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    Re: Dubai Perfume Shopping

    Greetings!! I'll be in UAE in March...if you happen to know, could you pls tell me if Rasasi and Mancera fragrances are even cheaper in UAE than the US grey market?? If so, I would consider...
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    Re: Ebay perfume sellers please read!

    If I'm not mistaken, in this instance, the buyer's mediocre feedback was apparently a direct reflection of his/her disappointment with the fragrance itself, presumably a blind buy - and not something...
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    Re: what Designer fragrance to get next..

    +1 If I were in your shoes, I would snag a Dior Homme or Dior Homme Parfum OR perhaps Guerlain L'Instant EDP. In my opinion, these are 2 standout designer options available at most duty free...
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    Re: What Did Your Grandmother Wear?

    My maternal grandmother was born in 1889 and was quite frugal. When she wore anything, it was Tabu.
  5. [USA] Re: Niche and Designer - huge selection and fairly priced!!!!

  6. [USA] Re: Niche and Designer - huge selection and fairly priced!!!!

    bump and added:

    - TDC De Bachmakov
    - MFK Lumiere Noire pour Homme
    - Tom Ford Noir Extreme - 1.7oz - with box - approx 98% - $66.00
    - Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP - 3.4oz - may find the box -...
  7. [USA] Re: Niche and Designer - huge selection and fairly priced!!!!

    bump and updated!!

    - - - Updated - - -
  8. [USA] Niche and Designer - huge selection and fairly priced!!!!

    A much overdue purging of some fragrances that aren't getting enough love from me!! Prices include free CONUS shipping. Prices are based on PayPal F&F - so, if paying as goods, pls add 3%.

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    [USA] ELDO...more to come!!

    CONUS Only...Payments via PayPal F&F or add 3%. Shipping included to lower 48...pls send pm with any questions! Not looking to swap at this time.

    - ELDO Remarkable People - 50ml / 1.7oz. - 80%...
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    Re: Unisex perfumes that lean femme...

    A couple that spring to mind that seem to tick most of the boxes for you are Ormonde Jayne Man or Ormonde Jayne Woman. Both are very woody / earthy and mildly sweet. To my nose, they are both very...
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    Re: Has TF Extreme been rereleased?

    I recall there being chatter about it being a limited edition shortly after it launched so, it seems the rumors of its imminent demise have long been exaggerated. I think it's phenomenal stuff and...
  12. Re: Very odd trip to the Fashion Show Mall today....

    Yep, this is the main reason that I avoid brick and mortar retail like the plague. I never even considered that being "overly enthusiastic" in my perusing could lead to the OP's horrible outcome. ...
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    Re: Floor wax accord

    Yep, as already mentioned, Cire Trudon has a candle / room spray that is inspired by the freshly waxed floors of the palace of Versalilles. I have the spray and can vouch that it does indeed give...
  14. Re: Talking Cartier Declaration...your favourite release/flanker ???

    Big fan of favorites being Essence and the Parfum versions.
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    Re: Guerlain Advice?

    + 1 Habit Rouge Dress Code - a more gourmand take on the original introduced a few years back. A bit trickier to find in the US though. One of my very favorite Guerlain's', along with L'Instant...
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    Re: What's Burberry London like?

    Sounds like I'm in the minority, but I've never gotten the Christmas association. I guess it's all so dependent on our unique frame of reference. Perhaps if the cinnamon were amped up, I'd get more...
  17. Re: What are in your opinion the best designer fragrances made in the last 10 years?

    I'm sure that I'm forgetting many that are equally worthy...

    Cartier Declaration Parfum +1
    Gucci Guilty Absolute Pour Homme +1
    Prada L'Homme +1
    Tom Ford Grey Vetiver EDP +1
    Tom Ford...
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    Re: MFK Site Price Discrep

    Hmmm...that's very curious. I just did a dummy order on the MFK site with a different fragrance and the 20% VAT remained very much intact. :( I wonder if it's just a programming fluke on their...
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    Re: Masculine Chocolatey Scent

    And I fully endorse your comment! :)
  20. Re: Is there any transparent honeydew melon scent?

    Yep, I used to have several of Le Jardin, including "Sur le Toit" but, I didn't get any melon at all from that one, nor from "Monsieur Li". TMI but I sold off "Sur le Toit" because I found the...
  21. Re: Is there any transparent honeydew melon scent?

    Interestingly, I always got a fairly prominent melon vibe from Hermes Apres La Mousson, though there is no such note listed. Not sure what could be creating that accord for me - but it's like a...
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    Re: Need ideas for my wife.

