. Is it dynamite, vinegar...
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    Re: Racking Up The Prices

    € - $ - £ they have all dropped in value.

    Inflation in major Euro-countries has been modest 2%-3%, I hear. It was more like zero% with perfumes in this country during the past twelve months....
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    Re: Can You Smell Younger?

    The idea that grapefruit in fragrances makes women appear younger is not new. It looks like that has been scientifically tested in or around 2006 at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, under the...
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    Re: The most BEAUTIFUL fragrance you have tried/own

    Mine are all gone. They were standard concentrations then, close to what they call an EDP now.

    Guerlain: Mitsouko and Jicky (from the fifties)
    Piguet Bandit (sixties) - not in your face as...
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    Re: Turin & Sanchez -- A Little Book of Perfumes

    Right, at long last!

    What a relief to learn that the art of reading books properly hasn't died out completely. :beer:
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    Re: Are there any woodless (male) scents?

    You must be kidding ! Of course there are, whole families even, manly of :
    (Dried) herbs
    Green / grassy
    Spicy - a favorite: Lancôme Miracle Homme, basically bitter coffee and spice. Brisk,...
  47. Re: Turins and Sanchez' Guide : Any of the follow ups still online?

    I guess it's the PTG Newsletters (in English) you are looking for? You can still get the first issue clicking first on this link, then on the PDF symbol.

    Send me a personal message if you have...
  48. Poll: Re: The ultimate classic French niche house... Head to head

    Bravo, balanced considerations!

    I try not to judge Houses by what they have done in the past, but what they are doing now, and so it would be Guerlain for me! Like a few others, I can also not...
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    Re: Most "relaxing" perfumes

    Seconding these:
    1. Lavenders (All, except when they become too sweet, like the mix from Caldey Island, for example.)
    2. YSL Live Jazz
    3. Never thought about it that way, but it's true: Worth Je...
  50. Re: Funniest review ever / Katie Puckrik and Secretions Magnifiques!

    "For the record, there always should have been a dissenting view from me on this one: one star, absolutely revolting, like a drop of J'Adore on an oyster you know you shouldn't eat. Whatever you do,...
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    Re: which rose scent ...

    Not 'too much' and classic with decent persistence and controllable radiance:

    Frederic Malle's Une Rose

    L'Artisans Voleur de Roses
    (seconding HDS1963)
  52. Thread: 1 and ONLY 1

    by narcus

    Re: 1 and ONLY 1

    :happy: Who could possibly want Christmas each day of the year ?
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    Re: Turin/Sanchez are wrong about...

    What motivates you to resort to slander, the lack of better arguments?

    But back to your preferred light-figure, Michael Edwards:

    1. I could only find one interview on youtube, where he speaks...
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    Re: Turin/Sanchez are wrong about...

    Since 1760 ? Who, other than people earning money from Creed sales told you that? Make it 1960 and you'll be closer to the truth.
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    Re: Turin/Sanchez are wrong about...

    He rates perfumes ? That's big news to me!
    How about letting us read one sample ea of a good and a bad fragrance, as M.E. sees them?
  56. Re: BBC Horizon's "A Code In The Nose" FINALLY!! On YouTube

    I had almost given up on ever being able to see this - and suddenly it's here!
    I am surprised how easy the case is being presented. Nice to see the Luca of
    the 'Emperor' period, too.
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    Re: Tabac Blond and spraying

    Terre d'Hermes
    Body Kouros
    & orange flower in whatever (Azzaro, Lutens etc..).
  58. Re: Can we guys really get away with wearing Guerlain Mitsouko?

    @Bruspotter: Of course, it is always a matter of time & circumstances, too. The liberties men can take in one place, yours for example, may not be as self-understood in other parts of the world.
  59. Re: Could Kiton Black be the perfect wedding day frag?

    If it was may wedding, I would ask my girl

    - what SHE may plan to wear for the wedding, and then
    - what she would like ME to wear (supposing she is familiar with all the ones you mentioned,...
  60. Re: Burr gives Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi FIVE STARS!

    Thank you, Mike! I was delighted to hear you yesterday at the Now-Smell-This Q&A group in the best of company - good step!

    With times and circumstances taking their natural course, I do not...
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    Re: Frederic Malle's Duftnotes

    So sorry, mate, I apologize ! But interesting nevertheless: Bois d'Orage hints to the same 'wetness' that Angéliques certainly has. Unfortunately I do not own FL/Bd'O but I sampled it carefully at...
  62. Replies

    Re: Frederic Malle's Duftnotes

    'Two frags' similarities'?

