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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Thanks for sharing how you experience getting different kinds of compliments, interesting!
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    Re: Today I bought: April 2014

    Oh man, I just can't stop buying these lovely bottles. Today I pulled the trigger on these,

    - Habit Rouge EDP
    - L'Instant de Guerlain EDT (I can't seem to find Extreme anywhere, how much worse...
  3. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    I'll just take this opportunity and go further with the massbuying I've done and ask for some advice regarding it.
    When I've bought new scents until now my plan has just been that I felt I need a...
  4. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    I really appreciate all of your input. I'm wearing Egoiste today and I love the soothing warmth. What would it be about Egoiste that younger people wouldn't like?
    I can take this opportunity to...
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    Re: SOTD: Friday, April 11, 2014

    Chanel - Egoiste
  6. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    Thank you all for your advice! It's leaning towards Aventus or Egoiste at the moment. Or TDH...

    The recommendations to sample more and stop all this crazy blind-buying is a great idea, but where...
  7. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    Haha, yeeeeah I won't wear Kouros when surrounded by so many people. I actually haven't worn Kouros except for when at home yet =)
  8. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    Good to hear, I love Egoiste.
    Oh man this will be hard on saturday...
    I really like the colder, what I would call more formal scent of Aventus compared to La Nuit. But it might not be as exciting....
  9. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    Is Egoiste too advanced for younger people?
    I sniff my wrist so much more often when I wear it compared to other scents, it's just so warm, nice and comforting. Does anyone else think it smells like...
  10. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    I love Aventus too, just hasn't thought of it as a evening scent.

    Actually I got my sights on this girl that will be there, and the idea is that I want her to think I smell great when I dance...
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    Re: What are your next purchases going to be?

    Green Irish Tweed
    Bois du Portugal
    Bleu de Chanel
    Guerlain Derby

    I really have to hold myself back, want to buy so many different bottles...
  12. Re: Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).

    Thanks for the advice on how you did. I guess I need to stop buying since over half of them has been blind-buys. I just love the idea of having a large collection and as many classics as possible....
  13. Difficulty choosing what to wear (Semi-beginner).


    Fragrances started to interest me in a big way 6 months ago and since then I have bought 17 fragrances. I've been buying new bottles too fast and haven't had time to "learn" what every...
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    Re: Today I bought: March 2014

    Today I bought;

    - Dior Homme Intense
    - Terre D'Hermes EDT
    - Eau Sauvage
    - Cool Water
    - Guerlain Vetiver

    Sometimes I can't help myself...
  15. Re: Ok to buy from Amazon? Also any recommendations to a newly divorced 42 year old

    indianwells, naah not really :D .
    I have no idea how to improve it in text though, maybe 'Loo Dissey'.

    Been watching alot of youtube reviews lately and I must admit that it annoys me slightly...
  16. Re: Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!

    Thanks Magnus! It's gonna be fun to say the least =)

    I tried Kouros the other day and after 3-4 hours on my skin I couldn't stop sniffing it, oddly I didn't love the smell, I just couldn't stop......
  17. Re: Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!


    I'm kind of nervous of the Aventus since I pulled the trigger on that a bit quick. I've tried it on skin twice and I liked it but I'm afraid I've let the hype and everyone elses opinion of...
  18. Re: Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!

    Thanks Ken!

    Now it says (1153) under your post hednic, huh? =)
  19. Re: Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!

    Thanks hednic!

    After those three, what kind of frag would be suitable to add to my small collection?

    Another question by the way, what are those numbers that some have under their posts? Under...
  20. Re: Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!

    Thanks! The only thing I'm afraid of is the amount of time and money I will probably pour in on this hobby, yikes.

    I've had Kouros on my skin for 3 hours now and finally something is beginning to...
  21. Hello Basenotes, finally created an account!

    Hi all.

    I'd just like to introduce myself after lurking here for a few weeks.

    Discovering the world of perfumes and colognes has been incredible sofar and has surprised me greatly.

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