    Perhaps MFK Lumiere Noire pour Femme - created by Francis Kurkdjian who also did Narciso Rodriguez. It seems she has a soft spot for rose and this one features a touch of caraway or cumin, which is...
  23. Re: What is your favorite and less favorite bottle in your collection

    Tough call...favorite is probably a tie between Dior Bois d'Argent 250ml and the jumbo Terre d'Hermes Eau Tres Fraiche.

    Least favorite would be the all too literal and "on the cheap" nautical...
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    Re: Best Zara fragrances?

    If i were you, i would make a trip to a Zara Home store to check out Tonka Wood, among others. I don't believe that this collection is available in the US. As Palmolive mentioned, the same nose...
  25. Re: What are some cinnamon / tobacco / musk fragrances?

    Just occured to me that I should have mentioned two others not yet suggested, Both from the "house" of L'Erbolario, which is easier to get on your side of the pond and not expensive:

    Dolcelisir -...
  26. Re: What are some cinnamon / tobacco / musk fragrances?

    Many excellent suggestions here...adding one that can work very well as a "poor man's" Ambre Narguile:
    Paco Rabanne 1 Million PRIVE
  27. Re: What are some plants you've gotten for their fragrance?

    I was a bit of a late bloomer in the landscaping department :) so far, Osmanthus and Gardenias would be the main fragrance-driven choices. But honestly, I even like the scent of boxwood that so many...
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    Re: Suggest some Jo Malone fragrances to try

    For "a lighter / fresh scent", Wood Sage & Sea Salt is fantastic.
  29. Re: Azzaro Pour Homme - Now and then (in the 80's)

    Your post really resonated with me! As a teenager in the 80's, I also had a bottle of Azzaro and loved it. Fast forward to this past week when I bought a bottle of current Azzaro online. I expected...
  30. [CONUS] L'Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir + Eau des Missions Cologne

    CONUS shipping is included

    L'Atelier Cologne Oud Saphir - HUGE 200ml / 6.7oz size!!! - approx 96% full - $145.00

    Couvent des Minimes - Eau des Missions 250ml / 8.4oz- approx 55% full -...
  31. Re: Another Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male thread - Multiple photos of vintage bottles. Experts chime in

    Hey, khaltire - usually my default answer re: blind buys is a resounding "NO!!" but in your case, I would probably make an exception. :) You're obviously a hardcore fan of Le Male and IMO, Essence...
  32. Re: Another Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male thread - Multiple photos of vintage bottles. Experts chime in

    Thanks for your detailed analysis!! Great to hear that the newer formulation holds its own against the vintage. Curious to know if you are a fan of the Essence de Parfum version with the amped up...
  33. Re: niche companies lack of (affordable) sampling

    If I'm not mistaken, I think some niche companies and niche retailers still refund the price of their sample sets thru deducting the cost off of your full size bottle purchase e.g., Twisted Lily and...
  34. Re: Best bang for your buck purchases of all-time that exceeded your expectations?

    A few off the top of my head...

    CK One Shock
    CDNI for Men
    Lanvin Avant Garde
    Rasasi La Yuqawam
  35. Re: Would you rather buy Replica Jazz club for $130, or two 1.7oz bottles of designer fragrances for

    I enjoy Jazz Club very much but found it quite similar to CK Euphoria Liquid Gold for Men, which is now available online for a relative song. I see 10ml decants on eBay for about $10 - I suggest you...
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford 'Ombré Leather' 2018

    Maybe others can weigh in on longevity of 18...honestly, I just used an 18 tester at Sephora to see how it compared to my bottle of 16. I didn't really pay much attention to the longevity.
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford 'Ombré Leather' 2018

    Yep, the two are indistinguishable to my nose as well. I would feel entirely the same way if I had paid full retail for the Private Blend. It's a wash for me since I effectively paid about the same...
  38. Re: Looking For Cinnamon-based Masculine Fragrance

    One of my favorite notes in fragrance...

    + 1 Costume Nationale / Clive C. X
    + 1 Gucci II
    + 1 Oajan / Ambre Narguile

    and adding the "cheapie" One Million Prive, which is quite similar to the...
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    Poll: Re: BEst fig based fragrance

    I have both and yes, IMO, they are really quite similar BUT for me, Noble Fig's longevity on skin is pretty lacking. Of course, their prices are also worlds apart so, that may not be a deal breaker....
  40. Re: I thought was legit? Is this not the case?