    There are no two frags, there is one frag only! But since US-marketers advised against its original name, 'French Lover', a rather neutral aka has been created for the...
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    Re: Turin & Sanchez -- A Little Book of Perfumes

    Other than in 2008 the authors obviously prefer NST as the sole platform to discuss this release of their 5-Star perfume reviews. Regrettable, but who could blame them after so many negative comments...
  64. Re: Burr gives Teint de Neige by Lorenzo Villoresi FIVE STARS!

    For a man this one is difficult to approach. Still, all the talk had made me curious and in May 2011 I went to my favorite store for testing. A rather trained sales assistant made me appreciate...
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    Re: Frederic Malle's Duftnotes

    "And once you find your key fragrances, stay with them. Smelling rich does not require hundreds of different scents."...


    This and other statements by the 'French Lover' won...
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    Re: Shalimar and Habit Rouge in Christmas dress

    I like monsieur guerlains red habit outfit !!
  67. Sticky: Re: Found: Complete Onlive Archive of Luca Turin's "Duftnotes"

    And thank you for sharing this, fellow fan! For more than one reason you have just turned a dull October sky into something enjoyable! I have to also express gratitude to you, "CM", author of the...
  68. Re: first ever fragrance was kouros...years later heres my current fragrance collection!!

    Antaeus is not downhill from Kouros ;-) Beautiful Table, too !
  69. Re: Serge Lutens says ADIEU to the world of perfumes ... ?

    His creations will remain available, I am sure. They are the Brand's greatest Capital!

    Thank you for the alert, Felix. I saw this coming. But now that it's official I am very, very sad. Similar...
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    Re: Kouros/Amtrak accord

    :undecided: but...wasn't it urinals, jujy ?
  71. Re: Website is excruciatingly sloooooooooooooowwww!

    ...and yesterday
    ... and now again !
  72. Forum Posts - how can I acces more than five pages ?

    I wanted to refresh my memory and go over a few posts / threads of mine in the year 2005. However all I can get (in profile) is five pages which take me back to December 2009 only.

    Did others...
  73. Thread: Review search

    by narcus

    Re: Review search

    :wink: Perhaps not by accident I felt the same needs: wanting to consult Vibert's beautiful, solid reviews for specific items. I finally copied the lot into a long text file and now search that...
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    Re: Drakkar Noir = ???

    Darkkar Noir ***
    A Laroche Classic
    Best worn in most active seasons (summer & fall)
    Recommended reading: review by TVLampboy

    I only have a little of Drakkar Noir After Shave left, and nowadays...
  75. Re: NZZ Folio / Luca Turin 2010 – Duftnote / Notes from the Nose

    Luca, a book would be so much better, of course! And in that case probably two (German and English)? The final German edition as published in their monthly journal is perfect, and I would actually...
  76. Re: NZZ Folio / Luca Turin 2010 – Duftnote / Notes from the Nose

    It certainly would. I have also been thinking about ways to do it.
    But before publishing anything, I may have to obtain permission from the Folio editors.
  77. Re: Perfumes: Can you smell... is it a he or a she?

    Asaskian, you have presented the case convincingly and at a good place for it to be discussed peacefully. Thank you for having added helpful information about the origin of your ideas. I do believe...
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    Re: Guerlain classics worn by men

    I do own vintage Mitsoukos and L'Heure Bleu (perfume) and if I lived on an island by myself I might wish to wear these Guerlains every once in a while. But living not far from my rather traditional...
  79. Replies

    Re: Creeds from the "grey market"

    Creed has allegedly fed the gray market in North America themselves. There were news articles about this approx. five to six years ago. One of them had been been published on BN, but now I cannot...
  80. Re: Fragrances that work well on the skin but not on clothes/ Or the other way around

    The amber used in Teint de Neige (Villoresi) is not my favorite amber. It's alright on my skin but on a shirt it gets too loud and loose smoothness. Otherwise I would give it five stars.

  81. Replies

    Re: Caron Third Man (review by Sanchez)

    A beautiful homage to Caron's third masculine, as she perceived it. I particularly endorse her statement, that this perfume is ’beautiful before it is anything else’.