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    Re: Are there any Fake Baccarat rouge 540 ?

    Yep, this has been my working assumption too. It hasn't stopped me from being very temped to bite a few times - but based on the same running theme of the sellers' location, I never took the plunge.
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    Re: The Tom Ford body sprays

    I've had a number of these and have to say they are, relatively speaking, a very good value. They are especially long lasting if sprayed on clothing. I never even use them as a body spray per se...
  43. Thread: Fig?

    by Nouveau Nez

    Re: Fig?

    I love fig fragrances - but much less so when they are presented nearly as a "soliflore". Fragrances such as the aforementioned Philosykos, Ichnusa, Premier Figuier et al. are much too...
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    Re: New Guerlain Dress Code

    Thanks for the additional info! I'm sure that I'm in the minority, but it's one of my very favorite Guerlains - even including their prestige lines. And unless I'm mistaken, its subsequent...
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    Re: New Guerlain Dress Code

    Many thanks, Hednic!!! Marionnaud was in my shortlist of Euro retailers to check but hadn't yet gotten to.
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    Re: New Guerlain Dress Code

    Yes, I've never understood the lack of easy availability for Dress Code either. I ultimately ordered my original bottle from overseas - Incenza, I believe. I also think it had been available at...
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    Re: Poor performers...that you love

    +1 D&G The One

    and adding Frapin 1270
  48. Re: Tom Ford just one fragrance, which would you own?

    Very tough choice - if not for La Yuqawam being a very worthy stand-in, I'd go with Tuscan Leather for, with that being said:
    TF Extreme.
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    Re: Penhaligon's Portraits

    I haven't yet had a chance to test any of these but, I can see how long-time Penhaligon aficionados might see this new line as too much of a departure from the brand's very real heritage and...
  50. Re: As a child, which fragrances did your parents wear that you were most fond of?

    Mom: many Estée Lauder's - Youth Dew, Private Collection, White Linen, Beautiful, Tuberose Gardenia etc.

    Dad: Aramis
  51. Re: What is healthiest/best-ingredients sunbock and why?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Funny! Hope you like it too. Yep, it's definitely my old standby - every time I stray, I always end up coming back to it. It's just the absolute best for me and my...
  52. Re: What is healthiest/best-ingredients sunbock and why?

    In terms of both UVB and the more deeply penetrating UVA rays, zinc oxide is pretty much the gold standard BUT depending on the formula, zinc oxide can give you a ghostly pallor, especially in flash...
  53. Re: Is there a consensus on the best Jo Malone fragrance?

    I have / love many...a few of the standouts for me are:

    Oud & Betgamot
    Orris & Sandalwood
    Dark Amber & Gingerlily
    Blue Agave & Cacao
    Pomegranate Noir
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford 'Ombré Leather' 2018

    For what it's worth, I also saw a YouTube video by someone who owns 16 & 18, and his verdict is that they are indistinguishable.
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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford 'Ombré Leather' 2018

    Thanks for your thoughts - I'm a big fan of the original OL 16 private blend so, I was very curious as to how this would compare. If it is so very similar to the original, I wonder how likely it is...
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    Re: Francis Kurkdjian appreciaton thread

    My favorites would have to be: Narciso Rodriguez Musc, Lumiere Noire, and Baccarat Rouge. I'm ashamed to say that I have yet to get my nose on Masculin Pluriel. I certainly hope he is as hands-on...
  57. Re: Noir Anthracite - not long for this world?

    My favorite way to wear Anthracite is layered with a very light dose of other TF scents that veer a bit too feminine for my comfort level e.g., Noir de Noir or TF Noir pour Femme. Amazing when...
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    Re: Best rose fragrances for men?

    +1 Declaration d'un Soir
    +1 Portrait of a Lady
    + 1 Le Labo Rose 31

    and TF Noir de Noir and MFK Lumiere Noire are both fantastic - but may lean too feminine based on your stated concern.
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    Re: Notino is down!

    I think I'm still in some kind of denial that they won't still rise from the ashes. :) Their demise would be less of a body blow if there hadn't also been the EU fragrance shipping crackdown /...
  60. Re: Looking for a masculine vanilla scent....suggestions?

    So many great suggestions already - here's hoping that this new release will be a solid contender in this category as well:


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    Re: NEW: Tom Ford 'Ombré Leather' 2018

    That's what I was wondering. It seems like such a stark departure from the bottle aesthetic of the others in the signature line. And the extreme simplicity of the bottle design somehow looks like...
  62. Re: Disney Epcot + Perfumeland (Orlando) Experience

    Thanks for sharing your travellogue!I I haven't been to EPCOT since the early or mid 90's. It sure sounds like things have evolved from a fragrance lover's perspective!! I'm probably just...
  63. Re: What are the best/most reputable Clone Houses/Fragrances?

    I'm not at all a fan of the stateside dupe "houses" that have sprung up in the past couple years, seemingly operating out of someone's kitchen or bathtub i.e., the ones that get shilled / hyped on...
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    Re: Fg perfumes for women or unisex -

    + 1 Philosykos
    + 1 Premier Figuier

    Personally, I like my fig scents a bit less fig-centric than these two, preferring instead Armani Prive Figuier d'Eden or the "cheapie" Ferrari Noble...
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    Re: New Saks is AMAZING - Flash Meetup Recap

    The Guerlain and Burberry displays look gorgeous!! I wonder if Saks will be rolling out these upgrades nationally or if it's just the flagship?? I'm only about a mile away from one but haven't...
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    Re: The Origin of Eight & Bob...with Nazis!

    I'm firmly in the skeptics' camp on this matter but just wanted to add that the Fouquet family is one of the most historically prominent in France and their wealth rivaled the monarchy - TMI, I know...
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    Re: The Origin of Eight & Bob...with Nazis!

    I have to agree. Just a little too romantic to be fully believable. Now, I might change my tune if said correspondence with JFK were to someday turn up in the floorboards a la Clive. :)
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    Re: Tom Ford Noir Extreme vs Tom Ford Noir

    For me personally, Noir Extreme is quite similar to Noir Pour Femme - but nothing at all like Noir. And I find Noir Extreme to be really very close to Spicebomb Extreme.
  69. Re: I fear Lanvin's Avant Garde has been discontinued

    Thanks for the tip!! Yep, I had a decant many moons ago and loved it. I should revisit it again! And oddly enough and it didn't jump out at me at first, but there is some resemblance between Avant...
  70. Re: I fear Lanvin's Avant Garde has been discontinued

    It looks like, despite the naysayers, the OP was indeed the proverbial canary in the coal mine re: Avant Garde's discontinuation and subsequent price hikes - at least here in North America. About 2...
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    Re: Tropical Fragrance for the beach

    Really hard to beat VIW for a beach vacation...but I'll add a few that I love for this type of getaway, in no particular order:

    - TF Mandarino di Amalfi
    - Zegna Mediterranean Neroli
    - Byredo...
  72. Re: Going to Spain: One perfume that is a must purchase?

    Unfortunately, I'm chiming in too late for the OP, but another Barcelona retail shrine for any fragrance lover would be Santa Eulalia, a very upscale clothing boutique that's been in business for...
  73. Re: Found: Excellent samples/decants organizer

    Thanks very much for the Aldi tip! I've never really found a good solution for organizing all the small decants / samples that I've squirreled away in drawers and closet, these look...
  74. Re: Myrrh centric or scents that accentuate myrrh

    I generally don't like fragrances where Myrrh completely steals the show, but I definitely enjoy Dior Bois d'Argent or the very similar Van Cleef & Arpel Bois d'Iris ...also Jo Malone Myrrh & Tonka. ...
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    Re: Thoughts on TF Extreme?

    I personally love it and consider it a winter time staple. I get mostly the patchouli, fig, and truffle/tuber notes from it. The latter note is also present in Black Orchid, so, it always felt like...
  76. Re: Returning fragrances to a retailor--thoughts?

    Serial returners of anything are a huge pet-peeve of mine. The fact that you are even asking the question tells me that you definitely don't fall into this category. So, I would gladly give you a...
  77. Re: Large Price Increase for Shipping from FIF & Essenza Nobile

    Yeah, good point about the VAT not dropping off for EU orders. But, even with the tax remaining, in my experience, there are many instances when EU fragrance prices are quite a bit lower than here...
  78. Re: Large Price Increase for Shipping from FIF & Essenza Nobile

    Now, that is nuts!! I also noticed that Canada wasn't included in the list of countries that the OP pulled from the Essenza Nobile site. I wonder if they no longer ship to Canada either??
  79. Re: Large Price Increase for Shipping from FIF & Essenza Nobile

    Very disappointed to hear this. Essenza Nobile had become my go-to shopping site for most fragrance purchases. But, this hike in shipping fees will effectively negate the significant savings that...
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    Re: Hermes Vetiver Tonka vs TDH

    Big fan of both Vetiver Tonka and Viaggio d'Africa here, preferring both to Terre d'Hermes. But unless I'm out of the loop, Viaggio d'Africa is still very much discontinued, right?? I can't bring...
  81. Re: Online discounter that ships to Spain?