    Never did I smell Le 3me...
  82. Replies

    Re: Why Tania Sanchez

    Maybe, maybe not. Fact is, Luca Turin himself knows the (French) perfume industry well enough, but he would not even have started the project of a new, comprehensive and critical perfume guide, had...
  83. Thread: Tauer Perfumes

    by narcus

    Re: Tauer Perfumes

    Always one of the girls at Montale Paris or Geneva would send me a card together with the perfume I had ordered. More important: once I could get through to them via phone they would help me ordering...
  84. Thread: Tauer Perfumes

    by narcus

    Re: Tauer Perfumes

    The brand is really a One Man Show, and as long as he can, Tauer will either sign a card or enclose some sort of personal greetings in his packages. On his blog he once mentioned that he also does a...
  85. Re: I actually like the opening of Musc Ravageur more than the drydown, much more

    I don't think I ever used MR before maybe six in the evening, and I've always found the main period to grow slowly and last for eternities. Maybe I was asleep before the dry down set in? Anyway,...
  86. Re: New Fragrance: Etat Libre d'Orange - Philippine Houseboy

    Way more than an artist:

    "Touko Laaksonen, best known by his pseudonym Tom of Finland (8 May 1920 – 7 November 1991) was a Finnish artist notable for his stylized androerotic and fetish art and...
  87. Re: I think i have found my Holy Grail...have you....?

    The Holy Grail will loose its magic once it sits on your bathroom shelf

    (A fragrant signature would be another tale)
  88. Re: Sooo, Civet(In Kouros) is basically cat anal mucous....

    I read somewhere they still produce it in Ethiopia. And who could ban it's use globally? How about non EU members in eastern Europe, and then Russia, Turkey, Persia, India, China and southeast Asian...
  89. Re: Sooo, Civet(In Kouros) is basically cat anal mucous....

    :kiss:With pleasure - if I knew how! You realize this would be in German?
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    Re: My review of my collection

    Thanks for sharing this, Cerel9!

    On first glance I couldn't guess what might be hidden behind this topic, and that's actually what made me open your thread. Lucky accident (!!), because I am in...
  91. Replies

    Re: Do Montale ouds turn you on?

    Provided they are not too sweet and feminine they turn me on, too!

    Aoud Lime was one of their very first, it has a magic formula which sets it apart from all the others, quite fantastic!
  92. Re: Sooo, Civet(In Kouros) is basically cat anal mucous....

    Basenotes' pyramids are to be used with caution. In some areas they stand the test, in others they are rudimentary.

    YSL Beauté is only a brand, owned by L'Oreal, and I take L'Oreal's press...
  93. Re: If you could only pick 3 designer scents to use for the rest of your life what would you pick?

    1- Uplifting citrus: Monsieur de Givenchy (I would have said Signoricci 2 but it isn't designer)
    2- Unobtrusive, and most likely acceptable by others: Vetiver. Guerlains are not designer frags, so...
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    Re: Dynamite Combinations !

    Your French can't be so bad after all, Ladykiller ! :wink:
  95. Re: Sooo, Civet(In Kouros) is basically cat anal mucous....

    Long term members may already know Chandler Burr’s review, of course. But for those who don’t – have fun, guys ! :rolleyesold:

    What The Cat Dragged in” - Kouros **:

    “Civet -- a rich...
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    Re: Haters of GREY FLANNEL: Why do you hate it?

    Even though French noses have been behind Grey Flannel, American men should be proud of this creation and the man who had the courage to successfully launch it, Geoffrey Beene! (No panel tests...
  97. Re: Sennheiser - Listening to perfume (Perfume and music)

    Hell, I ought to have known !! :embarassed:

    Thank you, Pluran !
  98. Re: Sennheiser - Listening to perfume (Perfume and music)

    Interesting and rather amusing! Would it be possible for you to indicate the full source, Pluran? I would love being able to read (or hear) this within its original context.
  99. Re: Sennheiser - Listening to perfume (Perfume and music)

    :o Hahah, yes, homework not done !

    Like so many other people, I see parallels between perfumes and music or color (light), but in a metaphoric sense only. Turin who is a master in this came to...
  100. Re: Sennheiser - Listening to perfume (Perfume and music)

    The parallels between sounds and fragrance do not exist in nature, I think. But as we cannot describe impressions smells leave in our psyche other than by comparison, a fragrance 'composition' is...
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