    Most of the EU-based sellers that I've used don't carry this line. But you might try this one below - I see that they handle the Bentley line. Not sure if the Absolute version you're looking for is...
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    Re: LVMH purchases Maison Francis Kurkdjian

    Interesting...I wonder if this means that MFK fragrances will ultimately be available thru Sephora?
  83. Re: In search of boozy vanilla perfumes for women.

    Thanks for vouching , Hednic!! I think it's amazing stuff and personally consider it fairly unisex. Oddly, I've seen it compared to the now discontinued Aqualina Blue Sugar for Men - I have some old...
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    Re: What Smells the same at Oud & Bergamot

    +1 TF Oud Wood is the closest that I've personally found in overall vibe to Oud & Bergamot, which makes some sense since both lines are under the EL umbrella. And I really like to layer these two...
  85. Re: In search of boozy vanilla perfumes for women.

    IMHO, when it comes to boozy vanilla goodness, you can not do any better than M. Micallef Une Note Vanillee. Very worthy of a sample!!

    ETA - both rum and cognac are listed notes, but the cognac is...
  86. Re: Best Smoky Vanilla replacement for PdN Vanille Intense?

    Some great suggestions here to which I would add Diptyque Eau Duelle for sampling. But, given your "wish list" notes, I doubt you can do much better than Mona di Orio Vanille.
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    Re: Is It True That Shiseido Bought Lutens?

    This! As far as I knew, there had already been some kind of affiliation for years.
  88. Sticky: Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2017 thread

    Recently discovered Maison Martin Marginela Untitled EDP...and would appreciate getting in on a split.
  89. Re: A True Lily Fragrance (not Lily-of-the-Valley/Muguet)

    +1 The first one that came to my mind and very unisex if that's a bonus. I think it's great stuff and for me, practically identical to the very spendy, IUNX l'Ether, which was created by the...
  90. Re: The absolute essential fragrances by Kilian?

    Admittedly, I have not tried them all but so far, the ones that I find bottle and/or decant worthy are:

    - Straight to Heaven
    - Apple Brandy
    - Single Malt

    Moonlight in Heaven is also...
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    Re: Any tobaccos for the summer

    +1 Gucci PH ll
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    Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    Nope, I haven't tried that one either...and likewise, I've never tried Michael Kors for Men "vintage" or otherwise, which if I'm not mistaken, gets quite high marks from some bargain-hunting tobacco...
  93. Replies

    Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    Done!! Just bought a tester on eBay. :evil: And I see now on "that other site" that this one gets compared to CK Shock in some respects. Honey notes can be a bit hit or miss with me so we shall...
  94. Replies

    Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    Nope, sorry but I've never tried Avant Garde...but I'll make a point to try it now!! And no, I've never gotten any Robitussin association from it . :)
    Haven't done a side by side or anything but...
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    Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    Just lost my much longer response, so here is the abridged version...personally, I'd say it's more of mild sweet fragrance e.g., less sweet for me than Herod, TF Tobacco Vanille / Phaedon Tobacco...
  96. Replies

    Re: CK One Shock - Have I Been Missing Out?

    I was quite late to discover this one...and yes, the bottle is, admittedly, beyond hideous and IMO, there is an absolute disconnect between the fragrance name and the actual scent BUT, for any...
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    Re: Tom Ford Candle Pricing.....WTF?!

    Yes, I noticed these jaw dropping prices online somewhere a while back. I've been known to splash out on Diptyque, Cire Trudon, etc.etc. but these new TF candle prices are absolute insanity. I...
  98. Re: New fragrance - L'Erbolario Ginepro Nero (Black Juniper)

    Thanks for the info! This house does a couple of my favorite dupes: Dolcelisir (Ambre Narguile) and Meharees (Musc Ravageur). I just wish they were more readily available on this side of the pond...
  99. Replies

    Re: NEW: Jo Malone Whisky & Cedarwood

    Yep, this one sounds great! In reference to the bottle design, it looks like this one + the others in the collection will be initially offered in an alternate design that looks pretty cool to me -...
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    Re: Peony accord?

    IMHO, there is no more beautiful floral scent in this world than that of a peony...I grew up with them on our farm in Michigan and the scent is simply breathtaking. Wish I knew what variety we have....
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